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K-Staters in the news - September 2012

Kansas State University, "Happiest Students: Princeton Review List," 9/30/12 The Huffington Post

President Kirk Schulz, "A Great Time To Be A Wildcat," 9/30/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Northeast Kansas Happenings," 9/30/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Agronomy, Jim Shroyer, "Books With Kansas Ties Flood Market," 9/30/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Chemistry, Jun Li, student, Steven Klankowski, "Student Works To Make Batteries Last Longer," 9/29/12 KSNT

Cancer Research Center, Rob Denell, "Tour De Ted Raises Funds For Cancer Research," 9/29/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Kansas State University, "Next Big Breakthrough To Fight Cancer?" 9/29/12 WXYZ (ABC 7, Detroit)

President Kirk Schulz, "Editorial: Branding KSU," 9/29/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Horticulture, Ward Upham, "Gardner's Almanac," 9/29/12 Wichita Eagle

National Bio and Agro Defense Facility, "Sciences 'Comes Alive' For Topeka Youth," 9/28/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Kansas State University, "AVMA Working Together To Address Recent Graduates' Concerns," 9/28/12 AVMA at Work

President Kirk Schulz, "K-State President Delivers State Of The University Address," 9/28/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, "Editorial Funding Decline Reduced Funding Is Hurting The Nation's Public Research Universities, A New Report Concludes," 9/28/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Clinical Sciences, James Roush, "Arthritis Treatment In Dogs, An Update," 9/28/12 xMaxHealth

Chemistry, Stefan Bossmann, "Now, A Simple Blood Test To Detect Lung And Breast Cancer," 9/28/12 Zee News, Medical Xpress

National Bio and Agro Defense Facility, "NBAF Delay: Time For Federal Government To Move Forward With Project," 9/27/12 Garden City Telegram

Kansas State University, "Tour De Ted Bikes Through Ellis County," 9/27/12 Hays Post

Students, Dylan Wendt, Noah Easterling, "Commanders Key To Fitness Program Success," 9/27/12 Fort Leavenworth Lamp

Chemistry, Jun Li, student, Steven Arnold Klankowski, "Developing Next Generation Of Batteries For Improved Mobile Devices, Electric Cars," 9/27/12 Phys.Org

President Kirk Schulz, "Kansas State Preferred Name For Outside Promotion," 9/27/12 Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, "Pets And Vets: UC-Davis Regrows Jaws And Other State Veterinary News," 9/27/12 DVM 360

Kansas State University, "Enrollment Numbers Out: KSU Sets Record," 9/27/12 Topeka Capital Journal, Sacramento Bee, Lawrence Journal-World, Austin American-Statesman, WIBW

President Kirk Schulz, "K-State Gain Defies State Trend," 9/27/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "SNL's Meyers One Of Several Big Names In Town This Weekend," 9/27/12 Manhattan Mercury

Alumna Arriane Alexander, "KSU Alum To Appear On Grey's Anatomy," 9/27/12 Manattan Mercury

Chemistry, Stefan Bossmann, anatomy & physiology, Deryl Troyer, “*Blood Test That Accurately Detects Early Stages Of Lung, Breast Cancer In Humans,”9/27/12 Health Digest, Gardner Edge, Fierce Drug Delivery

President Kirk Schulz, city extension director, Pam Paulsen, student Maria Betzold, “Many scoff at plan to limit use of K-State name (poll),” 9/27/12 Kansas City Star, Hutchinson News

President Kirk Schulz, “Heard On The Hill: ‘K-State’ Not Dead After All; Enrollment Numbers Coming Today; A KU Sweep At Aircraft Design Contest,”9/27/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Emeritus, Coach Jack Gardner, “Books Preserve Small-Town Basketball,” 9/27/12 Clay Center Dispatch

Clinical Sciences, James Roush, “Osteoarthritis Treatment In Dogs May Lead To Changes Is Treatment For Humans,”9/26/12 Examiner

Biochemistry, John Tomich, “*Peptide Bubble Shuttles Drugs Around The Body,” 9/26/12 Fierce Drug Delivery

VP for Communications & Marketing Jeff Morris, “*KSU To Keep K-State Nickname,”9/26/12 Topeka Capital Journal

