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Source: John Bloomfield, 785-532-0540, jbloomfield@amisuccess.com
Website: http://www.asmisuccess.com
News release prepared by: Shelley Kemper, 785-532-7044 

Friday, Sept. 30, 2011


MANHATTAN -- A new certification earned by an engineer at Kansas State University's Advanced Manufacturing Institute enhances LabVIEW services offered by the institute.

John Bloomfield, associate engineer at the Advanced Manufacturing Institute, recently earned LabVIEW certification for the National Instruments' product, which provides a graphical programming environment that enables engineers to develop measurement, test and control systems for clients. 

"Being a certified developer gives our customers the assurance that they are hiring a credible resource," Bloomfield said. "The certification means that the programs I write adhere to the best practices endorsed by National Instruments in areas of functionality, style, documentation and speed of development. For our customers, this translates into cleaner, more efficient and more maintainable custom applications."

The certification shows the Advanced Manufacturing Institute's commitment to being a part of the National Instruments Alliance Partner Program, which the institute joined in November 2010. The program is a worldwide network of consultants, system integrators, developers, channel partners and industry experts who collaborate with the program to provide complete, high-quality virtual instrumentation solutions to customers.

"One of the requirements of becoming a National Instruments Alliance Partner is having a certified LabVIEW developer on staff," said Taylor Jones, chief engineer at the Advanced Manufacturing Institute. "Now that we have a certified developer, we can take full advantage of all the benefits of the National Instruments Alliance Partner Network. This network will open new doors for us to secure business opportunities that otherwise would not be available."

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute is a part of the K-State College of Engineering, and is a Kansas Department of Commerce Center of Excellence and an Economic Development Administration University Center that provides engineering and business services. More information about the institute is available online at http://www.amisuccess.com.