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K-Staters in the news — February 2015

The top stories mentioning Kansas State University are posted below. Download an Excel file with all of this month's news stories.

Friday, Feb. 27, 2015

Careful conditioning can convert scaredy-dog
02/26/15 Chicago Tribune
"Most over-the-counter products have no studies to verify efficacy (that they're effective enough to deter fleas)," says veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden, of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine-Manhattan. "Many contain pyrethroids, which fleas are often resistant to, particularly where you live."
Study: E. Coli Vaccines Are Effective But Economic Incentive Needed
02/26/15 Food Safety News
Despite the proven effectiveness of vaccines designed to decrease the presence of E. colibacteria in cattle by as much as 98 percent, beef producers are not likely to widely adopt the practice of vaccinating their herds until there is a clear economic incentive, according to a new study by economics researchers at Kansas State University.
Initiative Nurtures Women Pursuing Weed Science Careers
02/26/15 Stamford Advocate
Starting at the recent North Central Weed Science Society meeting; Anita Dille, a Kansas State University agronomy professor and Weed Science Society of America member, launched a series of networking events in order increase the number of women pursuing careers in the agricultural sciences.

Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015

FAA allows K-State’s Salina program to use drones statewide
Feb. 25, 2015 KC Star/Wichita Eagle
Federal authorities are allowing Kansas State University-Salina to fly unmanned aircraft across the state under several restrictions.

U.S. and U.K. scientists collaborate on animal virus research
Feb. 25, 2015 Bovine Veterinarian
Scientists in Glasgow are working with colleagues at Kansas State University to tackle animal diseases caused by bunyaviruses.

K-State wins nation’s first statewide drone access
Feb. 25, 2015 One News Page
Kansas State University Salina has become the first entity in the country to be granted permission by the Federal Aviation Administration to have statewide access for drone operations.


Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015

Top Master's in Education Published New Best Value Ranking for a Variety of Online Master's in Education Specializations
2/24/15 Dallas Business Journal
Schools in the online M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction ranking include: 3. Kansas State University.

Kansas State Released A Statement Regarding Last Night's Court Storm
2/24/2015 Yardbarker
Kansas State put out a statement moments ago regarding what happened after the game.

Kansas State Usher Gets a Little Jiggy with It on the Dance Cam
2/24/15 Total Pro Sports
When you’re in Manhattan, Kansas, I’m guessing you have to make your own fun. Fortunately, for people like this Kansas State usher, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.


Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015

Kansas bills would allow cannabis treatments, hemp studies
2/24/15 Wichita Eagle
The House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on a separate bill Monday that would direct the Department of Agriculture to grow and study industrial hemp. Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Jake Worcester said he supported the bill and that the department already has held preliminary talks with Kansas State University about potential collaboration on the project.

Glasgow scientists tackle animal diseases with US counterparts
2/24/2015 University of Glasgow
Scientists in Glasgow are working with colleagues at Kansas State University to tackle animal diseases caused by bunyaviruses.

Forget Pizza Delivery: How Drones in Construction and Agriculture Help Save Time and Money
2/24/15 Free Republic
Farm Drones. Dr. Kevin Price of Kansas State University made a compelling case for agriculture drones during his presentation at the 2014 American Farm Bureau Federation Convention. Price predicted that 80 percent of the money that will be spent on drones in the coming years would be for agricultural uses.


Monday, Feb. 23, 2015

AACTE Awards to Honor Leading Scholars, Universities
2/2015 Seattle Post Intelligencer
Kansas State University’s College of Education will receive the 2015 AACTE Best Practice Award in Support of Global and International Teacher Education. A model for global diversity education throughout the institution, Kansas State wins praise in particular for its Teaching English as a Second Language “Go Teacher” program, an award-winning, multifaceted program of professional education for practicing Ecuadorian teachers, as well as for its community impact through its network of 22 professional development schools across three diverse districts.

*K-State assistant professor: Computer hackers have value in society
2/21/15 Wichita Eagle
But Steinmetz, a criminologist at Kansas State University, has studied and met a lot of hackers and he sees value in them. Hacker culture is far more diverse, more interesting, more valuable and more sophisticated than most of us realize, he said.

*Is your honey good with money? Better find out before tying the knot
2/21/15 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Better find out before tying the knot. Arguments about money are by far the top predictor of divorce, according to a 2013 Kansas State University study of 4,500 couples. That’s true even for people who have enough money but argue about it anyway.

