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K-Staters in the news - January 2012

K-State's news services staff keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.

Alumnus, Jack Lindquist, "Ag Minute: Ag, Rural Leadership President Honored By Legislators," 1/31/12 McPherson Sentinel

Kansas State University, "KU Heralds Opening Of New Research Center In Fairway," 1/31/12 Kansas City Star, 2/1/12 Wichita Eagle, San Antonio Express News

Kansas State University, "Kansas Senate Committee To Vote On Congressional Redistricting Map," 1/31/12 Kansas City Star

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Foodborne Illnesses In US Carry $77.7B Price Tag," 1/31/12 The Lantern, Ohio State University, 1/30/12 TheLantern.com

Accounting, Amy Hageman, "When It Comes To Corporate Environmental Reputations, Words May Speak Louder Than Actions, Study Says," 1/31/12 Wyandotte Daily News,http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/greenbiz12512.html

Kansas State University, "‘Sustainable’ Farming Draws Students," 1/31/12 Community College Spotlight

Alumni, Chris Foster, "Lindsborg Soldier Awarded National Scholarship," 1/31/12 Salina Journal

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Who's Behind That Outbreak? Sometimes, CDC Won't Say," 1/31/12 MSNBC

Animal Sciences & Industry, Jim Nelssen, agricultural economics, Glynn Tonsor, "K-State's Swine Profitability Conference To Address Land-Based Systems, Price Outlook," 1/30/12 National Hog Farmer

Marketing, Esther Swilley, "*Consumers Use Phones As Weapons In Hunt For Bargains," 1/30/12 MSNBC

Kansas State University, "College And University Endowments, 2010-11," 1/30/12 Chronicle of Higher Education

National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility, "Governor: Bioscience Authority Controversy Won't Affect NBAF," 1/30/12 KCUR

Agricultural Research Center, Phillip Stahlman, "Glyphosate-Resistant Kochia Found In Nebraska," 1/30/12 The Grower

Apparel, textiles, and interior design, Hyung-Chan Kim, "2011 Innovative Education Award Winners," 1/30/12 CIDA

Public Safety, Kelly Greene, "When There's Bad Stuff To Be Walked Through, She Steps In," 1/30/12 Manhattan Mercury

Provost, April Mason, Dean of the College of Business, Ali Malekzadeh, Management, Diane Swanson, "Business Ethics Expert To Join Kansas State Faculty," 1/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

Horticulture Forestry and Recreation, Stuart Warren, "A Change In Greenery Ahead," 1/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Lecturer Lauds KSU's 2025 Vision," 1/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

Journalism and Mass Communications, Bonnie Bressers, "Journalism Professor Says It's Better To Tweet Than Not To Tweet,"1/30/12 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Juergen Richt, Women Studies, Torry Dickinson, Sociology Anthropology and Social Work, Robert Schaeffer, "Research Committee Takes Feedback On NBAF Concerns," 1/27/12 Manhattan Mercury

Accounting, Amy Hageman, "The First Step To Going Green Is To Speak," 1/27/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "KSU Students Gain Experience With Manufacturing Institute," 1/27/12 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Douglas Powell, "Bagged Greens: To Wash Or Not To Wash," 1/30/12 Los Angeles Times

Kansas State University, "Investing In University Spin-Offs," 1/30/12 USA Today via Silicon India News

President, Kirk Schulz, "Heard On The Hill: Natural History Museum Hosts Event On Popular Horse Comanche; University Of Nebraska Looking For Cancer Money, Too; Dance Marathoners Will Stand For Classes On Wednesday," 1/30/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Kansas State University, "*Ethanol Byproduct Used As Cattle Feed Raises E.Coli Concerns," 1/29/12 Lincoln Journal Star

Political Science, Joe Aistrup, "Column By Joe Aistrup: This Woman Deserves Spot On Capitol Wall," 1/29/12 Hutchinson News

Kansas State University, "Bangert: The Evolution Of A Misguided 'Choice'," 1-29-12 JCOnline.com

