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K-Staters in the news - March 2013

Kansas State University, “A Conversation With Rosa Lee Argotsinger,” 3/31/13 The Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, “A Conversation With Rosa Lee Argotsinger,” 3/31/13 The Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, “Fair To Feature More Than 100 Colleges April 7 At UNO,” 3/31/13 Omaha World-Herald

Kansas State University, “Kansas State University Stomped Out OU For 1st Place In Annual Stompdown ,” 3/30/13 Daily Oklahoman

Public Safety, Steve Galitzer, “*Fire Damages Transformer At KSU Ag Facility,” 3-30-13 WIBW, KMAN-AM

Diagnostic medicine & pathobiology, Doug Powell, “190,000 pounds of frozen quesadillas recalled,” 3/29/13 USA Today

Sociology anthropology & social work, Michael Wesch, “Youtube Phenom Michael Wesch To Speak At UNCG,” 3/29/13 (Greensboro, N.C.) News and Record

Kansas State University, “*KU Spring Enrollment Dips; Officials Hope For Turnaround In Autumn,” 3/29/13 Lawrence Journal-World

Family studies & human service, Elizabeth Kiss, “How To Use Tax Refunds,” 3/29/13 McPherson Sentinel

Kansas State University, "Hot New Career," 3/28/13 Chicago Tribune

Military affairs, Art DeGroat"K-State Now More Military Inclusive," 3/28/13 Clay Center Dispatch

Kansas State University, "Garden Calendar: Pecking At A Bigger Problem," 3/28/13 Lawrence Journal-World

Entomology, Tom Phillips, "New Book Outlines Best Practices For Stored Grains," 3/28/13 PCT

Kansas State University, "AFT Kansas Meeting," 3/28/13 KMAN-AM

Kansas State University, "Hot New Career," 3/28/13 Chicago Tribune

Military affairs, Art DeGroat"K-State Now More Military Inclusive," 3/28/13 Clay Center Dispatch

Kansas State University, "Garden Calendar: Pecking At A Bigger Problem," 3/28/13 Lawrence Journal-World

Entomology, Tom Phillips, "New Book Outlines Best Practices For Stored Grains," 3/28/13 PCT

Kansas State University, "AFT Kansas Meeting," 3/28/13 KMAN-AM

Kansas State University, “10 High-Tech College Classes: Learn to Fly a Drone!,” 3/27/13 Financial Times

Kansas State University, “*Researchers Developing Antiviral Drug To Combat Contagious Norovirus,” 3/27/13 USA Education News

Public safety, Kelly Greene, “*K-State To Host Second E-Waste Collection Event April 27,” 3/27/13 WIBW, Manhattan Mercury

Student, Hunter Scott, "K-State Student's Brand of Art Examines Consumerism, Luxury," 3/27/13 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Breanna Hamilton, Jessica Spencer, Hilary Heinrichs, Ethan Koochel, Julianne Perrini, Sarah Thies, Morgan Cox, Mitchell Savage, Braden Hynek, Drew Mueller, Jacob Wright, Katie Slavin, Kacia Turner, Ryan Lahey, Brandy Tholstrup, Tyler Struckhoff, Morgan Ball, "K-State Athletic Training Students Honored," 3/27/13 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “*Three State Public Universities See Enrollment Increases,” 3/27/13 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “Eagle Editorial: Higher Ed Taking Hit,” 3/27/13 Wichita Eagle

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, “Food Safety Modernization Act Testing Requirement Axed In White House Review,” 3/28/13 Huffington Post

Accounting, Joseph Ugrin, “*Help! I Can't Stop Wasting Time Online,” 3/27/13 The Globe and Mail (Canada)

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, “White House Budget Office Responds To Concerns About NBAF,” 3/27/13 KCUR

Geology, George Clark, “Trilobites Found With Mysterious Markings,” 3/27/13 National Geographic News

President Kirk Schulz, “Who We Follow: Education,” 3/26/13 Wichita Business Journal

Kansas State University, “Feds OK Kansas Base Cleanup Settlement,” 3/26/13 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, San Antonio Express-News, The Houston Chronicle, Headline, Media Outlet, The Wichita Eagle, Topeka Capital-Journal, Austin American-Statesman, Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Go Back To School For A Bachelor’s In Piloting Drones,” 3/26/13 SmartPlanet