President Kirk Schulz, VP for Communications & Marketing Jeff Morris, “K-State” Not Going Away,” 9/26/12 KMAN

Kansas State University, “Kochs Donate $814,000 To K-State Office Of Diversity,”9/26/12 Sacramento Bee, Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Star, Austin American-Stateman, Salina Journal, KMAN, Topeka Capital-Journal, Hutchinson News, Wichita Business Journal

Alumni, Quentin Morford, Shari Morford, “*Hillsboro Family Part Of K-State's Family Of The Year,”9/26/12 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin

Alumnus, Sean Lowe, “The Royal Sampler: Former K-State LB To Be Next ‘Bachelor,’ Collin Klein Gets Heisman Love,”9/26/12 Wichita Eagle

President Kirk Schulz, “Kansas State Preferred Name For Outside Promotion,”9/26/12 KTKA

VP for Communications & Marketing Jeff Morris, students, Samantha Moreland, Austin Abeldt, Brianna Carrara, “Officials Say No Name Change For K-State,”9/26/12 KTKA, Kansas First News

President Kirk Schulz, “Kansas State Wants To Drop 'K-State' Name,”9/26/12 Austin American-Statesman, KTKA, Kansas First News, Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Star, Lawrence Journal-World, Sacramento Bee, Great Bend Post, WJAC-TV, Palm Beach Post, WFTV The Republic, Hutchinson News, KFDA, KSAL, Topeka Capital-Journal, WIBW

Kansas State University, “K-State At Salina To Celebrate Mexico's Independence Day,”9/26/12 Salina Journal

Former dean, Marc Johnson, alumna, Karen Penner-Johnson, "Former K-State Dean Named President Of Nevada University," 9/26/12 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, VP of Communications & Marketing Jeff Morris, "A K-Statement On The Name: K-State Remains Cool," 9/26/12 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Morgan Gray, "Bleeding Purple: Officials Hoping For 800 Units At K-State Blood Drive," 9/25/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Newly Discovered Molecule Could Deliver Drugs To Treat Diseases," 9/25/12 Pharm QD, Innovations Report, MedIndia, Hematology Times

Clinical Sciences, James Rousch, students, Marian Benitez, Matt Sherwood, Ralph Millard, “*By Improving Pain Treatment, Therapy In Dogs, Research Offers Medical Insight For Humans,”9/25/12 Physorg, Science Daily

Kansas State University, “Economic Council: Use University Innovation To Create Wealth,”9/25/12 The Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “Brownback, Economic Advisers Consider Goals Of KU, K-State,” 9/25/12 Lawrence Journal-World, WIBW, Manhattan Mercury

Journalism & Mass Communication, Steve Wolgast, Andy Nelson, “*Project To Yield Snapshot of K-State,”9/25/12 The Topeka Capital-Journal

English, Karin Westman, Philip Nel, “*Life After Harry: Rowling's Literary Magic Can Address Challenges with New Adult Fiction Novel, Experts Say,”9/25/12 News Blaze

Kansas State University, “Hundreds Of Kansas State Students To Donate Blood This Week,”9-25-12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “*Manhattan Pharmacies, Clinics Hit By Burglaries,”9/25/12 San Antonio Express-News, The Houston Chronicle, Witchita Eagle, Sacramento Bee

Student, Andrew Heermann, “Emporian Part Of NY Times Design Project,”9/25/12 Emporia Gazette

Kansas State University, “Ambitious Project Seeks To Enhance Camelina Future,”9/24/12 Star Herald

Agricultural economics, Glynn Tonsor, “Value Of Gain Favors Future Forecasting,”9/25/12 Beef magazine

Kansas State University, “Wichita Man Injured In Abilene Skydiving Accident,”9/25/12 Salina Journal

Biochemistry, John Tomich, “Newly Discovered Molecule Could Deliver Drugs To Treat Diseases,”9/24/12 Science Daily, Red Orbit, Heath Canal, Medical Xpress, News Medical, Science Newsline, http://www.k-state.edu/today/announcement.php?id=4980&category=research&referredBy=K-State%20Today%20Home

National Bio and Agro- Defense Facility, “DHS To Meet With Kansas Officials On NBAF,”9/24/12 Fierce Homeland Security