Kansas State University, "Biolab Hearing Draws Critics And Supporters," 1/28/12 Kansas City Star, San Francisco ExaminerWichita Eagle, KCUR-FM, KMAN, KSNT, NBC, Action News, Kansas City, Mo, WIBW, KSAL, KAKE

Accounting, Amy Hageman, "*When It Comes To Greening A Corporate Reputation, Study Shows That Words May Speak Louder Than Actions," 1/28/12 Employment Law Daily http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/greenbiz12512.html

Kansas State University, "Tabor 'Retirement' Series Begins Feb. 24," 1/28/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "Separate Boards Would Provide Better University Oversight," 1/28/12 Lawrence Journal World

Kansas State University, "*Northeast Kansas Happenings," 1/28/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Civil Engineering, Wilson Smith, "*Living On Earth Radio Program: Lignin," Show date: Jan. 27, 2012

NBAF, "Congresswoman Jenkins Asks Obama For Lab Support," 1/27/12 Bio Prep Watch

Kansas State University, "Four Kansas Communities Recognized With BlueCHIP Awards For Promoting Healthy Communities," 1/27/12 MD News

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, "Agency Holds Public Hearing For NBAF Risks," 1/27/12 Topeka Capital-Journal, WIBW, Wichita Eagle, 1/26/12 The Republic

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, "KBA Restart," 1/27/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, "The (Un)usual Suspect: Why Organic Spices Aren't Always Safe," 1/26/12 NPR

Graduate student, Manindu Weerasinghe, "Chemistry Research Offers A Breath Of Fresh Air Against Indoor Pollutants," 1/26/12 Health Canal, E! Science Newshttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/airpurification12612.html

Kansas State University, "K-State To Remove Chemicals From Landfill," 1/26/12, The Wichita Eagle, Manhattan Mercury, Kansas First News, Topeka Capital Journal, KMAN, KTKA, The Republic KMAN http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/landfillremoval12612.html

Kansas State University, "Police Oppose Measure Allowing Guns In Public Buildings," 1/26/12 The Kansas City Star

Human Nutrition, Morgan Campbell, students, Mariana Redden, "‘Dragons’ 1st To Use K-State Trainers To Reduce Injuries," 1/26/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Family studies & human services, David Thompson, Jared Anderson, Briana Goff, "Upcoming Celebrating Couples Campaign Aims To Strengthen Relationships," 1/26/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Graduate PhD, Manindu Weerasinghe, "Carpet Stinks? Just Turn On The Lights," 1/26/12 Manhttan Mercury

Provost, April Mason, "Administrator To Help K-State Expand Globally,"1/26/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Comedy, Basketball and Fairy Tales On Tap This Weekend," 1/26/12 Manhattan Mercury

Climatologist, Mary Knapp, “Record Drought Claims Top $1 Billion,” 1/26/12 USA Today via Hutchinson News

President, Kirk Schulz, “*K-State President Discusses Drive To Secure NBAF Funding,” 1/26/12 Lawrence Journal World

NBAF, “Bio-Defense Facility Could Create 600 Permanent Jobs,” 1/26/12 Wichita Business Journal

Kansas State University, “House Triggers Debate On Concealed Gun Reform,” 1/26/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Accounting, Amy Hageman, "When It Comes To Greening A Corporate Reputation, Study Shows That Words May Speak Louder Than Actions," 1/25/12 ExpertClick

Human Nutrition, Brian Linshield, “*Eating Smart: Researcher Studies Foods, Dietary Supplements That May Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer,” 1/25/12 Health Canal, Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/prostatecancer12312.html

Animal sciences and industry, Randy Phebus, Daniel Thomson, Beth Montelone, “KSU Researchers Seek To Improve Beef Safety,” 1/25/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Manhattan Couple Makes Donation to Konza Prairie,” 1/25/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Questions Loom For Future Of High-Security Lab At K-State,” 1/25/12 KCUR-FM

