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K-Staters in the news - March 2012

English, Philip Nel, “And the Livin' Is Easy?,” 3/27/12 Inside Higher Ed

Athletics, Bruce Weber, “Kansas State Hires Weber,” 3/31/12 New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Sacramento Bee, KSN, The State, Kansas CW, Purdue Exponent, SB Nation, Allvoices, Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “*Superfruit, Or Just A Plain Old Clark Kent Fruit?,” 3/31/12 Los Angeles Times

Division of Human Resources, Gary Leitnaker, *At Colleges, Faculties Are Graying And Staying,”3/31/12 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Students Learn PLANET-Saving Skills, Vie For Jobs,”3/31/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Education, Debbie Mercer, “People,”3/31/12 Hutchinson News

Kansas State University, NanoDays At The Discovery Center,”3/31/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “*Northeast Kansas Happenings,” 3/31/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Grain Science and Industry, Sajid Alavi, “Central Government Committed To Ensuring Food,” 3/31/12 The Hindu

Kansas Industrial Extension Service, Barb Johnson, “Ideas For North Salina Development Discussed,” 3/31/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, “Galesburg Officials Relate City’s Brownfields Experience,”3/31/12 Galesburg (Ill.) Register-Mail

College of Arts and Sciences, Joe Aistrup, “4 Face Off For OSU Arts And Sciences Dean,” 3/30/12 The Daily O'Collegian (Oklahoma State University)

Kansas State University, "Preparing For The Worst," 3/30/12 Manhattan Mercury

Human Ecology, Dan Andresen, “Google Project Could Widen Gap In Kansas City Between Computer Haves And Have Nots,”3/30/12 Kansas City Star

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, “Brownback: Split Of Topeka Might Work,” 3/29/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Michael Dryden, “More Ticks Expected In Kansas,” 3/29/12 KAKE

Athletics, John Currie, Brad Underwood, “K-State AD Promises Quiet Search For Heir To Martin, Though Potential Names Already Surfacing,” 3/28/12 Washington Post, Topeka Capital Journal, Albany Times Union, Dodge City Daily Globe, Bleacher Report

Graduate student, Tyra Olstad,“*KSU Researcher Takes New Look At Prairie,” 3/28/12 Wausau Daily Herald

KSU Police Department, Don Stubbings, Ronnie Grice, "KSU Police Captain Graduates From The National Academy," 3/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, John Currie, Frank Martin, "Let's Shift Our Focus To Actions," 3/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

Career and Employment Services, Mary Ellen Barkley, "CES Assistant Director Tells Interviewers To Be Wary Of Behavioral Questions," 3/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

Provost, April Mason, Education, Debbie Mercer, Michael Holen, "Associate Dean Picked To Head College of Education," 3/29/12 Manhattan Mercury 

Education, Debbie Mercer, “Three Women Appointed To Dean Positions,” 3/29/12 Women in Academia Report, WIA Report, K-MAN 1350AM, KMAN http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/coedean32812.html 

President Kirk Schulz, K-State Salina, Dennis Kuhlman, “K-State At Salina Grows Up,” 3/29/12 Salina Journal 

History, Robert Linder, “Annual Meeting Of Historians To Be Conducted In Salina,” 3/29/12 Salina Journal http://www.salina.com/news/story/yote-history 

Kansas State University Center on Aging, Gayle Doll, “Sexuality And The Elderly,” 3/28/12 Topeka Capital-Journalhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/dollbook31312.html 

Career and Employment Services, Mary Ellen Barkley, “Prepare For Job Interview, Behavioral-Type Questions, K-State Expert Advises,” 3/28/12 Wichita Eagle http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/interview32812.html 

Kansas State University, “*K-State To Host Decontamination Training Friday,” 3/28/12 KMAN 

Kansas State University, “Continuous Cropping Increase Wheat's Water Usage,” 3/28/12 Western Farm Press 

