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June 2013

*Advance In Battle Against Wheat Pest
6/27/13 BBC News
In the latest research, two international groups of scientists, led by Dr Cyrille Saintenac of Kansas State University, US, and Dr Sambasivam Periyannan of CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra, Australia, investigated two previously identified genes associated with stem rust resistance. Also in: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Wichita Eagle
Science Codex, Phys.Org, WIBW, Science Daily, The Scientist, Voice of America.
*Can fireworks explode in space?
6/28/13 The Weather Channel
The answer, In short, is yes — but they wouldn't be very pretty, Stefan Bossmann, a chemist and rocket enthusiast at Kansas State University, told Popular Science. “There may be some color in the initial explosion, but it wouldn’t be half as spectacular as what you see on the Fourth of July.”
Iraq's Baby Noor: Donors, soldier step up so a 'miracle' is not unfinished
6/27/13 CNN
When he retired in 2011, he walked the Appalachian Trail to clear his head and began a tough Ph.D. program in security studies at Kansas State University.
Gov. Brownback names 3 new Kansas regents
6/27/13 San Antonio Express-News
Brownback introduced Helen Van Etten, a key figure in the Kansas Republican Party, Ann Murguia and attorney Shane Bangerter during a news conference at Kansas State University. Also in: Houston Chronicle, UC Davis, Lawrence Journal World, WIBW, Wichita Eagle, Kansas First News, KAKE, Topeka Capital-Journal, San Diego Union-Tribune, Kansas City Star
*Kansas State's College of Human Ecology Opening Research Hub
6/27/13 Lab Manager
An empty building is getting a new lease on life as a research hub for Kansas State University's College of Human Ecology.
*College leaders retire in a money class by themselves
6/28/13 Kansas City Star
Before Kansas State University President Jon Wefald retired in 2009, he was being paid $315,962 a year, which included a base salary of $255,298 in state funds and $60,664 from private sources. When he stepped down after 23 years at the helm, the Kansas Board of Regents agreed he would continue to receive his annual base salary of $255,298 for the following two years.
*What Makes A Video Go Viral? More Than Just Good Content
6/27/13 Science Daily
If you want your homegrown video to go viral, you'd better have more than just good content. Find someone to endorse it, the more well known the better, according to research at Kansas State University.
*Showing Patriotism on July Fourth Can be Psychologically Rewarding
6/27/13 Kansas City InfoZine
This Independence Day, it's not bad to feel good about being an American, a Kansas State University researcher said.
BestColleges.com ranks SEMO high on list
6/28/13 Daily Journal
Missouri University of Science and Technology is the only other Missouri institution on the BestColleges.com list. Other universities on the list include Kansas State University, Arkansas State University, University of Mississippi, University of Northern Iowa and Loyola University.
Compliments help improve body image
6/27/13 News Fix (Canada)
If you look around you, all the images of women seem to promote the perfect body. It’s easy to feel inadequate and researchers at Kansas State University say that feelings of anxiety and depression about your body start to appear in early adult life, even earlier. As you get older, you may start to feel more confident – but there are still fewer positive images of older women.
College of Liberal Arts selects Kansas State’s Aistrup as its new dean
6/28/13 Auburn Plainsman
Joseph Aistrup, currently the associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Kansas State University, will begin his tenure as dean on Sept. 1.
Nevada College to Establish Drone Degree Programs
6/27/13 University Herald
Nevada Colleges are not the first higher education institutions planning to set up Drone programs. Similar courses have already been introduced in other states including Kansas State University and the University of North Dakota. The programs are also in consideration at schools in Alaska, Florida, and Arizona.
Meat judging contest comes to Wagga
6/28/13 Southern Cross
The program will welcome for the first time, groups from South Korea, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Kansas State University from the USA to join long term participants, a national team from Japan.
Rallies in Emporia, Manhattan protest student loan hike
6/28/13 Topeka Capital Journal
Groups planned to collect signatures Thursday at Kansas State University and Emporia State University against the hike. The petition, organized through MoveOn.org, was written by U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and asks Congress to do more to help students by actually lowering the rates.
K-State professor gets probation for lewd behavior
6/28/13 WIBW
A Kansas State University professor will serve three years probation for fondling a woman more than six years ago.
Governor To Name New Kansas Regents
6/27/13 News Channel 10
Gov. Sam Brownback is traveling to Kansas State University to announce his appointees for three upcoming vacancies on the nine-member Board of Regents.
*Researcher Says Showing Patriotism On July Fourth Can Be Psychologically Rewarding
6/26/13 Health Canal
This Independence Day, it's not bad to feel good about being an American, a Kansas State University researcher said.
*Pros And Cons Of Owning A Dog
6/26/13 Digital Journal (London)
According to a May 16th news release from Kansas University, it has been found that many viruses and parasites which affect both dogs and humans, such as rabies and leptospirosis – a bacteria-borne illness than can result in liver or kidney failure – may be lurking at dog parks. The release advised owners to have their dogs fully vaccinated before visiting a dog park, as well as protecting the animal from fleas and ticks.
*Moran To Attend Aircraft Demonstration
6/27/13 Wichita Eagle
Kansas State University is hosting the event Tuesday in Lindsborg, where U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran will be on hand to discuss economic growth potential of unmanned aircraft systems in the state.
*Dodge City Native, Marine Corps Veteran Serves As Student Speaker At College Of Business Administration Commencement
6/26/13 Dodge City Globe
During his speech, Ryan Ackerman, the May 2013 student speaker at commencement for Kansas State University's College of Business Administration, urged his fellow students to take responsibility for their success and to work hard.
*Certain Ticks Present Deadly Bobcat Fever Danger To Cats
6/26/13 The Examiner
“Most people have probably seen a lone star tick even if they’re not familiar with them by name,” said Susan Nelson, a veterinarian and clinical associate professor at Kansas State University’s Veterinary Health Center. “They’re the ones that have a bright white spot on their back.”
*Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Test Is Offered
6/26/13 AgriNews
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, or PEDV, has been confirmed in the U.S., and the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Kansas State University is accepting samples for diagnostic testing.
*Kansas State University Dean's List
6/26/13 BCRNews
Tyler Rumbold of Wyanet received semester honors from Kansas State University for the spring 2013 semester. To be eligible, students must earn a grade point average of 3.75 or above on at least 12 credit hours. The honors also are recorded on their permanent academic records.
Where Are The Moths?
6/26/13 Hays Post
“It’s hard to pin down one cause,” says J.P. Michaud the Associate Professor of Entomology at Kansas State University. The moths experience many different mortality factors at every stage of their life cycle from egg to winged adult. Up in the cool mountains, the adults are a major food source for grizzly bears. Disease in the soil can also be a factor for larvae and weather patterns can affect where moths arrive to lay their eggs. Because of their complex life cycle and migratory habits, the low numbers could be due to many factors.
Op Ed: College Costs At Crisis Levels
6/26/12 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin
Tuition increasing faster than inflation at public universities is nothing new. It’s been going on for more than a decade. Every year I was at Kansas State University, starting in 2002, tuition rose. The College Board has found that at four-year public colleges in the Midwest, one year’s tuition, fees, room, and board have increased nearly $5,000 — adjusted for inflation — in the past decade. Woe to students in the western states, where costs have increased $7,000. -- Adam Stewart
Panel Gets Up Close With Drones
6/26/13 East Oregonian
Brungardt, a former instructor pilot for the U.S. Air Force and founder of the country’s first academic program in drone technology at Kansas State University, described the aircraft as automated to the point that they can even take off and land on their own.