Students, Devin Mangus, Regan Kays, “CCTA Announces Scholarship Winners,” 1/25/12 High Plains Journal

Management, Thomas Wright, “*This "Best" List Yields Great Stock Ideas,” 1/25/12 Motley Fool

Biology, Mark Ungerer, “*Research Sprouts A Closer Look At Sunflower Genetics,” 1/25/12 Midwest Producer http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/sunflowers11912.html

Agricultural Economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, "Ag expert: Federal attention is on farm income," 1/25/12 Sioux Falls Argus Leader

Kansas State University, "*Livestock Briefs: Governor proposes new funding for K-State Vet College," 1/24/12 Midwest Producer

NBAF, “Still Counting On KBA,” 1/24/12 Wichita Eagle

President, Kirk Schulz, "Further Big 12 Expansion Is 'Very Possible,' League Sources Say," 1/24/12 Chronicle of Higher Education

NBAF, "Officials Promote NBAF, Defend Bioscience Authority," 1/24/12 WIBW

Human Nutrition, Brian Lindshield, "*Foods and supplements that may reduce risk of prostate cancer," 1/24/12 Machines Like Us, ExpertClick http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/prostatecancer12312.html

Student, Wilson Smith, "*Research into “nature’s glue” may improve unpaved roads," 1/24/12 Injury Board.com

Aviation, Troy Brockway, "*Brockway Earns 3rd MCFI Accreditation," 1/24/12 Avionics Intelligence

Human nutrition, Brian Lindshield, "KSU Professor Turns To Nutrition To Tackle Prostate Cancer," 1/24/12 USA Today via News Medical, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/prostatecancer12312.html

President Kirk Schulz, "*E. Coli Grant Hits Home For Researcher," 1/24/12 Brownfield, Daily Nebraskan, Food Product Design, Kansas Public Radio, Nebraska Radio Network, Omaha World-Herald

Hale Library, Melia Erin Fritch, "Girl Scouts, KWU Sponsor Three-Day Event," 1/24/12 Salina Journal

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, Stephen Higgs, "*Kansas State Takes Over Pathogen Research From Plum Island," 1/23/12 Homeland Security News

NBAF, "Congresswoman Jenkins Sends President Obama Letter on NBAF," 1/23/12 Lynn Jenkins

Kansas State University, "Bus Route Started For K-State," 1/23/12 KMAN, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/bus12312.html

Hale Library, Michelle Turvey-Welch, "ALA Midwinter 2012: When Looking For A Job, Remember To Smile," 1/23/12 Library Journal

Kansas State University, "Editorial: Redistricting," 1/23/12 Hutchinson News

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Audit Critical Of Kansas Bioscience Authority Leader," 1/23/12 Salina Post

Kansas State University, "Celebrating Kansas’s Birthday By Making Bread," 1/23/12 Winfield Courier

Center for Engagement and Community Development, David Proctor, "Republican SuperPAC Ads Target GOP Rivals," 1/20/12 NPR "Morning Edition"

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, "Kan. Legislators To Get NBAF Update," 1/23/12 Canadian Business, Kansas First News, KCTV 5, Hutchinson News, Salina Journal, San Antonio Express-News, Topeka Capital-Journal, The Republic, Washington Examiner, Wichita Eagle, WIBW

Kansas State University, "Big Dog's Treatment Gets Big Boost," 1/23/12 Lincoln Journal Star

Kansas State University, "Time To Apply For Help With College Tuition," 1/23/12 Hutchinson News

Sociology, anthropology, & social work, Donna C. Roper, "Professor To Talk About Kaw Archeology," 1/23/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Student, Kasey Knowles, "Crowning Achievement," 1/23/12 Salina Journal

Agricultural economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, "A New Farm Bill From Congress? Likely Not Until Spring Of 2013," 1/22/12 Nebraska Radio Network, 2/4/12 BCDenocratOnline.com

Agricultural economics, Kevin Dhuyvetter, "Land Rush," 1/22/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "Konza Prairie Seeks Docents, Offers Lifelong Learning," 1/21/11 infoZine http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/konzadocent12012.html

