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29 professionals to lecture in the College of Business Administration

Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013



MANHATTAN -- In more than 41 classes taking place Oct. 23-25 at Kansas State University, faculty members in the College of Business Administration will give their seats to industry professionals.

Twenty-nine executives have been matched with courses that are relevant to their expertise as part of the inaugural Executive Professor-for-a-Day event.

"We retired folks feel that among our lifetimes of experiences, there may be something of value to others," said Sam Forrer, retired president, CEO and owner, Grant County Bank, who will serve as a professor for a day. "The opportunity to pass this on to bright, interested and attentive young people is a reward unto itself."

Experts in different business disciplines will lecture students in all majors and in subjects including human resources, data mining and portfolio analysis. This is planned to be an annual event.

"We are creating a college where students are in communication with professionals in the field and where they are constantly reminded of the real-world application of what they learn in the classroom," said Ali Malekzadeh, Edgerley family dean of the college. "We are fortunate to have an outstanding group of alumni and friends who are willing to participate in the education of our students, so that every one of them can succeed."

Executives have worked with their corresponding faculty members to design the content of their class. Each faculty-executive match has created a different format; some are hosting standard lectures, others are reviewing case studies and best practices, while others are using class time for an extended Q-and-A session with the professional.

"The Executive Professor for a Day events will provide a great opportunity for our students to be exposed to contemporary business issues and learn about real-world business issues from top-notch business leaders," said Amy Hageman, assistant professor of accounting. "The insight provided by these leaders will be invaluable to our students."

Classes where executives will be lecturing range from Business Foundations, the introductory business course, to senior-level and graduate courses, including Sales Management, Corporate Tax, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics and Data Mining, as well as Security and Portfolio Analysis.

Along with Forrer, participating executives include:

Rebecca Adams, consultant; Chance Bahadur, CEO, president and co-founder, The Bahadur Group Inc.; David Ball, client consultant, Nielsen; Jonathan Baum, chairman and CEO, George K. Baum & Co.; Mike Bernard, general director-capital planning and financing, Union Pacific; Candace Duncan, managing partner, KPMG Washington D.C. metro area; Sheila Fehey, director of accounting and controller, Purple Wave Inc.; Elizabeth Gibson, human resources business partner, Mercy Regional Health Center; Tina Glover, CFO, Family Member Veterinary Hospital; Tom Hawk, Kansas state senator; Doug Hill, senior partner, Edward Jones; John Lagemann, senior vice president, sales and marketing for the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, John Deere; Bret Lanz, marketing and development manager, Kansas State University's Advanced Manufacturing Institute; Joleen Moden, retired senior vice president, internal auditing, Verizon Communications; Jeff Morris, director, talent development, Koch Industries; Kathy Nelson, president and CEO, Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation; Jeremy Page, associate merchandise manager, Hallmark; Tony Pino, executive vice president, managed care, Ameritox; Jamie Regehr, director, Agility Solutions; Barry Robinson, retired EMEIA tax markets leader, Ernst & Young Global Limited; Gerald "Shad" Shadwick, retired consultant and associate dean, University of Northern Colorado; Kent Townsend, executive vice president and CFO, Capitol Federal Savings; Steven Townsend, vice president, Stifel Financial Corp.; Bill Trenkle, attorney and senior partner, Foulston and Siefkin LLP.; Dennis von Waaden, retired vice president, American Century Corp.; Tammie Wahaus, CFO, TVAX Biomedical Inc.; and Ken Williams, director of licensing, Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization.


Emily Brueseke


College of Business Administration

Written by

Olivia Blanco

At a glance

Twenty-nine executives have been matched with courses that are relevant to their expertise as part of the inaugural Executive Professor-for-a-Day event at Kansas State University's College of Business Administration.