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K-State's news services staff keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.

Educational Leadership, Robert Shoop, "Experts: Quiet Settlements Not Uncommon," 10/31/11 Politico

Kansas State University, "St. John’s Bible, in Austin, almost unbelievable," 10/31/11 Austin Daily Herald

Kansas State University, "*Losing The Lecture: Active Learning Takes Place Of Write It Down, Memorize It Learning," 10/31/11 Health Canal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/hornebear103111.html

NBAF, "Research Fund Needs Funding If Missouri Wants To Compete," 11/1/11 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Music, David Littrell, "Orchestra Performs Music With Spanish Accent," 10/31/11 Hays Daily News

Biochemistry, Michael Kanost, “Unlocking Insects' Physiology May Lead To Advances In Human Health,” 10/31/11 Newstrack India http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/kanostarthropods102711.html

Geology, Saugata Datta, “Scientists Suggest Alternative Source Of Arsenic Contamination,” 10/31/11 SciDevNet

Kansas State University, “What’s Your Money Belief? Take Our Quiz To Find Out,” 10/31/11 Learn Ve$t

Kansas Industrial Extension Service, Barbara Johnson, “Lunch And Learn Program To Address Environmental Issues,” 10/30/11 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, “*Enrollment Outreach,” 10/30/11 Lawrence Journal World

Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology, Douglas Powell, “Food Safety Recipe: Better Education, Criminal Convictions Needed,” 10/28/11 My Health News Daily

President, Kirk Schulz, “K-State President Kirk Schulz Excited About West Virginia,” 10/28/11 Kansas City Star, 

Kansas State University, “National Institutes Of Health Awards Iowa State Food Safety Training Grant,” 10/28/11 National Hog Farmer

Students, Steven Colgrove, Eric Swenson, TJ Hearn, Derek Bean, “Shooting For The Stars: Cat Cannon Club Suits K-State Salina Students To A 'Tee',” 10/28/11 KSALhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/catcannon102811.html

Kansas State University, “Calm Before The Storm,” 10/28/11 High Plains Journal

Kansas State University, “Northeast Kansas Happenings,” 10/28/11 Topeka Capital- Journal

Kansas State University, “Warm Up To Alpacas This Weekend At Expo,” 10/28/11 Topeka Capital-Journal

Athletics, Bill Snyder , "K-State a hit with 'Road Trip' Hosts," 10/28/11 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, "West Virginia accepts invitation to join Big 12," 10/28/11 Manhattan Mercury, Austin American-Statesman, Lincoln Journal Star, San Antonio Express-News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Wichita Eagle, All Voices

Kansas State University, "D.C. Business Paid Rent for Beasley's Mom," 10/28/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Kan. Ag Dept., KSU Host Meetings On Water Rights,” 10/28/11 San Antonio Express-News, 10/30/11 Topeka Capital Journal, Salina Journal, Hutchinson News

Kansas State University, “Editorial: Baylor Should Offer Courses During Christmas Break,” 10/28/11 Baylor Lariat

Kansas State University, "Man Arrested At Landon Lecture," 10/27/11 Manhattan Mercury

Biochemistry, Michael Kanost, "KSU Professor Bugs Out Over Research," 10/27/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "ESPNU's 'Road Trip' Drops In On K-State," 10/27/11 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Marc Meyers, Grady Augustine, "Showing School Spirit," 10/27/11 Manhattan Mercury

Hale, Library, Michael J Haddock, “*Drifting Along, Tumbleweeds Are Piling Up Across the Plains,” 10/27/11 New York Times, 10/30/11 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Kansas State University, “*Study Casts Doubt On Hot Dog, Colon Cancer Link,” 10/27/11 Pork Network

Agricultural Economics, Ted Schroeder, College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Dan Thomson, “Governor's Economic Summit On Animal Agriculture,” 10/27/11 Salina Journal

Clinical Sciences, David Anderson, “‘Luxuriously-Fleeced’ Alpacas Become Sweaters In Topeka,” 10/27/11 Emporia Gazette

Student, John Deterding, “PTSD In The Workplace Topic Of Discussion At EEO Panel,” 10/27/11 1st Infantry Division Post