Young Photographer Displays Work At Hospital
6/27/13 Clay Center Dispatch
Logan Hays, a sophomore at Kansas State University studying communication studies, has lived in Clay Center for most of his life. Photos he has displayed at the hospital include those of flowers, sunsets and people.
Reduced Natural Gas Prices Stimulate U.S. Fertilizer Production
6/26/13 Midwest Producer
Kansas State University agronomy professor Dave Mengel said one recent development is refurbishing and re-opening some existing U.S. fertilizer plants. In addition, planning for construction of a couple of new U.S. fertilizer plans is underway.
Check Out This Week's Doc Talk
6/26/13 Bovine Online
This week on the DocTalk program, Kansas State University veterinarian Dan Thomson, DVM, MS, PhD, discusses pinkeye with his K-State colleague Matt Miesner DVM, MS, DACVIM.
Combustible Dust: Private Ownership Growing For Elevators, Feed Mills
6/26/13 Midwest Producer
An average of 10.6 agricultural grain dust explosions are reported every year in the United States, and according to statistics compiled by Robert W. Schoeff for the Department of Grain Science at Kansas State University (KSU), they result in 1.6 deaths, 12.6 injuries and millions of dollars in damages.
Pilot Killed In Crash Was A Former Ksu-Salina Instructor
6/27/13 Salina Journal
A 26-year-old Great Bend man killed Tuesday in the crash of an ultralight plane in Barton County was a former flight instructor at Kansas State University at Salina.

Talk To Focus On Ethnic Labor Along Rail Line
6/27/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
“Ethnic Labor and Small Towns on the Rock Island Rail Line,” a presentation and discussion by M.J. Morgan, director of research at the Chapman Center for Rural Studies as Kansas State University in Manhattan, will be at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Dickinson County Heritage Center, 412 S. Campbell St. in Abilene, according to a news release.
Plum Island Cleared For Sale, But NY Town's Zoning Could Limit Use
6/26/13 Hartford Courant
The report recommended that the island should be sold to help pay for a new, replacement facility planned for Kansas State University.
Feds push ahead with Plum Island sale
6/25/13 The Wall Street Journal
Congress voted in 2009 to close the aging lab on Plum Island and move operations to Kansas State University.
*Vets Warn Cat Owners About Deadly Tick Disease
6/26/13 NBC News via WSMV-TV
Experts at Kansas State University are warning pet owners to watch out for ticks carrying a disease that could kill cats.
Small Unmanned Aircraft Offer Great Pasture Management Potential
6/26/13 Beef magazine
While Kevin Price will let you decide the worth of his pictures, the Kansas State University (KSU) professor is pretty sure you’ll like what you can learn from a buzzard’s-eye view of your pastures.
*5 Best Things About Twinkies Comeback
6/25/13 New Jersey News Room
Speaking of health, Mark Haub, a nutritionist, of all things, from Kansas State University, used the sugary sponge cake as the basis of a diet.
Veterinarian Dispels Antibiotic Use Myths During NCBA's Beef 101 Series
6/25/13 KTIC
Yesterday - the National Cattlemen's Beef Association provided an overview of antibiotics used in food-producing animals as part of its Beef 101 series to more than 70 Congressional staff members. Dr. Mike Apley - Kansas State University Clinical Pharmacologist - gave a presentation to the attendees.
Rosine to co-direct summer production
6/26/13 Beatrice Daily Sun
Dr. Amy Rosine, from the Kansas State Music Department, will be co-directing this summer’s M-ACT production of “Into the Woods,” alongside Carla Wolfe.
Survey shows more resistance to drug therapies among BRD cases
6/25/13 Drover's Cattle Network
A survey of records of bovine respiratory disease cases at the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory showed that drug resistance in one of the primary pathogens that cause BRD, Mannheimia haemolytica, increased over a three-year period.
*National Program Will Support First-Generation Students At K-State
6/25/13 Little Apple Post
Through a competitive selection process Kansas State University has emerged as one of the next program sites for First Scholars.  It is a national program aimed at increasing graduation rates among first generation students.
MU Helps Create Virtual Entomology Museum
6/25/13 Sullivan Independent News
Simpson is working on the project with representatives from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Kansas State University, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, South Dakota State University, University of Wisconsin, Ohio State University, Carnegie Institute, Purdue University, Iowa State University and North Dakota State University.
Deadly Piglet Virus Spreads To Nearly 200 U.S. Farm Sites
6/25/13 Chicago Tribune
The data was compiled and released last week by Iowa State University, University of Minnesota, Kansas State University and South Dakota State University.
*Tick-Caused Bobcat Fever Can Be Deadly To Domestic Cats
6/24/13 Science Daily
Kansas State University veterinarians are warning pet owners to watch out for ticks carrying a disease that could kill cats.
*Bison May Shrink As Planet Warms, Study Says
6/24/13 NBC News
Interested in how regional climate affects bison size, biologist Joseph Craine of Kansas State University collected body mass data for more than 250,000 bison across the country. He found that herds from hot, dry regions tend to weigh less than those from cooler, wetter regions. The average South Dakota adult male bison, for example, weighed roughly 1,900 pounds (860 kilograms), whereas the average Oklahoma adult bison — subject to hotter conditions — weighed closer to 1,300 pounds (590 kg), Craine reported last week in the journal PLOS ONE.
*KSU Professor Warns of Bobcat Fever's Danger To Cats
6/24/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
Kansas State University veterinarians are warning pet owners to watch out for ticks carrying a disease that could kill cats.
*Small Problem: Bison Shrinks As Planet Warms
6/24/13 Yahoo! News
Bison roaming the U.S. prairie may grow smaller as a result of climate change, a new study suggests.
Getting The Word Out About Obamacare
6/25/13 Kansas Health Institute
“I think that there's a lot of misunderstanding about what the Affordable Care Act is and how it works and there's so much noise from a political perspective that people can't really focus on what it is they need to know” about it, said Roberta Riportella, a professor of community health at the Kansas State University Extension. “What we're going to try to do is cut through that noise.”
KBC Pasture-To-Plate Tour Exposes Chefs To Beef Production
6/24/13 Drover's Cattle Network
The chefs also heard a presentation from Kansas State University veterinarian Dan Thomson, who talked about animal rights versus animal welfare, the importance of beef technology to feed a growing world population and the safety of antibiotics and growth promotants.
Talk To Focus On Ethnic Labor Along Rail Line
6/24/13 Topeka Capital Journal
“Ethnic Labor and Small Towns on the Rock Island Rail Line,” a presentation and discussion by M.J. Morgan, director of research at the Chapman Center for Rural Studies as Kansas State University in Manhattan, will be at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Dickinson County Heritage Center, 412 S. Campbell St. in Abilene, according to a news release.
NCBA Educates Capitol Hill On Antibiotic Use In Livestock
6/25/13 Drover's Cattle Network
“Beef 101” is an educational program for members of Congress and their staff, developed to continually educate those on Capitol Hill on issues important to the beef industry. Today’s session featured a presentation by Dr. Mike Apley, DVM, PhD, a clinical pharmacologist with Kansas State University, who discussed with attendees the judicious use of antibiotics in the beef industry as one of the critical tools to prevent the spread of disease and maintain a healthy herd.