Kansas State University, “Ambitious Project Seeks To Enhance Camelina Future,”9/24/12 Scottsbluff (Neb.) Star-Herald

Architecture, Michael Gibson, “*Discovery Center Cuts Ribbon For New Treehouse,”9/24/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Alumni, David McKelvey, Ali Pistory, “*Around And About For Sept. 22, 2012,” 9/24/12 Lawrence Journal World

Students, Matthew Dabratz, Carston Cooper, “K-State Students Attacked In Aggieville,”9/24/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “Manhattan Pharmacy Burglarized,”9/24/12 WIBW

Foundation, Amy Damon, “Lawrence Transplant Juggles Family, Work, School,” 9/24/12 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine & pathobiology, Doug Powell, “*Local Warning To Consumers About Food Safety,”9/24/12 KMBZ (Kansas City, Mo.)

Kansas State University, “Celebrating 150 Years Of Land-Grant Universities,”9/24/12 Omaha World-Herald

Diagnostic medicine & pathobiology, Doug Powell, Barf Blog with Professor Doug Powell from KSU,”9/24/12 Heritage Radio Network

County Agent Metropolitan Sector, Nichole Burnett, “Families Bypass Junk Food, Focus On Eating Healthy,”9/24/12 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Winners Of Parks For The People Competition,”9/24/12 Dexigner

Alumnus, Eric Stonestreet, “Native Kansan Eric Stonestreet wins first Emmy of the night,”9/24/12 Topeka Capital Journal, Cjonline.com

Nutrition and Kinesiology, Benet Ruggles, “HL Snyder Medical Foundation Awards 2012 Scholarships, Grants,”9/24/12 Winfield Courier

NW Extension, Rob Aiken, Dan O’Brien, “Why Are Corn Acres Increasing In Western Kansas?,”9/22/12 Farm Futures

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, “Editorial: Time to Build NBAF,”9/22/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Kansas State University, “Northeast Kansas Happenings,”9/22/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Alumnus, Miles Theurer, “Driver Charged In Deadly K-18 Collision,”9-21-12 WIBW

Alumnus, Eric Stonestreet, “Eric Stonestreet Talks Emmys, Clowns, Gay Marriage And Tonganoxie,”9/21/12 The Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Improved Water Quality Comes To Marais Des Cygnes River Basin,” 9/21/12 Kansas City InfoZine

Student Miles Theurer, "K-State Student Charged In May K-18 Fatal Wreck," 9/21/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Decades of KSU Yearbooks Online," 9/21/12 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio & Agro Defense Facility, "Moran Pushes DHS On NBAF Funding," 9/21/12 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio & Agro Defense Facility,"Support For NBAF Grows In Washington," 9/21/12 Kansas City Business Journal/Topeka Capital Journal, The Houston Chronicle, Wichita Eagle, Kansas Public Radio, KAKE-TV (Wichita), Bio Prep Watch, WSLS, Hutchinson Daily News, KSAL, The Republic, Kansas.com, Wichita Eagle, Salina Post

Kansas State University, "Heard On The Hill: KU Professor Pops Up On NYT Politics Blog; Special-Education Grant Provides Suspense; Student Health Center Closed This Morning," 9/21/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Student, Aaron Mitchell, "Cessna Boogie This Weekend At Abilene Municipal Airport," 9/21/12 Abilene Reflector Chronicle

Student, Amanda Umscheid, "Ashley's Final Message Leaves Lessons," 9/20/12 WIBW

Hale Library, Beth Turtle, "Royal Purple Yearbooks Now Available Online," 9/20/12 Junction City Daily Union

Kansas State University, "Task Force To Be Formed To Address Widening Achievement Gap As Test Scores Fall," 9/20/12 Lawrence Journal World

Biology, Walter Dodds, "We Must Look At New Options For Reducing Water Pollution From Agriculture," 9/20/12 Think Progress

Kansas State University, "USDA Announces Grant Funding For Two Regional Efforts," 9/20/12 Junction City Daily Union

Kansas State University, "Different Policies Regulate College Student Contact Data," 9/20/12 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, "Kansas City Ranks 81st For White-Collar Jobs," 9/20/12 Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas State University, "Governor Takes Steps To Boost Ecotourism In Kansas," 9/20/12 Wichita Eagle