NBAF, "GAO Report: Lack of Standards Makes Containment Labs Risky," 3/26/13 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Former Employee Files Wrongful Termination Suit Against K-State," 3/26/13 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Dick Stone, "Former KSU Basketball Player Dies in Florida," 3/26/13 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Yunjeong Kim, Kyeong-Ok Chang, chemistry, Duy Hua, “*Researchers Developing Antiviral Drug To Combat Contagious Norovirus,” 3/25/13 Bio-Medicine, Manhattan Mercury

Human nutrition, Richard Rosenkranz, kinesiology, Craig Harms, “*Know Thy Enemy: Sitting,” 3/21/13 Livestrong.com

Accounting, Joseph Ugrin, “*March Might Bring Madness To Local Worker Productivity,” 3/18/13 The Ottawa Herald

Chemistry, Duy Hua, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Yunjeong Kim, “*K-State Researchers Working To Combat Norovirus,” 3/25/13 WIBW, Health Canal, Phys.org, e! Science News, BioPortfolio, News-Medical Net, Bio-Medicine

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Douglas Powell, “[W/VIDEO] Food Science Professor: Porn Industry "More Responsible" Than Food Industry,” 3/26/13 OC Weekly

Plant pathology, John Leslie, “*Fulbright Experience Fulfilling For University Distinguished Professor,” 3/26/13 The Hype Weekly

Kansas State University, “*The Top Cyberloafing Activities Of A Distracted Office Worker,” 3/25/13 The New York Daily News

Agronomy, Mary Beth Kirkham, “Elevated Carbon Dioxide In Atmosphere Trims Wheat, Sorghum Moisture Needs,” 3/25/13 Science Daily

Kansas State University, “Poultry Scientists Get Green Cards, MBAs Get The Boot,” 3/25/13 The Huffington Post

Kansas State University, “Universities To Develop Process Expo’s Education Sessions,” 3/25/13 Baking Business

Kansas State University, “KU Picks Med Center Administrator To Lead Edwards Campus,” 3/25/13 Lawrence Journal World

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, “Porn Industry 'More Responsible' Than Food Industry,” 3/25/13 Food Production Daily

KSU Foundation, Rand Berney, "Former Conoco-Phillips Exec Named To K-State Position," 3/25/13 Manhattan Mercury

Animal sciences and industry, Karol Fike, students, Chase Miller, Kiah Gourley, Analena Simmons, Angela Vesco,“K-State Animal Science Students Heading To National Competition Named Midwest Regional Animal Science Academic Quadrathlon Champions,” 3/25/13 Rural Messenger

Kansas State University, “Upcoming Events,” 3/24/13 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, "Charges Considered In Atchison Grain Elevator Blast," 3/23/13 The Kansas City Star

Arts & Sciences, Joe Aistrup, “Joe Aistrup: Session Raising Bar For Bad Bills,”3/23/13 Wichita Eagle, Ottawa Herald, Hutchinson News

Veterinary medicine, Ralph Richardson, “Letter: K-State Veterinary School Needs More Locals,” 3/23/13 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “M. Duane Nellis Officially Named Texas Tech President,”3/23/13 Amarillo Globe-News, Lubbuck Avalanche-Journal

Plant pathology, John Leslie, “K-State Professor Experiences Fulbright Exchange,” 3/22/13 Manhattan Mercury

International programs, Yasir Ansari, “Inaugural Event Hopes To Unite Campus,” 3/22/13 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "The Top Cyberloafing Activities Of Distracted Office Workers," 3/22/13 U.S. News & World Report

Geography, Kendra McLauchlan, biology, Joseph Craine, "Global Nitrogen Availability Consistent For Past 500 Years Linked To Carbon Levels," 3/21/13 Science Daily

Geography Kendra McLauchlan, biology, Joseph Craine, "K-State Research Published In 'Nature' Journal," 3/21/13 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, plant pathology, John Leslie, "Kansas State University Creates Fulbright Collaboration With Australia," 3/21/13 Junction City Post

Kansas State University, “Senators Vote To Restore $5 Million In Grants For KU, K-State Programs,” 3/21/13 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Man's Best Friend - His First Stem Cell Patient, Too,” 3/21/13 Lincoln Journal Star

Kansas State University, “Kan. House OKs Budget, Senate Advances Own Plan,” 3/20/13 Houston Chronicle

Student, Feraidon Ataie, “*K-State Engineers Work On Reducing Carbon Emissions In Concrete Production With Biofuels,” 3/20/13 Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, “*Concrete Made With Biofuel Waste Is Strong, Durable, And Has A Lower Carbon Footprint,” 3/20/13 Inhabitat