Kansas State University, “FSA lifts CRP Prescribed Burning Mandate,” 3/28/12 Agriculture.com 

Kansas State University, “Camp Funston Continues To Host Soldiers; Expects Numbers To Rise This Year,” 3/28/12 Salina Journal 

Kansas State University, “'Envisioning Andover' Focuses On City's Future,” 3/28/12 Andover American 

Athletics, Frank Martin, “USA TODAY College Basketball Coaches' Salaries, 2011-2012,” 3/28/12 USA Today 

Athletics, Bill Snyder, Frank Martin, “Editorial: Time To Move On At KSU,” 3/28/12 Topeka Capital-Journal 

Kansas State University, “Workshop Offered On Redeveloping Brownfields,” 3/28/12 News-Gazette (Urbana-Champaign, Ill.)

President, Kirk Schulz, Athletic Director, John Currie, "Kevin Haskin: Positive Outlook Launches K-State Search,"3/28/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Kansas State University, "School Notes: Kansas State University,"3/28/12 Kansas City Star 

Athletics, Frank Martin, "Martin Calls Decision To Leave Hardest Of His Life," 3/28/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletic Director, John Currie, "Fiesta Bowl Names New Board Chairman,"3/28/12 Arizona Republic

President, Kirk Schulz, Athletic Director, John Currie, "K-State Officials Tried To Retain Coach Frank Martin After Overtures From South Carolina," 3/27/12 Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Fox 4 KC, KMBC, Bring On The Cats.com, Boston Herald, Kansas City Star, CBS Sports, Austin American-Statesman, Kansas.com, KWCH, ABC11.com, Chicago Tribune, Wichita Business Journal, Salt Lake Tribune, ESPN, Washington Post, Aiken Standard, Fort Worth Star Telegram,  The Pitch 

President, Kirk Schulz, "Video: K-State President Defends School's Handling Of Samuels Situation," 3/27/12 Kansas City Star

Student, Andrew Sweeney, "KSU Music Student Travels To France To Study," 3/27/12 Manhattan Mercury 

President, Kirk Schulz, "K-State Makes Veterinary Medicine Appointments," 3/27/12 High Plains Journal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/rivieresappt31412.html

Student, Kat Lopez, “The '80s Called, And They Want Their Cellphones Back,” 3/27/12 The Wall Street Journal

Alumna, Kyla Reinhardt, "Russell Opts For Young Professional To Lead Ch

,"3/27/12 Hays Daily News 

Kansas State University, "Reviving Kansas City's Forgotten Urban Center,"3/27/12 This Big City

History, Robert Linder, "Retired Professor To Look At Mennonites, U.S. Bicentennial, In Bethel Lecture,"3/27/12 Bethel News 

Kansas State University, "Kansas House Panel Endorses Topeka Split In Congressional Redistricting,"3/27/12 Kansas City Sta

Kansas State University, "National Geographic Photographer To Speak At Manhattan Museum,"3-27-12 WIBW

Agronomy, Glynn Tonsor, "K-State Ag Economist On Animal Welfare Issues,"3/26/12 Brownfield News

Political Science, Dale Herspring, “*US-Russia Ties To Turn Corner?,” USA Today via The Voice of Russia Radio

Family Studies and Human Services, Amber Vennum, “*On-Off Couples Should Stop Recycling Romance, And Call It Quits,” 3/26/12 ABC News, Today Show, Fox News, Glamour Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, MSNBC

Agricultural Economics, Glynn Tonsor, “K-State Ag Economist On Animal Welfare Issues,” 3/26/12 Brownfield Ag News For America

Kansas State University, “House Moves On Admission, Remedial Reforms,”3/26/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, "Number Of Activities On The Calendar For The KSU English Department," 3/26/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Kan. House Panel Endorses Topeka Split In Remap,” 3/26/12 Real Clear Politics

