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K-State's news services staff keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.

Beach Museum of Art, "*Lindsborg Artist Focus of Documentary Screening At K-State," 9/30/11 KSAL

Biological & agricultural engineering, Donghai Wang, "Sun Grant Initiates New Funding For Biobased Energy," 9/30/11 Southwest Farm Press

K-State "Reality Check," 9/30/11 Manhattan Mercury

Student Bethany Jochim, "KSU grad student earns physics award," 9/30/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Feed Mill," 9/29/11 Watertown Daily Times

Student, Kenny Ham, "*VIDEO: K-State Salina Student Building Electric Vehicle," 9/29 KSAL

K-State, “*Mike Mullen To Martin Dempsey: A Generational Shift For The Joint Chiefs Of Staff,” 9/29/11 Politico

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, T.G. Nagaraja, “Potentially Contaminated Meat Sold At DAFB,” 9/29/11 The News-Journal (Wilmington, Del.)

Sociology Anthropology and Social Work, Michael Wesch, “Are There Real Human Connections Anymore? Have Our Lives Become Emptier as They Become Filled With Technology and Social Networks?,” 9/29/11 Digital World

K-State, “As Take Charge Challenge Nears End, Lawrence Questions Manhattan’s Numbers,” 9/29/11 Lawrence Journal-World

Student, Kenny Ham, “*VIDEO: K-State Salina Student Building Electric Vehicle,” 9/29/11 KSAL

Veterinary Medicine, Dan Thomson, “Animal Ag Summit Draws Broad Participation,” 9/29/11 Drover's Cattle Network

K-State, “Tablet Computers Reaching New Heights At K-State Salina,” 9/28/11 KSAL Link, Manhattan Mercury

Student, Hannah Leventhal, “K-State Student Wins International Foundation Scholarship,” 9/30/11 Kansas Farmer

Students, Eduardo Martinez, Fernando Martinez, “KSU Students Arrested For ATM Theft,” 9/29/11 WIBW, KSNT

K-State, "*Kansas State Scientists Say Bug Discovery Could Lead To New Pesticides, Bioplastics Technology," 9/29/11 The Republic (Columbus, Ind.), 9/30/11 Hutchinson News http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/pnasbeetleprotein92111.html

K-State, "*Miss America 2011 Will Discuss Agriculture Background In K-State Presentation," 9/29/11 The Fence Post http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/missamerica91611.html

Students, Kassie Curran and Keelie Curran, "Locals Selected For K-State Scholarships," 9/29/11 Pittsburg Morning Sun

Alumnus, Shawn Harris, "Featured Business Person: Shawn Harris," 9/29/11 The Wichita Eagle

Veterinary Medicine, Dan Thomson, "Governor Hosts Summit On Animal Agriculture," 9/28/11 WIBW

K-State Salina, Tom Karcz, "*Tablet Computers Reaching New Heights At K-State Salina 9/28/11 KSAL," http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/ipads92811.html

Biology, Walter Dodds and Keith Gido, "K-State Gets Grant To Study Stream Organisms," 9/28/11 Kansas Farmer

K-State, "National Park Offers Glimpse Of Tallgrass Prairie," 9/28/11 CBS News and New York Times, Topeka Capital-Journal, San Antonio Express-News, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post

Agronomy, Nathan Nelson and Allan Fritz, "*Ag Morning Minutes," 9/28/11 McPherson Sentinel http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/agronomyresearch92811.html

Housing and Dining, Sheryl Klobasa, "Equipping Foodservice Operations For The Clockless Life," 9/28/11 Foodservice magazine

Psychology, Brenda McDaniel, "Deciphering Moral Behavior," 9/28/11 Wake Forest

K-State, "*Kansas State University Researchers to Use Renewable Energy to Generate Active Power Distribution System," 9/28/11 AZ Cleantech

K-State, "KU Officials Say They’re Concerned About Declining Enrollment; Fewer Students On Campus This Fall," 9/28/11 Lawrence Journal World

