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K-State Salina student body president encourages participation in student government

Friday, Oct. 4, 2013



SALINA -- Strengthening the voice of the Student Governing Association at Kansas State University Salina and building a better bond between the administration and students are two of the top goals of Tyler Lewis, senior in airport management, Aurora, Colo., and student body president at K-State Salina.

The Student Governing Association is made up of student senators and the executive cabinet. Officials of the association represent the concerns and interests of the student body and work for collaboration between the faculty and staff, the students and the community.

Lewis believes students should run for positions in student government if they want to make a difference on campus. These positions help to shape and mold students to become young professionals. Students who serve in student government learn how to make meaningful change, network with others and build connections with professionals, he said.

Also representing students are the K-State Salina Student Ambassadors. These students greet guests, help with recruitment efforts, assist with events, connect with alumni and take part in community service activities.

"Student leadership is an important part of students' college experience and education. It is a great opportunity for them to learn skills that help prepare them for their career," said Dixie Schierlman, associate dean of student services at K-State Salina.

Lewis started out as a student senator. He then decided to run for student body president in 2012 to make K-State Salina an even more welcoming place for out-of-state students who may have trouble adjusting to college life. He successfully ran for a second term in office to continue the effort.

Also during his first year in office, Lewis said the K-State Salina student senate passed legislation requiring all clubs and organizations to complete six hours of community service once they are approved for a funding allocation from the Student Governing Association.

Because of the new rule, clubs and organizations have created some really great community service events, strengthening the connection between the campus and community, he said

Student leaders for 2013-2014 at K-State Salina include:

Amanda Wilson, senior in family studies and human service, Carlton, senate chair; Shelby Geddes, junior in social work, Hutchinson, student ambassador; Koltin Howard-Talbott, junior in professional pilot, Lindsborg, student ambassador; Justin Reilly, sophomore in accounting and applied business, Salina, treasurer; Elizabeth Nelson, sophomore in airport management, Shawnee, Programming Board chair; John O'Brien, senior in aviation maintenance, Silver Lake, student body vice president; and Cameron Calvert, sophomore in professional pilot, Wichita, student ambassador.

From out of state:

Kristie Moore, senior in airport management, Wilber, Neb., attorney general; Ian Barnhart, freshman in professional pilot, Columbia, Pa., student ambassador; Antoinette Lee Paris-Hudson, sophomore in professional pilot and mechanical engineering technology, Pflugerville, Texas, secretary; and Scott Bell, freshman in professional pilot, Ashburn, Va., student ambassador.


Tyler Lewis


Student Governing Association

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Carlton, Hutchinson, Lindsborg, Salina, Shawnee, Silver Lake and Wichita, Kan.; Aurora, Colo.; Wilber, Neb.; Columbia, Pa.; Pflugerville, Texas; and Ashburn, Va.

Written by

Darrah Tinkler

At a glance

In his second term in office, Tyler Lewis, senior in airport management, Aurora, Colo., and student body president at Kansas State University Salina, wants to strengthen the voice of the Student Governing Association at K-State Salina and build a better bond between the administration and students.