Kansas State University, “Salina Working Toward Settlement On TCE Cleanup,”3/26/12 Belleview (Illinois) News Democrat

Kansas State University, “Rafael Fantauzzi: State Farm Glorification Of Bullying Is Shameful,”3/26/12 Fox News

Alumna, Shannon Baird, “You Should Get To Know: Shannon Baird,” 3/27/12 Des Moines Register

Kansas State University, "Crowds Shrink at Men's Basketball Games," 3/26/12 Chronicle of Higher Education 

Family Studies and Human Services, John E. Grable, "Secret To Success For Advisers? Get An Easy Chair," 3/25/12 Investment News

Kansas State University, "Teen Killed At Wolf Creek Ski Area Identified As Kansas State Student,"3/25/12 Denver Post

Kansas State University, "Fifty KSU Students Enter Honor Society," 3/25/12 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Garret Spencer, "K-Stater Dies In Ski Accident," 3/25/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Gloriana Returning To Little Apple," 3/25/12 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic Medicne Pathobiology Justin Kastner, Clinical Sciences, Dan Thompson, "K-State Prof. Pens '150 Years Of Kansas Beef'," 3/25/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Emergency Groups Work Together In Training Exercise,"3/24/12 Salina Journal

Graduate Student, Tyra Olstad, "*KSU Researcher Takes New Look At Prairie,"3/24/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "NBAF Feasibility Talks Continue,"3/23/12 KCUR

Kansas State University, "Wichita Company, Kansas State Team Up for Project to Make Better Electronic Products,"3/23/12 Lab Manager magazine http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/nitride32112.html

Clinical Sciences, Michael Apley, "Animal Health Protocols Key,"3/23/12 High Plains Journal

National Bio and Agro Defense Facility, "Aderholt Questions DHS Officials on FY13 Facilities Budget Request,"3/21/12 Aderholt.house.gov

Athletics, Frank Martin, "Martin to join CBS coverage this weekend," 3/23/12 Manhatan Mercury

Kansas State University, "KSU engineering partners with Wichita company," 3/23/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Victory Garden Offers Residents Opportunity To Grow Own Food," 3/22/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, "Farmers, Homework Tour Post," 3/22/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, "Camp Funston Continues To Host Soldiers, Expects More," 3/22/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Outcry Over Trim Creating Dangerous, Slippery Slope," 3/22/12 FeedStuffs

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, "DHS struggles to balance mission costs with new facilities," 3/22/12 Federal News Radio, Executive Gov, Defpro.com

Students, Ryan Lund, Brian Schrotenboer, "Construction science students earn scholarships," 3/22/12 Manahttan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Landscape Olympics, Career Days come to K-State," 3/22/12 Manhattan Mercury, WIBW, Lawn & Landscape

Horticulture Forestry and Recreation Resources, "Kansas Forest Service celebrates 125 years at KSU," 3/22/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, John Currie, "AD Currie addresses Samuels case," 3/22/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Brad Hill, "Cats host No. 21 Texas for three-game series," 3/22/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Petra Chuda, Carmen Borau, Petra Niedermayerova, Karla Niedermayerova, "K-State tennis to host Tech, Baylor," 3/22/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University at Salina, "Airport logs more flights," 3/22/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University at Salina, Student Life,Dixie Schierlman, "A 'Hunger" for a movie," 3/22/12 Salina Journal

Alumna, Donald Campbell, "Fort Hood gets new commander," 3/21/12 Statesman

Kansas State University, "Police Surround Manhattan Home," 3/21/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, "New Holland sponsors PLANET's 2012 Student Career Days and loader backhoe competition," 3/21/12 BetterRoads.com

Kansas State University, "4-H more than a county fair," 3/21/12 Emporia Gazette

Student, Shelby Elliot, "Elliot Part of K-State's Spring Dance," 3/21/12 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/springdance31912.html