K-State, "The Good News Is Piling Up," 9/28/11 Salina Journal

Communications & Marketing, Jeff Morris, "Editorial: Every Woman A Wildcat," 9/28/11 Salina Journal

K-State, "How To Eat For $7 Or Less A Day," 9/27/11 U.S. News and World Report

Student Life, Pat Bosco, "Regents Schools Announce Enrollment," 9/28/11 Topeka Capital Journal, Wichita Eagle, Wyandotte Daily News, Salina Journal, WIBW, Emporia Gazette, Pittsburg Morning Sun, KSAL, 9/27/11 Kansas City Star http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/fallenroll92711.html

History, Charles Sanders, "Panelists: Ike Left Important Imprint On Civil Rights," 9/27/11 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Student, Steve Niemeier, "GROWMARK Names Scholarship Winners," 9/27/11 Grainnet

President Kirk Schulz, "Kevin Haskin: K-State Band Could Flip EMAW Into A Hit," 9/27/11 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State Olathe, Dan Richardson, "A Full House: Four Months After Opening, K-State Olathe Brimming With International Collaborations And Expertise," 9/27/11 GardnerEDGE http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/olathelabs092711.html

David, Procter, Kansas State Center for Engagement and Community Development, "Rural Grocery Stores Fade, But Some Towns Fight Back," 9/26/11 Christian Science Monitor

Computing and information sciences, Scott DeLoach, Xinming "Simon" Ou, Daniel Andresen, and Gurdip Singh, Electrical and computer engineering, Sanjoy Das, Balasubramaniam Natarajan and Noel Schulz, "*Empowering Power Systems: Researchers Light Up Possibilities With Solar Panel Based Design," 9/26/11 Science Daily News, Phys.Org, Blackmere Consulting http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/cyberphysical92611.html

English, Phil Nel, "New Seuss," 9/26/11 Live with Mark Kelly (CBC News), San Diego Union-Tribune

K-State, "Price Chopper Launches Deli Fan Pack," 9/26/11 Progressive Grocer

K-State, "Livestock ID/Traceability Economic Assessment Report," 9/26/11 Bovine Veterinarian

K-State, "Budget Strategy," 9/26/11 Lawrence Journal World

K-State, "New Executive At Andrews McMeel; McCownGordon Construction Honored," 9/26/11 Kansas City Star

Electrical and computer engineering, Anil Pahwa, "K-State researchers harness renewable energy," 9/26/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Kansas Views (Sept. 26)," 9/26/11 Wichita Eagle

Nuclear engineering, Douglas McGregor,  "Smart lab at KSU producing radiation detectors," 9/25/11 Manhattan Mercury

Political science, Sam Bell and Amanda Murdie, "KSU profs study INGOs," 9/25/11 Manhattan Mercury

Associate Dean of Student Life at K-State Salina, Dixie Shierlman, "Change In Course," 9/25/11 Salina Journal

K-State, "Money Down The Hole," 9/25/11 Pueblo Chieftan/letter to the editor

K-State, "Budget strategy," 9/25/11 Lawrence Journal World/opinion

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Juergen Richt, "Scientist: Movie shows importance of bio facility," 9/25/11 Houston Chronicle

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "What Is It They Say About Good Intentions?," 9/25/11 Ingrams

K-State Salina, "Talks Start In Oct. On Salina TCE Lawsuit," 9/25/11 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Dean, of Vetrinary Medicine, Ralph Richardson, "Designer dogs mix it up," 9/24/11 Dog Channel.com

K-State, "*McCownGordon Projects Win Regional Design-Build Institute Of America Awards," 9/24/11 Kansas City Star

Agronomy, Charles Rice, "Global Soil Partnership Launches," 9/24/11 High Plains Journal

K-State, "*Northeast Kansas happenings," 9/24/11 Topeka Capital Journal

Dean of Research and Extension, Gary Pierszynski, "Research Factors Into Food Equation," 9/23/11 Harvest Public Media

K-State, "*80 students receive 2011-2012 K-State Legacy Scholarships," 9/23/11 Fort Scott TribuneK-State, "Some Unanimity Amid Rivalry," 9/25/11 Wichita Eagle

