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K-Staters in the news — November 2016

The top stories mentioning Kansas State University are posted below. Download an Excel file (xls) with all of this month's news stories.

Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016

*Kansas State University agronomist Vara Prasad selected as AAAS fellow
11/29/16 Phys.org 
The American Association for the Advancement of Science is honoring Vara Prasad, Kansas State University distinguished professor of agronomy, as one of its 2016 fellows. 

'Wheat doctor' talks cereal, snacks
11/29/16 Kansas City Star 
Education: University of Kansas, bachelor's degree in music; Kansas State University, master's and doctorate degrees in cereal chemistry 

*USAID Project To Help Develop New Sorghum Varieties for Haiti
11/29/16 World News Report
In an effort to address challenges faced by sorghum farmers in Haiti, the U.S. Agency for International Development has awarded Kansas State University $1.08 million to establish a genomics-assisted sorghum breeding program in the small Caribbean country.

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016

Resource network helps rural businesses grow
11/28/16 Public
Elder said she thought Jeff Tucker with Kansas State University's Advanced Manufacturing Institute summarized the issue well when he shared the following at a recent meeting: "We've been asking people to say, 'What opportunity can you identify within your community?' and start a business around that. But really what we need to do is set people on the edge of their city limits or the county line and look outward and say, 'What does the world need that I can get to them from this place?'"

K-State Polytechnic instructor stresses critical thinking skills
11/28/16 Salina Journal
Many employers now are looking for workers who can do more than just handle the job. Critical thinking and communication skills are an additional requirement for business owners and supervisors, said Patricia Ackerman, Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus professor of language arts.

Improved resistance to wheat viruses
11/28/16 Morning Ag Clips
If farmers could plant wheat without the constant worry of Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus spreading when the temperatures rise, we'd probably have fewer stressed farmers. Yields would be higher, and there would be less money going toward fungicides. That's exactly what Mohammed Asif, Heartland Plant Innovations, and Guorong Zhang, Kansas State University wheat breeder, are trying to accomplish with the research they are conducting.

Monday, Nov. 28, 2016

*Temple Grandin to speak next week at Kansas State University
11/25/16 Washington Times
A noted professor with autism whose life's work understanding livestock was the subject of an HBO movie is speaking next week at Kansas State University.

Mary Lynn and Warren Staley recognized for charity work
11/25/16 Minneapolis Star Tribune
Warren Staley, an electrical engineer who grew up the son of a railroad worker, and Mary Lynn Staley, a former public school teacher, never expected great success or fortune when they married after graduating from Kansas State University.

Quiz: Food Safety Myths and Facts
11/25/16 True Viral News
Kansas State University: “The Five Second Rule.”

Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016

New app puts pick-up truck, delivery service in the palm of your hand
11/22/16 KCTV 5
The idea came to Kansas State University marketing majors Harrison Proffitt and Brn Jackson after demand to use Jackson's truck became somewhat frustrating.

Potential record wildfire season in store
11/22/16 Kake
The Kansas Forest Service has several specialists that deal with fire prevention. This year, the organization is working with Kansas State University to distribute a weekly map of all the counties in Kansas with anywhere from a low to extreme danger of grass fires.

11/22/16 Successful Farming
Ray Asebedo is accustomed to farmers questioning the value of precision ag technology, especially when profit margins are tight. “Growers will tell me, because commodity prices are down, it’s not a good time to invest,” says the Kansas State University assistant professor of precision agriculture. “I have the reverse logic. I think the best time for proving the value of a precision agriculture method like a UAV is when the profit margin is so tight. You no longer have that margin of error, and you need to optimize inputs now more than ever. Making the right decision is critical, and these tools can make a difference.”

Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016

*Breakthrough in controlling soybean cyst nematode
11/22/16 Seed Today
Kansas State University researchers recently announced a significant breakthrough in controlling the spread of the soybean cyst nematode, a parasitic roundworm that the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates has reduced yearly returns in soybeans by $500 million and yields by as much as 75 percent.

Flour milling technique training held
11/22/16 Morning Ag Clips
Whether baking bread or a batch of cookies, it is important that wheat and flour quality are at its best. Interest in this topic lead Kansas State University's IGP Insitute to partner with Buhler, Inc. to offer milling courses for industry personnel.

Monday, Nov. 21, 2016

Appointments, Resignations, Deaths
11/18/16 Chronicle of Higher Education
Richard Myers was appointed president of Kansas State University. Mr. Myers, a retired Air Force general and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was named interim president in April.

Majority of Graduate Students Stress About Finances, Seek Information on Long-Term Financial Security
11/19/16 Insurancenews.net
Research partners participating in Enhancing Student Financial Education ranged in graduate enrollment size and included a diverse mix of institutions: Arkansas State University, Cornell University, Eastern Illinois University, Florida A&M University, Iowa State University, Kansas State University, Loyola University, Mississippi University, Ohio State University, University of Colorado System, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Kentucky, University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of South Florida and Winthrop University.