Anatomy and physiology, Nancy Monteiro-Riviere, "Four women appointed to distinguished fauclty chairs," 3/21/12 Women In Academia Report, Javma News http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/rivieresappt31412.html

Kansas State University, "Kansas House speaker drops push to split KC area in Congress map," 3/21/12 Kansas City Star, Wichita Eagle, Lawrence Journal World, El Dorado Times, KC Star

Kansas State University, "Livestock Briefs: BCI at K-State launches Youth Animal Care Training program," 3/21/12 Midwest Producer

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Supervalu: No more 'pink slime' beeft at Cub Foods," 3/21/12 Minneapolis Star Tribune

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility"Kansas Desease Center's Funding Debated," 3/21/12 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

Kansas State University, "Students help teachers learn SVS program," 3/21/12 Manhattan Mercury

Clinical sciences, Elizabeth G. Davis, “Equine NSAID Use: Indications And Complications,” 3/21/12 The Horse.com

Kansas State University, “Volunteers Needed For Academic Challenge Tournament,” 3/21/12 Salina Journal

Athletics, Angel Rodriguez, “Scholarships Of Mississippi College Band Members Revoked Over Racial Taunt,”3/21/12 New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Boston.com, NPR, Reuters, London Free Press, Albany Times Union, Hattiesburg American, Jackson Clarion Ledger, CANOE, Manhattan Mercury, Reuters, WLTX.com, BET, New York Daily News, Inside Higher Ed, Kansas City Star, Student Printz

Athletics, Angel Rodriguez, “The Star’s Editorial | University Of Southern Mississippi Had Right Response To K-State Taunting Incident,” 3/21/12 Kansas City Star, al.com (blog)

Sociology anthropology & social work, Michael Wesch, "Michael Wesch: The World Remixed - How New Media Is Changing Our World," 3/20/12 Santa Barbara Independent

Athletics, Frank Martin, "Future is bright for K-State basketball," 3/20/12

Athletics, Deb Patterson, "UConn pressure too much for Cats," 3/20/12 Manhattan Mercury

Communications studies of theatre and dance, Tim Steffensmeier, "KSU professor receives citizen's input on the future of higher education," 3/20/12 Manhattan Mercury

Economist Jay O'Neil,“Push By Ethanol Producers Into Corn Oil Raises Concerns Over DDGs,”3/20/12 Fox Business News

Clinical sciences, Susan C. Nelson, “Keep Your Pet’s Home Clean, Green, and Cancer-Free!,” 3/20/12 Animal Fair

Communication studies theatre and dance, David Ollington. Julie Pentz, Jennifer Stout, Music, Kurt Garner, “Fort Scott Student In K-State Production,”3/20/12 Fort Scott Tribune, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/springdance31912.html

Agronomy, Mary Knapp, It's Fall – Rainfall: It May Linger As Spring Sets In,”3/20/12 Hutchinson News

Athletics, Ashia Woods, "Making Strides," 3/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Brad Hill, "Aggies take baseball series from Wildcats," 3/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Steve Fritz, "KSU track opens outdoor season with six wins," 3/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Patrick Sweeney, "KSU rowing gains speed at Texas," 3/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Steve Bietau, "Wildcat tennis defeated by Memphis at home," 3/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Danielle Hill, "Road Racers, of course, all returned...to a celebratory throng," 3/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Non-monetary city support could help ATA," 3/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Political science, Dale Herspring, "Professor Critiques Russian Military," 3/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Anatomy & physiology, Mark Weiss, "Genetic Research Develops Tools For Studying Diseases, Improving Regenerative Treatment,”3/19/12 Science Daily, Immortality Medicine, Medical Xpress, Health News Digest, Bio-Medicine, Science Codex, Stem Cell, Gene Therapy, Science Daily (press release) http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/regentreat31912.html

English, Phillip Nel, “Lenksi Lecture To Feature Scholar Of Crockett Johnson,”3/19/12 CAS News

