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K-Staters in the news - November 2012

In the news archives

Clinical science, Dan Thomson, "APLU Honors Dr. Dan Thomson With Teaching Award," 11/30/12 Drover's Cattle Network

Student, Logan Rose, "From Coast To Coast, Tributes To Tyler Rathbun Flow," 11/30/12 Kansas City Star

Engineering, Van Hockersmith, Dwayne Barber, "Avionics Students, Faculty Receive Certificates At Training Conference," 11/30/12 Avionics Intelligence

Kansas State University, "Fort Riley To Honor Post Grads," 11/29/12 The First Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, "Program Brings Families Together," 11/29/12 The First Infantry Division Post

Student, Cory Hendrickson, "K-State Student Stops Purse Thief," 11/29/12 WIBW

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Conservatives Are In The Driver's Seat In The Kansas Legislature; Professors Ask Where They Will Take The State," 11/29/12 Lawrence Journal World

Student, Faryad Sahneh, electrical engineering, Caterina Scoglio, "Social Media Weapon Against Disease?," 11/29/12 UPI

Biochemistry, Phillip Klebba, "Research Shows Iron's Importance In Infection, Suggests New Therapies," 11/29/12 Health News Digest

Research & Extension, Debra Bolton, “*Guidebook Aims To Improve Hispanic Health In U.S. Through Culturally-Relevant Means,” 11/29/12 Huffington Post, VOXX II

Arts & Sciences, Joe Aistrup, “Washburn To Host Post-Election Roundtable,” 11/29/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Salina Aviation, Michael Most, students, Van Hockersmith, Dwayne Barber,“*Avionics Students, Faculty Receive Certificates At Training Conference,” 11/29/12 Avionics Intelligence

K-State Athletics, Scott Garrett, “Athletic Direction,” 11/29/12 Morris (Ill.) Daily Herald

Student, Nick Leckey, “Ex-NFL Player To Give KSU Commencement Speech,” 11/28/12 The Statesman

Salina Aviation, Tim Rogers, “Federal Judge Grants Extension In Salina Cleanup,” 11/28/12 North Jersey News, The Wichita Eagle, Houston Chronicle

Plant Pathology, Bikram Gill, Sunish Sehgal, “*Kansas State Researchers Help Sequence Wheat Genes,” 11/28/12 Bloomberg Businessweek, FeedStuffs, The Republic, The Wichita Eagle, Topeka Capital Journal, Salina, Journal

Kinesiology, Brandon Irwin, “*How To Burn More Calories? Choose Your Workout Buddy Wisely, Study Says ,” 11/28/12 Huffington Post

Electrical Engineering, Faryad Sahneh, Caterina Scoglio, psychology, Gary Brase, “*Can Social Media Prevent The Spread Of Disease?,” 11/28/12 Psych Central, The Republic, KWCH, Wichita Eagle, WIBW, Topeka Capital Journal, Salina Journal, MetroNews Canada, FierceHealthIT, Medical News Today, Fierce IT

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, T.G. Nagaraja, agricultural economics, Andrew Barkley, "Two K-State Faculty Receive $5K Iman Award," 11/27/12 Manhattan Mercury

Graduate student, Faryad Sahneh, electrical engineering, Caterina Scoglio, psychology, Gary Brase, family studies, Walter Schumm, "Researchers Explore Social Media As Preventative Method For Infectious Diseases," 11/27/12 Bioscience Technology, Science Codex, Times of India

Kansas State University, "KBI Crime Scene Investigators Practice Unearthing Graves," 11/27/12 WIBW

Student, McKayla Brubaker, "Area K-State Student Wins $50,000 Scholarship," 11/27/12 KSAL

Kinesiology, Brandon Irwin, "Team 'Weak Links' Motivated Toward Intense Workouts," 11/27/12 Leavenworth Times

Anatomy and physiology, Yongming Sang, vet med, Frank Blecha, "Researchers Sequence Swine Genome," 11/27/12 Pig Progress

VP for Research, Ron Trewyn, National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "DHS, KSU Working On Land Transfer," 11/27/12 Manhattan Mercury

President Schulz, "Schulz, K-State Shine Together," 11/27/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kinesiology, Brandon Irwin, “Burning Calories Easier With Mate?” 11/27/12 USA Today via Sify News, Science Newsline, I4u, Huffington Post, Medical Xpress, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov12/exercise112612.html