Friday, Feb. 20, 2015

Using Ancient DNA to Uncover the Hidden History of Patagonia
02/18/15 National Geographic
Genographic Project grantee Dr. Marta Alfonso-Durruty has immersed herself in this corner of South America to analyze dozens of ancient human skeletons, some from southern Chile’s earliest known settlers.
Climate change may dramatically reduce wheat production, study shows
02/19/15 Science Daily
A recent study involving Kansas State University researchers finds that in the coming decades at least one-quarter of the world's wheat production will be lost to extreme weather from climate change if no adaptive measures are taken.
Devastating citrus greening disease targeted by USDA grants
02/19/15 UC Davis
This $10 million project, led by Kansas State University, also includes university and USDA researchers at Cornell University and at the USDA-ARS US Horticultural Laboratory in Fort Pierce, Florida. The funding includes $655,000 to support work in Slupsky’s laboratory.

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015

Consumers Unable to Differentiate Steak Grades
Feb. 18, 2015 4-traders
Travis O'Quinn, PhD, of Kansas State University discusses his group's study published in the Journal of Food Science that found consumers were unable to detect differences in tenderness, juiciness, or flavor among beef tenderloin steaks from USDA Choice and Select quality grades.

Climate-adaptive measures necessary to retain wheat yields over time
Feb. 18, 2015 Kansas Farmer
"It's pretty severe," said Vara Prasad, professor of crop ecophysiology and director of the USAID Feed the Future Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab at Kansas State University. "The projected effect of climate change on wheat is more than what has been forecast. That's challenging because the world will have to at least double our food supply in the next 30 years if we're going to feed 9.6 billion people."

Time growing short for most antimicrobials in feed and water
Feb. 18, 2015 Beef
In December 2016 many antibiotic/antimicrobial products will disappear from the market and/or come under requirements for a veterinarian to prescribe them, says Mike Apley, professor of veterinary medicine at Kansas State University.


Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015

Ractopamine: It's What's for Dinner
2/17/15 Huffington Post
According to Fortune, "in a March 2014 report from Texas Tech University and Kansas State University looking at a dataset of 722,704 cattle across nine feedlots, researchers found 'the incidence of death was 80 percent greater in animals administered [zilpaterol, the active ingredient in Zilmax] than the comparative control cohort.'"

*FAA's proposed drone rules would give some — but not all —businesses what they're looking for
2/17/15 Wichita Business Journal
Leaders at Kansas State University's Salina campus, which has conducted research on drones, tell KAKE News that once rules are in place for the commercial use of drones, the industry is likely to grow rapidly.

Universities to Brownback: We're not changing policies on LGBT worker protections

2/17/15 Wichita Business Journal
Leaders at universities including Wichita State University, University of Kansas, Kansas State University and Fort Hays State University say their policies will continue to ban actions against employees based on their sexual orientation.


Monday, Feb. 16, 2015

Kansas State University researchers develop wheat that better tolerates hotter temperatures
2/14/15 Yahoo! News
Two Kansas State University researchers are developing a type of wheat that will tolerate hotter temperatures.

*Let Love Shine This Valentine’s Day: 6 Ways to Stop Arguing About Money (The #1 Predictor of Divorce)
Money (Canada) 2/14/15
Was your last argument about bills? Sadly, money issues are the #1 predictor of divorce, according to Sonya Britt, a Kansas State University researcher into longitudinal marriage issues.

Stressed by Money? Get on the Couch

2/9/15 New York Times
I was in the middle of Kansas, in one of the exam rooms at the Financial Therapy Clinic, a counseling and research center run by the Institute of Financial Planning at Kansas State University. The clinic was on Poyntz Avenue, the main street in Manhattan, Kan.