Kansas State University, “Kansas House Approves Budget, With Potential Education Cuts,” 3/20/13 KMAN

Animal sciences and industry, Brain Feris, “Thinking Outside The Flock,” 3/20/13 Farm Talk

Physics, Christopher Sorenson, “K-State Physicist From South America,” 3/20/13 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Students To Showcase Kansas Research At Forum,” 3/20/13 Manhattan Mercury

Civil engineering, Kyle Riding, “*K-State engineers work on reducing carbon emissions in concrete production with biofuels,” 3/20/13 Wichita Eagle

Communications and marketing, Jeff Morris, “*Higher Education Cuts Loom Amid Kansas Tax Changes,” 3/20/13 Kansas City Star, The Olathe News

NBAF, “Request For Information (RFI) Regarding The Planned Biotechnology Development Module (BDM) As Part Of The National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) And Notice Of Public Workshop; Correction,” 3/20/13 Office of the Federal Register

Civil engineering, Kyle Riding, student, Feraidon Ataie, “*Concrete With Lower-Carbon Footprint Created From Biofuel Waste,” 3/19/13 Clean Technica

Research, Ron Trewyn, “Legislature Looks At Cuts To Higher Ed,” 3/19/13 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Editorial: March Might Bring Madness To Local Worker Productivity," 3/19/13 Ottawa Herald

Civil Engineering, Kyle Riding, student, Feraidon Ataie, "Researchers Building Stronger, Greener Concrete With Biofuel Byproducts," 3/19/13 Biofuel Daily

Kansas State University, "Kansas To See Major Economic Impact From Unmanned Aerial Systems Industry," 3/19/13 Avionics Intelligence

Kansas State University, "K-State Salina In Running To Be FAA Drone Test Site," 3/18/13 Wichita Business Journal

Animal science, Karol Fike, students, Chase Miller, Kiah Gourley, Analena Simmons, Angela Vesco, "K-State Animal Science Students Heading To National Competition," 3/18/13 Drovers Cattle Network

Anthropology, Michael Finnegan, “Skull Found In KC Area May Be Prehistoric,” 3/18/13 BND, KY3, Fort Mill Times, Fox News, Fox 4 KC, Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Drone Aircraft Taking Off," 3/18/13 Manhattan Mercury

Alumna, Krysten Day, "The Many Personalities Of Krysten Day," 3/18/13 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Kayla Day, Zachary Jones, and Taylor Winter, "A Non-Tradition Spring Break," 3/17/13 Manhattan Mercury

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, "KSU May Be Drone Test Site," 3/17/13 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Numbers Count,” 3/16/13 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, “*Kansas Universities Brace For Cuts In Funding,” 3/16/13 Wichita Eagle, University Business

Alumnus, Jeff Martin, “It's Your Business,” 3/16/13 Topeka Capital-Journal

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, “*Kansas State Part Of Group Seeking Drone Test Site,” 3/15/13 KSN, KSHB, Fort Mill Times, Kansas First News

Grain Science & Industry, Praveen Vadlani, “*Biomass Research Collaboration Seeks To Improve Biofuel Efficiency, Bio-Products Quality,” 3/15/13 Lab Manager

Athletics, Bruce Weber, “For Kansas Coaches, Money In Every Move,” 3/15/13 Wichita Eagle

Hospitality management & dietetics, Jeannie Sneed, family studies and human services, Terri McCants, human ecology, Virginia Moxley, "Northern Ireland College Explores Exchange Opportunities," 3/15/13 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Celtic Sounds: An Irish Twist On The Three Tenors," 3/14/13 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Fire May Be Made Capital," 3/14/13 Manhattan Mercury

Civil Engineering, Feraidon Ataie, Kyle Riding, “*Building stronger, greener concrete with biofuel byproducts,” 3/14/13 R & D Magazine, Phys.org, Nanowerk LLC, e! Science News, Science Newsline, BioPortfolio, RedOrbit, Azom.com, Science Blog

President Kirk Schulz, aviation, Kurt Barnhart, Mark Blanks, technology & aviation, Verna Fitzsimmons,“*University Poised To Boost Kansas Economy With Remotely Piloted Aircraft Industry,” 3/14/13 States News Service

Kansas State University, “*KU braces for cuts to research funding,” 3/14/13 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “Census rejects city's appeal of 2010 population totals; new Census numbers for Douglas County show growth slowed in 2012,” 3/14/13 Lawrence Journal-World

Arts & Sciences, Joseph Aistrup, “State's income tax has long history,” 3/14/13 Hutchinson News