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Doug Powell, “The Meat Of The Matter,” 11/27/12 Fort Wayne (Ind.) Journal Gazette

President Kirk Schulz, “*Kansas State University Signs Agreement With The University Of Sydney,”11/27/12 University of Sydney

Kansas State University, “Recent Kansas Editorials: Safety Net Is Shrinking,”11/27/12 Austin American-Statesman via the Wichita Eagle

Students, Levertis Horne, Chase Cargile, "Manhattan Man Charged In Home Invasion, Shooting Of K-State Student," 11/26/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, "KSU Police Make Arrest In Thanksgiving Burglary," 11/26/12 WIBW

President Kirk Schulz, "Education Council Honors K-State President," 11/26/12 Kansas City Star

President Kirk Schulz, "Kansas State University President Recognized For Teaching Excellence," 11/26/12 WIBW

Kinesiology, Brandon Irwin, "Burning More Calories Is Easier When Working Out With Someone You Perceive As Better," 11/26/12 Medical Xpress

Agronomy, Jim Shroyer, “Plains Wheat Deterioration Continues,”11/26/12 Agriculture.com

President Kirk Schulz, “*Education Council Honors K-State President,”11/26/12 Kansas City Star, I4u, Wichita Business Journal, WIBW

Kansas State University, “KSU Police Make Arrest In Thanksgiving Burglary,”11/26/12 WIBW, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov12/rathbonearrest112612.html

Kansas State University, “Manhattan Man Charged In Home Invasion, Shooting Of K-State Student,”11/26/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “Wichita State Researchers Focuses On Cancer Spreads,”11/25/12 Salina Journal

President Kirk Schulz, Engineering Noel Schulz,Annie Hesp, Kirk And Noel Schulz To Address Graduates At 2012 Fall Commencement Ceremonies,” 11/26/12 Noodls.com

Kansas State University, “Wichita State Researcher Focuses On How Cancer Spreads,” 11/24/12 Austin American-Statesman, Kansas First News, The Republic, KWCH

Kansas State University,Area Communities Plan Holiday Festivities,” 11/24/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “Former Candidate Herman Cain To Speak At KSU,” 11/24/12 Topeka Capital-Journal, KSALink, WIBW

Kansas State Food safety and security, James Marsden,What Is Good For Consumers Is Good For Business,” 11-23-12 The Huffington Post

Psychology, Laura Brannon, “Black Friday: The Psychology Of Getting A Deal, And How To Stress Less,” 11-23-12 The Huffington Post

Kansas State University,Commentary: Childhood Poverty Is A Problem, But Marriage Isn’t Always The Solution, “11/22/12 Kansas Ciy Star

Kansas State University,Out-Of-The-Way Manhattan Provides No. 7 Kansas State Shelter After Monumental Disappointment,” 11/21/12 Washington Post

Chemistry, Ken Klabunde, “Could Nanotechnology Pose Threat To Crops?,” 11/21/12 USA Today via Wichita Eagle, Wichita Eagle, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The State

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Douglas Powell, “Whether you buy grass-fed or ‘natural,’ meat safety isn't guaranteed,” 11/20/12 The Globe and Mail

Agronomy, Jim Shroyer, “Wheat Crop Is In Tough Shape,” 11/20/12 Many Signals Communications

Foundation, Duane Cantrell, “Kansas Bioscience Authority Hires Former Payless Shoesource Executive As New President, CEO,” 11/20/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Family Studies and Human Service, Jared Anderson, “Survey Gives Baseline In Kansas Children's Status,” 11/20/12 San Antonio Express-News, The Houston Chronicle, The Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Star, Hutchinson News

Kansas State University, “*Kansas State To Educate More Chinese Vet Students,” 11/19/12 Austin American-Statesman

Kansas State University, "How Did The Union Become An Advance Voting Place?" 11/20/12 Manhattan Mercury

Interior Architecture and Product Design, William Yankey, "Man Pleads Not Guilty To Rape," 11/20/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “*Honoring a Spongy Subject of Classroom Experiments,” 11/20/12 New York Times

Kansas State University, “Douglas County Ranks 18th in State for Child Well-Being,” 11/20/12 Lawrence Journal World

Pathobiology, Doug Powell, “*A Despicable Turkey Day Ritual Gets Hosed,” 11/19/12 Kansas City Star, Vineland Daily Journal, Sheboygan Press, Poughkeepsie Journal