Alumnus, Dale Rodman, “Meet Kansas Secretary Of Agriculture Dale Rodman,” 10/27/11 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, “K-State Music, Art Offer 'Cornucopia' Of Events,” 10/27/11 1st Infantry Division Post

Agricultural Economics, Kevin Dhuyvetter, “Build A High-Profit Beef Business,” 10/27/11 Wallaces Farmer

Animal sciences & industry, Fadi Aramouni "PetroAlgae's Protein Has Substantial Human Benefits, Say News Reports," 10/27/11 Biofuels Digest

Alumnus, James Allen, "Salina Business Leaders Inducted Into Hall Of Fame," 10/27/11 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "*Garden City CC, K-State Expand Partnership," 10/27/11 Hutchinson News, KCTV 5, Manhattan Mercury, Topeka Capital-Journal, Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, "Video Wednesday," 10/26/11 Chronicle of Higher Education

Student, Perla Salazar, "*K-State Senior Takes Part In UCLA Research Program," 10/26/11 Dodge City Globe

Student, Peria Salazar, "KSU Student Is Fluent In the Language Of Numbers," 10/26/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Cut the Deficit BS," 10/26/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "*Former Senator's K-State Lecture Goes Awry," 10/26/11 KMAN, WIBW

Kansas State University, "KDA, K-State To Hold Educational Meetings On Water Use," 10/26/11 Drover's Cattle Network

Kansas State University, "Patsy Houghton Named K-State Animal Science Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient," 10/26/11 GardnerEDGE

Kansas State University, "CORRESPONDENTS: Church Festival Celebrates Missions," 10/26/11 Hillsboro Star Journal

Kansas State University, "SRS Gets Grant To Improve Education For Foster Children," 10/25/11 WIBW

Kansas State University, "Ex-Senator to give Landon," 10/25/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas Industrial Extension Service, Bruce Snead, K-State First Lady Noel Schulz "*Manhattan wins Take Charge Challenge," 10/25/11 Daily Kansan, KMAN, Topeka Capital Journal, Wichita Eagle

Athletics, John Currie, "K-State Notebook: Fundraising Speeds Up," 10/25/11 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, "College Football: The Coolest Spot On Every BCS Top 25 Team's Campus," 10/26/11 The Bleacher Report

Kansas State University, "Local Reaction To Big 12 Move Mixed," 10/26/11 Charleston (West Virginia) Gazette

Kansas State University, "Manhattan Defeats Lawrence In Energy Contest," 10/26/11 KCTV 5, 10/25/11 Lawrence Journal-World http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/takewin102611.html

Kansas State Salina, "K-State Flight Team Qualifies For Nationals," 10/26/11 Salina Journal, 10/25/11 KSAL Military & Aerospace Electronics http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/flightteam102511.html

Family studies and human service, Sandra Stith, "*Domestic Violence Most Prevalent In College," 10/25/11 University Daily Kansan

Horticulture, forestry, & recreation, Ted Cable, "Migrating Birds Help Put Kansas On Nature's Radar," 10/25/11 Clay Center Dispatch

Student, Kyle Landau, "Obscure Gauges Can Suggest Big Economic Trends," 10/25/11 Kansas City Star

Student, Soyoung Lim, Human nutrition, George Wang, "*Purple Sweet Potato Means Increased Amount Of Anti-Cancer Components," 10/25/11 Natural Health Care (Canada)

Sociology anthropology and social work, Michael Wesch, "Technology Has Toppled The Ivory Tower," 10/24/11 The Globe and Mail

Agricultural Economics, Glynn Tonsor, "Consumer Attitudes And Welfare Labeling," 10/24/11 Drovers Cattle Network

K-State, "*McPherson High band marches to high ratings at fall festivals," 10/24/11 McPherson Sentinel

K-State, "*Fly on wall sees things it wishes it hadn’t," 10/24/11 Scientific American

K-State, "No ‘Market Adjustments’ For Most University Employees," 10/24/11 Wichita Eagle Editorial Department Blog

K-State, "New Report Provides In-Depth Analysis Of Food System In Douglas County Area," 10/24/11 Lawrence Journal-World