President Kirk Schulz, engineering, John English, "Railroad foundation supports future engineers," 9/20/12 Manhattan Mercury 

Student, Abby Brown, Mindy Weixelman, "K-State Proud earns national award," 9/20/12 Manhattan Mercury 

Alum, Kent Hildebrand, student, Justin Smith, "KSU dubs Hildebrand as family of the year," 9/20/12 Manhattan Mercury 

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, “Sen. Jerry Moran Questions Sec. Napolitano About National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF),” 9/19/12 YouTube, Topeka Capital-Journal

Biology, Walter Dodds, “Increasing Pollution, Dwindling Options,” 9/19/12 Huffington Post

Employer relations coordinator, Allie Teagarden, “*Record Numbers At K-State Career Fair Means Promising Future For Some Students,” 9/19/12 Huffington Post, Kansas First News

Biology, DeeAnn Turpin, “National Engineers Week Foundation’s “New Faces Of Engineering- College Edition” Returns For 2nd Year!,” 9/19/12 Energy 4 Me

Student, Ryan O’Neill, “Canoes, Kayaks Lured To Kansas' Prairie River,” 9/19/12 The Huffington Post, Austin American-Statesman, The Denver Post, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News

Alumnus, David Dary, “Dr. David Dary Speaks At K-State,” 9/19/12 KMAN

Kansas State University, “Regents To Vote On Budget Request,” 9/20/12 KPR, KMUW/Wichita

K-State Salina, Verna Fitzsimmons, “K-State At Salina Dean Upbeat,” 9/20/12 Salina Journal

Arts and Sciences, Joseph A. Aistrup, “The End of a Kansas Tradition: Moderation,” 9/19/12 The New York Times

Kansas State University, “Professor Sues University After She Allegedly “Abandons” Her Position,” 9/19/12 Human Resources Journal

Kansas State University, "Technology and communication," 9/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Computing & Information Sci, Xinming "Simon" Ou, Gurdip Singh, Eugene Vasserman, John Hatcliff, Scott DeLoach,"KSU offers scholarships for cyber security," 9/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “*Cybersecurity scholarships to be offered," 9/18/12 UPI

Kansas State University, “*Kansas Court Of Appeals Brings The Courtroom To Campus,” 9/18/12 WIBW

Student, Erin Gerken, “*Hundreds Of Employers Bring Opportunities To K-State Job Fair,” 9/18/12 WIBW

Student, Caleb Greinke, “School notes for Sept. 19,”9/18/12 The Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Wednesday Is "No Text On Board Pledge Day"," 9/18/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “Art center has interim director,” 9/18/2012 Salina Journal

Beach Museum of Art, Bill North, “Art Center Has Interim Director,”9/18/12 Salina Journal

Diagnostic medicine & pathobiology, Doug Powell, “Audits And Inspections 'Never Enough': Expert Critiques Food Safety Procedures,”9/18/12 Food Product Design, Health Canal, Medical Xpress, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept12/foodaudits91812.html,

KSU Foundation, Joe Montgomery, “'Birther' Orly Taitz On Hand As Kansas Ends Obama Ballot Question,” 9/18/12 Kansas City Star, Huffington Post

Alumnus, Caleb Greinke, “*School Notes,”9/18/12 Kansas City Star

Animal sciences & industry, Fadi Aramouni, “Expired Groceries Aren’t So Rotten After All,”9/17/12 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Business Is Booming In Manhattan,”9/17/12 Kansas First News

Kansas State University, “*Prescription Pills Stolen From K-State's Student Health Center,”9/17/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “Classic 1978 Milton Friedman Lecture On Trade,”9/17/12 Daily Markets

Geography, Melinda Daniels, “Friends of The Kaw Slates Fall Events,”9/17/12 Northeast Kansas News

VP for Comm. & Marketing, Jeff Morris, KSU Foundation, "KSU Took Appropriate Position," 9/17/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Rankings Matter," 9/16/12 Lawrence Journal World

CVM Development, Joseph S Montgomery, "Kansas ballot challenge over Obama’s birth is ended," 9/15/12 New York Times, New York Times (blog)