Kansas State University, "Kansas House Speaker Dislikes Redistricting Plan," 1/21/12 Kansas City Star

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, "*K-State At Salina Signs Agreement With Airline," 1/20/12 Salina Journal

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Meeting On NBAF Is Set For Jan. 27 At KSU Vet School," 1/20/12 Manhattan Mercury

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, "K-State Aviation Faculty Tour Airfield, Strengthen Partnership," 1/19/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, "Mayville Updates Kansas Leaders," 1/19/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, "Couples Campaign To Kick Off In February," 1/19/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Biology, Mark Ungerer, "The Power Of Flowers: Research Sprouts A Closer Look At Sunflower Genetics," 1/19/12 PhysOrg, ExpertClick http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/sunflowers11912.html

President Kirk Schulz, Electrical & computer engineering, Noel Schulz, "Noel Schulz Takes Helm Of International Electric Energy Society," 1/19/12 eCollegiate news, Zecco, ExpertClick http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/noelprez11912.html

Kansas State University, "Kansas St. Receives Grant to Develop New Grain-Based Products," 1/19/12 Food Product Design, McPherson Sentinel

Alumni, Stanley Stout, "Construction To Begin On Stout Livestock Marketing Center At KSU,"  1/19/12 Drover's Cattle Network, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/livestock11812.html

Kansas State University, "Airport Authority OK's Lease Change For Schwan's," 1/19/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "Miss Manhattan, Miss K-State Wildcat To Be Crowned This Weekend," 1/19/12 KMAN

Sociology anthropology & social work, Michael Wesch, "Moore’s Law, Publishing And Why Michael Fraser Is Right About Generation Y," 1/18/12 Publishing Technology

Kansas State University, "Mortenson Construction Awarded Major Renovation Project at Kansas State University Bill Snyder Family Stadium to Receive Approximately $75M in Upgrades,"  1/18/12 CBS 8 (KFMB-TV, San Diego), CNBC, Examiner.com, In Minneapolis.org, Missouri Sports Magazine, Sacramento Bee, WCAX (Vermont)

Alumni, Kyle Steele, "Meat Stays Fresher In Led-Lit Cabinets, Say Researchers," 1/19/12 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning magazine, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/meatshelflife11712.html

Student, Bobby Specht, "Libraries: A Paper Wikipedia," 1/19/12 Insider Higher Ed

Kansas State University, "Mystery Bird: Snowy Owl, Bubo Scandiacus," 1/19/12 U.K. Guardian

Ext field operations, Laura Dickinson, "Big Pond, Big Workload? Smaller Water Features Can Be Easier On The Backyard Gardener," 1/18/12 Washington Post, 1/22/12 The Gadsden Time

Kansas State University, "Mortenson Construction Awarded Major Renovation Project At Kansas State University," 1/18/12 Sacramento Bee

Kansas State University, "*Garmin Sets Up Shop At Kansas State University," 1/18/12 WIBW

President Kirk Schulz, "Kansas Sees Economic Boost From Veterinary Partnership," 1/18/12 High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/ksuicabaxis10312.html

Anatomy & physiology, Butch KuKanich, Katherine KuKanich, "Pharmacology Research Grant Awarded," 1/18/12 JAVMA News

Sociology, anthropology & social work, Michael Wesch, "Speaker Challenges Teachers To Inspire Wonder In Students," 1/18/12 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin

Agricultural economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, "Briefly: Ag Management Expo Thursday In Beatrice," 1/18/12 Omaha World-Herald

Sociology, anthropology & social work, Michael Wesch, "UCSB Arts & Lectures To Present Creativity Expert, Author Sir Ken Robinson," 1/17/12 Noozhawk