Arts & Sciences, Joseph Aistrup, “Oil, ag behind boost in population,” 3/14/13 Hays Daily News

Military Science, Robert Dixon, “K-State ROTC Seniors Gaining New Perspective From Fort Riley,” 3/14/13 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, “Women's Contributions To Military Provide Role Models For Generations,” 3/14/13 1st Infantry Division Post

Animal Sciences & Industry, Keith Bolsen, “College Students Participate in 8th Annual Western Regional Dairy Challenge,” 3/14/13 Ag Web

Kansas State University, “Visitors Bureau Touts Exploration With Manhattan QR Tours,” 3/14/13 1st Infantry Division Post

Grain science and industry, Praveen Vadlani, “*Biomass Research Collaboration Seeks To Improve Biofuel Efficiency, Bio-Products Quality,” 3/13/13 Phys.Org, Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, engineering, John English, education, Debbie Mercer, “2 KSU Grad Programs Rank Nationally,” 3/13/13 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, aviation, Kurt Barnhart, Marc Blanks, Verna Fitzsimmons, “*University Poised To Boost Kansas Economy With Remotely Piloted Aircraft Industry,” 3/13/13 Avionics Intelligence, Manhattan Mercury, KSAL

Kansas State University, “Some Of Most Important Historic Writings In KC," 3/13/13 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, San Antonio Express-News, Austin American-Statesman, The Houston Chronicle, The Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, “Jacobsen Donates Greens Mowers To 13 U.S. Universities,” 3/13/13 Golf Course Industry

Kansas State University, “Kansas City Hosts Prints of Magna Carta, Federalist Papers,” 3/13/13 Topeka Capital-Journal

Animal sciences and industry, “K-State’s Bormann HONORED FOR TEACHING EXCELLENCE,” 3/13/13 Drover's Cattle Network

Kansas State University, “Woodwind Show At Library Sunday Canceled,” 3/13/13 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “Manhattan Arson Suspects Arraigned, Alleged Accomplice Revealed,” 3/13/13 WIBW, Manhattan Mercury

Chemical engineering, Mary Reezac, “The Science of Energy,” 3/12/13 KCUR

Sociology anthropology & social work, Mike Wesch, “How to Get -- and Keep -- a Culture of Innovation,” 3/12/13 The Huffington Post

Research, Ron Trewyn, “Work Progresses On NBAF Research Facility In Manhattan,” 3/11/13 Salina.com

Kansas State University, Documents Of Democracy Pay A Visit To Kansas City,” 3/13/13 The Kansas City Star

Foundation, Amy Cole, “Donors Go 'Mad' For Nonprofits,” 3/13/13 Salina Journal

Research, Ron Trewyn, “A National Priority,” 3/12/13 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, “McCarthy Joint Venture Receives $80 Million DHS Contract,” 3/12/13 St. Louis Business Journal

Sociology anthropology & social work, Michael Wesch, “How To Get—And Keep—A Culture Of Innovation,” 3/12/13 Huffington Post

Clinical sciences, Mike Apley, “Kansas Governor Declares March 12-19 Kansas Agriculture Week,” 3/12/13 Salina Journal

Students, Levertis Horne, Chase Cargile, Austin Miller, “Details Emerge In Manhattan Home Invasion,” 3/12/13 WIBW

Student, Kevin Decock, “*K-State Student Arrested; Police Issue Search Warrant For Haymaker Hall,” 3/12/13 Topeka Capital-Journal, WIBW

President Kirk Schulz, engineering, John English, "K-State Engineering Dean Is Arkansas-Bound," 3/12/13 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, athletics, Bill Snyder, Bruce Weber, “Big 12 Hoops Title Part of Big Year For K-State,” 3/12/13 KCTV 5 and Fox 11 Green Bay, Wis., San Antonio Express-News, Austin American-Statesman

Kansas State University, “Attorney: Unclassifying Employees Could Cost State,” 3/11/13 Topeka Capital Journal

Special education counseling, Christy Craft, student, Abby Tennant, “*Intrusive Advising Boosts Student Persistence And Class Performance,” 3/11/13 McPherson Sentinel

Kansas State University, “Work Progresses On NBAF Research Facility In Manhattan,” 3/11/13 Salina Journal, Salina.com

Agriculture, John Floros, “K-State Agriculture Dean: Research, Outreach Play Role in Kansas Agriculture,” 3/11/13 Pittsburg Morning Sun

Engineering, John English, “*John English Named Ua Engineering Dean,” 3/11/13 Arkansas Business Journal

