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Kansas State Polytechnic and Wichita Area Technical College partner on bachelor's degree in technology management

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015 


SALINA — College students living in the Wichita area have a new opportunity to advance their education through a bachelor's degree program to be offered by Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus and Wichita Area Technical College.

Both schools have developed and signed a new 2+2 agreement, which allows students attending Wichita Area Technical College to complete a Kansas State University bachelor's degree in technology management while staying in the Wichita community and taking classes online. The two institutions were eager to collaborate on the project, which they believe enhances students' education options and meets a need in the state of Kansas.

"This partnership opens another door for college students in Wichita and allows them to achieve their dream of obtaining a bachelor's degree, something that may not have been possible outside of this new offering," said Verna Fitzsimmons, CEO and dean of Kansas State Polytechnic. "We are proud to partner with one of our educational neighbors and we're hopeful this program will lead to the progression of prepared and skilled professionals in Kansas."

The agreement is organized so that once students complete an associate degree from Wichita Area Technical College, or WATC, they will finish the remaining two years online through Kansas State Polytechnic in the technology management program. With this bachelor's degree, students combine a technical area of concentration with advanced business studies and it provides leadership skills to advance careers in the diverse world of business.

"WATC is excited to work collaboratively with Kansas State Polytechnic on this new educational pathway to provide our career technical students a great opportunity to continue their education once they have completed their Associate of Applied Science in advanced manufacturing or aviation," said Sheree Utash, interim president at the college.

For more information on the partnership, programs available or how to apply, contact Danielle Brown, director of professional education and outreach, at dnbrown@k-state.edu or 785-826-2633.


Danielle Brown


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Salina and Wichita

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Julee Cobb

At a glance

A new 2+2 agreement means students at Wichita Area Technical College can get a bachelor's degree in technology management online through Kansas State University Polytechnic.