Sociology anthropology and social work,  Michael Wesch, "Podcast384: Michael Wesch At Heartland eLearning 2011," 10/23/11 Moving At The Speed Of Creativity

Communications and marketing, Jeff Morris, "Law Party Poopers," 10/24/11 Manhattan Mercury

Statistics, Leigh Murray, "NMSU Researchers Dig Into Weed And Worm Conspiracy," 10/24/11 Las Cruces (N.M.) Sun-News

Student, Kenny Ham, "Here Comes The Sun," 10/24/11 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "Kansas' Tallgrass Prairie Preserves Unique American Landscape," 10/23/11 USA Today

Kansas State University, "Northeast Kansas Happenings," 10/23/11 Topeka Capital Journal

Kansas State University, "Boxhattan A Winner In Classroom, Too," 10/23/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "In This One Case, Unity Prevails," 10/23/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "KSU-Salina Sponsors Truck-Or-Treat Event," 10/23/11 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "*Magnifying Research: Scientists Team Together To Upgrade K-State's Supercomputer, Benefiting Other Colleges, Too," 10/23/11 ACM News

Kansas State University, "Governor OK With Diverse Kan. Groups Speaking Out," 10/23/11 San Antonio Express-News, Hutchinson News

Biology, Eva Horne, Susan Brown, Tony Grace, "*KSU Studies Snake's Ability To Clone Itself," 10/22/11 Topeka Capital Journal, 10/30/11 Houston Chronicle, Wichita Eagle, The Republic (Columbus, Ind.)

Kansas State University, "Branding Irons Fade As U.S. Pushes National Livestock Tracking," 10/22/11 Bloomberg News

Kansas State University, "Are There Any Supplements Or Treatments To Prevent Bleeding In Racehorses?," 10/22/11 Thoroughbred Times

Student, Maddy Beck, "4th Annual America’s Best Raisin Bread Contest," 10/22/11 The Culinary Scoop

Student, Tyler Tannahill, "As War In Iraq Ends, Suits And Jobs Are What We Need, Not Yellow Ribbons And Unemployment Checksm," 10/21/11 Huffington Post

Kansas State University, "Highway patrol to increase enforcement after KU-KSU game," 10/21/11 Manhattan Mercury

Computer information science, Daniel Andresen, Doina Caragea, Student, Adam Tygart, Physics, Brett Esry, "KSU Supercomputer Receives a Sizeable Upgrade," 10/21/11 Manhattan Mercury

President, Kirk Schulz, "Schulz gets $50K raise," 10/21/11 Manhattan Mercury

Former Student, Ali Kemp, "Citizens Medal Recipients Include Kansan," 10/21/11 The Wichita Eagle

Clinical sciences, Dan Thomson, "Bedding Alleviates Feedlot Heat Stress," 10/21/11 Drover's Cattle Network

President Kirk Schulz, "Statehouse Live: Regents Approve Salary Increases For University Chiefs; Hefty Ones For Some," 10/20/11 Lawrence Journal-World

Kansas State University, "Hunger In Kansas, Statewide Programs Make A Difference," 10/21/11 Kansas City InfoZine http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/hunger101811.html

Kansas State University, "'Dragon' Brigade Supports K-State's Landon Lectures," 10/20/11 1st Infantry Division Post

Sociology Anthropology and Social Work, Michael Wesch, "Why Michael Wesch’s “Blogging” Should Count," 10/20/11 Jason Baird Jackson

Kansas State University, "Soldiers Rehabilitate With K-State Trainer," 10/20/11 1st Infantry Division Post

Interior architecture & product design, Vibhavari Jani, "K-State Students Tour Rehab Centers," 10/20/11 1st Infantry Division Post

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, “Consumers Couldn't Have Washed Away Cantaloupe Contamination, Experts Say,” 10/20/11 MSNBC

Grain science & industry, Mark Fowler, “*Closing Of NKC Flour Mill Reflects Shift Of Work To Coasts,” 10/20/11 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, “Online Program Educates Students On Alcohol-Related Issues,”  10/20/11 KSNT, KTKA http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/alcoholedu101911.html