McCain Auditorium, Todd Holmberg, “*Carol Burnett Coming To K-State,” 11/19/12 WIBW, KSAL

Kansas State University, “*K-State To Educate More Chinese Vet Students,” 11/19/12 KMAN-AM, Dodge City Globe

Curriculum & Instruction, Sally Yahnke, family & consumer sciences, Gayla Randel, alumna, Janet Holden, “Home Economics Spans Many Fields And Careers,” 11/19/12 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Kansas Gov. Wants State To Be An Animal Ag “Powerhouse,”” 11/19/12 Pork Network

Kansas State University, “*Computer Thefts at Kansas State,” 11/19/12 KMAN-AM, WIBW, Manhattan Mercury

Student, Kevin Wallpe, “Police: Man Hit By Car Ran Out Into Street,” 11-19-12 WIBW

Interior Architecture & Product Design, William Yankey, “K-State Professor Pleads Not Guilty To Rape,” 11-19-12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “Heard On The Hill: WSJ Reports On KU-KSU Relations, ‘Manicured Lawns,’” 11/19/12 Lawrence Journal World

Kansas State University, "K-State Students Build Wheelchair Ramp For Eskridge Church," 11/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, “Don't Wash Your Turkey! And Other Food Safety Tips,”11/19/12 USA Today, Medical Xpress, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov12/turkey111512.html

Kansas State University, “*Kansas State To Educate More Chinese Vet Students,” 11/19/12 Kansas First News, Hutchinson News, NECN News, Salina Journal, Topeka Capital-Journal, WIBW

Anatomy & physiology, Yongming Sang, Vet Med, Frank Blecha, “K-State Researchers Part Of Team To Map Domestic Pig Genome,” 11/18/12 Wichita Eagle, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov12/porcine111512.html

Psychology, Laura Brannon, “Why Consumers Wait In Line For The Latest Gadgets And Greatest Sales,” 11/18/12 News Track India, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov12/waiting111312.html

Animal sciences & industry, Scott Beyer, “Talkin' Turkey; It Will Be More Expensive This Year,” 11/17/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Music, David Pickering, “Church News For Saturday 11/17/12,” 11/17/12 Salina Journal

Alumnus, Trevor Bausch, “It’s Your Business,” 11/17/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “Old Friends Gather For Traditional Prairie Chicken Hunt,” 11/17/12 The Wichita Eagle

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, “Letter: Sprout Safety Issue Requires Industry Reinforcement,” 11/16/12 The Packer

Emeritus, Gary Kilgore,agronomy, Bill Schapaugh, Chuck Rice, Extension Specialist, Doug Shoup, “Kansas Soybean Expo Will Be ‘Fueling Innovations’,” 11/16/12 High Plains Journal

Marketing, Kevin Gwinner, “Chiefs’ Funk Hits Merchandise Sales,” 11/16/12 Kansas City Star

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, “*Northwest E. Coli Outbreak Latest In U.S. Tied To Petting Zoos,” 11/16/12 The Oregonian

Industrial & Manufacturing systems engineering, Brad Kramer, "KSU program receives national recognition, " 11/16/12 Manhattan Mercury

Pathobiology, Doug Powell, "KSU professor: Don't wash that bird," 11/16/12 Manhattan Mercury

Physics, Artem Rudenko, "Researchers Create Supercharged Atoms Using X-Ray Laser," 11/16/12 AzoNano, Manhattan Mercury

Chemical Engineering, Mary Rezac, "Bioenergy/Sustainable Tech Certificate Available," 11/16/12 Ag Professional

Kansas State University, "KSU Announces Exclusive Bowl Travel Package," 11/15/12 Kansas First News

Kansas State University, "Kansas Dance Festival To Showcase Student Performers," 11/15/12 The Wichita Eagle

Psychology, Laura Brannon, "Why We Wait: Psychologist Discusses The Reasons We Love To Line UP For The Latest Gadgets And Greatest Sales," 11/15/12 Sabetha Herald

Food Safety, Doug Powell, "How To Have An Uninvited Thanksgiving Guest: Washing Turkey, Not Using Thermometer Can Be Recipe For Food Poisoning," 11/15/12 GardnerEDGE