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Douglas Powell, "Lives Devastated By Listeria As Cantaloupe Outbreak Grows," 9/23/11 MSNBC

Alumna, Sujata Chaudhari, "New Insect Molting Paradigm," 9/23/11 Living with Insects http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/pnasbeetleprotein92111.html

President Kirk Schulz, "Big 12 Looks To Past For Help With The Future," 9/23/11 Kansas City Star

Unversity honors program director, Stephen Kiefer, "*Retired Army General Speaks To Soldiers, K-State Students," 9/22/11 1st Infantry Division Post

K-State, "Czech Queen Proud Of Family Ties To Hays, Country," 9/22/11 Hays Daily News

K-State, "Checks And Balances," 9/23/11 Felasofi.net

K-State, "Jayhawks Start Replacing Inefficient Lighting," 9/23/11 Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express, Topeka Capital-Journal, Wichita Eagle

Agricultural economics, Ted Schroeder, alumnus, Lance Zimmerman, "New Demand Index Points To Profit Potential," 9/22/11 Perishable News

Music, Wayne Goins, "Jazz Guitarist To Speak Today At Northeast State," 9/22/11 TriCities.com

Athletics, Bill Snyder, Frank Martin, "Blogs Highlight Need For Safety On Roadways,"
9/22/11 WIBW

President Kirk Schulz, "K-State, Fort Riley Continues Partnership," 9/22/11 1st Infantry Division Post

K-State, "Kansas Board Of Regents Approves Smaller Budget Request And Puts KU Building Project On Hold," 9/22/11 Lawrence Journal-World

Biochemistry, Karl Kramer, Student, Sujata Chaudhari "KSU student discovers new uses for a beetle's shell," 9/22/11 Manhattan Mercury

Biochemistry, Sujata Chaudhari "*From Protein To Planes And Pigskin," 9/22/11 E! Science, Lab Spaces, PhysOrg, Science Daily

History, James E. Sherow "Wichita State Announces Speakers For Economic Conference," 9/22/11 Wichita Eagle

Economics, Tracy Turner "*Death Of The Mortgage Interest Deduction?," 9/21/11 Governing magazine

K-State "Higher Ed Seeks $60M Budget Hike," 9/21/11 Topeka Capital-Journal

Biology, Walter Dodds, Keith Gido "*Continental-Scale Research Project Thinks Big About Water Quality," 9/21/11 PhysOrg

Band, Frank Tracz, Division of communications and marketing, Jeff Morris "Controversy Flares Over K-State 'Every Man' Slogan," 9/21/11 Hays Daily News, Hutchinson News (blog)

K-State "ESPN: Don't Blame Us For College Football Realignment," 9/21/11 USA Today

K-State "Kan. Regents Push Up Big 12 Talks," 9/21/11 ESPN, KTKA, San Antonio Express-News, Topeka Capital-Journal, WIBW

Alumnus, Tom Barnes "What Would Change In Conference Status Mean For KU And K-State Academics?," 9/20/11 KWCH

Assistant Vice President, Bernard Franklin "Reardon Announces Bi-State Innovation Team Members," 9/20/11 Kansas City Kansan

K-State, "Ready For A Baby? Soul-Searching May Be Wise Before Adding 'Parent' To Your Resume," 9/21/11 Kansas City Star, Psychology @ Suite 101 http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/aug11/babyfever82311.html

K-State, "Who Decides Where K-State Goes?" 9/20/11 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- and Agro- Defense Facility, CEEZAD, "NBAF May Prevent Hollywood-Style Hysteria,"9/20/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Small Band Makes Big Noise," 9/20/11 Manhattan Mercury

Geography, Ryan Bergstrom, "KSU Professor Says Adventure Tourism Is A Growing Trend In The United States," 9/20/11 Manhattan Mercury

English, Phil Nel, "More Seuss Is On The Loose," 9/20/11 Eye on Early Education

K-State, "2012 Military Friendly School List," 9/20/11 Military Online College

K-State, "Brownback Optimistic About Big 12 Preservation," 9/20/11 Topeka Capital Journal

