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K-State Salina Flight Team lands first-place finish at regional SAFECON competition

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013



SALINA -- Kansas State University Salina's 2013-2014 Flight Team has become the first in university history to win the SAFECON VI regional. This year's event was Oct. 28-Nov. 1 in Stillwater, Okla.

At the event, student teams participated in flight and ground events that tested their abilities in all aspects of flight. Overall, K-State Salina's Flight Team members earned 26 top-20 finishes, 13 top-five finishes and two first-place finishes. A team member earned the Top Pilot Award and the team placed first overall in ground events and second in flight events.

Team captain is Bert Hutchinson, senior in professional pilot, Wichita. Trevor Henson, junior in airport management, Dunlap, Ill., is the team coach. Tom Karcz, assistant professor of aviation, is the team's faculty adviser.

"I am very proud of what the team was able to accomplish at regionals this year," Karcz said. "We, as a team, have taken third and second places within the past years, so to place first is great for the students. We hope to build on this momentum for nationals."

The K-State Salina Flight Team now will compete at the national SAFECON competition, My 12-16, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio.

Team members, all professional pilot majors unless otherwise indicated, and their individual awards and placements, if earned, at the competition include:

From Andover: Martin Harvey, sophomore in professional pilot; Taylor Spangler, freshman and flight instructor, third in preflight, fourth in power-off landing, 11th in simulated comprehensive aircraft navigation and 12th in power-on landing.

Chris Boucher, freshman in technology-undecided, Fairway; Tosh Taylor, junior, Riley, Top Pilot Award winner, second in preflight, third as pilot in navigation, third in power-off landing, fourth in simulated flying, fourth in simulated comprehensive aircraft navigation, fourth in power-on landing and ninth in computer accuracy.

From Wichita: Cameron Calvert, junior, 14th place as drop master in message drop and 19th in simulated comprehensive aircraft navigation; and Bert Hutchinson, senior, 14th in aircraft recognition and 18th as pilot in navigation.

From out of state:

Tyler Thull, sophomore, Fort Collins, Colo., 10th in aircraft recognition; Trevor Henson, junior in airport management, Dunlap, Ill., first in aircraft recognition, first as pilot in navigation, second in top pilot, second in power-off landing, third in simulated flying, fifth in preflight and seventh in simulated comprehensive aircraft navigation; Shane Richardson, senior, Albuquerque, N.M., third as safety observer in navigation, sixth in power-on landing, 14th place in message drop as pilot and 16th place in simulated comprehensive aircraft navigation; Ian Barnhart, sophomore, Columbia, Pa., first as safety observer in navigation and 20th in aircraft recognition; and Matt Elston, sophomore, Conroe, Texas., 14th in computer accuracy and 18th as safety observer in navigation.


Tom Karcz

News tip

Andover, Fairway, Riley and Wichita, Kan.; Fort Collins, Colo.; Dunlap, Ill.; Albuquerque, N.M., Columbia, Pa.; and Conroe, Texas.


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Members of the K-State Salina Flight Team show off their medals and trophies from their first-place finish at the SAFECON Region VI competition. Team member are: Front row, from left, Martin Harvey, Taylor Spangler, Matt Elston, Ian Barnhart, Shane Richardson and Tyler Thull; second row, from left, Cameron Calvert, Chris Boucher, Trevor Henson, Bert Hutchison, Tosh Taylor and Tom Karcz. 

Written by

Darrah Tinkler

At a glance

The Kansas State University Salina Flight Team claimed its first SAFECON Region VI championship. The competition was Oct. 28-Nov. 1 in Stillwater, Okla. The team took first in ground events and second in flight events. Team member Tosh Taylor won the Top Pilot Award.