Developers To Present Proposals For West-Bank Site In Downtown Wichita
6/24/13 Wichita Business Journal
Additionally, I wrote last week about Kansas State University architecture students’ concepts on how they envision other key sites could be developed downtown as they expanded on concepts contained in the Project Downtown master plan.

Students Of Kansas Universities Brace For More Bad News
6/25/13 Topeka Capital Journal
“We’re already going to have a 7 percent tuition hike,” said Eli Schooley, president of the student senate at Kansas State University. “It would really compound the already dire nature of the student financial situation.”
Breaking Down The Private Funds That Pay The KU Chancellor's Salary
6/25/13 Lawrence Journal-World
First, some history. KU chancellors' salaries consisted entirely of state funds until 10 years ago, in 2003, when Chancellor Robert Hemenway began to receive an additional $50,000 per year thanks to a $1 million donation from a KU graduate. That donor, Charley Oswald, of Edina, Minn., also donated $1 million each to Kansas State and Wichita State universities.
Letter: Kansas Delegation Should Avoid Xenophobia
6/25/13 Topeka Capital Journal
I immigrated to Ulysses at age 15 in 2001. I am a Kansas State University alum and have built a career as a visual artist. My art is forever woven into the identity of communities across Kansas. I’m now eligible for citizenship. I’m not alone. The 2010 census shows the racial makeup of southwest Kansas is slightly more than 50 percent Latino origin. One of every eight Kansans is Latino or Asian.

Suspect In Manhattan Apt. Murder Waives Hearing
6-24-13 WIBW
Alexya Mailea, 23, a Kansas State University student, was also transported to Via Christi with gunshot wounds.
K-State's Drone Program
6-20-13 KCPT "The Local Show"
We sent KCPT Special Correspondent Sam Zeff to Kansas State University, one of the leading drone research institutions in the country, to investigate. K-State is one of the first two Universities in the U.S. to offer a Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Architecture students’ vision for downtown inspirational
6/21/13 Wichita Business Journal
If you want to see some interesting and inspirational concepts for how to develop seven key sites downtown, check out the visions presented by 17 students in the Master’s of Landscape Architecture program at Kansas State University.
Study: Selamectin >90% effective against fleas 30 days after treatment
6/21/13 DVM 360
The topical medication selamectin (Revolution, Zoetis Inc.) remained more than 90 percent effective against fleas at day 30 after treatment, according to a new study published in the online journal Parasites and Vectors. The study was conducted at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine and sponsored by Zoetis, formerly the animal health business unit of Pfizer Inc.
Michael Wesch and the KSU students do some good anthropology
June 19, 2013 Anthropology in Public
I am always impressed with the kind of anthropology that Michael Wesch and his students are doing. Check this out and tell me it’s not a great idea. This is the kind of anthropology that I want to see more of.
*KSU researcher gets $113K to study mosquitoes
6/21/13 Dodge City Globe
A Kansas State University researcher is getting $113,000 over two years to help fight malaria. 
Helping Hands shows off facility at open house
6/22/13 Topeka Capital Journal
Some more work remains to be completed, including an educational and training area, as well as a veterinary clinic that is to open in August and serve as a training site for students from Kansas State University.
Kansas net farm income dipped in 2012 but crop insurance, prices provided support
6/22/13 High Plains Journal
“The average net farm income number at $151,127 was higher than what you’d think, given the drought,” said Gregg Ibendahl, associate professor of agricultural economics at Kansas State University. “Thanks to crop insurance, we stayed above the five year average of about $141,000. Across the state, although we had dry conditions, overall net farm income wasn’t bad.”
6/22/13 Topeka Capital Journal
Kansas State University’s quarter-scale tractor design teams recently won the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers’ 16th annual International Quarter-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition in Peoria, Ill. It was K-State’s ninth international championship and marked the 15th time in the last 16 years that KSU has won or placed in the top three at the competition. K-State’s A Team beat 28 other universities from the U.S. and Canada, while KSU’s X Team topped 11 teams.
Ready To Play
6/23/13 Salina Journal
Much of the summer workload consists of the approximately 300 instruments from the Kansas State University marching band and concert ensembles.
Valparaiso University participating in program to boost teaching skills of English instructors from Ecuador
6/23/13 Post-Tribune
“That’s one of the reasons we are partnering in the program,” which was developed by Kansas State University, said Holly Singh, director of international students and scholars in VU’s Office of International Programs. “When I proposed this to my administrators, they wanted to partner.”
Simons’ Saturday Column: Is the Kansas Board of Regents shooting high enough?
6/22/13 Lawrence Journal World
The announcement earlier this week by the Kansas Board of Regents that KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little would receive a $60,000 increase in her salary, a 14 percent jump, at a time when budgets are being cut at all state-aided schools, came as a shock to many. Presidents of the other state universities — Kansas State, Wichita, Fort Hays, Pittsburg and Emporia — also received pay increases. KSU President Kirk Shultz got a $60,000 raise, with the other leaders getting raises ranging from $15,000 to $6,000.
Check out this week's Doc Talk video
6/21/13 Bovine Veterinarian Online
This week on DocTalk, veterinarian Dan Thomson talk with Kansas State University Extension feedyard specialist Chris Reinhard, PhD, about heat stress in cattle. Reinhardt notes that cumulative factors including temperature, relative humidity, wind, direct sunlight and the number of consecutive hot days contribute to the risk of heat stress. Reinhardt offers practical advice for monitoring conditions and adjusting management decisions to prevent heat stress. The DocTalk section on BovineVetOnline also houses archives of the program. Previous episodes include discussions of preconditioning calves, parasite control, equine reproduction and low-stress livestock handling.
*K-State researcher developing one-of-a-kind research center
6/20/13 Bovine Veterinarian
Jim Riviere, DVM, MS, PhD, has big plans for the future of animal health. Since joining Kansas State University in mid-2012, Riviere has been laying the groundwork necessary for improving the animal health industry. He is the MacDonald chair of veterinary medicine, university distinguished professor of anatomy
*KSU researcher gets $113K to study mosquitoes
6/21/13 Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A Kansas State University researcher is getting $113,000 over two years to help fight malaria. Biology research associate Bart Bryant has been awarded the National Institutes of Health's National Research Service Award Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship.
*Kansas State earns $600K State Department grant
6/21/13 Austin American-Statesman
Kansas State University has been awarded a $600,000 grant from the U.S. State Department to bring international engineering students to campus.
*Study finds climate change to shrink bison, profit
6/20/13 Phys.org
As temperatures go up, bison get smaller. Joseph Craine, research assistant professor in the Division of Biology at Kansas State University, examined how climate change during the next 50 years will affect grazing animals such as bison and cattle in the Great Plains. The study, "Long-term climate sensitivity of grazer performance: a cross-site study," was recently published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE.
*King reappointed to AABI Board of Trustees
6/20/13 SUAS News
King became interested in flying while at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where he graduated as a second lieutenant in the infantry in 1969. He served as an Army aviator for more than 20 years. After retiring in 1992, he worked as a flight instructor and government contractor before joining the K-State Salina faculty in 1998.
Kansas universities’ leaders get raises
6/20/13 Kansas City Star
The largest increases of $60,000 each went to Kansas State University President Kirk Schulz and University of Kansas Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little. Regent Fred Logan of Leawood said the boosts bring their salaries closer to those of presidents at comparable universities.