Student life, Scott Jones, “Public Health Officials Look Into Illness At KSU Fraternity,”3/19/12 WIBW http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/fiji31612.html

Athletics, Frank Martin, Angel Rodriguez, "Victory and defeat," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Deb Patterson, Brittany Chambers, Brashea Brown, Jalana Childs, "Wildcats excited for shot at UConn," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Kelly Bovaird, Sam Etsel, Jordan Cox, Emily Stockford, "Wildcats edged by Cowgirls in home finale," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Rodney McGruder, "McGruder suffers injury," 3/18/12 Manahttan Mercury

Athletics, Deb Patterson, "KSU women edge Princeton, move on," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Branshea Brown, "Brown has career day for Wildcats in win," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Will Spradling, "Syracuse played 2nd half like top team," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, "Moving on and going home," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Communications and Marketing, "KSU hires assistant communications VP," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Political Science, Dale Herspring, "Obama's military cuts endanger armed forces," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Nicole Allen, Justin Scott, "Many contributed to the success of cleanup after Fake Patty's Day," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Jamar Samuels, "Samuels probe focuses on cash gift," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Jamar Samuels, "The substance of the NCAA benefits rule," 3/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Geology, Saugata Datta, “High Manganese Levels Making Air Breathing Hazardous In Some Residential Areas,”3/18/12 USA Today via Natural News http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/manganeseair30712.html

Continuing Education, Joe Regenstein, “Why One Professor Retired—And Another One Is Staying On,”3/18/12 Chronicle of Higher Education

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Douglas Powell, “Eat, Drink And Be Wary,”3/18/12 Winnipeg Free Press

Kansas State University, “*Garden Gym,”3/18/12 Mail Tribune (Southern Oregon)

Student, Angel Rodriguez, “Column: Ignorance And Racism A Losing Combination,”3/18/12 New York Times/via AP, Washington Post, Seattle Post Intelligencer, USA Today College

Athletics, Frank Martin, students, Angel Rodriguez, Jordan Henriquez, Adrian Diaz, Victor Ojeleye, “Kansas State Sets Up Melting Pot On The Plains,”3/17/12 New York Times

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, “$1 Billion Price Tag For NBAF,”3/17/12 KCUR, BioPrepWatch.com

Kansas State University, “Legislators Heading Toward Redistricting Collision,”3/17/12 Lawrence Journal World

Athletics, Frank Martin, "Seeing Orange," 3/16-17/12 Manhattan Mercury

English, Karin Westman, “‘Hunger Games’ Is An Opportunity To Bond For Many Families,”3/16/12 Christian Science Monitor, 3/17/12 Jezebel http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/hungergames31412.html

English, Donna Potts, “Joplin Native Examines Irish Poetic Traditions In New Book,”3/16/12 Joplin Globehttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/pottsirish30112.html

Kansas State University, “*Popular Series Has Kids Hyped,”3/16/12 Hutchinson News

Kansas State University, “USDA To Celebrate 150th Anniversary,”3/16/12 High Plains Journal

Student, Jessie Zimmerman, “Agronomy Student Speaks To Legislators On National Ag Day,”3/16/12 High Plains Journal

President Kirk Schulz, “*Heard On The Hill:

Hires First Member Of Prestigious National Academies,”3/16/12 Lawrence Journal-World

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, “Hearing Set Today For Biosecurity Lab,”3/16/12 Topeka Capital-Journal, KOAM-TV, KCTV 5, Kansas First News, KTKA, Wichita Eagle, 6News Lawrence, KCTV Kansas City, WIBW, Topix.com

Animal Sciences & Industry, James Marsden, “South Sioux City Beef Plant's Methods 'Slimed',”3/16/12 The Journal Star, 3/17/12 Salina Journal

Management, Diane Swanson, “Wanna Bet? March Madness And A Dozen Other Office Games Of Chance,” 3/15/12 Business Management Daily http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/ncaaoffice31412.html