Friday, Feb. 13, 2015 

*Indian American researcher gets $500,000 Science Foundation award
02/12/15 The Times of India
Gurpreet Singh, an Indian American assistant professor of mechanical and nuclear engineering at Kansas State University, has received a $500,000 National Science Foundation Career award for his research on nanosheets. 
Science says the reason you can't remember someone's name is that you don't care enough
02/12/15 Business Insider
Research headed by Kansas State University psychologist Richard Harris suggests that interest level significantly determines how well you remember names.
*People spend how much on pets for Valentine's Day?
02/12/15 Fox 28
As much as dogs loves toys and treats, one veterinarian says you need to focus on your dog's heart health as dogs can develop heart disease as they age. Kansas State University Pet Cardiologist Justin Thomason says they usually don't show symptoms at first, but as it gets worse, symptoms progress to coughing or even fainting

Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015 

MotionDSP Delivers Computer Vision Software to Top Drone / Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research Universities

Feb. 11, 2015 CNBC
MotionDSP, provider of high-end video processing software for defense applications, has now partnered with Kansas State University Salina, University of North Dakota, and Auburn University to apply this same software to solve critical problems in civilian and commercial applications using video from drones and other UAS.

Cities Where Crime Is Plummeting
Feb. 11, 2015 YahooFinance
Nearly 96% of Manhattan area residents had a high school diploma in 2013, the highest rate in the country. Such a high educational attainment rate was due to Manhattan being home to Kansas State University. The university and the area’s local school district together accounted for more than a third of total employment in the Manhattan metro area in 2013, more than any other employer. The stability from these large public employers may have helped keep the unemployment rate below 5.5% between 2009 and 2013. In 2012, the Manhattan area police department started a new Laser Point program to target traditionally crime-ridden neighborhoods. The program is largely credited for part of the 44.2% decline in Manhattan's violent crime rate.

Indian American researcher gets $500,000 Science Foundation award
Feb. 11, 2015 YahooNews
Gurpreet Singh, an Indian American assistant professor of mechanical and nuclear engineering at Kansas State University, has received a $500,000 National Science Foundation Career award for his research on nanosheets.


Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015 

Dassault Systemes Reaches Two Million SOLIDWORKS Education Licenses Milestone
2/10/15 Yahoo Finance!
In 2014, over 12,000 CSWA-Academic certificates were issued on six continents in 14 languages at institutions including Brigham Young University-Idaho, Clemson University, Colorado School of Mines, Kansas State University and TU Delft.

Lincoln Property Company Names Krista Washbourne as VP of Learning and Talent Development
2/10/15 Reuters US News
Ms. Washbourne is a member of the Association for Talent Development. She holds a Bachelor's in Clinical Psychology and Public Relations from Kansas State University.

NASBA Announces Call for Proposals for Annual Accounting Education Research Grants Program
2/10/15 Chron.com
Researchers from Santa Clara University, Kansas State University, Florida State University and Western Illinois University were the recipients named in 2014.


Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015 

USDA plans to spend $30 million on fighting citrus disease
2/9/15 The Washington Times
More than $23 million will fund research on longer-lasting solutions at four universities: the University of Florida; the University of California, Davis; the University of California, Riverside; and Kansas State University.

*Study finds gender gap when it comes to finances
2/9/15 Fox Carolina
A new study from Kansas State University shows that women might be falling behind when it comes to finances.

Caribbean blues: Mosquito virus is sickening more travelers
2/9/15 The Post and Courier (South Carolina)
"Anywhere that's warm and humid and can sustain mosquitoes year round. So Florida, Texas, any of those Southern states, it could happen," said Stephen Higgs, a Kansas State University infectious disease expert and an editor of a scientific journal on mosquito-spread diseases.


Monday, Feb. 9, 2015 

Is your first-grader college ready?
2/8/15 New York Times
The college project, this year adopted by all five first-grade classes, has pleased some parents and puzzled others. One, Lora Collins, a Kansas State University graduate, thought the college talk was useful. For many local families, she said, “it is just not in their mind, in their thought process, to think about going to college.” A few have not been so receptive, complaining that students should be focusing on reading, writing and math.

*Time-based training can decrease impulsivity, research finds
2/7/15 Medical News Today
A study conducted by researchers at Kansas State University is the first to demonstrate increases in both self-control and timing precision as a result of a time-based intervention. This new research may be an important clue for developing behavioral approaches to treat disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, substance abuse and obesity.

Lawmakers seek to protect farm animals used at federal research centers
2/8/15 Lincoln Journal Star
“I certainly did not experience anything that I thought constituted neglect or atypical behavior that put the welfare of the animals in jeopardy,” said Kuehn, who also did a rotation at the center in 2000 as a veterinary student at Kansas State University.

