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Five third-year architecture students earn honors at Bowman Design Forum

Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014



MANHATTAN — Five architecture students earned honors at Kansas State University's 16th annual Bowman Design Forum.

The Oct. 17 forum, sponsored by the local architecture firm BBN Architects Inc. and hosted by the College of Architecture, Planning & Design, brought internationally acclaimed architects to the Manhattan campus to discuss work by students in the architecture department.

One student from each of the department's five third-year studio sections was selected to present his or her design for a tallgrass prairie retreat. Each student participant prepared models, drawings and a PowerPoint presentation.

This year's guest jurors were Talbot Sweetapple, a partner, and Peter Broughton, an associate, both with MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Ltd.; along with Brent Bowman, principal, and Aaron Dyck and Austin Massoth, all of BBN Architects.

Architecture studio instructors include Michael McGlynn, associate professor; Aaron Schump, assistant professor; Toreir Norheim, associate professor; Nathan Petty, assistant professor; and Gary Coates, professor. 

The jurors awarded $4,000 in prizes to the winning students. Third-year architecture students receiving honors include:

Brock Traffas, Medicine Lodge, $500 Merit Award; Brianna Grimm, Overland Park, $750 Special Merit Award; and Joe Lewis, Prairie Village, $500 Merit Award.

From Missouri: Aaron Bolli, Columbia, $750 Special Merit Award; and Kylie Schwaller, Kansas City, $1,500 Honor Award.


Michael McGlynn


College of Architecture, Planning & Design 

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Medicine Lodge, Overland Park and Prairie Village, Kansas; and Columbia and Kansas City, Missouri

Written by

Thom Jackson

At a glance

Designs for a tallgrass prairie retreat earned five third-year architecture students at Kansas State University honors in the annual Bowman Design Forum.