Animal Sciences & Industry, Kyle Steele, “*Food Preservation Lightens Up,”3/15/12 Food and Drink Digital

Diagnostic medicine & pathobiology, Raymond Rowland, "K-State Professor's Discovery To Save Pork Industry Millions," 3/15/12 Manhattan Mercury

English, Karin Westman, Anne Phillips, Tanya Gonzalez, "'Hunger Games' Satisfies KSU Professors and Students," 3/15/12 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Bob Rowland, “Scientists Identify Pigs With Reduced Susceptibility To PRRS,” 3/15/12 National Hog Farmer, 3/15/12 Physorg, e! Science News, BioPortfolio, Science Daily, 3/17/12 Geonomics News http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/prrs31512.html

Student, Angel Rodriquez, “Southern Miss Issues Apology For Band's Derogatory Chant At NCAA Tournament,” 3/15/12 CNN International, Washington Post, NPR, Jackson Clarion Ledger, Kansas City Star, Business Insider, New York Daily News, Tulsa World, WCVB-TV, TFMY News 2, Inside Higher Ed

interior architecture and product design, Jani Vibhavari,students, Thomas Jones, Victoria Beaulieu, Sara Masalskis, “MAC Showcases K-State Students' Designs For Wounded Warrior Rehabilitation Center,” 3/15/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Student, Nellie Hill, “12 Collegiate Agriculture Students Selected For International Experience, Will Visit Vietnam, Malaysia And Singapore,”3/15/12 Wisconsin Farm Bureau

Military Affairs, Art DeGroat, “*K-State Rugby, 'Vanguards' Partner,” 3/15/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Alumni, Nathan & Mary Alice Chaffin, Sondra Hodgson, athletics, Frank Martin, “Pittsburgh Alumni Welcome K-State,”3/15/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Kansas State University, “Early High Temps Threaten Vegetation,”3/15/12 McPherson Sentinel

President, Kirk Schulz, Vice President for Research, Ron Trewyn, Dean of Veterinary Medicine, Ralph Richardson,“Two Internationally-Recognized Scientists; Including The University's First National Academies Member; Accept Appointments In Veterinary Medicine,”3/15/12 Bloomberg Businessweek http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/rivieresappt31412.html

Hale Library, David Allen, Lori Goetsch, “K-State Receives Remarkable Bible,”3/14/12 Topeka Capital-Journal (Blog) http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/sjb31212.html

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Raymond Rowland, “Research Uncovers Genetic Market That Could Help Control, Eliminate PRRS Virus,”3/15/12 PhysOrg http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/prrs31512.html

Kansas State University, National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, “Kansas House Committee OKs Redistricting Map,” 3/14/12 Kansas City Star, Joco 913, Hutchinson News, Lawrence Journal-World

Clinical Sciences, Mike Apley, “Looking For Good Answers To Hard Questions…,” 3/15/12 BlogHer

Kansas State University, “*Local Students Awarded Research Grants,”3/14/12 Fort Scott Tribune

Student, Joshua Klarmann, “*Klarmann Nominated For Scholarship,”3/14/13 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin

Student, Landon Leiker, “*Leiker Named KSU Leader,”3/14/12 Marion Record

Kansas State University, "Expand Concealed Carry To Campuses," 3/14/12 Manhattan Mercury

Hale library, Lori Goetsch, secondary education, Tonnie Martinez, english, Greg Eiselein, "St. John's Bible On Display At Hale Library," 3/14/12 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, "NBAF Risk Review Set For Friday," 3/14/12 Manhattan Mercury

CEO K-State Olathe, Dan Richardson, K-State olathe, Kristie Northcutt, "*JoCo Research Triangle At Last Is A Dream Come True,"3/14/12 Kansas City Star

Salina Engineering Technology, Raju Dandu, "United Way Launches Fight On Poverty,"3/14/12 Salina Journal 

