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Statement about use of Kansas State University and K-State

Despite recent media reports, audiences in the state and region will still see Kansas State University referred to as K-State. As Kansas State University works to become a Top 50 public research institution by 2025, it is strengthening its brand by using the name appropriate to the audience, said President Kirk Schulz.

"We've been branding ourselves as Kansas State and Kansas State University for decades," Schulz said. "The nickname K-State has become common to those of us in the state and region, and we recognize the strength of being known to certain audiences as K-State. Whatever we're called, we are still committed to our goal of rising to the Top 50."

Schulz referred in recent remarks how we present the university to those outside our state and region. The university has received feedback from alumni and friends throughout the world that the nickname “K-State” is often misunderstood by those in other regions, especially in academic and scientific circles, where the university competes for the best and brightest graduate students and faculty members with other top universities. For those audiences, Kansas State University is the preferred usage.

"K-State is part of our brand DNA. It is not going away," said Jeff Morris, vice president for communications and marketing.