Vice President of Student Life, Bernard Franklin, "Reardon Announces Bi-State Innovation Team Members" 9/20/11 Kansas City Kansan

Vice President for Communications and Marketing, Jeff Morris, "Controversy Flares Over K-State 'EMAW' Slogan," 9/20/11 Wichita Eagle, Topeka Capital Journal, News 6 Lawrence, The Republic (Columbus, Ind.), Kansas City Star, Hutchinson News, 9/19/11 Jezabell, Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "McCormick Names Dr. Hamed Faridi First Chief Science Officer," 9/20/11 Food Science Chef

Management, Thomas Wright, "How To Pick The Right Office Furniture And Why It Really Matters," 9/20/11 Small Business CEO

Agricultural economics, Glynn Tonsor, "Meat From A Petri Dish: Credible Or Inedible?," 9/20/11 Chicago Tribune

Athletics, Bill Snyder, "Big 12: Regents Chairman Hoping Cooler Heads Prevail," 9/20/11 Topeka Capital Journal, Kansas City Star

Students, Jocelyn Clemons, Kassie Curran, "Royal Scholars," 9/20/11 Kansas City Star

Students, Austin Bechard, Cade Hewitt, Kaitlyn Martin, Karl  Hobbs, Melissa Pachta,  "Students Complete Farmway Internship Program," 9/19/11 Salina Journal

K-State, "Center For Animal Health Innovation Names A CEO, Starts Proof-Of-Concept Grant Program," 9/19/11 Kansas City Business Journal

K-State, "Earmark-Style Authority Needed For Ag?," 9/19/11 Ag Week

K-State, "Kansas State University Installs AstroTurf With Soy-Based Backing," 9/19/11 Grainnet

Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources, Dan Devlin, "Ogallala Aquifer, Urban Storm Water Topics At Topeka Water Conference," 9/19/11 Pratt Tribune

Kinesiology, Thomas Barstow, "*Kansas State Researchers Conduct Research For NASA," 9/19/11 Houston Chronicle http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/nasa91211.html

Clinical Sciences, Dr. Michele Borgarelli, "*Research Sheds Light On Heart Disease," 9/19/11 Star Exponent (Culpeper, Va.)

History, Charles W Sanders, "Panel To Discuss Civil Rights Legacy," 9/19/11 Salina Journal

K-State, "The Crisis This Time," 9/18/11 Real Clear Politics

K-State, "Ohio St. Unveils New Super-Secure Ag Diseases Lab," 9/18/11 Houston Chronicle, Farm and Dairy, Madison Press, Marietta Times

K-State, "Dog Survives Tornado, Becomes Weather Forecaster," 9/18/11 Kansas City infoZine

K-State, "College Notes: Kansas State University," 9/18/11 Hutchinson News

Agricultural Economics, Glynn Tonsor, "Drought Leaves Hay In Short Supply Across Kansas," 9/18/11 The Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Path To College Degree Getting longer, Costlier," 9/17/11 Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Wamego Women Help Children In Brazil," 9/17/11 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State, "KSU, USAID To Support Sustainable Agriculture Project," 9/17/11 Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

Student, Otto Bieber, "1-353 Infantry Conducts Training For ROTC Cadet For Future Leadership," 9/17/11 Leesville Daily Leader

President Kirk Schulz, "Schulz Takes KSU's 2025 Plan Public," 9/16/11 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, "Schulz Says KSU Being Proactive In Big 12 Drama," 9/16/11 Manhattan Mercury

Music, David Pickering, "K-State Professor To Play, Discuss Organ Music," 9/16/11 McPherson Sentinel

Agricultural Economics, David Lambert, "Kansas Nun Teaches Ag, Health In Africa," 9/16/11 Emporia Gazette

K-State, “*KSU Symposium Recalls Radio’s Live Music Roots,” 9/16/11 San Antonio Express-News, Andhra News, KNSS, KOHM-FM, Hutchinson News, The Wichita Eaglehttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/radio90811.html