Kansas State University, “Airport Authority Gets Uplifting News,” 10/20/11 Salina Journal

Economics, Dan Kuester, “Mizzou's Sports Spending Is Small Compared To Most SEC Schools,” 10/20/11 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Alumnus, Bowie Croisant, “Traditional Shapes Get An Abstracted Twist In Bowie Croisant’s Ceramics,” 10/20/11 Kansas City Star

English, Phil Nel, “Halloween Books For Kids,” 10/19/11 Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.), 10/29/11 UPI http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/hallowbooks101711.html

Kansas State University, “Get To Know The Health Benefits Of Cinnamon,” 10/19/11 Ezine Mark.com

Engineering, LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin “Kansas' Attempts To Move Workers Into The Workplace,” 10/19/11 News Taco

Kansas State University, “Kansas Regents Put Off Budget Request For New KU Medical School Building,” 10/19/11 Lawrence Journal-World

Kansas State University, “Kansas Home Energy Loan Funds Go To Business, University Projects,” 10/19/11 Kansas Reporter

Kansas State University, “For The Fifth Year Certified Angus Beef Reports Record Sales,” 10/19/11 Ohio Country Journal

Kansas State University, "Band Earns High Rank At K-State," 10/18/11 Louisburg Herald

Kansas State University, “ISU Army ROTC Wins Regional Ranger Challenge,” 10/18/11 Media Newswire

Computing and information science, Daniel Andresen, Doina Caragea, Physics, Brett Esry, Biology, Walter Dodds, Civil engineering, David Steward, Student, Jianhan Chen, Adam Tygart, and Biochemistry, Christine Aikens, "*Magnifying Research: Scientists Team Together To Upgrade Supercomputer," 10/19/11 First Sciencehttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/beocat101811.html

Diagnostic medicne pathobiology, Michael Dryden, "No Foolin' Fall Is Prime Flea Season," 10/19/11 Chicago Now, Steve Dale's Pet World

Kansas State University, "Questions About Plum Island's Future Unresolved," 0/19/11 The Day (Connecticut)

Kansas State University, "Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet invades K-State," 10-19-11 KSNT

Kansas State University, "'Bigger and Better'," 10/19/11 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "Chapman Presents Poetry," 10/18/11 Colorado County Citizen

Agricultural Economics, Timothy Dalton, "*K State Olathe Hosts Free Public Lecture On World Hunger Sunday Oct. 23, "10/18/11 Kansas City Star

Kansas State University, "War Zone Traumatic Stress Lecture Oct. 27," 10/18/11 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Fort Riley Cutbacks Feared," 10/18/11 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Eric Stonestreet, "Hollywood Cat," 10/18/11 Manhattan Mercury

Journalism & mass communications, Nancy Muturi, "Salina Welcomes 100 New Citizens," 10/18/11 KSN-TV Wichita, Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "USDA Deputy Secretary Merrigan Spends Day In Kansas: Visits About Free Trade, Local And Regional Food, Careers In Agriculture," 10/18/11 Gardner Edge

Kansas State University, "Bringing America Back: Saving Small Towns Through Groceries," 10/17/11 ABC News

K-State, "Do Peers Really Pick On Overweight Kids More?," 10/17/11 Central Florida News 13, Newsday (Long Island, NY) http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/childrenfault101011.html

President Kirk Schulz, "Manhattan Already Catching Gameday Fever," 10/17/11 Wichita Eagle

Theatre and dance, Kathy Voecks,Dana Pinkstons, Kyle McGuffin, John Uthoff, Reginald Pittman, and Dwight Tolar, Student, Kristin Hyde, and Music, Paul Hunt, "K-State 'Spelling Bee' Makes For Delightful Theater," 10/17/11 Manhattan Mercury

English, Philip Nel, Anne Phillips, "K-State Encourages Literature "Treats" This Halloween," 10/17/11 WIBW, Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/hallowbooks101711.html

Kansas State University, "City Park Tree Walk," 10/17/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "4-H Garage Sale," 10/17/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Top Schools Recruiting Best Brains," 10/17/11 Xinhua News Agency (China)

Student Life, Pat Bosco, "*KC Area’s College-Educated Population On Rise," 10/17/11 Kansas City Star, 10/16/11 Olathe News

Finance, Tommy Cooper, "5 Warning Signs for IPOs," 10/17/11 The Motley Fool

Kansas State University, "Abaxis Announces The Formation Of A Clinical Pathology Resident Fund At Kansas State University," 10/17/11 Market Watch, 10/25/11 WFSB (Hartford, Conn.)