Kansas State University, "Mission Mulls Ban On Hand-Held Devices," 9/15/12 Kansas City Star

Continuing Education, Thea Nietfeld, "Town Hall Discussion On Capital Punishment Planned," 9/15/12 Salina Journal

Alumni, John Powers, "*Northeast Kansas Happenings," 9/15/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, "LPU Organising Two-Day International Conference On Computing Sciences- 'Turing100- ICCS'," 9/14/12 India Education Diary

Diagnostic Medicne Pathobiolog, Douglas Powell, clinical sciences, Katherine KuKanich, student, Gonzalo Erdozain, "*Visits To The Petting Zoo Require Vigilant Hand Washing To Prevent Spread Of Disease, Researcher Says," 9/14/12 Medical Xpress

Kansas State University, "Be Jealous: This Man Is Judging Two Steak Competitions In One Month," 9/14/12 Conde Nast Traveler

Kansas State University, “Datebook,” 9/14/12 Baltimore Sun 

Student, Gonzalo Erdozain, “*Visits To Petting Zoo Require Vigilant Hand Washing To Prevent Spread Of Disease, Researcher Says,” 9/14/12 Medical Xpress http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept12/petzoo91312.html 

Kansas State University, “Crop Insurance Losses Begin To Mount Amid Drought,” 9/13/12 The Denver Post, Omaha World-Herald, San Antonio Express-News, Lincoln Journal Star, The Huffington Post, The Houston Chronicle, Salon.com, UT SanDiego, Kansas City Star, Washington Post 

Kansas State University, “Obama Birther Challenge Subject Of Kansas Objections Board Hearing,” 9/13/12 The Huffington Post, The Wichita Eagle, New York Times, Pittsburgh (Pa.) Post Gazette, Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Kansas City Star, Topeka Capital-Journal, San Antonio Express-News, Lawrence Journal-World

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Doug Powell, “Food Safety Ultimately The Producer's Responsibility, Professor Says,” 9/13/12 Food Production Daily 

Kansas State University, “Professor Steven Ramirez Previews The Dorothy Thompson Lecture,” 9/13/12 KMAN 

Kansas State University, “McCain Wows Our Community Spouse Club,” 9/13/12 1st Infantry Division Post 

Kansas State University, “Hearts Apart To Offer Spouses K-State Fan Experience,” 9/13/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, “Kansas St. Gets Grant For Grain Dust Safety Course,” 9/13/12 Bloomberg Businessweek, St. Joseph News Express, Claims Journal, Salina Journal

Computing and Information Sciences, Eugene Vasserman, “K-State Researchers Work To Inform Users Of Internet Security Risks,” 9/13/12 The Wichita Eagle http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept12/webpsych91112.html

Agronomy, Michael Stamm, extension, Johnathon Holman, Douglas Shoup, “Other Forage Options For Fall,” 9/13/12 Farm Talk

Kansas State University, “*CSU Students Have Power To Determine Own Fees; What About Other Universities?,” 9/13/12 Rocky Mountain Collegian

Kansas State University, “*Exhibit Vandalized At K-State Art Museum,” 9/12/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “New Exhibit Opens In Manhattan,” 9/12/11 KSNT, KTKA, Kansas First News

Human Nutrition, Brian Lindshield, “*Providing An Open Resource, Lowering The Financial Burden,” 9/12/12 Partnership for Technology Innovation (Blog Entry)

Interior Architecture and Product Design, William Yankey, “K-State Professor Arrested For 2007 Rape,” 9/12/12 WIBW, Topeka Capital Journal

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, “Census: Kansans’ Real Income Drops While Poverty Rises,” 9/12/12 The Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “KU’s Ranking Drops Several Notches In Latest U.S. News & World Report Edition,” 9/12/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Kansas State University, "K-State Receives Grant For Grain Dust Study Course," 9/12/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "GTM Week At KSU Business College," 9/12/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Hutton Construction Gets Spotlight With Debut Of $5M K-State Project," 9/11/12 Wichita Business Journal

Alumnus, Caleb McGinn, "Q&A With Musician Caleb Mcginn," 9/11/12 The University Star (San Marcos, TX) 

Kansas State University, "Kansas State University Offers Milling Short Course," 9/11/12 Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

Kansas State University, "Southwind 4-Hers Get Reserve Champ Honors," 9/11/12 Fort Scott Tribune

Kansas State University, "Watering Systems That Do More Than Just Provide Water," 9/11/12 Farm Talk 

Animal science, Brian Faris, "'Shear' Excellence: Sheep At The Fair Get A Good Shave As Trimmer, Announcer Share Expertise With Onlookers," 9/11/12 Hutchinson News

Kansas State University, "Oregon, OSU Gain Top 199 Rankings," 9/11/12 The Register Guard (Eugene, Ore.)