Brianna McGurran: How can I finally tackle my finances?
11/21/16 Herald-Dispatch (West Virginia)
"It's something that everyone has to deal with, but nobody really talks about," says Kristy Archuleta, a program director and associate professor of personal financial planning at Kansas State University.

Friday, Nov. 18, 2016

* ‘Turn on the hate’? Steve Bannon’s cynicism spreads online
11/16/16 USA Today
“This conflation becomes a real obstacle for public dialogue and discussion,” said Shaffer, who teaches communications studies at Kansas State University.
Gold Nanowires Allow Operations at Cellular Level
11/17/16 Engineering 360
The device, developed by Bret Flanders, associate professor of physics, and Govind Paneru, former graduate research assistant in physics, at Kansas State University, uses the gold nanowires to manipulate and sense characteristics of individual cells during medical procedures. The nanowires are 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.
U of M Researchers Help Isolate Gene that Fights Wheat Disease
11/17/16 KSTP-TV
Scientists have been working for decades on the research, and the breakthrough was discovered at Kansas State University with the help of U of M researchers.

Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016

Grad Students’ Financial Worries
11/1/16 Inside Higher Ed
The University of South Florida, for instance, included a financial resources presentation at its spring and fall orientations. Kansas State University worked with TIAA to put on a workshop that covered investments and retirement planning. At Iowa State University, graduate students hosted an interactive webinar called “Strategies for Success in Personal Finance.”

Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016

Regents Name Richard Myers New Kansas State President
11/15/16 ABC News
Richard Myers, a retired four-star Air Force general and former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, will be Kansas State University's president as it wrestles with budget problems and the possibility that students, staff and visitors will be allowed to carry concealed guns into its buildings next year.

Ask Brianna: How can I finally tackle my finances?
11/15/16 Yahoo Finance!
"It's something that everyone has to deal with, but nobody really talks about," says Kristy Archuleta, a program director and associate professor of personal financial planning at Kansas State University.

It's never too late, and always a good time, to do good
11/15/16 Chicago Tribune
We needed two columns to tell the story of Julius Mercer. He was a track star at Rich East High School and later at Kansas State University before the baser forces in his nature took over.

Monday, Nov. 14, 2016

Taking a load off with electric tugs
11/14/16 Forklift.net
Research from Kansas State University suggests that 71 per cent of senior manufacturing executives have used some form of the just-in-time manufacturing method in their processes. Just-in-time (JIT) is a well-known concept in business and it doesn’t show any signs of declining soon.

KSU greenhouses bursting with holiday colors
11-12-16 Topeka Capital Journal
The bright reds and greens of Christmas fill greenhouses at Kansas State University as the Friends of the K-State Gardens gets ready for its annual poinsettia sale.

Hunter Jobbins Scores 6500 Kit Kat Bars!
11/11/16 People magazine
Hunter Jobbins was the envy of all his buddies earlier this month. On Nov. 3, 2016, the freshman at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, bagged about 6,500 Kit Kat bars.

Friday, Nov. 11, 2016

KSU Researchers aim to heighten feed mill biosecurity
11/10/16 Barn OnAir & OnLine
They’ve come a long way already, but Kansas State University researchers studying the safety of animal food produced in feed mills say they’ve got plenty more to learn as they work to maintain safe food for animals and humans.
Another sign drones will be a major part of the economy 
11/10/16 Monster.com
If your drone skills aren’t up to par and you can’t enroll in the Virginia drone training program, there is an Unmanned Vehicle University in Phoenix, Arizona and Kansas State University offers an undergraduate degree in Unmanned Aircraft Studies. If there is an increase in drone industry job demand, those universities stand to benefit from a boost in enrollment and similar programs are likely to sprout up at more colleges.
Two paths at once: Watching the buildup of quantum superpositions
11/10/16 Science Daily
Just like the two paths through the plate, the ionization of helium can happen via two different processes at the same time, and this leads to characteristic interference effects. In the case of the helium atom, they are called "Fano resonances." A team of scientists from TU Wien (Vienna, Austria), the Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg (Germany) and Kansas State University (USA) has now managed to observe the buildup up of these Fano resonances -- even though this effect takes place on a time scale of femtoseconds.

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016

MediVet Biologics Announces Publication on Immunotherapy Vaccine for Canine Cancer
11/9/16 The Houston Chronicle
A secondary trial is open for enrollment at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine to further monitor rate of clinical effectiveness.

Hershey sends Kit Kat theft victim 6,500 candy bars
11/9/16 Breitbart
When Hunter Jobbins returned to his car after class at Kansas State University a few weeks ago, his Kit Kat bar was missing and an apology note from the candy thief was left in its place. Now Hershey, Kit Kat’s parent company, sent Jobbins 6,500 chocolate bars to make up for it.

Asian lady beetles are on the march, right into Kansans’ homes
11/9/16 KAKE
“They are bright orange with spots, but they have kind of a dark black inverted W right behind the head on the thorax,” said Jeff Whitworth, entomologist with K-State Research and Extension. “If you see those things it is the multicolored Asian lady beetle.”