Kansas State University, “Editorial: Thanks, Pete,” 3/11/13 Emporia Gazette

Students, Lindy Singular, Cassie Sims, Joanna Wright, Caysi Gatts, “Newly Crowned Miss Rodeo K-State Promotes Sport, University,” 3/11/13 Emporia Gazette

Agronomy, Mike Stamm, “Canola College Scheduled For March 28 In Enid, Okla.,” 3/11/13 Pittsburg Morning Sun

Kansas State University, “Police Make 115 Arrests During Annual Manhattan Celebration,” 3/11/13 WIBW

Kansas State University, “Police Say Number Of Arrests, Incidents Comparable To Last Year,” 3/10/13 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “A Cold, Wet One: Fake Patty’s Day 2013,” 3/12/13 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Bruce Weber, “Bruce Weber Thriving Far From Illinois,” 3/11/13 Chicago Tribune

Student life, Pat Bosco, “*Regents Schools Battle With Tuition Increases, Enrollment Numbers,” 3/10/13 Topeka Capital Journal

Veterinary medicine, Ralph Richardson, “Dean Of K-State Veterinary School Discusses Enrollment Numbers,” 3/10/13 Topeka Capital Journal

Athletics, Bruce Weber, John Currie, Bill Snyder, “Forget About Sharing Titles: K-State's Sports Year Is The Envy Of The Big 12,” 3/10/13 Chicago Tribune via Kansas City Star

Student, Danielle Brown, “Social Work,” 3/10/13 Salina Journal

Biology, Robert Robel, “Kansas Wildlife Foundation Presents Forest Conservationist Award,” 3/10/13 High Plains Journal

Kansas State University, “Editorial: Hoops Frenzy Has Been Great,” 3/10/13 Topeka Capital Journal

Kansas State University, “Privacy, Social Media Focus of Lecture,” 3/10/13 Salina Journal

Student, Emily Eggert, “Fake Patty's Day In Manhattan Reaches Record Number Of Arrests,” 3/9/13 WIBW

Agronomy, Loan Thanh Le, Charles Rice, Vara Prasad, “Researcher Focuses On Biofuel Feedstock Production Emissions,” 3/9/13 High Plains Journal

Athletics, John Currie, “Simons’ Saturday Column: College Academic, Athletic Salaries Are Out Of Whack,” 3/9/13 Lawrence Journal-World

Animal sciences and industry, Jim Drouillard, “*K-State Prof Claims To Have Developed Omega-3 Hamburger,” 3/9/13 Lincoln Journal Star

Human nutrition, Richard Rosencranz, “*Study Links Long-term Sitting to Chronic Disease,” 3/8/13 Voice of America

Students, Teague Harris, Elizabeth Forsyth,"Students Produce Kansas State's Legacy Sale In New Stout Center," 3/8/13 Drover's Cattle Network

Students, Patrick Scahill, Amanda Griese, "Two Kansans Accused Of Arson In Fire That Killed K-State Researcher," 3/7/13 Kansas City Star

President Kirk Schulz, hale library, "University Bids 'Hail To The Chief'," 3/7/13 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, "Event To Honor Women's Innovations," 3/7/13 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University,  "Not Every Parent Chases College Prestige," 3/7/13 New York Times

Graduate student, Abby Tennant, "Universities Are Successful With Early Advising, Kansas State Study Shows," 3/7/13 The Wichita Eagle 

Kansas State University, "Top Markets To Offer Omega-3 Beef," 3/7/13 Lockport Journal

Researcher, Abby Tennant, “*Universities Are Successful With Early Advising, Kansas State Study Shows,” 3/7/13 The Wichita Eagle, Phys.org

National Bio and Agro Defense Facility, "Letter: Kansas Leaders Have Sold Out," 3/6/13 CJOnline.com

Family studies and human services, Debra Burnett, Melanie Hilgers, Robert Garcia, “*Treatment Options For Auditory Processing Disorder Expanded,” 3/6/13 Garden City Telegram

Kansas State University, “K-State Interior Design Team Wins National Competition,” 3/6/13 WIBW

Chemical engineering, Vasanta Pallem, student, Patrick Scahill, Virginia Griese, “U.S. Attorney To Announce Criminal Charges In Manhattan,” 3/6/13 WIBW

Kansas State University, “Drone Bans In States Attempt To Balance Economic Opportunities And Civil Liberties,” 3/6/13 The Huffington Post