Weather looks good as Kansas wheat harvest begins
6/20/13 Food Business News
The 2013 hard red winter wheat harvest made its way to top-producing Kansas Tuesday, about a week late compared to the 10-year average, said Jim Shroyer, agricultural agronomist at Kansas State University.
Teenagers Bond At National Guard Camp
6/21/13 Salina Journal
During the camp, which ends today, campers went swimming at Kenwood Cove aquatic park, participated in the challenge course at Kansas State University, listened to speakers, had cookouts and participated in other typical camp activities. They also worked on communication and teamwork, Seitz said.
City Hires Firm To Develop Plan To Clean Up Pollution At Former Air Base
6/21/13 Salina Journal
A federal judge in May approved a consent decree between the Salina Public Entities - the city, Salina Airport Authority, Salina School District and Kansas State University at Salina -and the United States of America to continue the process of cleaning up the plume at the former base and nearby areas that were polluted.
Students and Parents React After Kansas Board of Regents Approved Tuition Hikes
6/19/13 NBC News
Kansas State University, 7.0%
Student Debt: Congress Petitioned By College Leaders For 'Long-Term' Solution
6-19-13 The Huffington Post
A coalition of over 100 student body presidents, representing more than 1 million college students, will deliver a petition to lawmakers on Capitol Hill Thursday to demand that Congress find "a long-term solution" to the student loan crisis before July 1, and take immediate action to prevent interest rates on key government loans from doubling. Student body presidents signing the letter include: Eli Schooley, Kansas State University
Kansas Board of Regents approves tuition hikes
6-19-13 The Houston Chronicle
Eli Schooley, student body president at Kansas State University, said the Legislature's budget decisions show that it doesn't place a high enough priority on education.
UMKC offers help to students who need it most6/19/13 Kansas City Star
The report used 2010-11 numbers, the latest available from the federal government. Among other Missouri and Kansas universities, the average net price for low-income students was $14,857 at the University of Missouri-St. Louis; $11,864 at the University of Missouri-Columbia; $11,936 at Kansas State University; and $10,906 at the University of Kansas.
Tuition rates at Kansas universities go up again6/19/13 Kansas City Star
At Kansas State University, tuition and fees will go up 6.7 percent for full-time undergraduate students who are Kansas residents, to $4,292.70 per semester.
University Tuition Goes Up, Regents Blame Legislature
6/19/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
The regents approved the tuition requests of each university. For undergraduate, in-state students, the increase is 7.4 percent at Pittsburg State University, 4.95 percent at The University of Kansas, 7.3 percent at The University of Kansas Medical Center, 3.4 percent at Fort Hays State University, 7 percent at Kansas State University, 6.5 percent at Emporia State University and 8 percent at Wichita State University.
Airport Activity For Month Above 10-Year Average
6/19/13 Salina Journal
Tim Rogers, the Salina Airport Authority executive director, reminded the authority board that Kansas State University at Salina hosted the SAFECON collegiate flying competition in May 2012, bringing hundreds of student pilots to the airport.
*Kansas State University Students From Shawnee Earn Honors
6/19/13 Shawnee Dispatch
More than 3,350 Kansas State University students have earned semester honors for their academic performance in the spring 2013 semester, including several local students.
Research Reveals How Rice Blast Fungus Invades Plants
6/19/13 Ag Professional
The team, from the Halpin Laboratory at the University of Exeter, in collaboration with Kansas State University and the Iwate Biotechnology Research Center in Japan, found that the fungus has evolved two distinct secretion systems that facilitate its invasion into rice plants. The results of the study are published in the journal Nature Communications.
*KSU President and First Lady Recognized By Fort Riley
6/18/13 Junction City Post
Kansas State University’s president and first lady are the recipients of Fort Riley’s highest honor for private citizens.
*Patent Issued For Beneficial Animal 'Candy'
6/18/13 The Prairie Star
A U.S. patent has been granted to a Kansas State University-developed “candy” that stimulates the growth, health and reproductive functions of cattle, bulls and other livestock.
Miss Kansas says she likes breaking stereotypes
6/18/13 The Olathe News
Vail, a senior at Kansas State University, will graduate with two degrees: one in chemistry and the other in Chinese.
Rice blast research reveals details on how a fungus invades plants
6/18/13 Science Codex
The team, from the Halpin Laboratory at the University of Exeter, in collaboration with Kansas State University and the Iwate Biotechnology Research Center in Japan, found that the fungus has evolved two distinct secretion systems that facilitate its invasion into rice plants. The results of the study are published in the journal Nature Communications.
Researcher Plans To Boost U.S. Strawberry Production
6/19/13 Technology.org
Kansas State University researcher Cary Rivard has been awarded $67,000 to design a system to help boost U.S. strawberry production.
*'Steaking' a claim: K-State Olathe to host American Royal Steak Competition for second year
6/18/13 GardnerEDGE
The American Royal Association is looking for America's best-tasting steak, and Kansas State University Olathe will help.
Kan. regents to consider proposed tuition hikes
6/19/13 Austin American-Statesman
For undergraduates from Kansas, tuition would rise 7 percent at Kansas State and slightly less than 5 percent at the University of Kansas.
KU education dean flunks rating system
6/19/13 The Topeka Capital-Journal
In the NCTQ's report, KU and Kansas State University received four stars each in terms of selectivity of students admitted to the elementary education programs. Washburn University received a zero for selectivity in this realm.
Prosecutor To Appeal Probation Sentence For K-State Student In Fatal Crash
6/18/13 The Topeka Capital-Journal
A prosecutor says he will appeal the probation given to Kansas State University graduate student for a head-on crash that killed two people.
*KSU researcher receives prestigious fellowship to research on mosquitoes, malaria
6/18/13 USA Today via News Medical
A Kansas State University research associate has received a prestigious fellowship to support his research on mosquitoes and ways to prevent the spread of malaria.
*Two KSU profs honored with endowed appointments
6/17/13 India West
Kansas State University's College of Engineering recently recognized the accomplishments of electrical and computer engineering professors Anil Pahwa and Bala Natarajan with endowed appointments. 
*Ground beef in on a health kick
Food Network magazine (June)
Page 32 of the June 2013 issue of Food Network magazine has a blurb about the omega-3 ground beef developed by Kansas State University.
*Drought And Dams Troubling Endangered Fish
6/17/13 Environmental Monitor
A new study by Kansas State University has shown that a combination of factors in North America has severely impacted native fish communities, according to a release from the school.
How to grow beef demand
6/17/13 Drovers Cattle Network
Authors of the report include Dr. Ted Schroeder, professor of livestock marketing, and Dr. Glynn Tonsor, associate professor of livestock marketing, both at Kansas State University, in addition to Dr. James Mintert, assistant director of Extension for Agriculture and Natural Resources at Purdue University, who prepared the report at the request of the checkoff.
It’s a numbers game with soybean aphids
6/17/13 Ag Professional
“Yield loss occurs when populations grow very quickly,” says entomologist Brian McCornack at Kansas State University. “If you quickly accumulate aphid days over a short period of time, it causes a lot of stress to the plants. When stress occurs and for how long is very critical in determining final yield.”