Anatomy and Physiology, Yongming Sang, vet med, Frank Blecha, "Researchers Sequence Swine Genome, Discover Associations That May Advance Animal And Human Health," 11/15/12 Science Codex

Horticulture, Ward Upham, "Drought Shows Little Sign Of Easing," 11/15/12 The Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, "Brownback Says Little Chance Of Base Increase To Higher Ed," 11/15/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Human Ecology, Jane P. Marshall, "If you like art, this is your weekend," 11/15/12 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, "Leverage in NBAF woes," 11/15/12 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Amber Englebert, "Beloit Woman Seriously Injured In Accident," 11/14/12 KZDY

Psychology, Laura Brannon, “*Why We Wait: Psychologist Discusses The Reasons We Love To Line Up For The Latest Gadgets And Greatest Sales,” 11/14/12 Science Daily, E! Science News, Consumer Affairs, Medical Xpress http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov12/waiting111312.html

K-State Olathe, Dan Richardson, “CEO Of K-State Olathe Campus Plans 2013 Retirement,” 11/14/12 Kansas City Business Journal, KSNT, Kansas First News 

Kansas State University, “Tampa Native Chosen For Cancer Research Project,” 11/14/12 Hillsboro Star Journal 

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Doug Powell, “*Sprouts’ Food Safety Risk Not Communicated,” 11/13/12 The Packer 

Kansas State University, “Second Threshing Stone Program To Look At 19th-Century Agriculture,” 11/13/12 Bethel College Switchboard 

Student Life, Pat Bosco, “Wildcat Dream Is Coming True, “11/13/12 WDAF FOX 4 (Kansas City)

Kansas State University, "Market Offers Exotic Wares With Fair-Trade Ethos", 11/14/12 Manhattan Mercury

Biosecurity Research Institute, Stephen Higgs, “*US High Security Bio Lab Faces Uncertain Future,”11/14/12 BBC

Arts & Sciences, Joe Aistrup, “Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran Eager To Be National Player For 2014,”11/14/12 The Wichita Eagle

Education, Charlie Nutt, “Student Advising Plays Key Role In College Success – Just As It's Being Cut,”11/13/12 NBC News, The Hechinger Report

Kansas State University, “Candid Conversation Warms Up Cold Feet For Brides, Grooms,”11/13/12 Chicago Sun-Times

Diagnostic Medicine & Pathobiology, Doug Powell, “*Sprouts’ Food Safety Risk Not Communicated,”11/13/12 Produce Retailer, The Packer

Kansas State University, “*Second Kansas University Nets Energy Research Grant,”11/13/12 Fierce Energy

Political science, Dale Herspring, “Obama Is Unpredictable In The Foreign Policy Area’,” 11/13/12 Voice Of Russia

Kansas State University, “K-State Webcast; Pay Gap Between Men And Women
,”11/13/12 Kansas City InfoZine

Political science, Dale Herspring, “For Tuesday, November 13, 2012 At 7:00 AM
,”11/13/12 WPR

Emeritus, Charles Smith, “Author Tells Parents How To Raise Courageous Kids
,” 11/13/12 Lincoln Journal Star

Kansas State University, “Students Learn To Clown And Brawl The Shakespearean Way
,”11/13/12 Salina Journal

Student, Torrey Peterson, alumni, Benjamin Long, Nikki Marcotte, “Kansas State Mock Trial Student Receives Best Attorney Award At Air Force Academy Tournament
,”11/12/12 Kansas City Star (Press Releases Portal)

Kansas State University, “K-State Participating In Global Entrepreneurship Week
,”11/12/12 Junction City Post

Kansas State University, “Water Conservation, Value Among Topics At Governor’s Water Conference
,”11/12/12 Gardner EDGE

Political science, Joe Aistrup, “Analysis: Kansas, Missouri Remain Solid Red States
,” 11/12/12 Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Biology, John Briggs, “Hightech Home On The Range,” 11/12/12 KMAN-AM

Kansas State University, “Washburn Cites Training, Tech Support For Added Online Tuition Costs,” 11/12/12 Washburn Review

Physics, Artem Rudenko, “Recipe For 'Supercharging' Atoms With X-Ray Laser
,” 11/11/12 Science Daily
, Product Design & Development

Physics, Artem Rudenko, “Study Provides Recipe For 'Supercharging' Atoms With X-Ray Laser,” 11/11/12 Nanowerk 

