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Kansas State University students selected to promote libraries, educate peers

Monday, Oct. 27, 2014



MANHATTAN — Thousands of students spend time studying in Kansas State University Libraries, and about 60 students find part-time work there every year. But a select group is going above and beyond to promote K-State Libraries as volunteers.

Eleven students from a wide range of majors have been selected through a competitive process to join the ranks of the K-State Libraries Student Ambassadors.

Ambassadors serve two-year terms as advocates and representatives for K-State Libraries at social, cultural and fundraising activities. They also provide valuable feedback on K-State Libraries' initiatives and services, as well as advocate for the perspectives of the larger university student body.

The ambassadors were chosen following an application period and finalist interviews. The interview committee included advisers Darchelle Martin, public relations officer, and Sara Kearns, undergraduate and community services department head, as well as three of the returning 16 ambassadors who were selected during the group's inaugural year in 2013.

"In the ambassadors' first season, they worked at community and recruitment events, staffed the Friends of the K-State Libraries gala and developed priorities and goals for the coming months," Martin said. "Adding this new pool of talented students means that we will be able to take on even more outreach and advocacy work to promote K-State Libraries."

Jason Reed, faculty and graduate services librarian, recently joined Martin and Kearns as an adviser to the group.

K-State Libraries Student Ambassadors for 2014-2016 include:

Katie Myers, sophomore in family studies and human services and pre-nursing, Abilene.

From Greater Kansas City: Mary Grace Blair, freshman in computer science, Brittany Werth, sophomore in finance, and Jael Whitney, freshman in marketing, all from Overland Park; and Victoria Sears, senior in history and international studies, Shawnee.

Caitlyn Frisbie, freshman in journalism and digital media, Manhattan; and Angelica Bradley, freshman in architecture, Winfield.

From out of state: Tiffany Addams, junior in English, Kansas City, Missouri.

From out of country: Youwei Yang, sophomore in agricultural economics, China; Audrey Opoku-Acheampong, doctoral student in human nutrition, Ghana; and Vashishth Patel, sophomore in mechanical engineering, India.

The ambassador program provides students with leadership skills, professional connections and the opportunity to make a positive impact at Kansas State University. For more information about the program, visit http://www.lib.k-state.edu/ambassadors.



Darchelle Martin


Kansas State University Libraries Website

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Abilene, Manhattan, Overland Park, Shawnee and Winfield, Kansas; and Kansas City, Missouri


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Library Student Ambassadors

The newest members of the K-State Libraries Student Ambassadors, front row, from left: Audrey Opoku-Acheampong, Caitlyn Frisbie, Jael Whitney, Victoria Sears and Angelica Bradley; and back row, from left: Youwei Yang, Tiffany Addams, Katie Myers, Brittany Werth, Mary Grace Blair and Vishishth Patel.

Written by

Sarah McGreer Hoyt