Psychology, Mark Barnett, "*Kids Can Be Tougher on Obese Peers," 10/16/11 U.S. News and World Report http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/childrenfault101011.html

Student, Nichole Graham, "K-Stater Runs Past Challenges," 10/16/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Family Farm Still Going Strong," 10/16/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "*Martin Luther King Jr.'S Work Helped Midstate Pennsylvanians Blaze Trails, "10/16/11 Patriot-News (Pennsylvania)

Kansas State University, "*One Year Into NASA Project, K-State Space Fitness Research Leads To New Findings," 10/15/11 Ad Astra Kansas

Kansas State University, "*Northeast Kansas Happenings," 10/15/11 Topeka Capital-Journal

Kansas State University, "Curator To Talk About Textile Conservation," 10/15/11 Salina Journal

Kansas State University, "Rep. Mike Pompeo Proposes To End Economic Development Administration," 10/15/11 Kansas City Star

Administration and finance, Brice Shubert, "Corporate Restructuring Consultants From Blackstone Group Meeting With Kansas Officials," 10/14/11 Lawrence Journal World

Kansas State University, "What Makes This Home Special? It's The Only One LEED Certified In Wichita," 10/14/11 Wichita Eagle

Ag Economy, Kevin Dhuyvetter, "Kansas Farmers Wary As Congress Eyes Farm Subsidies Cuts," 10/14/11 Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Kansas State University, "USDA Official Visits K-State To Tout Jobs In Ag Field," 10/14/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "KSU Lecture Hall Gets a Facelift," 10/14/11 Manhattan Mercury

Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design, Kim Hiller- Connell, "Dress Warm, Look Hot," 10/14/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “University Of Kansas Ranks No. 3 In Nation For Basketball Spending,” 10/14/11 Kansas City Business Journal

English, Philip Nel, "Rebel Books," 10/13/11 National Public Radio, 10/14/11 NPR's On the Media

Psychology, Mark Barnett, “*Children More Accepting Of Peers Who Try To Change Negative Traits,” 10/13/11 Counseling Today

Grain Science and Industry, Xiuzhi Sun, Biochemistry, Michael Kanost, “Four Kansas Researchers Honored With Higuchi Awards,” 10/13/11 Lawrence Journal World

Kansas State University, “*Securing The Future: Cybersecurity Conference - Kansas State Olathe Campus,” 10/13/11 Joco Living
A cybersecurity consortium that includes a Kansas State University component will host a conference focusing on both business and academic facets of security issues.

Kansas State University, “Wind Turbines To Benefit Rural Kansas Schools,” 10/13/11 Education Week

Student, Sarah Gardner, “Gardner Awarded Van Sickle Scholarship,” 10/13/11 Newton Kansan

Kansas State University, “Kansas Agriculture Deputy Secretary Discussed Free Trade Agreement, KS Economy,” 10/13/11 KTKA

Head Baseball Coach, Brad Hill, Student, Joe Flattery, “'Rangers' Team Up With K-State For Physical Training,” 10/13/11 1st Infantry Division Post

Anthropology, Michael Wesch, “Michael Wesch: It's A 'Pull, Pull' World,” 10/13/11 THE Journal

Agricultural economics, David Lambert, “Young Would-Be Farmers Have A Tough Row To Hoe,” 10/13/11 Medill News Service, News and Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)

Kansas State University, "KU, KSU Football Game To Showcase Fundraiser," 10/13/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "'Spelling Bee' Opens Tonight At Nichols," 10/13/11 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Heidi Mehl, "KSU Student Hopes To Bring Clean Water To The Potawatomie Nation," 10/13/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “UNH Gets $741K For Stream Research,” 10/12/11 Mass High Tech