Land mission
6/18/13 Salina Journal
* Associations include scientists at Texas A&M; University of Illinois; Kansas University; Kansas State University; the universities of Georgia, Minnesota and Manitoba, Canada; and the Konza Prairie.
Cool isn't working
6/1713 Drovers Cattle Network
On the other hand, a study by Kansas State University conducted in November found that mere country-of-origin information has not affected consumer demand for beef or other covered products, and in fact, many consumers are unaware labeling information exists.
Washburn Rural High planning leadership class
6/17/13 Topeka Capital Journal
“It’s very much patterned after Washburn University’s program and K-State’s program,” said Jan Hutley, who will teach the Leadership Studies class. Washburn University has a Leadership Institute, and Kansas State University has a Leadership Studies department.
World peace? Miss Kansas breaks stereotypes in a pair of combat boots
6/17/13 Fox 4 KC
A normal girl with a high-profile job and a crown that matches everything, even camo. Theresa attends Kansas State University. She plans to go to dental school and become an Army dentist.
K-State grad student sentenced for crash that killed 2
6/18/13 Kansas City Star
A Kansas State University graduate student has been sentenced to 60 days in jail plus three years' probation for head-on crash that killed two people last year.
*Workers trade chairs for standing desks, treadmills, even exercise balls
6/17/13 Omaha World-Herald
A human nutrition professor at Kansas State University recently used data from a long-term health study of Australian men to show a strong correlation between longer daily hours spent sitting and more chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. The more people sat, the greater their health risks, according to Richard Rosenkranz's study.
*How To Be A Better Boss
6/17/13 Scientific American magazine
#3 Take the weekend off. Most of us have had a moment late at night or over the weekend when something important comes to mind, and we dash off a quick e-mail to a colleague or subordinate. That's fine—as long as employees don't think you expect an immediate reply. YoungAh Park, now at Kansas State University, studied the use of technology at home and found that workers who used phones or computers for work-related stuff during off-hours had less psychological “detachment” from the office, and it left them less happy and more stressed because of it.
Kansas higher ed dealing with budget cuts
6/15/13 Wichita Eagle
Leaders at the University of Kansas, Kansas State University and Wichita State University are warning that the cuts, along with what legislators called a “salary cap,” will damage everything from farming programs to the ability to educate doctors to the ability to help Wichita’s aerospace industries create new jobs. The dean who runs K-State’s Research and Extension Service even wrote last month that the cuts would damage the state’s 4-H programs.
*Officials break ground on Kansas Department of Agriculture building
6/14/13 WIBW
The three-story, 50,000 square foot facility will be next to the Kansas State University Institute of Commercialization and the new Bio and Agro-Defense facility.
Site of Superman's hometown up for debate
6/14/13 KSAL
It shows Clark Kent watching a University of Kansas football game on TV and being quizzed as a boy about Sunflower State history. Clark is also seen wearing a Kansas City Royals shirt, and his father mentions Kansas State University in the movie. When addressing concerns about his loyalty to the military, Superman says "I'm from Kansas, what's more American than that?"
Kan. Sen. Roberts readies for 2014 US Senate race
6-16-13 The Houston Chronicle
Kansas State University political scientist Joe Aistrup said the bigger threat to Roberts would be a challenge from the far right wing of the GOP, which appears less likely than previously thought.
ERAU students enter cross-country race for women pilots
6/15/13 Daytona Beach News-Journal
Other schools competing include Jacksonville University, Liberty University, Louisiana Tech University, Kansas State University, Metropolitan State University, Middle Tennessee State University, Purdue University, Texas State Technical College, University of North Dakota and University of Oklahoma.
Modesto Junior College tractor team takes third in international competition
6/15/13 Modesto Bee
MJC finished behind champion Kansas State, which won for the ninth time in the contest's 16-year history, and the University of Kentucky, but ahead of Quebec's Université Laval and Penn State to round out the top five.
Veterans Still Pay Out-State Tuition As Bill Falters
6/16/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
At Kansas State University, five veterans are using the G.I. Bill but paying the full difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition.
Man working for third political party in Kansas
6/14/13 Kansas City Star
Strict requirements for becoming a political party mean The Moderate Party of Kansas has a “slim” chance of being recognized, especially in time for the 2014 elections, Kansas State University political science professor Joe Aistrup said.
Mosquito control is aimed at standing water
6/17/13 Hutchinson News
Ludek Zurek, associate professor of entomology at Kansas State University, agrees.
Community garden conference offered at K-State
6/16/13 Topeka Capital Journal
A Kansas Community Garden Conference, designed to answer everyday questions about gardening, provide practical tips for planning and managing a community garden, and improve community health, will be offered July 8-9 at Kansas State University.
Regional HHS director meets with Kansas health consumer advocates
6/14/13 Kansas Health Institute
Among the consumer advocates was Roberta Riportella of the Kansas State University extension service. She participated via speaker phone. Riportella has a blog about the Affordable Care Act and its implementation.
Developing A Food Safety Culture -- 'Dude, Wash Your Hands!'
6/17/13 Fresh Fruit Portal
According to Kansas State University professor of diagnostic medicine and pathobiology Doug Powell, food safety has been misrepresented and put under the label of ‘quality’ across all sectors of the industry. Speaking at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Australia-New Zealand Fresh Connections 2013 event in Sydney last week, he discussed the importance of creating a food safety culture, rather than relying on regulation and government policies to provide businesses with secure and safe produce.
Research Team From University Of Louisville Shows Common Red Grapes May Help Colon
6/13/13 KY Forward
The substance was isolated by UofL scientist Huang-ge Zhang and other colleagues from UofL, the Louisville Veterans Administration Medical Center, the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Kansas State University. The findings were published in the Nature Publishing Group’s journal Molecular Therapy.
NC State Course Becomes A Certified Audubon International Course
6/12/13 Golf Course Industry News
NC State University officials are pleased to announce its Lonnie Poole Golf Course has passed strict sustainability standards and become a certified Audubon International Signature Golf Sanctuary and member of the organization’s Signature Program. The golf course joins Kansas State University’s Colbert Hills Golf Course as the only two university properties in the world to earn this certification.
MACA Announces Young Leader Scholarship Recipients
6/12/13 Ag Professional
The MACA Board of Directors has selected 12 college students to receive the MACA Young Leader Scholarship of $2,000 to be used for their college expenses. The recipients by state/university include: Kansas — Paige Druffel attends Kansas State University pursuing a degree in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. Her summer internship is with Monsanto.
Caring Is Vet’s Greatest Strength
6/12/13 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin
That’s Moses communion with large animals. He understands that world because he was a part of it. One of the reasons the recent Kansas State University graduate appealed to Spur Ridge owner Brendan Kraus is his love for dogs and cats, too.
CPA Announces His Candidacy For Kansas Insurance Commissioner
6/12/13 Hays Post
Selzer is a fourth-generation Kansan, growing up on a family farm on the Chisholm Trail near Goessel, Kansas. He graduated with honors from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and later obtained a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Ken and his wife of 32 years, Deb, actively operate a farm near Louisburg, Kansas where she grew up. Together they have two daughters, one a University of Kansas graduate and one currently attending Kansas State University.
Bardo Asks To Raise Tuition After Cuts
6/12/13 The Sunflower
What this means is that while WSU has one of the highest percentage increases, 8 percent, the actual amount of money being raised is less than the increases at Kansas University and Kansas State University.
