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K-Staters in the news - April 2012

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, “National Academy of Sciences Committee To Hear From Experts As It Continues NBAF Review,” 5/1/12 San Antonio Times, Lawrence Journal World, India Times, 6 News Lawrence, The Republic, Wichita Eagle, Wichita Business Journal, KCTV 5, KCUR,

Clinical Sciences, Susan Nelson, “Exercise Twice A Day Vital For Your Dog's Health, Expert Says,” 4/30/12 USA Today via HealthFinder.gov, U.S. News and World Report http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/exercisedog41712.html

Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, Michael Wesch, "'Innovation Matters’ Hosts Michael Wesch," 4/30/12 Santa Barbara Independent

Kansas State University, "K-State Student's Game Gives Everyone A Chance To Be A HeroRAT," 4/30/12 Kansas City InfoZine http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/herorat42712.html

Kansas State University, "Gardening Good For Your Health," 4/30/12 Fort Morgan Times

Kansas State University, “'Bubble Boy Disease' Found In Swine, Research Focuses On Applicable Cure For Humans,” 4/30/12 Iowa State Daily

Kansas State University, “Manhattan Area Technical College & K-State Host Statewide Competition,” 4/30/12 WIBW

Kansas State University, “K-State Salina To Participate In Annual Fly-In, Pancake Feed,” 4/30/12 Abilene Reflector Chronicle

Curriculum and Instruction, Sally Yahnke, "*Free State Teacher Reverses Gender Roles In Traditionally Female Domain," 4/29/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Dean of Arts & Sciences, Political Science, Joe Aistrup, "The 'War On Women' Sparks Battle For Votes," 4/29/12 Kansas City Star, Wichita Eagle, McClatchy

Kansas State University, "More Colleges Adding Financial Planner Programs," 4/29/12 Investment News

Kansas State University, "K-State Recognized For Rifle Society," 4/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "All Forms Of Merit," 4/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

Veterinary Medicine, "Finding Mad Cow A Win, Not A Loss, For System," 4/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "House Whip Throws Weight Behind NBAF," 4/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Bill Snyder, "K-State Breaks Ground On Massive Project," 4/29/12 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Jenkins And House Majority Whip Tour NBAF Site," 4/28/12 WIBW, KMAN

Kansas State University, "Kansas Board Of Regents Needs New Structure," 4/28/12 Lawrence Journal World

Kansas State University, "*College Notes: Kansas State University," 4/28/12 Hutchinson News

Kansas State University, "Northeast Kansas Happenings," 4/28/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Animal Science and Industry, Randall Phebus, "New Beef Brouhaha: Should You Be Grossed Out By 'Meat Glue?'" 4/27/12 MSNBC

Agricultural Economics, Ted Schroeder, Glynn Tonsor, "Cattle ID Plan Revived Amid Valley Mad Cow Case," 4/27/12 Fresno Bee

Kansas State University, "See the USA from A to W - Kansas," 4/27/12 The HawkEye (Burlington, Iowa)

Kansas State University, “Ghriga Sees Potential In KSU-Salina,” 4/27/12 USA Today via Salina Journal

Architecture, Wendy Ornelas, "KSU Professor Aims To Increase Diversity Among Architects," 4/27/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “*Physics Theorist To Speak At KSU In Manhattan,” 4/27/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, “LULAC Convention Is Saturday,” 4/27/12 Salina Journal

Veterinary Medicine, Dan Thomson, "Kansas State Veterinarian To Host His Own Cable Show," 4/27/12 Manhattan Mercury

Animal sciences & industry, Larry Hollis, “K-State Veterinarian Addresses BSE Discovery,” 4/27/12 Midwest Producer

English, Phil Nel, "All Points West," 4/26/12 CBC

English, Phil Nel, "On The Coast," 4/26/12 CBC

Kansas State University, “Moody's Assigns Aa2 Rating To Kansas State University's $36.2 Million Series 2012H Refunding Revenue Bonds; Outlook Is Stable,” 4/26/12 Moody's

National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility, “Rising Price Of NBAF Further Weigh Down Possibility Of Project,” 4/26/12 BioPrep Watch