K-State, “Heard On The Hill: Missouri Town Wants KU To Get Rid Of Jayhawk Mascot; Kansas State’s Rhodes Scholarship Claim A Little Misleading; Prices Increase For Colleges Across The Country,” 9/16/11 Lawrence Journal-World

K-State, "Ga. Man Accused Of Defrauding K-State, Others," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Concert To Help Kick Off Family Day," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Mahbub Alam, "KSU Fountain Design Team takes Top Spot At International Competition," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

Alumna, Kathy Groesbeck, “Topeka's Library Foundation Will Be Under New Leadership,” 9/15/11 WIBW

Animal Sciences and Industry, Karen Blakeslee, “Kansas Included In Cantaloupe Recall,” 9/15/11 WIBW

K-State, “Moran Accepting Applications For U.S. Service Academies,” 9/15/11 Tonganoxie Mirror, Salina Journal

K-State, "Ga. Man Accused Of Defrauding K-State, Others," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

Alumni Association, Tim Lindemuth, music, Amanda Arrington, Virginia Houser, David Pickering, Slawomir Dobrzanski, students, Ariel Sinha, Chase Horsman, Concert To Help Kick Off Family Day," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Regents Stand Behind K-State, KU & Big 12," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

Emeritus Adjunct Professor Biochemistry, student, Sujata Chaudhari, "KSU Student Discovers New Uses For A Beetle's Shell," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

Emeritus Professor Biological & agricultural engineering, Mahbub Alam, "KSU Foundation Design Team Takes Top Spot At International Competition," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

Student Life, Pat Bosco, "Nearly 24K Students Attending University In Fall," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

Alumni Association, Tim Lindemuth, " Concert to help kick off Family Day," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

Biological and agricultural engineering, Mahbub Alam "KSU fountain design team takes top spot at international competition," 9/15/11 Manhattan Mercury

Agricultural Economics, Glynn Tonsor, Animal Sciences and Industry, Dale Blasi, “K-State Fall Beef Calf Conferences,” 9/14/11 Dairy Herd Network

K-State, “55-Year Kansas Wheat Study Examines Yield Effects Of Precipitation, Temperature And Timing Out West," 9/13/11 Southwest Farms Press

Psychology, Laura Brannon, "The Bully Inside: Women Who Can't Take A Compliment," 8/31/11 MSNBC, Today Show

LeAnn Brazeal, "*Author Says Presidential Primary Debates Allow Audiences For Candidates, Can Influence Election," 9/14/11 Phys.Org http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/primarydebates91411.html 

Former President, John Wefald, "Kansas State University On CSPAN2 - U.S. Cable," 9/14/11 Capital News Today 

Agricultural Economics, Glynn Tonsor, "Welfare Labeling: Do Consumers Want It?," 9/14/11 Drovers Cattle Network

Music, Steven Maxwell, "*A Look At How The Ipod Has Remixed The Music Industry, 10 Years Later," 9/14/11 Phys.Org http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/ipod91411.html

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Kansas City Animal Health Corridor Continues To Grow," 9/14/11 American Veterinary Medical Association

Diagnostic Medicine Path biology, Doug Powell, "Frontline MDs, DVMs Will Identify Disease," 9/14/11 Dairy Herd Management

Alumnus, Dan Upson, "Inaugural Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced," 9/14/11 Dairy Herd Network

K-State, "Fayetteville Exec Accused Of Defrauding College Athletes," 9/14/11 Atlanta Journal Constitution, Minneapolis StarTribune

K-State, "Cargill And Horizon Milling Scholarship Available For Milling Science And Management Students At KSU," 9/14/11 Garden News.Biz

K-State, "Victim Foils Attempted Carjacking," 9/14/11 WIBW

Engineering, Tom Roberts, "Record-Setting Astronaut To Speak At KSU On Friday," 9/14/11 Manhattan Mercury

