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Responsible business, education practices subjects of the 2014 Lou Douglas Lecture Series

Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014


MANHATTAN — Two individuals known for influencing public policy will be the speakers for the fall 2014 Lou Douglas Lecture Series on Public Issues at Kansas State University. The lecture series is sponsored by UFM Community Learning Center.

Jeffrey Hollender, social entrepreneur and co-founder of Seventh Generation, will present "The Responsibility Revolution and the Future of Business" on Tuesday, Oct. 14, and Marc Bousquet, associate professor of English at Emory University, will present "Monetizing the Student" on Tuesday, Nov. 11.

Both lectures will start at 7 p.m. in Forum Hall at the K-State Student Union. An extended question-and-answer period and book signing will follow each lecture.

Hollender is a social entrepreneur, author, speaker and consultant. His book, "The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win," encourages readers to change the negative impact that industry has on the environment. His best-selling book, "How to Make the World a Better Place, a Beginner's Guide," encourages consumers to make green and ethical product choices. He is an adjunct professor at New York University, co-chair of Greenpeace U.S.; board member of Practice Green Health, Healthcare Without Harm and Verite, an international workers' rights organization; and co-founder of the American Sustainable Business Council. Hollender's lecture is co-sponsored by the College of Business Administration's Ethics Education Initiative and the Provost's Education Excellence Fund.

Bousquet's research interests include the relationship between schooling and participatory culture, particularly in regard to technology. He writes and speaks about digital pedagogy, writing studies and participatory culture. He is the author of "How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation" and a contributing writer for The Chronicle of Higher Education. He is the co-editor of "The Politics of Information: The Electronic Mediation of Social Change" and "Tenured Bosses and Disposable Teachers." He also founded Workplace, a journal of academic labor, and is a member of the editorial board for Academe, the journal of the American Association of University Professors.

The Lou Douglas Lecture Series is dedicated to Douglas, who was a distinguished professor of political science at Kansas State University from 1949 until 1977. Widely known for his power to inspire students, faculty, staff and citizens to instigate change, Douglas was one of the founders of UFM Community Learning Center. After his death in 1979, UFM began the lecture series to honor him. More information is available at http://www.tryufm.org.


Olivia Collins


UFM Community Learning Center


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Jeffrey Hollender

Jeffrey Hollender

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Marc Bousquet

Marc Bousquet

Written by

Stephanie Jacques

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The Lou Douglas Lecture Series at Kansas State University will feature Jeffrey Hollender on Tuesday, Oct. 14, and Marc Bousquet, on Tuesday, Nov. 11.