Kansas State University, "Kansas St. Gets Grant For Grain Dust Safety Course," 9/11/12 The Wichita Eagle, WIBW, Sacramento Bee, Dodge City Daily Globe, KSAL, KSNT

CIS, Eugene Vasserman, psychology, Gary Brase, "Disaster Is Just A Click Away," 9/11/12 Phys.org

Kansas State University, "Kansas State Completes $5 Million Expansion," 9/11/12 Sacramento Bee, WIBW, The Wichita Eagle, Topeka Capital Journal, KFDA

Kansas State University, “Exhibit Looks At Development Of Central Flint Hills,”9/10/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “Kansas State Completes $5 Million Expansion,”9/10/12 WTOV-9, KSAL, KOAM-TV, News Channel 10, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/aug12/excellence82812.html

President Kirk Schulz, Admin & Finance Vice President Bruce Shubert, “*Bruce Shubert To Retire,”9/10/12 Junction City Post

Extension, Doug Shoup, Agronomy, Mike Stamm, A Few More Alternative Feed Sources,”9/10/12 Agriculture

Kansas State University, “KSU Stocker Conference To Address Key Challenges, Opportunities,”9/10/12 Beef magazine

Kansas State University, “Letter: Stepping Out,” 9/10/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “Raising A Roof: 4 Ideas,” 9/10/12 New York Times

Administration and Finance, Bruce Shubert, "K-State President Retiring In June," 9/10/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Denny Stoecklein: ‘Mayor’ Of The Kansas State Fair,” 9/9/12 Kansas City Star

President, Kirk Schulz, “*Purple Pride On Display: K-State Day At The Kansas State Fair,” 9/9/12 The Hype Weekly

Student, Ryan O’Neil, “Canoes, Kayaks Lured To Kansas' Prairie River,” 9-9-12 CBS News/Huffington Post, The Houston Chronicle, The Wichita Eagle, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, CBS News, Hutchinson News, Denver Post, San Antonio Express-News

Political Science, Joseph Aistrup, “Government Numbers Stay High,” 9/9/12 Hays Daily News

Kansas State University, “Northeast Kansas Happenings,” 9/8/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “*College Notes: Kansas State University,” 9/8/12 Hutchinson News

Alumnus, Bruce Graham, “It's Your Business,” 9/8/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “Prairie Dogs Worth Occasional Nuisance,” 9/8/12 Arizona Daily Sun/Letter to editor

Kansas State University, “*K-State Celebrates Completion Of $5 Million Expansion Project,” 9-7-12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “*SNL's Seth Meyers Coming To Kansas State University,” 9-7-12 WIBW, KSAL

Kansas State University,KS Secretary For Aging & Disability Services Visits Manhattan,” 9-7-12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “NAHB Professional Women In Building Council Announces Scholarship Winners,” 9/7/12 Real Estate Rama

Director of sustainability, Ben Champion, "Researchers Warn Community About Climate Change," 9/7/12 KSNT

Political science, Joesph Aistrup, "Red State Religion- New Book Explores Rise Of KS Conservatism," 9/7/12 KPR

Alumna, Laura Ellis, "L.A. Jazz Singer Excited To Return To K-State For Cabaret Performance," 9/7/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Take A Look Around," 9/7/12 HutchNews

Animal science, Mike Tokach, "Tools Show How To Market Hogs Efficiently," 9/6/12 National Hog Farmer

KSU Athletics, Stacy Martin, "Stacy Martin Hired As Senior Associate Athletic Director," 9/6/12 Memphis Athletics

Insect zoo coordinator, Kiffnie Holt, "Insect Zoo To Celebrate 10th Anniversary," 9/6/12 KSAL