Mechanical and nuclear engineering, Youqi Wang, animal sciences and industry, Abbey Nutsch, "Two K-State Professors Among State's Best Scientists," 9/14/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "KSU Is A Top University, According To U.S. News," 9/14/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "*Ready For A Baby? Soul-Searching May Be Wise Before Adding 'Parent' To Your Resume," 9/14/11 Chicago Tribune http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/aug11/babyfever82311.html

K-State, "Report Ranks Several Kan. Colleges," 9/13/11 Topeka Capital Journal 

Student, Yen-Ting Kuo, "*Sun Could Replace Petro Fuels," 9/13/11 Lab Manager, Scientia Web http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/photocatalystfuel91311.html

K-State, "*Exercise Endeavor In Outer Space: Kansas State University Research Leads To New Discoveries For NASA," 9/13/11 First Science News, Topeka Capital-Journal, KTKA, San Antonio Express-News http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/nasa91211.html

Agronomy, John Holman, "55-Year Kansas Wheat Study Examines Yield Effects Of Precipitation, Temperature And Timing Out West," 9/13/11 Southwest Farm Press

K-State, "State's Largest Livestock Show Draws Youth Entries From 91 Counties," 9/13/11 Salina Journal

Chemistry, Yen-Ting Kuo, "KSU researcher shows sun's rays may help make gasoline," 9/13/11 Manhattan Mercury

President, Kirk Schulz, "Heard On The Hill: Kansas State University Approves 2.5 Percent Pay Raise For Faculty And Staff, Citing Higher Enrollments; KU Engineering Program Makes One U.S. News List While Study Abroad Falls Off," 9/13/11 Lawrence Journal-World

K-State, "Food Defense Plans Still Unwieldy A Decade After Sept. 11, Many Upgrades Costly And Secret," 9/13/11 Chicago Tribune, Lincoln Journal Star, San Antonio Express-News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch , NPR

K-State, "Annual Manhattan Celebration Raises Safety Concerns," 9/12/11 WIBW

Kinesiology, Thomas Barstow, "*Exercise Endeavor In Outer Space: Kansas State University Research Leads To New Discoveries For NASA," 9/12/11 PhysOrg, Silobreakerhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/nasa91211.html

Animal Science, James Marsden, "Marsden: Beef Industry Can Handle the Change," 9/12/11 Food Safety News

Alumna, Erica Besler, “*Besler Wins Excellence Award,” 9/12/11 Winfield Courier

Student, Liz Williams, “It's 'Labor Day' At Fair For Veterinary Student,” 9/12/11 Hutchinson News

National Agro- and Bio- Defense Facility, “Reasons To Feel Better,” 9/11/11 The Wichita Eagle

K-State, “Kansas State Cars.Com Helps Kansas State Students Get Great Deals,” 9/11/11 Digital Journal

Human Ecology professor emeritus, Betsy Bergen, “Retired Sex Educator Cozy With Quilting,” 9/11/11 The Topeka Capital Journal

National Agro- and Bio-Defense Facility, "Missouri Bill Aims To Spark Tech Startup Funding," 9/11/11 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Family Studies and Human Services, Briana Goff, "*9/11 Leads To Better Trauma Counseling," 9/11/11 Topeka Capital Journal

National Agro and Bio-Defense Facility, "Gov: NBAF Key To Bioterror Response," 9/11/11 The Topeka Capital Journal

History, David Stone, “*Sept. 11 Terror Attacks Inspire Curricula At K-State, KU,” 9/11/11 Lawrence Journal World

K-State at Salina, “KSU-Salina To Have Candlelight Ceremony,” 9/11/11 Salina Journal

Vice President of Research, Jerry Jaax, "*Kansas Remembers 9/11: The Agro-Terrorism Expert," 9/10/11 The Wichita Eagle

K-State, “The ‘Gold’ Flows Again,” 9/10/11 Hutchinson News

National Agro- and Bio-Defense Facility, “Guns, Guards And Gates: Attacks Shaped An Industry,” 9/10/11 Kansas City Star

Human Nutrition, Mark Haub," Haub named interim dean of human nutriton at KSU," 9/10/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, “*Military Assistance A Growing Role For Extension,” 9/9/11 High Plains Journal