Kansas State University, "Master Gardeners To Have Plant Sale," 4/26/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Alumnus, Craig Mouser, Christian Duranleau, Steve Rubenthaler, “Which Old Town Bars Have Drink Specials Tonight? New App Offers Answer,” 4/26/12 Wichita Business Journal

National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility, “Reform Redistricting,” 4/26/12 Wichita Eagle

President Kirk Schulz, “Heard On The Hill: Wichita State President Should Be Named Today,” 4/26/12 Lawrence Journal World

Animal science & industry, Joel DeRouchey, “Ethanol Plants Provide Abundant Supply Of DDGs,” 4/26/12 BioFuels Chat

Geology, Keith Miller, “Schools of Thought,” 4/22/12 Nature

Kansas State University, “Big Names Vie For Regents Seat,” 4/26/12 Omaha World-Herald 

Kansas State University, “Mad Cow Case Raises The Issue of Tracking Livestock,” 4/25/12 Washington Post

Kansas State University, “KLA: Industry Organizations Reassuring The Public Beef Is Safe,” 4/25/12 Drover's Cattle Network

Animal Sciences and Industry, Bob Weaber, “Seek Simplicity In Genetic Selection,” 4/25/12 Drovers Cattle Network

Kansas State University, "K-State's Veterinary Diagnostics Lab Set Up To Meet Future Regional Needs," 4/25/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Economic Development,” 4/25/12 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin

Kansas State University, “Alf Landon Was A Gentleman Candidate,”4/25/12 Hutchinson News

Agricultural Economics, Glynn Tonsor, “Livestock Webinar Set,” 4/25/12 Fort Scott Tribune

Student, Isaac Spencer, “Wichita State Hands Out New Round Of High-Tech Grants,” 4/24/12 Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, “*Undocumented Immigrant Worker Plan Backed by Kansas Tourism Group,” 4/24/12 Fox News

Agricultural Economics, David Lambert, “Wheat Gains as Rising Corn Prices Boost Demand for Animal Feed,” 4/24/12 Bloomberg News

Vice President for Research, Ron Trewyn, "DHS Continues Assessment Of NBAF," 4/24/12 KMAN, 1350kman.com

Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Stacy Hutchinson, “Designing Stormwater Systems for the Future,” 4/24/12 Green Building Elements, Sustainable Cities, Science Newsline, Innovations Report http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/rainfall42312.html

Kansas State University, “Key Issues in Deciding College Football’s New Postseason,” 4/24/12 New York Times

History, Morgan J. Morgan, “Symposium Explores Native History of Illinois,” 4/24/12 Indian Country

Kansas State University, “Iowa State Student NAMA Wins Marketing Competition,” 4/24/12 AgWired

Veterinary medicine, Hannah Leventhal, "KSU Student's Love Of Horses Drives Her To Cure The Disease That Killed Barbaro," 4/24/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “*Drones Flying In Kansas Skies As Well,” 4/24/12 USA Today via Wichita Eagle, McPherson Sentinel, Gizmodo

Biology & agricultural engineering, Stacy Hutchinson, “*K-State Team Researching Climate Change’s Effects On Rainfall, Weather,” 4/23/12 Bio-Medicine, e! Science News, Science Codex, Silobreaker, The Wichita Eagle

National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility, “KC Chamber Pushes For National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility,” 4/23/12 KSHB-TV

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Douglas Powell, “World's Most Delicious Street Food,” 4/23/12 Travel and Leisure Magazine

Technology & aviation, Dennis Kuhlman, “*Finalists Named For Dean Of KSU-Salina,” 4/23/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, “*Take Your Life Back: Ways To Get Back In Shape Without A Gym,” 4/23/12 Frugivore Magazine

National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility, “Correction: NBAF Funding-Huelskamp Story,” 4/23/12 The Republic, NTV, The Associated Press, KSAL, Hutchinson News, The Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Star

National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility, “Kansas Bioterror Lab: A Money Pit Or A Gold Mine?,” 4/23/12 Kansas City Star

Alumnus, Nolan Henderson, “*Family And Consumer Sciences Teachers In Demand, Shortages Predicted,” 4/23/12 Kansas City InfoZine

Clinical sciences, Daniel Thomson, “Avoid The 'Spring Pop' Of Bloat,” 4/23/12 Drovers Cattle Network

Clinical sciences, Daniel Thomson, “Saskatoon To Host 3rd International Symposium On Beef Cattle Welfare,” 4/23/12 Saskatchewan

Center for Hazardous Substances, Sabine Martin, “Mayors Express Interest In Wireless Internet Service, Brownfield Research,” 4/23/12 Daily American (Frankfort, Ill.)