*More Employees Stand Up For Their Workplace Health
6/11/13 The Philadelphia Inquirer
A human nutrition professor at Kansas State University recently used data from a long-term health study of Australian men to show a strong correlation between longer daily hours spent sitting and more chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.
Vote to Fund Plum Island Replacement Lab Passes House
6/11/13 NorthFork Patch
A vote to put $400 million toward a new Department of Homeland Security facility in Kansas, eventually replacing Plum Island Animal Disease Center, passed the House of Representatives recently, and awaits a vote in the U.S. Senate.
Miss Kansas Says She Likes Breaking Stereotypes
6/11/13 The Kansas City Star
Vail, a senior at Kansas State University, will graduate with two degrees: one in chemistry and the other in Chinese.
Four K-State Teams Lead Big 12 In Multi-Year Academic Progress Rates
6/11/13 The Kansas City Star
For the third straight year, all 16 of Kansas State’s athletic teams have met the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate multi-year standard.
NBCCF Awards Inaugural Minority Fellowships
6/12/13 Digital Journal
Fellows include Ophelia Blackwell, Kansas State University.
County Split On Health Department Options
6/12/13 Salina Journal
Gibbons said a study by Kansas State University students determined the health department needs about 22,000 square feet. The other building had 21,000 square feet.
Recent Kansas Editorials: Does Public Care About Higher Ed Cuts?
6/11/13 Austin American-Statesman via The Manhattan Mercury
To offset millions of dollars of funding cuts, most of the universities have recommended tuition increases. Kansas State University, for instance, has recommended a 7-percent increase, a figure that will add more than $200 a semester to the average instate student's expenses.
11 Incredibly Strange College Majors
6/11/13 The Week magazine
2. Bakery Science
School: Kansas State University
Location: Manhattan, Kansas
Tuition cost per semester: In-state, $3,465. Out-of-state, $9,195
Students at Kansas State can cook up a four-year bakery science degree, where they can specialize in product management or "cereal chemistry." Bakery scientists spend time in the program's many laboratories and various stations for testing ingredients, dough, and finished products. Graduates of the program go on to run bakeries and work in product development.
Budget Cuts Mean Higher Tuition At Kansas Public Universities
6/10/13 KCTV 5
The University of Kansas and Kansas State University are those affected. K-State Extension, Emporia State and KU Medical Center will feel the biggest impact.
*More Employees Stand Up For Their Workplace Health6/11/13 Kansas City StarA human nutrition professor at Kansas State University recently used data from a long-term health study of Australian men to show a strong correlation between longer daily hours spent sitting and more chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. 
*Dept. Of Agriculture To Break Ground On New Manhattan Headquarters
6/10/13 WIBW
A groundbreaking for the new KDA building is scheduled for 4 p.m. Friday, June 14, at Kansas State University's Research Park on North Manhattan Avenue.
*Drought Changing State's Fish Communities
6/11/13 Topeka Capital Journal
A Kansas State University researcher is discovering the drought has caused dramatic changes in native fish communities.
Kansas Bioscience Authority Approves $1.8 Million In Investments, Loans
6/10/13 Lawrence Journal-World
The KBA board also approved a $700,000 loan to SmartVet USA Inc., a company based next door to the KBA’s headquarters at the Kansas State University Olathe campus.
K-State Agricultural Lender Survey
6/10/13 Kansas City InfoZine
However, information about these evolving conditions is somewhat limited, especially on the short- and long-term outlook. To track and forecast these credit condition developments, agricultural economists at Kansas State University have created the K-State Agricultural Lender Survey.
*Studious Students: University Awards Semester Honors To More Than 3,350 Students
6/10/13 Cherokee County News Advocate
More than 3,350 Kansas State University students have earned semester honors for their academic performance in the spring 2013 semester.
Students Head To College Two Years Early With KAMS Program
6/10/13 Topeka Capital Journal
Duensing, Emerson, and Smith were drawn to KAMS not just to challenge themselves, but also to add an impressive line to any future college applications.  Duensing wants to go into engineering, and has his sights set on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Emerson, another engineer, plans on joining Fort Hays State’s 3-2 program, where she would earn a dual degree in physics and engineering.  Smith, who is “really into the agriculture science thing” said she wants to go to Kansas State University before continuing on to veterinary school.
*KSU Research Leads To Patent For Feed Supplement For Cattle
6/7/13 Wichita Eagle
Jim Drouillard, professor of animal sciences and industry at Kansas State University, has come up with a way to help livestock producers stimulate growth of cattle and horses.
So They Said
6/9/13 Wichita Eagle
“House budget bill is a huge blow to higher education in Kansas. If these cuts hold they will be devastating to excellence and accessibility.” – Kansas State University president Kirk Schulz, on Twitter 
*Drought, Loss of Habitat behind Declining Native Fish Populations in US
6/9/13 Nature World News
There has been a dramatic decline in the populations of native fish in the U.S., mostly due to drought and loss of habitat, according to a Kansas State University researcher.
Army Reservist Wins Miss Kansas Title
6/9/13 KAKE TV
A Kansas State University student and Army Reserve member won the Miss Kansas 2013 competition in Pratt Saturday night.
Robert Schaeffer: Remembering Tiananmen Square's Radiocal Reactionaries
6/7/13 Bloomberg News
Robert Schaeffer, a professor of sociology at Kansas State University, is the author of “Red Inc.: Dictatorship and the Development of Capitalism in China, 1949 to the Present.” The opinions expressed are his own.
*KSU Salina Expanding Digital Media Program
6/9/13 North Jersey Record/Herald News
The Salina campus of Kansas State University is upgrading its degree program in digital media.
Mourners At Mock Funeral Want To Raise Political Spirits
6/8/13 Topeka Capital Journal
Kathy Cook, a leader in Kansas Families for Education, said the GOP governor could have stopped legislators from enacting cuts of more than $6 million at Kansas State University and $7.5 million at The University of Kansas and KU Medical Center.
Mock Funeral Crowd Mourns ‘Death’ Of Kansas
6/10/13 Lawrence Journal World
Bill Glover, president of the Kansas State University employees association who attended the event Saturday, said that, as a state employee, he has not received a pay raise in four years. Because of the potential cuts to the higher education budget, he thinks this trend will continue. 
*Northeast Kansas Happenings
6/9/13 Topeka Capital Journal
DINOSAUR EXPERIENCE — The Erth’s Dinosaur Petting Zoo is coming to the Sunset Zoo, 2333 Oak St. in Manhattan, on Sunday, June 9, and McCain Auditorium at Kansas State University on Monday, June 10. Information; (785) 587-2737. GARDEN VIEWING — A garden tour of five private landscapes and the KSU Gardens will be from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, June 9, at 1500 Anderson Ave. in Manhattan. Cost: $8. Information: (785) 537-6350. 
Editorial: Online effort
6/9/13 Lawrence Journal World
Hiring Everspring may work out for KU, but it feels like the university is trying to take a shortcut after falling behind other universities that have been working to develop online programs for years. Fort Hays State University has been a leader in distance learning for some time, and Kansas State University announced last week that it would add an online Master of Business Administration program next year to its list of dozens of online undergraduate and graduate programs in education, agriculture, engineering, business and other fields.