K-State, “CO Prairie Dog Study To Examine Climate Change,” 9/9/11 Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, The Denver Post

Agronomy, Jim Schroyer, “Failed Crops May Free More Kan. Acres For Wheat,” 9/9/11 Forbes, Hutchinson News, San Antonio Express-News, Wichita Eagle, High Plains Journal

Athletics, John Currie, “Kansas State, LRG Launch Merchandise Campaign,” 9/9/11 WIBW

K-State, “K-State Salina Engineering Tech Programs Receive Accreditation,” 9/9/11 http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/etabet90811.html

K-State, “Remembering 9/11: Kansas City Businesses Look Back,” 9/9/11

K-State, Josh Brungardt, "Fun With Giants," 9/9/11 Salina Journal

Geography, Marcelus Caldas, "Caldas Watched 9/11 Attacks Unfold From Brazil," 9/8/11 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Nate Spriggs, Anthony Ross, Alumnus, Brandon Kauffman, "Local Groups To Offer Volunteer Opportunities," 9/8/11 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "NFU, R-CALF Support Senate Appropriations Bill," 9/8/11 Drover's Cattle Network

Clinical Sciences, Mike Apley, "'Explore Beef' Shows Off Nebraska Ranches," 9/8/11 Drover's Cattle Network

K-State, "*Thieves Steal Astro-Turf Slated For KSU Baseball Field," 9-8-11 WIBW

K-State, "Top 50 Food Safety Blogs," 9/8/11 Masters in Public Health

Military Science, Ryan Hofstra, "A Born Leader," 9/8/11 The Uptown Chronicle

K-State, Kirk Schulz, "Kansas Regents Looking At Salaries Of School Chief Executives," 9/8/11 Lawrence Journal World

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Douglas Powell, "How Eating At Your Desk Can Make You Sick," 9/6/11 iVillage

National Bio- and Agro- Facility, "Preventable Deaths: Is U.S. Domestic Security And Public Health Spending Out Of Balance?," 9/8/11 Scientific American

K-State, "9/11 Generates Growth Of Homeland Security College Programs," 9/8/11 Homeland Security News

K-State, "Rabies Detected In Columbus Bat," 09/8/11 Columbus Telegram

K-State, "*Lethal Ingestion: Blue-Green Algae A Danger For People And Pets," 9/7/11 Life with Dogs http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/sept11/bluegreen90211.html

Alumni association, Amy Button Renz, "Big 12 Talks Important To K-State Athletics," 9/7/11 Abilene Reflector Chronicle

K-State, "Manhattan Museums Voices Funding Concerns," 9/7/11 WIBW

K-State, "Where K-State Stands With Realignment," 9/7/11 Wichita Eagle

K-State, "K-State Announces Mobile App," 9/7/11 WIBW

K-State, "CU To Study Impact Of Climate Change On Boulder Prairie Dogs," 9/7/11 Boulder Daily Camera

National Bio- and Agro-Denfense Facility, "Panel Meets To Discuss Updated NBAF Risk Assessment In Washington," 9/7/11 Manhattan Mercury

Animal science, Bob Weaber, "Weaber Joins K-State Faculty," 9/6/11 Drovers Cattle Network

History, David Graff, "*5 Other Surprise Attacks That Changed History," 9/6/11 NPR

K-State, "O.C.'S Seabirds Lose 'Great Food Truck Race'," 9/6/11 Orange Country Register

Student, Ben Bellar, "Designed For Success: K-State Quarter-Scale Tractor Team Wins International Competition," 9/6/11 The Winfield Daily Courier

President Kirk Schulz, "*Eco-Friendly Mascot Not A Bad Idea," 9/6/11 Emporia Gazette

K-State, "Bioscience Success," 9/6/11 Lawrence Journal World/Editorial

President,  Kirk Schultz, "Farm Bill Hearing Reflects 'Tough Decisions' Ahead," 9/5/11 High Plains Journal

K-State, "Kansas House District Imbalance Scrutinized," 9/4/11 Topeka Capital-Journal,

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