Alumni, Jyoti Shah, Alysha Soper, “Entomological Foundation Announces 2011 Award Winners,” 10/12/11 Phys.Org

Kansas State University, “Commerce Dept. Sets Rural Opportunities Conference,” 10/12/11 WIBW

Kansas State University, “K-State Women In Aviation To Hold Wash & Wax,” 10/12/11 AMT Online

Art science and business, Patricia Ackerman, “Program On Graduate School At KSU-Salina,” 10/12/11 Salina Journal

Plant pathology, Bikram Gill, “*A Mecca For Wheat Genetics: Kansas State University Center Mapping Wheat Genome,” 10/12/11 Seed Quest

Alumni, Kevin McRell, Erica Hopwood, "Where The Jobs Are: Engaged Citizens Drive Job Growth At Kansas Tech Firm," 10/12/11 ABC 12

Kansas State University, "Kansas State University Biosecurity Research Institute At Pat Roberts Hall," 10/12/11 Turner

Head Football Coach, Bill Snyder, "Snyder Welcomes TCU To Big 12," 10/11/11 Manhattan Mercury

President, Kirk Schulz, "Realignment Was Frustrating For Schulz," 10/11/11 Manhattan Mercury

NBAF, "Kansas City Ag Business Council To Honor Sen. Pat Roberts," 10/11/12 Kansas Farmer

NBAF, "What's Up With Cattle Bridge On Kimball?," 10/11/11 Manhattan Mercury

Psychology, Mark Barnett, Students, Tammy Sonnentag, Jennifer Livengood, Taylor Wadian, Alumna, Adrienne Struble, "*Kids More Accepting Of Peers Who Try To Change Undesirable Trait Than Those Faulted For it," 10/11/11 Science Newsline, Inventor Spot http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/childrenfault101011.html

Kansas State University, "GWEDC Touts Region At NBAA," 10/11/11 The Wichita Eagle

Kansas State University, "*U.S. Unlikely To Hit Renewable Fuel Standard For Cellulosic Biofuels," 10/11/11 Corn and Soybean Digest

Aviation, William Gross, "*K-State Aviation Professor Earns MCFI For Fifth Time," 10/11/11 Aircraft Maintenance Technology Online

Kansas State University, "Midterms: Problems Stack Up With Exams," 10/11/11 The Nevada Sagebrush

Student, Caleb Greinke, "K-State Student Sheds Light On Speech Codes In ‘Collegian’," 10/10/11 The Moral Libel

Kansas State University, "A Winning Crowd, But A Rough One," 10/10/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, "Police Officer Wounded By Pellet Gun, 10/10/11 Topeka Capital-Journal, Wichita Eagle, WIBW

Kansas State University, "*Dental Issues Plague Our Pets," 10/11/11 The Salem News (Salem, Mass.)

President Kirk Schulz, "Heard On The Hill: KU Quidditch Team Winning Championships; Intellectual Disabilities Research Center Gets $7 Million Grant; KU, Kansas State Excited To Welcome TCU To Big 12 Conference," 10/11/11 Lawrence Journal-World

Management, Roger McHaney, "Keeping Up With The Tech-Savvy," 10/10/11 Kansas City InfoZine http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/mchaney100611.html

Animal Sciences & Industry, Brian Faris, "Kansas Sheep, Goat Conference Coming," 10/10/11 Kansas Farmer

Kansas State University, “KSU-Salina Drama Club Plans Fundraiser,” 10/10/11 Salina Journal

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Douglas Powell, "7 Tips For A Cleaner, Safer Kitchen," 10/9/11 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Kansas State University, "Truckin' For The Teams," 10/9/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kansas State University, “Garden Calendar: Skunks Create Bigger Problems Than Their Odor,” 10/9/11 Lawrence Journal-World

Kansas State University, “Senate At Vortex Of 2012 Election Cycle,” 10/8/11 Topeka Capital-Journal

Music, Frank Tracz, Students, Evan Looft, Ross Jensby, Ronald Spiess, “'Wabash Cannonball' A Proud Tradition For Kansas State,” 10/8/11 Columbia Missourian