Wal-Mart’s Strawberry Program Amuses
6/8/13 The Packer
My own favorites, of course, concern funding for the cultivation of strawberries in Kansas and Nebraska. The stated goal for a study to be done at Kansas State University, “Development and Adoption of Annual, Plasticulture Strawberry Production in the Great Plains,” is to “design a production system that is less prone to crop failures, provides a more stable income stream, and encourages new growers to enter the industry.”
Beef Producers Asked To Take Online Survey
6/8/13 High Plains Journal
Kansas State University animal scientist Sandy Johnson is hoping beef cattle producers will take a little time from their day-to-day work to answer a few questions online in order to help her and other scientists understand how producers have integrated artificial insemination into their production system and how it contributes to the profitability of their operation. 
Bailey Lauerman Interns Work On Smithsonian Project
6/10/13 Lincoln Journal Star
This year's BLX team members, along with their hometowns, universities and areas of focus this summer, are: Katy Zimmerman, Overland Park, Kan., Kansas State University, public relations and social media.
*It's Your Business
6/8/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
Kansas State University recently received an achievement award from EPA Region 7 for demonstrating commitment to improving sustainable food management practices. In 2012, K-State reduced food waste by 39.8 tons, an increase of 41.6 percent from its 2011 total, as a part of EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge. In 2010, K-State’s first year in the program, the university reduced food waste by 22 tons.
Local Religion Notes
6/7/13 Hutchinson News
The Rev. Alexander is a United Church of Christ minister who works as project director for Kansas State University's Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy in Manhattan. He will speak on "Experiencing Spiritual Community" and will facilitate a conversation on relationships with ourselves, one another, and the wider world. Fellowship hour with coffee, tea and pastries is from 10 to 11 a.m., prior to the service. Our religious education program for children and teens ages 5 and up is provided during the service time. For more details, visit our website, atwww.PrairieUUFellowship.org. 
*U.S. Drought Said Hitting Native Fish Populations
6/7/13 UPI
Persistent drought in North America has caused "a conservation crisis" for native fish communities, a Kansas State University researcher reported.
Elite Members of National Student Team to Tour Fresno-Visalia Farms
6/6/13 Sacramento Bee
AFA's Student Advisory Team members are juniors and seniors in college majoring in agriculture, food, natural resources or a related field. They are chosen through a highly competitive application process. Participating this year are students from Texas A&M,University of California at Davis, South Dakota State University,Kansas State University, The Ohio State University,University of Missouri,Purdue University and Colorado State University. Students who earn a place on the team are eligible for additional professional training, scholarships and interaction with leaders in the industry. Throughout the summer, the students will meet monthly to plan the national AFA Leaders Conference which they will host November 7-10 in Kansas City, Mo.
*Patent Issued For Beneficial Animal 'Candy'
6/6/13 Phys.org
A U.S. patent has been granted to a Kansas State University-developed "candy" that stimulates the growth, health and reproductive functions of cattle, bulls and other livestock.
U.S. House of Representatives Passes DHS Appropriations Bill, Contains NBAF Funding
6/6/13 Kansas Ag Network
The U.S. House of Representatives on a vote of 245-182, passed the Homeland Security Appropriations bill Thursday morning.   The bill includes $404 million in federal funding,  for the upcoming fiscal year for the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) which is being built on the campus of Kansas State University.
Kansas Regents Criticize Budget Cuts, Hear Requests For Tuition Increases
6/6/13 Kansas City Star
Kansas State University proposed a 6.7 percent increase in tuition and fees for full-time undergraduate students who are Kansas residents, from $4,023.30 per semester to $4,292.70.
*Pittsburg State Considers Becoming State's First Tobacco-Free Campus
6/6/13 KHI
At Kansas State University smoking was prohibited on campus until 68 years ago when there was an influx of veterans returning from World War II with tobacco habits, said K-State spokeswoman Erinn Barcomb.
Barton County Doing Well, For Now
6/6/13 Great Bend Tribune
Three local lessons can be gleaned from a new Kansas State University report outlining the fiscal health of the 105 counties in the Sunflower State.
PATRICK'S PEOPLE: Anissa Zagonel Received An FFA Scholarship
6/6/13 Pittsburg Morning Sun
One of the things she’s gotten will help pay her  way to Kansas State University in the fall. The National FFA Organization has awarded Zagonel a $5,000 Universal Lubricants scholarship.
Leadership Program Helps Students Better Their Community
6/6/143 High Plains Leader and Times
This year, HOBY Kansas was conducted from Thursday, May 30 through Sunday at Kansas State University, and LHS students Vanessa Diazdeleon and Richard Calderon had the honor of being chosen as ambassadors for this fun yet educational convention.
*Kansas State To Offer MBAs Online Starting In Fall
6/5/13 Austin American-Statesman
Kansas State University will offer an online Master of Business Administration program beginning in the fall.
*Drama Therapy Improves Mood, Reduces Pain During Hemodialysis
6/5/13 Renal Business Today
Kansas State University researchers are exploring the effects of drama therapy on patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis and are the first in the world to study the topic.
Higher Education Budget Cuts Will Hurt Kansas
6/6/13 Kansas City Star
Many of these institutions of higher education are scrambling now to decide whether to raise tuition and what services to students can be cut. In this area, students at Kansas City Kansas Community College and Johnson County Community College will feel the pinch. Families who send their kids to the University of Kansas, Kansas State University and Washburn University will have to brace for higher costs and fewer services.
Beef Producers Asked To Take Online Survey
6/5/13 Kansas Ag Network
Kansas State University animal scientist Sandy Johnson is hoping beef cattle producers will take a little time from their day-to-day work to answer a few questions online in order to help her and other scientists understand how producers have integrated artificial insemination into their production system and how it contributes to the profitability of their operation.
Boosting Strawberry Production
6/6/13 Topeka Capital Journal
Kansas State University researcher Cary Rivard has been awarded $67,000 to design a system to help boost U.S. strawberry production, according to a news release
Camp Teaches Kids About Robotics
6/5/13 Kansas First News
On Thursday, a representative from Kansas State University will talk to the class about careers in robotics.
Fort Riley's Garrison Commander Applauds Community Support, Partnerships
6/5/13 WIBW
The colonel expressed his gratitude to those in Manhattan and at Kansas State University who have shown their support of Fort Riley and the thousands of soldiers, family members, civilians and retirees in the area. He says they've helped build efficiencies, resources and partnerships.
*K-State Students Complete Degrees
6/6/13 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin
Kansas State University in Manhattan had spring commencement last month, and several students from Marion County earned degrees.
Prairie Village Native Recognized For Achievements At K-State
6/5/13 Prairie Village Post
Prairie Village native Maureen Orth was among a very select group of Kansas State University’s graduating seniors this May to be recognized by the K-State Alumni Association.

White House threatens veto of House spending bill
6/3/13 Politico
NBAF is anticipated to be a national asset critical to the protection of the Nation’s food supply. The partial funding provided in the bill will delay construction of NBAF, increase project costs, and leave a significant vulnerability unaddressed.
NBAF at center of budget fight between Obama and House Republicans
6/4/13 Lawrence Journal-World
Contained in that bill is $404 million for the $1.15 billion National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, or NBAF. The lab, which will be devoted to protection of the nation's food supply, is to be built at Kansas State University in Manhattan.
*Kansas universities weigh budget cuts
6/5/13 The Kansas City Star
Officials at Kansas State University and the University of Kansas said they need more time to determine the effects of the operating budget cuts.