Emeritus, Marc Johnson, “Officially President, Johnson Looks Ahead,” 4/23/12 Nevada Sagebrush

Agricultural economics, Kevin Dhuyvetter, “How Corn Keeps Fertilizer Costly,” 4/23/12 Wall Street Journal

Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Stacy Hutchinson, Geography, Shawn Hutchinson, “Whether The Weather Is Cold Or Hot, Rainy Or Not, Research Is Ensuring Stormwater Systems Are Designed For The Future,” 4/23/12 Green Building Elements, PhysOrg, WaterWorld http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/rainfall42312.html

Kansas State University, “Kudos For Clinton From Gates,” 4/23/12 USA Today via Wichita Eagle Blog, WIBW, Hutchinson News, Kansas City Star http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/gatesdegree41912.html

Kansas State University, “*Leaving High School With College Credit Gives Students A Jump,” 4/23/12 Kansas City Star

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "State Lawmaker Says Spat Puts NBAF Funding In Danger," 4/23/12 Manhattan Mercury

Research, Ron Trewyn, "K-State Official Says Lab Funding May Be Included In 2013 Budget," 4/23/12 Manhattan Mercury

Biological and agricultural engineering, Stacy Hutchinson,Vahid Rahmani, geography, Shawn Hutchinson, and agronomy, Aavudai Anandhi Swamy, "KSU Researchers Study State Climate Patterns For stom Water Sewers," 4/23/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “*Northeast Kansas Happenings,” 4/22/12 Topeka Capital Journal

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, “Kan. Leader Says Spat Puts NBAF Funding In Danger,” 4/22/12 MSNBC, KSAL, Kansas City Star, San Antonio Express, The Republic, KSAL, Topeka Capital Journal, Hutchinson News, KMBC-TV, NTV, Alva Review-Courier, KOAM-TV, Hays Post

Kansas State University, "Open House Is Day For K-State Talent to Shine," 4/22/12 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Kaitlin Long, Logan Gauby, Britni Beck,David Heideman, Caleb Wurth, Grace Bokelman, Shannon Underwood, Ryan Willcott, Michael Dee, Mark Haynes, Justin Murray, Keegan Lutz, Kaleb Anderson, Abbey Brown, Kyle Williams, Jacob Wessel, Alex Hecht, Geoffrey Miller, Gabe Ryan, Nick Young, Jared King, Stephanie Patterson, Calgary Alberta, Jose Abraham, Prbhakar Thennarasu, and Pradeep Malreddy, "Next Big Thing' Winners Get Cash For Business Ideas," 4/22/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas Industrial Extension Service, Barb Johnson, “Green Fair Showcases Sustainability,” 4/21/12 Salina Journal

Psychology, Gary Brase, “*I’ve Got “Baby Fever,” 4/21/12 Salon

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Doug Powell, “Rewash That Pre-Washed Bag Of Lettuce? Don't Bother (Probably),” 4/20/12 NPR

Kansas State University, “Annual Fundraiser Features Westboro Home,” 4/20/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, "K-State To Honor Former Secretary Of Defense With Doctorate," 4/20/12 Manhattan Mercury

Economics, John Leatherman, “Health County Health Assessment Moves Forward,” 4/20/12 Newton Kansan

Kansas State University, “Local Woman To Compete For Miss Kansas,” 4/20/12 Leavenworth Times

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, “DHS Faces Research and Development Challenges Internally and Externally,” 4/20/12 DHS Today, Homeland Security Today

English, Donna Potts, “AAUP Election Results Reflect Backlash Against Recent Leadership Decisions,” 4/20/12 Chronicle of Higher Education

Kansas State University, “Heard on the Hill: KSU honoring former defense secretary Gates with honorary doctorate,” 4/20/12 Lawrence Journal-World, KMAN http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/gatesdegree41912.html