Kansas State University, “*Northeast Kansas Happenings,” 10/8/11 Topeka Capital-Journal

Agricultural Economics, Ted Schroeder, student, Lance Zimmerman, “New Demand Index Points To Profit Potential,” 10/8/11 High Plains Journal

Alumna, Lucinda Piligian, “Locally-Grown Actress To Be Chamber Speaker,” 10/8/11 Hutchinson News

Geography, John Harrington “Misinformation Campaign Derailing Calls For Action On Climate Change, Says K-State Prof,” 10/7/11 Prairie Village Post

President, Kirk Schulz, "After Sleepless Nights, Schultz Helps Big 12 Expand," 10/7/11 Manhattan Mercury

History, James Sherow, “Professor Tracks Federal Role In State's Economy,” 10/07/11 Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Star

Biochemistry, Sujata Chaudhari, Karl Kramer, Entomology, Richard Beeman, Yoonseng Park, “*Discovering The Insect’s Protein That Will Reduce The Use Of Insecticides,” 10/07/11 Science and Inventions

Sociology Anthropology and Social Work, Michael Wesch, “An Unusual Conference,” 10/07/11 Inside Higher Ed

Kansas State University, “Census Releases Home, Rental Figures,” 10/6/11 Topeka Capital-Journal

Entomology, Ray Cloyd, “Kansas State University Educator Raymond Cloyd, Ph.D. Receives 2011 Alex Laurie Award,” 10/6/11 Perishable News

Kansas State University, “K-State Welcomes Soldiers On Game Day,” 10/6/11 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, "Legan Bill Cosby at McCain Sunday," 10/6/11 Manhattan Mercury

Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Naiqian Zhang, “K-State Robots Top Ag Challenge For Five Years,” 10/06/11 Clay Center Dispatch

Agronomy, Charles Rice, “USDA’s Ag Air Quality Task Force Travels To Kansas,” 10/6/11 Drover's Cattle Network

Student, John Deterding, “PTSD In The Workplace To Be Discussed In Panel,” 10/6/11 1st Infantry Division Post

Kansas State University, “*Butler To Host Numana SWIPE Event,” 10/6/11 El Dorado Times

Kansas State University, “Wildcat Baseball Team Conducts Ranger Physical Fitness Training,” 10/6/11 Army News

Kansas State University, “Kansas St. Cheers Possible TCU Move To Big 12,” 10/6/11 San Antonio Express-News

Kansas State University, "Heard On The Hill: Emporia Newspaper Readers Tie Enrollment Drops To Tuition Hikes; NASCAR Looking To Expand Its Presence On College Campuses; Federal Grant To Support Kansas City, Kan., Art Programs," 10/6/11 Lawrence Journal-World 

Alumnus, Samuel Ramey, "Kansas Native Makes His KC Opera Debut In ‘Turandot’," 10/6/11 Kansas City Star 

Family studies and human service,  John Grable,  "*Stress-Testing Risk Tolerance," 10/5/11 Wall Street Journal

Biology, John Briggs, “*Konza Prairie Biological Station Celebrates 40 Years,” 10/5/11 KMAN

Kansas State University, "*'Baby Fever' Is A Real Scientific Phenomenon," 10/5/11 Huffington Post, The Wichita Eagle, Your Tango http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/aug11/babyfever82311.html

Kansas State University, "*On The Menu: Research Helps Future Restaurant Managers Learn To Meet Needs Of Customers With Food Allergies," 10/5/11 e! Science Newshttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/allergies100511.html

Kansas State University, "Regent: Big 12 Still Best Fit For Kan. Schools," 10/5/11 San Antonio News Express, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Austin American-Statesman, Topeka Capital Journal, St. Louis Today 

President, Kirk Schulz, "*Butler Signs Business Agreement With K-State," 10/5/11 El Dorado Times http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct11/hungeroped10411.html

Kansas State University, "More Robust Animal ID/Traceability Program Needed To Stay Competitive," 10/5/11 Insurance News

Kansas State University, "Organic Food No Guarantee Against Foodborne Illness," 10/5/11 iWatch News

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