*K-State Now Offering Online Master of Business Administration Program
6/4/13 WIBW
Working professionals are getting help advancing their careers with a new online Master of Business Administration program from Kansas State University.
*Early career award supports physicist's quest for a top quark partner
6/5/13 Phys.org
A Kansas State University physicist has received the prestigious Department of Energy Early Career Research Award for his collaborative research involving the Large Hadron Collider.
*Feds award universities $19.5 million to study climate change's effect on cows
6/4/13 Campus Reform
The University of Alabama, the University of Michigan, Tarleton State University, and Kansas State University, Cornell University, North Carolina A&T University, Pennsylvania State University and the University of Washington will also participate.
Monsanto’s GMO wheat got loose. Now the world is rejecting US wheat.
6/4/13 Red, Blue and Green
Jim Shroyer, a wheat expert Kansas State University, told Reuters. “That is the main reason we here in the top wheat state did not want Roundup Ready. You can’t get rid of it.”

Tuition increases expected as Kansas universities brace for cuts
6-5-13 The Olathe News
Kansas State University, including the main campus and the veterinary center, would lose more than $12.2 million over two years.
CAPS Off to High School Students Who Embrace Entrepreneurship Early
6/3/13 The Huffington Post
Meet Gaby Lobo, honored this spring as CAPS 2013 Student Innovator of the Year. The founder of Pest Deflector, a dryer sheet infused with natural repellent and insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers, Gaby took her product from ideation through design and testing and now has a patent pending. She'll continue her studies this fall at Kansas State University, focusing on industrial engineering.  
Recent Kansas editorials: Legislature steps up for NBAF
6/2/13 Austin American-Statesman via The Topeka Capital-Journal
It isn't too soon, however, to say legislators made the right decision in including in their budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1 the authority for the state to issue $200 million in bonds to support construction of a National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility at Kansas State University in Manhattan. 
Editorial: Tax Impacts
6/4/13 Lawrence Journal-World
Certain impacts, however, are clear, including the hit taken by higher education in the state. The state’s higher education system will see a funding cut of $66 million over the next two years. That includes reductions of $6 million for Kansas University, $8 million for the KU Medical Center and $6 million at Kansas State University. 
*Spring Graduates: Nearly 3,000 Students Earn Degrees From Kansas State University
6/3/13 SEK Voice
Nearly 3,000 students completed degree requirements from Kansas State University this spring. 
Recent Rains Great For Crops, Right?
6/3/13 Ottawa Herald
And while April and May rainstorms have lessened the drought’s severity, Mary Knapp said the torrential precipitation could go beyond its potential good. 
Kansas Legislature Passes Budget in Final Hours of Session
6/3/13 KCUR
The cuts include more than $6 million from Kansas State University, more than $5 million from the University of Kansas and around $8 million from the University of Kansas Medical Center. 
ADM Makes Sizable Donation For Wheat Breeding Research
6/3/13 Baking Business
Archer Daniels Midland Co. has made a $325,000 donation to the Kansas Wheat Commission Research Foundation (K.W.C.R.F.) to be used to strengthen the hard white wheat variety development in the Kansas State University wheat breeding program at Hays, Kan. 
K-State Offering Dust Workshops
6/4/13 Garden City Telegram
In order to increase safety awareness at grain elevators, feed mills and other grain processing facilities, Kansas State University's Department of Grain Science and Industry is offering workshops in English and Spanish to address combustible dust hazards.

*More Employees Stand Up For Their Workplace Health
5/31/13 The Kansas City Star
A human nutrition professor at Kansas State University recently used data from a long-term health study of Australian men to show a strong correlation between longer daily hours spent sitting and more chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. The more people sat, the greater their health risks, according to Richard Rosenkranz’s study.
Editorial: Legislature Steps Up For NBAF
6/2/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
It isn’t too soon, however, to say legislators made the right decision in including in their budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1 the authority for the state to issue $200 million in bonds to support construction of a National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility at Kansas State University in Manhattan.
Kansas Tax Debate Splits GOP, Pushes Legislature Into Overtime
5/31/13 The Huffington Post
With negotiations tasked to a small group of the 165-member legislature, most lawmakers have nothing to do but wait. Among the official actions the House has taken this week -- outside of voting down tax proposals -- have been honoring the Kansas State University athletic program and being briefed on a prayer breakfast agenda.
A Bad Biology Grade Sticks Around
6/2/13 Science News For Kids (blog)
In a study of 1,516 students over 7 years, researchers from Kansas State University found that students who did well in biology also performed well in a rigorous genetics course. This result was not surprising, but the researchers were struck by the importance of timing. Undergraduate students did best when they waited at least a year to take the genetics course.
Joseph A. Aistrup: Kansas Pursuing Wrong Tax Policy
6/1/13 The Wichita Eagle
Members of the Kansas Legislature – the vast majority of whom are of the same party (Republican), and the vast majority of whom are all of the same ideology (conservative) – found it very difficult this session to find any kind of common ground on taxes. Taxes, of all things! Who could have predicted this?
Enactus Team Has Best Showing Ever
6/1/13 Salina Journal
Kansas State University at Salina's Enactus team was the second runner-up in its league at the Enactus United States National Exposition this past week in Kansas City.
Manhattan's Sunset Zoo Gets Upgraded Vet Clinic
6/1/13 WIBW
"As an accredited zoo through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, animal vet care is very critical to our accreditation. We’ve always done very well with our animal healthcare because of our partnership with Kansas State University- it’s a strength of our collection and our zoo- but we’ve always had to take our animals over to K-State for any kind of specialized care," he said.
Northeast Kansas Happenings
6/1/13 Topeka Capital-Journal
DINOSAUR EXPERIENCE — The Earth’s Dinosaur Petting Zoo is coming to the Sunset Zoo, 2333 Oak St. in Manhattan, on Sunday, June 9, and McCain Auditorium at the Kansas State University campus on Monday, June 10. Information: (785) 587-2737.
Plans Take Flight 'This Is Not Your Grandfather's Museum'
6/2/13 Salina Journal
Add in the Rearwin Brothers, early Salina airplane makers; Kansas State University at Salina's highly ranked aviation training; Beechcraft and other manufacturing, and you've got plenty of "boulders, with rocks and pebbles" that will educate and inspire, said Tim Rogers, the airport authority executive director.
Agriculture Briefs
6/1/13 Hutchinson News
To increase safety awareness at grain elevators, feed mills and other grain processing facilities, Kansas State University's Department of Grain Science and Industry is offering workshops in English and Spanish to address combustible-dust hazards.
Demanding Clues Made Sense -- At The End
6/3/13 Salina Journal
Clues 10 an 11 -- "Orient from 1536" and "Green line south" -- were packed with hints. The word, "orient," obviously referred to the Far East, which is actually west of us. "1536 green line south" is among the most successful running plays developed by Kansas State University football coach Bill Snyder. "Snyder," as Salina history buffs know, was the name of the Sells-Floto Circus elephant that ran amok in 1920 and had to be shot. Therefore, the medallion is east of Kansas State University at Salina and west of Kansas State University-Manhattan and possibly shaped like a tusk.

Business With Barbecue
6/2/13 Salina Journal
These and other comments await a team of student surveyors from Kansas State University-Salina later this year who will visit with residents, landlords and businesses seeking information about north Salina.