Kansas State University, “New book tells of Manhattan's early years,” 4/20/12 Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Higher Education: How educated are your lawmakers,” 4/19/12 Political Fiber

Kansas State University, "K-State's Open House Kicks Off This Weekend," 4/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Erica Cain, Eric Olson, and Vijayalakshmi Iyer, "Three KSU Students Benefit From Wichita Alumnus' Donation," 4/19/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “'Devil' Brigade Soldiers Conduct Static Display For ROTC Cadets,” 4/19/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Interior architecture & product design, Katrina Lewis, “Manhattan Arts Center Presents Bangladesh,” 4/19/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Agronomy, Chuck Rice, “Proper soil management needed to combat climate change,” 4/19/12 Drover's Cattle Network, Environmental Technology, Pork Network

Kansas State University, “'Black Hawk' ROTC Cadets Meet At Fort Riley For FTX,” 4/19/12 1st Infantry Division Post

Alumna, Sean Lowe, Andrew Shull, Shay Lowe, “ABC's 'The Bachelorette 2012' spoilers: Who is Sean Lowe?,” 4/19/12 The Examiner

Counseling Services, Dorinda Lambert, “Violent crimes can shake “bubble” of small communities,” 4/19/12 Kiowa County Signal

Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work, Michael Wesch, “Internet Anthropologist,” 4/19/12 Santa Barbara (Calif.) Independent

Clinical Sciences, Susan Nelson, “*It's A Dog's Life: To Make It Better, University Veterinarian Says Add Exercise To Canine's Daily Routine,” 4/19/12 USA Today via YubaNet, Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Graduate Job Prospects Slightly Better Than Year Ago,” 4/19/12 Jobmouse, The Denver Post

Kansas State University, “Engineering School Aims To Increase Numbers of Graduates,” 4/19/12 USA Today via University Daily Kansan

Kansas State University, “The Mag Interview | Bob Workman, ambassador for the Flint Hills,” 4/19/12 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Annuities Earn Money,” 4/18/12 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin

Director of Sustainability, Ben Champion, "KSU Recognized As Being Green For The Third Year In a Row," Manhattan Mercury 4/18/12

Student, Carlye Simons, “Simons Chosen For KSU Honor,” 4/18/12 Marion Record http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/chimes41212.html

Horticulture Forestry and Recreation, Cheryl Boyer,“Two Wichita Community Gardens To Receive Grants,” 4/18/12 The Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, “A War Lesson Still To Learn,” 4/18/12 Forbes

Kansas State University, “*Is Peripheral Vision Far?,” 4/18/12 USA Today via OvercomingBias.com

Kansas State University, “It's Decision Time In Topeka,” 4/18/12 Salina Journal

Jeff Whitworth, "Aphids Apparent In Kansas Wheat, But Natural Predators At Work,” 4/17/12 Gardener Edge

Student, Ryan Patterson, “K-State junior wins national bass-fishing championship,” 4/17/12 Wichita Eagle, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Georgia)

Entomology, Kun Yan Zhu, “Research builds on breakthrough study,” 4/17/12 McPherson Sentinel, Seed Quest

Physics, Nora Johnson, “*Nora Johnson headed to Germany as participant in Nobel Laureates meeting,” 4/17/12 Moody County (S.D.) Enterprise

Finance, Bruce Shubert, “KU thins out the ranks of its teachers,” 4/17/12 Kansas City Star http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan12/townsend10512.html

Agricultural Economics, Glynn Tonsor, “Tyson, Cargill hurt by 'pink slime' ahead of grilling season,” 4/17/12 BusinessWeek

Sociology, anthropology, & social work, Michael Wesch, “*An Education Revolution Beckons In The Digital Age,” 4/17/12 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “DEA Agents Recommend College To Individuals Wishing To Enter Criminal Justice Careers,” 4/17/12 San Francisco Chronicle

Kansas State University, “Ask About Recalled 'Scrape' Before Eating Spicy Tuna Rolls,” 4/16/12 Seattle Times

Kansas State University, “*Judgmental Map of the Day: 7 Deadly Sins Across America,” 4/16/12 The Atlantic Cities

Agronomy, Mary Knapp, “Kansas March Temperatures, Second Warmest On Record,” 4/16/12 Kansas City InfoZine