Kansas State University, "Thanks, Manhattan, For Making MLK Day Of Service A Success," 1/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Communication Studies, Theatre, and Dance, Julie Pentz, Admissions Udergraduate, Deana Core, "Pageant To Be Revived On Sunday After 15 Years," 1/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus Rich Porter, Animal Sciences and Industry, Ken Odde, "K-State To Begin Construction On Livestock Center Addition," 1/18/12 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, "Streets, Medicare Reimbursements Addressed With Moran Staffer," 1/18/12 The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Agricultural economices, Glynn Tonsor, "Higher Supply Forecast For Corn Stocks," 1/17/12 NPR "Morning Edition"

Graduate student, Kyle Steele, "LED Lighting In Retail Meat Cases Helps Shelf Life," 1/17/12 AzoOptics, Drovers Cattle Network, Food Product Design Magazine, Kansas Ag Connection, Pork Magazine, Perishable News, R& D Magazine, Science Codex, Solid State Magazine, Meat Poultry, Green Energy Blog (U.K.), The Sabetha Herald, Dallas Morning News – Topics, Phys.Org http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/meatshelflife11712.html

Chemical engineering, Vikas Berry, "Unexpected Glow," 1/17/12 Chemical & Engineering News

Kansas State University, "Big Dog Likely Has Big Medical Problem," 1/17/12 Lincoln Journal Star

Kansas State University, "MGP, KABB, Kan. Universities Forge Biorefining R&D Collaboration," 1/17/12 Ethanol Producer magazine, Biorefining magazine

Horticulture forestry & recreation, Stuart Warren, Alan Stevens, Rodney St. John, entomology, Raymond Cloyd, "JCCC Hosts Horticultural Sciences Field Day Feb. 16," 1/17/12 Gardner EDGE

Beach Museum of Art, Linda Duke, "Konza: From An Animal's Viewpoint," 1/16/12 Topeka Capital-Journal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/konzabeach10312.html

Alumna, Margaret Anderson, "Thousands Celebrate Life Of Slain Wash. Ranger," 1/17/12 Las Vegas Sun

Agricultural economics, Glynn Tonsor, "Cattle ID A Global Quandary," 1/17/12 The Land

Kansas State University, "Today's Mystery Bird For You To Identify," 1/16/12 U.K Guardian

Production dietitian, Kelly Whitehair, "Kansas State University Finds A Simple Way To Reduce Food Waste," 1/16/12 ABC7 Chicago, Food Management, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/dininghall11212.html

Kansas State University, "Begonia Lovers Will Be Rewarded For Thinking Big," 1/16/12 Chicago Tribune

Kansas State University, "MLK Tribute Quilt Took 540 Hours To Complete," 1/16/12 WIBW, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/mlkweek10912.html

Student, Claire Jensen, "Sororities Warn Members Of Online Impersonators," 1/16/12 University Daily Kansan

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Taxes, Budget, Education Are Critical Issues In 2012 Kansas Legislature," 1/15/12 Wichita Eagle

President Kirk Schulz, athletics, John Currie, "*Letters To The Editor/K-State Thanks, 1/15/12 Fort Worth Star Telegram

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Brownback Eyes Gambling Funds For Kansas Debt," 1/14/12 Canadian Business

Kansas State University, "US Congress: Falsely Labeling Peace Activists As 'Terrorists'?," 1/14/12 Salem (Ore.) News

Kansas State University, "Kan. Demo Leader Sees Manhattan Area Moving To 1st," 1/13/12 San Antonio Express-News, Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, "Kansas Town Known For Its Insect Fossils Now Recognized For Its Quietness," 1/13/12 Emporia Gazette, The Republic (Columbus, Ind.), Topeka Capital Journal, Wichita Eagle

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "K-State’s BRI Serves As Transition Location For Pathogen Studies,"  1/13/12 Drovers Cattle Network, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/briresearchprojects10512.html

Computing and information sciences, David Gustafson, "KSU Professor Helps Advance Artificial Intelligence," 1/13/12 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Justine Gruen, Rebecca Wieneke, "KSU Students Win $5,000 Scholarships," 1/13/12 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Eric Kelly, "Tribute | Bill Vandenberg, An Architect, Built Quite A Life," 1/13/12 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, "Short Feeding And Carcass Quality,"  1/13/12 Drover's Cattle Network