Kansas State University, "Washington High School Band To Participate In Band Day Sept. 15," 9/6/12 Wyandotte Daily News

Kansas State University, "Bands To Play At K-State," 9/6/12 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin

Research and extension, Daryl Buchholz, "Mobile Website Aids Visitors To Kansas State Fair," 9/5/12 Gardner Edge

Computing and information sciences, Eugene Vasserman, Jon Hatcliff, Dan Andresen, “*Cyber Security Experts Researching How To Keep Medical Devices Secure, Communicating On Hospital Networks,” 9/5/12 Science Daily

Biology, Bruce Snyder, “Tonganoxie Students Makes Rare Find Of Worms Native To Asia,”9/5/12 Lawrence Journal World

Director of Sustainability, Ben Champion, agronomy, Chuck Rice, “Researchers Warn Community About Climate Change,” 9-5-12 KTKA

New student services, Danielle Young, “*University's 84th Family Day Offers Flavor Of K-State,”9/5/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Career and employment services, “*K-State To Host Career Fair Sept. 18-19,”9/5/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Entomology, Kiffnie Holt, “*Insect Zoo To Celebrate 10th Anniversary,”9/5/12 KSAL

Aviation, Dr. Kurt Barnhart, “Kansas State University Sends Flight Training Data To The Cloud,”9/5/12 Aero News Network

Athletics, John Currie, international programs, Dr. Marcelo Sabates, “Fox Reports To Broadcast K-State Versus Miami,”9/5/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “*Bands To Play At K-State,”9/5/12 Peabody Gazette Bulletin

Associate Curator Beach Museum of Art, Elizabeth Seaton, “Child's Play: Mitchell Gallery Showcases Art Of Women Printmakers,”9/5/12 Capital Gazette (Annapolis, Md.)

Alumnus, Mark W. Funke, “Southwest Bancorp Names CEO/President,”9/5/12 Tulsa World

Student, Kaylee Brown, "Tool Donors Come To Aid Of Army Private," 9/5/12 Lansing (Mich.) State Journal

President Kirk Schulz, human ecology, Virginia Moxley, Carolyn Jackson, provost, April Mason, alumni association, Kent Bradley, student, Lauren Koepp, "Justin Expansion To Be Dedicated," 9/4/12 Manhattan Mercury, 9/12/12 KWCH-TV

Kansas State University, "K-State Host To 2 Talks On Climate," 9/4/12 Manhattan Mercury

Extension director, "Smartphone App Is 'Map' For Big Event," 9/4/12 Hutchinson News

Kansas State University, “*Kansas State Plans To Climate Change Conferences,”9/4/12 San Antonio Express-News, Sacremento Bee, Topeka Captial-Journal, Kansas First News, The Houston Chronicle, KAKE-TV

President Kirk Schulz, “KU Chancellor Getting Part-Time Driver,”9/3/12 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Lawrence Journal World, Sacramento Bee

Human nutrition, Brian Lindshield, “*Professor Pushes For Better E-Textbooks,”9/3/12 Detroit News

Family studies and human services, Walter Schumm, “Pulling No Punches,”9/3/12 World Net Daily, RenewAmerica

Student, Kaylee Brown, “Got Tools? Soldier Promises To Make Good Use Of Them,”9/2/12 Lansing (Mich.) State Journal

Kansas State University, “Live United Photo Shoot Planned,”9/2/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, “USDA Awards Kansas State A Conservation Grant,”9/2/12 KFDI (Wichita)

Kansas State University, “Millard Schools, Nonprofit Launch 'Virtual Town Halls',”9/2/12 Omaha World-Herald

Kansas State University, “Kansan Trying To Verify If Handwriting Is RFK's,”9/1/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Athletics, Bill Snyder, “Snyder’s K-State Salary Increased To $2.2 Million,”9/1/12 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Rural Opportunity Zones Drawing Applicants To Kansas,”9/1/12 Wichita Eagle

Plant pathology, Erick DeWolf, “Wanted Dead: Volunteer Wheat,”9/2/12 Salina Journal

Alumnus, Daniel Bigham, student, Jared Barker, “*It's Your Business,”9/1/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “Northeast Kansas Happenings,”9/1/12 Topeka Capital-Journal