Monday, Nov. 7, 2016

Hershey filled this student's car with thousands of Kit Kats after his got stolen
11/4/16 USA Today
National Candy Day may be today, but one student at Kansas State University will be celebrating candy for the next several months.

*Having a baby at 47
11/7/16 Essential baby (Australia)
Kansas State University researchers Gary and Sandra Brase say "baby fever" is a real phenomenon, particularly among people in their 40s. "Baby fever," they say, is "a visceral physical and emotional desire to have a baby", unconnected to any logical reasons for reproducing. These aren't people who have reached their 40s childless - that's another story. These are people who have kids, usually the number they planned. Those kids are becoming independent.

AIB announces new baking process kill step calculator for yeast-raised doughnuts
11/4/16 Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery
AIB International collaborated with the American Bakers Association and its Food Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee, and with researchers at Kansas State University and the University of Georgia to produce the Baking Process Kill Step Calculators.

*Discovery of Novel Virus in Swine Could Prevent History from Repeating
11/4/16 KRVN
Researchers at Kansas State University have identified a new swine circovirus.

Friday, Nov. 4, 2016

Scientists Gain Upper Hand On Devastating Wheat Scab Disease
11/03/16 Farms
A team of scientists at Washington State University and Kansas State University have isolated and cloned a gene that provides resistance to Fusarium head blight, or wheat scab, a crippling disease that caused $7.6 billion in losses in U.S. wheat fields between 1993 and 2001.
KBED partnership wins national award for economic development
11/03/16 ScienMag
For the second year in a row, a Kansas State University program is being nationally recognized for enhancing the region's economy.
1st Triennial Postdoc Gazette Reportage 2013-2016
11/03/16 KMOV
At Kansas State University, Peter Dorhout, vice president for research and professor of chemistry, spoke on how K-State defines postdocs.

Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016

*National Award of Excellence Presented to Four Organizations Advancing Regional Prosperity and Innovation
11/2/16 Yahoo Finance
Knowledge Based Economic Development (KBED) is a unique partnership of civic, academic and private sector entities working together to support new and growing companies in Manhattan, Kansas. This integrated community economic development program seeks to attract companies to the community by leveraging the talent, innovation and training capabilities, and infrastructure available at Kansas State University. The KBED partnership is in its ninth year of operation. With over $32 million in economic impact to date and over 750 jobs created or secured, KBED is an asset for the Manhattan community.

*Growing Gold For Medical, Surgical Tools, Kansas State University Study
11/2/16 BioSpace
Grown like a snowflake and sharpened with a sewing machine, a novel device by Kansas State University researchers may benefit biomedical professionals and the patients they serve during electrode and organ transplant procedures.

*KSU Extends Freshman Deadline, Increases Scholarships
11/2/16 Salina Post
Administrators at Kansas State University have extended the admission and scholarship priority deadline for the fall 2017 semester to Dec. 15 for incoming freshmen students.

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016

*KSU scientists gain upper hand on devastating wheat scab disease
11/1/16 Barn OnAir & OnLine 24/7/365
 Kansas State University scientists say they have isolated and cloned a gene that provides resistance to Fusarium head blight, or wheat scab, a crippling disease that caused $7.6 billion in losses in U.S. wheat fields between 1993 and 2001. 

Note On Napkin Says Thief Broke Into Car Only To Steal Kit Kat
11/1/16 The Huffington Post
A Kansas State University student claims that he had a Kit Kat candy bar stolen from his car by a hungry thief with a sweet tooth.

*Bringing Agriculture to Biodefense: Kansas State University Leaders Highlight Issue at Bipartisan Policy Center
11/1/16 e! science news 
The most recent research, supported by DSM Nutritional Products and carried out at Kansas State University, shows that an optimum level of vitamin D3 supplementation in the sow diet can measurably impact the performance of sows and their progeny.

Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016

Early voting up over 2012
10/31/16 WIBW 
More people have voted in advance than the last presidential election. Secretary of State Kris Kobach reports advanced voting is up over the same time in 2012. Riley County has two early locations both at the courthouse and at the Kansas State University Student Union. 

Managing KSU's sheep, goats brings man sheer joy
10/31/16 The Mercury
Today, Hubbard is the unit manager of K-State’s Sheep and Meat Goat Center and a farmer in Olsburg. Hubbard is responsible for the welfare of the sheep and goats on the land and helping students who use the animals for classes and labs. K-State raises the sheep and goats for several instructional needs.

Research ties sow Vitamin D intake to progeny performance
10/31/16 Swine Web
The most recent research, supported by DSM Nutritional Products and carried out at Kansas State University, shows that an optimum level of vitamin D3 supplementation in the sow diet can measurably impact the performance of sows and their progeny.


*Note: Asterisks indicate clips that resulted from recent news releases or pitches from Communications and Marketing.  

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