Kansas State University, "K-State Stem Workshop," 3/6/13 Manhattan Mercury

Human Nutrition, Richard Rosenkranz, “*You could be suffering from 'sitting disease',” 3/6/13 The Times of India

Graduate Masters, Abby Tennant, “*Intrusive Advising Boosts Student Persistence, Class Performance,” 3/5/13 Science Daily

Student, Alex Kieffaber, “K-State Students Take Stand Against Human Trafficking,” 3/5/13 WIBW

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, “Federal Government Releases Money For Animal Disease Lab,” 3/5/13 89.3 FM

Agronomy, Allan Fritz, Daryl Strouts, “Crops Briefs: K-State's Everest is new No. 1 wheat variety in Kansas,” 3/5/13 Midwest Producer

Kansas State University, “Baldwin High School has record four students selected for state honor band,” 3/5/13 Baldwin City Signal

NBAF, “Federal Government Releases Money For Animal Disease Lab,” 3/5/13 KCUR

NBAF, “How should new agro-defense facility in Kansas collaborate with biologics industry?,” 3/5/13 GSN magazine

Entomology, Jeff Whitworth, “Extension Entomologist To Lead Meetings,” 3/5/13 Salina Journal

Human Nutrition, Richard Rosenkranz, “*Get up out of that chair and start moving to stay healthy,” 3/4/13 (Dublin) Irish Independent

Kansas State University, “*Workplace Web surfers beware,” 3/4/13 The (Utica, N.Y.) Observer-Dispatch, McPherson Sentinel 

Agronomy, Jim Shroyer, “Drought-Stricken Plains Farmers 'Giddy' Over Heavy Snow,” 3/4/13 NPR

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, “The CKOM Afternoon News,” 3/4/13 News Talk 650 (Saskatchewan)

Kansas State University, “HWANG V. KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY,” 3/4/13 Leagle

Student, William Reed, “Man Arrested For Recording Roommate In Bathroom,” 3/4/13 WIBW

Student, Desiree Harpel, “NSF Helps Obtain Higher Degrees,” 3/4/13 Manhattan Mercury

Architecture, Gary Coates, architecture planning & design, Wendy Ornelas, “Coates, Ornelas Earn Distinguished Professor Award,” 3/4/13 Manhattan Mercury

KSU Police, Ronnie Grice, “Friends Honor Retiring Fire Chief,” 3/3/13 Manhattan Mercury

Sociology Anthropology & Social Work, Laszlo Kulcsar, “Kansas Population Decline Remains A Challenge,” 3/4/13 Salina Journal

Kansas Industrial Extension Service, Bruce Snead, 3/3/13 Kansas City Star

Horticulture forestry & recreation, Alan Stevens, “Homeowners, Gardeners Welcome At Gathering,” 3/3/13 Hutchinson News

Geography, John A Harrington, “*Extreme Weather Makeover: Has Abnormal Become The New Normal?,” 3/2/13 Kansas City Star, The Olathe News

Students, Max Clark, Kaylee Brown, “Lesbian Comedian To Visit KSU-Salina,” 3/2/13 Salina Journal

Animal sciences and industry, David Nichols, Dan Moser, Ryan Breiner, Ken Odde, “Stanley Stout Center Opens At Kansas State,” 3/2/13 Drover's Cattle Network

Kansas State University, “Texas Tech University Announces Sole Finalist For Presidency,” 3/2/13 Amarillo Globe-News, KCBD-TV

Alumnus, Richard B. Myers, “Kansas State Graduate General Richard B. Myers Speaks At Military Formal,” 3/2/13 WIBW

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Doug Powell, “U.S. officials: No horse meat in our beef,” 3/1/13 USA Today

Kansas State University, “Ideas For Biotechnology Development Center Sought,” 3/1/13 HS Today

Human Nutrition, Richard Rosenkranz, “*Get Moving,” 3/1/13 Newton Kansan

Kansas State University, “Picking The Right Flowers For Kansas,” 3/1/13 Topeka Capital Journal

Agronomy, Aavudai Swamy, “Symposium: Climate Change Putting Stress On Kansas Water Resources,” 3/1/13 Lawrence Journal-World

Kansas State University, “Mimes To Perform At McCain,” 3/1/113 Manhattan Mercury

Student Life, Pat Bosco, “K-State Touts High Retention,” 3/1/13 Manhattan Mercury

Student Union, Bill Smriga, “Union Closes Book On Varney’s Deal,” 3/1/13 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Appearance By Tuskegee Airman Postponed," 3/1/13 Salina Journal