Curriculum and Instruction, Laurie Curtis, “Cursive Writing Fading From Focus In Schools” 11/11/12 Kansas City Star 

Kansas State University, “The Education Of Afghan Women According To The World Bank,” 
11/11/12 Muncie (Ind.) Free Press 

Political Science, Joe Aistrup, “Kansas, Missouri Remain Nation’s Crimson Political Islands,” 11/11/12 Kansas City Star 

Kansas State University, “*Aviation Students Awarded Scholarships From NBAA,” 11/11/12 Aviation Pros http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov12/nbaa110812.html

Music, David C. Pickering, “KSU’s Pickering To Play Topeka Organ Recital,” 11/11/12 Topeka Capital Journal 

Kansas State University, “Ballots Saw Write-Ins, Blank Spots,” 11/11/12 Hutchinson News 

Kansas State University, “Brownback Hosts Governor's Conference On The Future Of Water In Kansas,” 11/10/12 High Plains Journal 

Kansas State University, “Kansas State Says Student Died Of Natural Causes,” 11-10-12 The Wichita Eagle, Hutchinson News 

Kansas State University, “Northeast Kansas Happenings,” 11/10/12 Topeka Capital-Journal 

Geology, Melinda Daniels, “Upcoming Events,” 11/10/12 Topeka Capital-Journal 

Arts & Sciences, Joe Aistrup, "At the poles," 11/9/12 Manhattan Mercury

Human Ecology, Jane P. Marshall, "Lecture scheduled at discovery center," 11/9/12 Manhattan Mercury

Agronomy, Dan Devlin, "Trip to Russia an eye-opener," 11/9/12 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio and Agro Defense Facility, "Ballots Saw Write-Ins, Blank Spots," 11/9/12 Hutchinson News

Student, Collin Klein, "Fiesta Bowl Eyes Smile On Notre Dame-Kansas State Matchup," 11/9/12 Phoenix Business Journal

Agronomy, Mary Knapp, "Winter Weather Awareness Day Is Nov. 14 In Kansas," 11/9/12 Kansas First News

English,Karin Westman, "K-State English Department To Offer 'Great Lit'," 11/8/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, "Soldiers, K-State Partner For Fort Riley Day," 11/8/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Music, David Pickering, "Weekend Calendar," 11/8/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Alumna, Holly Johnson, "Nickerson Breaks Out The 'Peanuts'," 11/8/12 Hutchinson News

Student, Thomas McCord, "K-State Sophomore's Death Result Of Diabetes Complications," 11/8/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, "K-State Rotc, Fort Riley Foster Partnership," 11/8/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Clinical Sciences, James Roush, “*KSU Works To Lessen Pain In Dogs,” 11/8/12 Best in Show Daily

Chemical Engineering, Larry Erickson, “*Grant To Help Develop Solar-Powered Charging Stations For Plug-In Vehicles,” 11/8/12 Wyandotte Daily News

Student Financial Assistance, Jodi Kaus, “*Financial Literacy: Kansas State University's Award-Winning Powercat Financial Counseling Program,” 11/7/12 Jim Harris Blog

Kansas State University, “Black & Veatch Grant Supports Research Programs At University Of Kansas,” 11/7/12 Electric Power & Light

Kansas State University, “Moody's Assigns Aa2 Rating To Kansas State University's $18.45 Million Revenue Bonds, Series 2012f; Outlook Stable,” 11/7/12 Moody's

Extension SE Area, Jaymelynn Farney, “K-State Welcomes Farney As Area Beef Specialist,” 11/7/12 Farm Talk

Clinical Services, Dan Thomson, “BCI: Education And Outreach,” 11/7/12 Farm Talk

Agriculture, Jay O’Neil, “Subsidy Cuts Despite The Election,” 11/7/12 Agriculture.com

Student, Emily Harris, “Emily Harris Wins A National FFA Title,” 11/7/12 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Student, Miles Theurer, “Man Pleads Not Guilty In Double Fatal Accident,” 11-7-12 Kansas First News

Students, Cory Monley, Jeanette Galan, Stephanie Mendoza, “Manhattan Woman Seriously Injured In Head-On Collision,” 11-7-12 WIBW

Associate Provost, Myra Gordon, "Cargill Gives $1.2M To Kansas State University," 11/6/12 CBS News, KTKA, Kansas First News, Topekta Capital-Journal, KSAL, Wichita Eagle, CNBC, MSN Money, NTV, Bloomberg Businessweek