Agronomy, Mary Knapp, “Planning Ahead For Severe Weather Can Help Keep Families Safe,” 4/16/12 Drover's Cattle Network

Alumnus, Allen West, “Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Choice Should Come From The Sunshine State,” 4/16/12 Examiner.com (Phoenix)

Art, Dylan Beck, “Fixing The Broken Clay: Artist Restores Works Damaged In Shipping,” 4/16/12 San Angelo (Texas) Times

Center for Hazardous Substances, Sabine Martin, “‘Revitalizing Your Community’,” 4/16/12 Grand Traverse (Mich.) Insider

Kansas State University, “Health Assessment Process Accelerating,” 4/16/12 Newton Kansan

Kansas State University, “New College Equation: 4+?=6x$,” 4/16/12 Philadelphia Inquirer

Student, Jacob Mark, “*Basehor Student Travels Around Europe For K-State Class Trip,” 4/16/12 Basehor Sentinel

Kansas State University, “Ducey: Updates,” 4/16/12 Omaha World-Herald

Kansas State University, “*Early Risers Observe Rare Sight Of Greater Prairie Chickens’ Annual Mating Ritual,” 4/15/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Political Science,Dale Herspring, "Is There A Problem With The U.S. Ambassador To Moscow?," 4/16/12 Turkish Central News

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Douglas Powell, "FDA Criticized For Secrecy In Food-Illness Probes," 4/15/12 The Denver Post

English, Michael L. Donnelly, "Survey Courses Should Offer Broad Overviews," 4/15/12 Chronicle of Higher Education

Student, Ryan Patterson, "Kansas State University Wins FLW College Fishing National Championship on Lake Murray," 4/15/12 Yahoo! Finance, The State (South Carolina), WISTV, WTHR, Topeka Capital Journal, Salina Journal, Dodge City Globe, WNEM-TV, Kansas City Star, Topeka Capital Journal

Salina Engineering Technology, Raju Dandu, "*Business Personals," 4/15/12 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "Heard On The Hill: Incoming Freshmen To Read ‘Notes From No Man’s Land'," 4/15/12 Lawrence Journal-World

Kansas State University, "New Drone Aircraft To Act As Crop Scout," 4/14/12 SUAS News

Kansas State University, "*Northeast Kansas Happenings," 4/14/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Kansas State University, "*College notes: Kansas State University," 4/14/12 Hutchinson News

Phillip Stahlman, "Agricultural Research, WSSA Honors Weed Scientists," 4/14/12 Western Farm Press

Kansas State University, "Free Speech Week Celebrated On Campuses Nationwide," 4/14/12 Fire

Kansas State University, National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Committee Holding Hearing On Kan. Biosecurity Lab," 4/13/12 CNBC.com, Kansas Public Radio, Topeka Capital Journal, KC Star, KCUR, Global Biodefense, NJ.com

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Can the U.S. Afford a New Biodefense Lab?," 4/13/12 Science (AAAS), Wichita Business Journal, Topeka Capital Journal

Music, Frank Tracz, "K-State Band Director Receives Honor," 4/13/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas Forest Service, Tim McDonnell, "The Hutchinson News: Gift, Grant Help Greensburg Replace Trees," 4/13/12 Hutchinson News

Agricultural Economics, Glynn Tonsor, "Ag Minute: Cattle Price Pullback Was Likely Even Before LFTB Discussion," 4/13/12 McPherson Sentinel

Finance, Eric Higgins, “Flood Of Foreclosures To Hit The Housing Market,” 4/13/12 CNN Money, USA Today via Boston Channel, 4/12/12 NBC Action News, The Niche Report

Kansas State University, “KU Ranks 41st In Federal Research Funding,” 4/13/12 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Seattle's 'Cuddly Catz' Program Saves Strays By Pairing Them With Prison Inmates,” 4/12/12 Huffington Post

Kansas State University, “Work Of Newton Company To Be Featured At New Flint Hills Discovery Center In Manhattan,” 4/12/12 Wichita Business Journal

Student, Jared A Hardinger, “K-State Student Charged With Break-Ins On Campus,” 4/12/12 WIBW, KMAN http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/arrest.html