President Kirk Schulz, athletics, John Currie, "*Great Bowl Experience ...," 1/13/12 Dallas Morning News

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Food Safety Inspection Presence Unaffected By Office Closures-FSIS," 1/12/12 FoodQuality

Economics, Dan O'Brien, "Winter Wheat Plantings Rise Amid Higher Prices," 1/12/12 ABC News, Austin American-Statesman, Denver Post, Dodge City Daily Globe, Fort Worth Star-Telegram,  Kansas City Star, KVII-TVLincoln Journal Star,  New York Times, NPR, Omaha World-Herald, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, USA Today via San Antonio Express, Washington Post, Wichita Eagle, 1/17/12 Iowa State Daily

Kansas State University, "DNA Livestock Testing Begins At The Kansas State Fair," 1/12/12 KWCH

Housing & dining, Kelly Whitehair, "Posters Help Decrease Food Waste At KSU," 1/12/11 Manhattan Mercury, 1/17/12 Kansas Ag Connection

Kansas State University, "Some New Cash Due For KSU," 1/12/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Remember MLK This Weekend," 1/12/11 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Wilson Smith, "The Path Less Traveled: Research Is Driving Solutions To Improve Unpaved Roads," 1/12/12 Physorg, Science Daily, USA Today via Humanitarian News, The Sabetha Herald, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/roads11012.html

Hale Library, Melia Fritch, "Best-Selling Author To Speak In Salina," 1/12/12 Salina Journal

Student, Cara Cotter, "C. Marie’s: For Women Who Never Outgrew Dolls," 1/12/12 The Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, "Cowley College Announces McCorgary Scholarship," 1/11/12 Arkansas City Traveler

Grain science & industry, Xiuzhi Susan Sun, "*K-State Grain Scientist Named One Of Top 150 Kansas Scientists," 1/11/12 High Plains Journal, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/adastraroundup10412.html

Agricultural economics, Glynn Tonsor, "Beef Demand At Risk," 1/11/12 Feedstuffs, 2/4/12 Middle East North Africa Financial Network

Sociology anthropology & social work, Michael Wesch, "Teachers & Technology," 1/10/12 KIII TV3

Nutrition, Mark Haub, "*Bad Times For Twinkie Maker," 1/11/12 Chicago Tribune, USA Today via MassLive, Washington Post

Alumna, Margaret Anderson, "Thousands Celebrate Life Of Slain Wash. Ranger," 1/11/12 ABC News, Austin American-Statesmen, CBS Baltimore, CBS Seattle, Chicago Tribune, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Kansas City Star, Lincoln Journal Star, New York Times, Washington Post

Student, Isaac Spear, "Small Kansas Tech Companies Receive Federal Grant Money," 1/11/12 Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, "Kansas Drought Conditions Likely To Ease Further In 2012," 1/10/12 KSAL

Students, Regan Kays, Devin Mangus, "No-Till Conference Set; Scholarships Announced," 1/10/12 Fort Morgan Times

Students, Kathryn Blair, Austin Peterson, "School Notes: Kansas State University," 1/10/12 Kansas City Star

Human ecology, Laci Cornelison, "*Retailers Target Senior Citizens’ Increased Buying Power," 1/10/12 Kansas City Star

President Kirk Schulz, "*K-State, Abaxis Partnership Paying Off," 1/10/12 Kansas Farmer

Vice Provost info tech services, Kenneth Stafford, ".XXX Domain: Could It Do Your Business Damage?," 1/10/11 Business Insider, Derby Infomer, Small Business Technology, USA Today via Small Biz Technology

Agronomy, Dan Devlin, grain science, Xiuzhi Susan Sun, "KSU Professors Top Scientists," 1/9/12 Pratt Tribune