Kansas State University, "What Are Your Food-Animal Vet School Rankings?" 11/6/12 Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Kansas State University, "Rodman Says Kansas Must Position Itself To Meet World Food Demand," 11/6/12 Drover's Cattle Network

Kansas State University, "Demonstration On K-State Campus," 11/6/12 KMAN-AM

Alumni, Raymond Gibson, "Airman Recollects Wartime," 11/6/12 Houston Chronicle

Student, Ross Wooten, "Metro Voting," 11/6/12 The Kansas City Star

Engineering Technology, Tim Bower, “*Robotics Team Takes First At Competition,”11/6/12 Salina Journal

Agricultural Economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, “Farm Bill Could Be Delayed Until April 2013: Farm Policy Analyst,”11/5/12 Chicago Tribune via Reuters

Kansas State University, “Study: Don't Ignore Cold Feet,”11/5/12 The Atlantic

Clinical Sciences, Mike Apley, “Kansas Cattlemen's Association Convention Nov. 16-17 In Hutchinson,”11/5/12 Midwest Producer

Student, Miles Theurer, “Suspected Drunk Driver Arraigned In Deadly K-18 Collision,”11/5/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, "If You Have Doubts Before Marriage, Don't Ignore Them," 11/5/12 USA Today via Medical News Today, Medical Daily, Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Huffington Post

President Kirk Schulz, "Cargill Donates $1.2 Million To K-State's Project Impact," 11/5/12 Kansas First News

Kansas State University, "Four For Four: Flight Team Headed To Nationals For 4th Consecutive Year," 11/5/12 Avionics Intelligence

Political Science, Joseph Aistrup, "Joseph A. Aistrup: What's The Matter With Democrats?" 11/4/12 The Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, "Volunteer Fall Clean Up Is A Success," 11/4/12 KMAN-AM

Kansas State University, "Nebraska Program Aimed At Horticulture Pros," 11/4/12 The Houston Chronicle

Kansas State University, "The Man Behind The Mask At K-State," 11/3/12 FS Midwest

Geology, Melinda Daniels, "Upcoming Events," 11/3/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, "Professor To Speak About Howard Hughes," 11/3/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "Northeast Kansas Happenings," 11/3/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Horticulture Forestry, Charlie Barden, "Jamie Hancock: Considerations When Buying Firewood," 11/2/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Art, Erin Wiersma, "Abstract And Action," 11/2/12 Pittsburg Morning Sun 

Housing and Dining, Courtney Markle, "K-State Baker Finalist With Bacon-Raisin Pretzel Rolls," 11/2/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Alumna, Dr. Allison Ward, "Puppy Love Can Cost You," 11/2/12 New York Times

Diagnostic Medicine, Doug Powell, "Canada's Food Safety Measures Don't Work," 11/2/12 Canadian Business

Emeritus, Glenn Beck, "Former K-State VP of Ag Dies," 11/2/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Sweet Buhler Band Awards Have Piled Up All Fall; At Other Schools, Too," 11/2/12 Hutchinson News

Kansas State University, "Weather Great For First Friday Artwalk," 11/2/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, "College Of Education Starts Effort To Establish Day-Care Program On Campus," 11/2/12 Arizona Daily Wildcat

Kansas State University, "Kansas State University's Enrollment Tops 24,300," 11/2/12 USA Education News

Alumna, Dr. Kelly Jordan, "Wachal Pet Health Center Welcomes Dr. Kelly S. Jordan," 11/1/12 Lincoln Journal Star

Kansas State University, "More Details On KU's Room And Board Rate Proposal: Drive This Month Collecting Professional Clothing For Students," 11/1/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Chemical Engineering, Larry Erickson, "Grant To Help Develop Solar-Powered Charging Stations For Plug-In Vehicles," 11/1/12 Kansas Ag Connection

Agronomy, Jim Shroyer, "Dry Soils, Poor Emergency May Require Replanting Wheat," 11/1/12 Pork Network

Computing & Information Science, David Gustafson, Rod Howell, "Students programmed to win," 11/1/12 Manhattan Mercury

English, Michael Donnelly, "Funny stuff: 2 improv acts plus a play," 11/1/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Master Gardener Training Set To Begin In February,”11/1/12 Salina Journal