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, “Tester Questions Cost Of Moving Agricultural Disease Research Lab To ‘Tornado Alley’,” 4/12/12 PoliticalNews.me, Tester.Senate.gov

Kansas State University, "Flint Hills Discovery Center Set For Grand Opening Saturday," 4/12/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "K-State Theatre Closes Out Spring Semester With Hamlet," 4/12/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Full Text of Vilsack Address At Kansas State," 4/12/12 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, John Currie, “Letter: Supporting John Currie,” 4/12/12 Topeka Capital Journal 

Kansas State University, “Stem Cell Recipient Thanks KSU-Salina Students Who Undergo Testing, Find Out They're Matches,” 4/12/12 Salina Journal

Family studies and human services, Joyce A. Baptist, “Attachment Style Influences Adult Conflict Resolution,” 04/12/12 GoodTherapy.org

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility,“NRC Study To Examine Scientific Options For NBAF,” 4/11/12 Feedstuffs, Pork Magazine, 4/12/12 KCUR, The Republic, Pork Network, Topeka Capital Journal, WIBW, Bio Prep Watch

Kansas State University, “Ag Minute: March Temperatures In Kansas 2nd Warmest On Record,” 4/11/12 McPherson Sentinel

Kansas State University, “Jenkins Says Redistricting Influence Limited,” 4/11/12 Topeka Capital-Journal 

Salina public & alumni relations, Natalie Blair, student, Kara Godsil, "KSU-Salina Plan Crash Lands In Geary County," 4/11/12 Salina Journal, WIBW http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/emgcyland.html

Student, Kara Godsil, "Student Pilot Forced To Land Plane In Field," 4/11/12 Manhattan Mercury, Salina Journal, WIBW

Management, Chad Jackson, "K-State To Host The Next Big Thing Competition," 4/11/12 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, "*USDA Secretary Touts Importance Of NBAF Project," 4/10/12 Wall Street Journal, Lawrence Journal World, Yahoo! News, BusinessWeek, Newsday, New Jersey Herald, Canadian Business, Topeka Capital Journal, Junction City Daily Union, Kansas First News/KTKA, KSAL, KWCH, Hutchinson News, Wichita Eagle, Agri-Pulse, Food Manufacturing, 4/13/12 Hutchinson News, Kansas City Star, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Science Magazine

Kansas State University, "*Vilsack Stands By Pink Slime Decision," 4/10/12 Topeka Capital Journal

Center for Engagement and Community Development, David Procter, "*K-State Program Aims To Help Rural Grocery Stores," 4/10/12 Wichita Eagle, Topeka Capital Journal, 4/13/12 Kansas First News, 4/14/12 Hutchinson News

National Bio- And Agro- Defense Facility, "

: Misguided Science Policy?," 4/10/12 TheScientist.com

Clinical Sciences, Mike Apley, "*Antibiotic Use In Pork Production Is Overblown," 4/10/12 Pork magazine, The PigSite.com, Hoosier Ag Today, Feedstuffs, 4/12/12 Ohio County Journal

Kansas State University, "Some Yacolt Prison Inmates Given Pet Cats," 4/10/12 News-Tribune (Tacoma, Wash.)

President Kirk Schulz, students, Angela Grommet, Sterling Braun, "Fort Scott Student Earns Honorable Mention In Prestigious Scholarship Competition," 4/10/12 Fort Scott Tribune, El Dorado Times http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/goldwaterawardee40612.html

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Bob Rowland, "*USDA Scientists Make Breakthrough In PRRS Research, 4/10/12 USDA Blog

Kansas State University, "Kansans Who Have Made The Guinness Book of World Records," 4/10/12 Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, “American Universities And Colleges Infected By Army Of Student Spies,” 4/10/12 The Charlotte (N.C.) Examiner

Clinical Sciences, Elizabeth Davis, “Ask The Vet LIVE: Upper-Respiratory Disorders, April 19,” 4/10/12 The Horse

Arts and Sciences, Joseph Aistrup, “Fourth Dean Finalist, Joseph Aistrup, To Engage In Open Forum,” 4/10/12 Daily O'Collegian (Oklahoma State University)

Athletic Director, John Currie, “Change Arrives In Spring At Kansas State,” 4/9/12 ESPN