Electrical & computer engineering, Bill Kuhn, "Kuhn's Work In Wireless Technology Includes 3-Year Project With NASA," 1/9/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "K-State Salina Site Of Regional Science Competition Wednesday," 1/9/12 Salina Journal, Salina Post

Emeritus, Peter Nicholls, "UConn Provost To Step Down," 1/9/12 Hartford Business Journal, Mansfield-Storrs Patch

Epidemiology, Dr. H. Morgan Scott, "FDA Changing Course On Antibiotics In Livestock," 1/9/12 Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post

Clinical sciences, Michael Apley, "Antibiotic Use In Farm Animals Still Broadly Unaddressed Despite 'Fanfare' For FDA Move ," 1/9/12 Huffington Post

National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility, "Plum Island Pathogen Research Set To Transition To Kansas State," 1/9/12 ALN Magazine, Bio AgWatch, Bio Prep Watch, Drover's Cattle Network, Industrial Safety and Security Source, Pork Magazine, Prep Watch, http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/brinbaftransition10512.html

Kansas State University, "Editorial: Wildcats' Season Was A Great Ride," 1/9/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Marketing, Kevin Gwinner, "*Social Media Give Customers New Ways To Bite Back," 1/8/12 Kansas City Star http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/parillo10412.html

Kansas State University, "Sales Tax Paying Off For Education Efforts In Johnson Co.," 1/8/12 Lawrence Journal World

Kansas State University, "HACCP Training Courses In The US," 1/8/12 All About Feed.net

Kansas State University, "College Notes : Kansas State University," 1/8/12 Hutchinson News

Academic Affairs, Ruth Dyer, "*Learning To Twist," 1/7/12 Salina Journal

Animal Science and Industry, Larry Hollis, "FDA Agrees To Limit Antibiotics In Livestock," 1/6/12 NPR "Morning Edition", Drover's Cattle Network, Harvest Public Media

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Steven Dritz, "Ensure Adequate Vitamin D Level In Swine Diets," 1/6/12 Pork magazine

Kansas State University, "University Of Missouri Football Revenue Outpaces K-State, KU," 1/6/12 Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas State University, "15,000 K-State Fans Gather At Pre-Cotton Bowl Pep Rally," 1/6/12 Manhattan Mercury

Biology, Dana Townsend, "KSU Professor Teaches Wildcats And Jayhawks," 1/6/12 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, athletics, John Currie,  Bill Snyder, "Kansas State Releases Details Of Stadium Expansion Plan," 1/6/12 Kansas City Star, Topeka Capital Journal, WIBW, Hutchinson News, Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, athletics, John Currie,  student, Drew McCart, "Cotton Bowl: 15,000 Attend Rally Rooting For K-State," 1/6/12 Wichita Eagle

McCain, Todd Holmberg, "McCain To Present 'Young Frankenstein' Jan. 19," 1/6/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, "Local Bioenergy Group Helps Fund Research Effort," 1/6/12 Wichita Eagle

Graduate student, Qais Tasali, "'Dragon' Leaders Partner With K-State For Symposium," 1/6/12 1st Infantry Division Post

National Bio- And Angro-Defense Facility, BRI, Stephen Higgs, "Trading Spaces: Biosecurity Research Institute To House Plum Island's Pathogen Studies," 1/5/12 PhysOrg, Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/brinbaftransition10512.html

President Kirk Schulz, alumnus, Kip Hanzlicek, "Cotton Bowl Schools Work Together At Mission Arlington," 1/5/12 Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Diversity coordinator, Madai Rivera, "K-State Diversity Award To Recognize Staff Member's Contribution To The Success Of Minority Students," 1/5/11 Dodge City Globe, Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/commercebank10312.html

National Bio- and Agro- Defense Facility, "Standing behind NIH," 1/5/12 Fort Scott Tribune/Op-ed by Sen. Jerry Moran

Clinical sciences, Dan Thomson, alumnus, Dave Sjeklocha, "Sjeklocha Honored As Beef Cattle Veterinarian Of The Year," 1/5/12 Drover's Cattle Network

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