Friday, Feb. 6, 2015

Caribbean Blues: Mosquito Virus Is Sickening More Travelers
02/06/15 ABC News
"Anywhere that's warm and humid and can sustain mosquitoes year round. So Florida, Texas, any of those Southern states, it could happen," said Stephen Higgs, a Kansas State University infectious disease expert and an editor of a scientific journal on mosquito-spread diseases.
*Study shows women are bad with family finances
02/05/15 Fox 28
Research from Kansas State University finds women are less financially capable, especially women under 34 and over 55.
Kansas State University Experts Provide Grain Dust Explosions Facts and Prevention Tips
02/05/15 Grain Net
“Grain dust explosions still occur under specific handling conditions,” said Kingsly Ambrose, assistant professor in K-State’s Department of Grain Science and Industry, but the likelihood of such occurrences decreases when employees know the risks and know what to do to prevent incidents.

Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015

What do you do when you've forgotten someone's name?
Feb. 4, 2015 BBC News Magazine Monitor
There remains the brutal fact that many people are actually not that interested in finding out the other person's name. Psychologist Richard Harris from Kansas State University has written that our ability to remember names is closely related to our levels of interest in others: "Some people, perhaps those who are more socially aware, are just more interested in people, more interested in relationships."

Designs being finalized to transform downtown Wichita 'hole’ into urban park
Feb. 4, 2015 Wichita Business Journal
The Wichita Downtown Development Corp. is helping facilitate the project and has been working with design students from Kansas State University, local architects, downtown residents and other stakeholders to further develop the plan for the park.

New research shows that time-based intervention can improve self-controlFeb. 5, 2015 News Medical
A study conducted by researchers at Kansas State University is the first to demonstrate increases in both self-control and timing precision as a result of a time-based intervention. This new research may be an important clue for developing behavioral approaches to treat disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, substance abuse and obesity.


Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015

Cool Gadgets Outdoor Retailers NuDown Outerwear
2/4/15 Lyra Mag
NuDown jackets and vests were tested at the Institute for Environmental Research, the renowned thermal research facility at Kansas State University and were awarded the best Clothing Insulation Value warmth-­‐to-­‐weight ratio in comparison to similar fit and function down jackets and vests. 

How Enterprise Bank landed its new director of commercial banking
2/4/15 Kansas City Business Journal
After graduating from Kansas State University in 1999, Carson took a job at UMB Bank for seven years, becoming a senior vice president.

Appointment of John Holliday as President and Chief Executive Officer of Rogers Sugar Inc. and Lantic Inc.
2/4/15 Reuters
Mr. Holliday is a graduate of Kansas State University, majoring in Milling and Feed Science.


Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015

*Researchers introduce a macrosystems approach to study stream ecology University of Chicago Press Journals
2/3/15 World News Report
Walter Dodds, university distinguished professor of biology, is leading a research team in creating the Stream Biome Gradient Concept, which is a way to compare streams in different climates.

10 Ways to Cut Iron Costs
2/3/15 Agriculture.com
Regarding taxes, Kevin Dhuyvetter at Kansas State University says the goal should be to try to pay the lowest rate possible rather than no taxes.

Zinpro launches cattle lameness educational app
2/3/15 eFeed Link
Developed in conjunction with the Beef Cattle Institute and Kansas State University, the Step-Up Management Program provides a systematic approach to identify and manage beef cattle lameness. 


Monday, Feb. 2, 2015

*Food safety starts in your kitchen
2/2/15 Consumer Affairs
While many outbreaks have been traced to stops along the food production chain, the biggest food safety threat to the average U.S. consumer may be lurking in their own kitchen. Researchers at Kansas State University have documented it.

*Irish chef to bring taste of Ireland to K-State workshop
2/1/15 Topeka Capital Journal
Chef Paula McIntyre, who is known for her television and radio series in Northern Ireland, will bring a bit of Ireland to the annual Culinary Enhancement Workshops in February at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

ASHRAE recognizes outstanding achievements in the industry
1/31/15 Retrofit magazine
First place in HVAC System Selection is awarded to a team from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan.: John Gaito, Kathryn Helmer, Lexie Oliver, Alex Pint, Megan C. Walkowiak and Gordon Zimmerman, all of whom are senior level students in architectural engineering.




Note: Asterisks indicate clips that resulted from recent news releases or pitches from Communications and Marketing.  

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