Family Studies and Human Services, Kristy Archuleta, Student Financial Assistance, Jodi Kaus, "Taxing Times: Experts Say Avoid Getting A Refund -- But If You Do, Save It Or Use To Pay Down Debt," 3/14/12 USA Today via PhysOrg http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/taxrefund31412.html

Heather Wagoner, Salina public and alumni relations, "Donors Respond To 'Match' Event,"3/14/12 Salina Journal

Management, Diane Swanson, "March Madness or March Badness: Policies Can Help Employee Know Limits On Tracking Scores Online or With Phone,"3/14/12 PhysOrg, Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/ncaaoffice31412.html

Human Ecology, Gayle Doll, "K-State Expert's Book Explores Older Adults' Need For Intimacy," 3/13/12 Manhattan Mercury

Agronomy, Jim Shroyer, "Kansas Wheat Crop 'Looks Too Good For This Time Of Year,' Expert Says," 3/13/12 Kansas City Star 

Kansas State University, "National College Horticulture ‘Games’ To Be Held In Manhattan," 3/13/12 Green Industry Pros, WIBW

Kansas State University, "Many Top NCAA Seeds Spent Big Last Season," 3/13/12 Kansas City Business Journal

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Science Online 2012 – Interview With Matthew Shipman," 3/13/12 Scientific American

Sociology, Anthropology and social work, Michael Wesch, "Welcome To Today’s Classroom,"3-12-12 SouthwestIowaNews.com

SW research ext center, John Holman, “Biomass Plant Under Way In Southwest Kansas,”3/13/12 Oshkosh Northwestern, The Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, “351 Books By Supreme Court Justices,”3/13/12 SCOTUS Blog

Alumnus, Kassim Al-Khatib, “How A Sunflower Gene Crossed The Line From Weed To Crop,”3/12/12 NPR

Alumna, Mary Lynn Staley, Hale Library, Lori Goetsch, education, Tonnie Martinez, “Heavy Reading: Alumni Give K-State Literary Gift To Inspire Discussion And Study,” 3/12/12 Bloomberg Businessweek http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/sjb31212.html

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, “Bio-Defense Lab Plans Revised,”3/12/12 Chemical & Engineering News

Kansas State University, “K-State Physicists Record Formation of Molecule,”3/12/12 Wichita Eagle http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/atomcontrol31212.html

Sociology anthropology & social work, Michael Wesch, “How Do We Learn?,”3/12/12 Salina Journal

Agronomy, Jim Shroyer, “Kansas Wheat Faces Weather Risk As Warm Spell Aids Crop Progress,”3/12/12 Bloomberg

Family studies and human services, Amber Vennum, “*Can You Survive An On-Off Relationship?”3/13/12 London Free Press

Clinical sciences, Elizabeth G Davis, “Equine Motor Neuron Disease: What We Know Now,”3/12/12 The Horse

Leadership studies, John Carlin, “At 150 Years, Nation’s Land Grant System’s Influence Still Far-Reaching,”3/12/12 Delta Farm Press

Kansas State University, “Who's Moving In?,”3/12/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, “KU Team Wins Regional Investment Competition,”3/12/12 Kansas City Star, Lawrence Journal-World

Business administration, Ali Malekzadeh, “XU Hires New Biz-School Dean,”3/12/12 Cincinnati.com

Kansas State University, “Business People,” 3/11/12 Hutchinson News

Kansas State University, “Editorial: Coaches Can Demand Big Bucks,”3/11/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, “‘DUCK’ Is New Watchword For When Storms Loom,”3/11/12 Drover's Cattle Network

Kansas State University, “*Northeast Kansas Happenings,”3/11/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Kansas State University, “Taxing Question,” 3/11/12 Salina Journal

Modern Languages, Wei Wu, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Liang-Wu Cai, “College Column Raises International Flap,” 3/10/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

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