English, Karin Westman, “Hunger Games: Anti-Family Or Bonding Tool?” 4/9/12 The Christian Science Monitor

Kansas State University, “Vilsack To Touch On Agricultural Job Creation,” 4/9/12 Topeka Capital-Journal, Daily Herd Management, Topeka Capital Journal, WIBW, Kansas First News, Drover's Cattle Network, KMAN, Cattle Network, 4/13/12 Salina Journal, BioPrepWatch.com, KAKE, High Plains Journal

Sociology Anthropology and Social Work, Michael Wesch, “Turning Students Into Good Digital Citizens,” 4/9/12 T.H.E. Journal

Doctoral Student, Ayomi Parera, “Research Finds Bright Future For Alternative Energy With Greener Solar Cells,” 4/9/12 Science News, Solar Novus http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/greenersolarccells40912.html

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, “NRC-NBAF Study,” 4/9/12 Kansas Ag Network

Entomology, Kun Yan Zhu, “Research Builds On Previous ‘Breakthrough’ Study,” 4/9/12 Drover's Cattle Network

Communication studies, theatre and dance, Charlotte Macfarland, "Lunchbag Theater At K-State Offers Varied Fare," 4/9/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Ag Secretary To Be In Town For Landon," 4/9/12 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Ayomi Perera, "KSU Student Increases Suniight In Solar Cells," 4/9/12 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “CRP Decisions Made Simple,” 4/9/12 Farm Futures

Kansas State University, “Deadline For KLF Scholarship Applications Draws Near,” 4/9/12 Drover's Cattle Network

Doctoral Student, Ayomi Perera, “Research Finds Bright Future For Alternative Energy With Greener Solar Cells,” 4/9/12 USA Today via PhysOrg http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/greenersolarccells40912.html

Career and Employment Services, Kerri Day Keller, “*Employment outlook improves for new college graduates,” 4/8/12 USA Today via Kansas City Star

History, Robert Linder, “Kansas Has A Rich And Diverse Faith Tradition,” 4/8/12 Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, “*5 Ways To Power The Internet of Things,” 4/8/12 CNN Money, Gigaom

Political Science, Joseph Aistrup, “Session On The Brink Of Failure,” 4/8/12 The Wichita Eagle

English, Philip Nel, “Dartmouth Medical School Being Renamed For 'Dr Seuss',” Daily Mail 4/8/12

Kansas State University, "A New Name Fo Leadership Hall," 4/8/12 Manhattan Mercury

Community Relations, Jackie Hartman, “*Vilsack's K-State Visit Comes Amid "Pink Slime" Flap,” 4/8/12 Topeka Capital-Journal

English, Philip Nel, “Quantifying the (Academic) Self,” 4/7/12 The Chronicle of Higher Education

Kansas State University, “Northeast Kansas Happenings,” 4/7/12 Topeka Capital Journal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/pilobolus40912.html

Chemistry, Christer Aakeroy, Student, Angela Grommet, “Wichitan Wins Goldwater Scholarship,” 4/6/12 Wichita Eagle, WIBW, Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/apr12/goldwaterawardee40612.html

Agronomy, Dave Mengel, “Mengel Named President-Elect Of American Society Of Agronomy,” 4/6/12 Pork magazine

Athletic Director, John Currie, “K-State Will Break Ground On Football Stadium Improvements During Spring Game,” 4/6/12 Kansas City Star, WIBW, Topeka Capital Journal, Great Bend Post, Kansas City Star, Wichita Eagle, KAKE, KSNT

Horticulture Forestry and Recreation, Jason Griffin, “Pine Wilt Becoming A Problem In Kansas,” 4/6/12 KSN, Salina Journal, WIBW

Kansas State University, “*Board of Regents Visits Kansas State University,” 4/6/12 WIBW, Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “K-State invites public to open house events (PDF),” 4/6/12 The 1st Infantry Division Post http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/feb12/openhousestus21012.html

Kansas State University at Olathe, “Kids learn science, math through baking,” 4/6/12 Olathe News http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/kborstudents32012.html

Kansas State University, “Chemical company soldiers prepare for CBRN attack,” 4/6/12 The 1st Infantry Division Post http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/mar12/bramlagemilitary32812.html

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