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K-State's news services staff keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.

Athletics, Bill Snyder, President Kirk Schulz, "Snyder Argues For More Money Support For Student-Athletes," 7/31/11 Manhattan Mercury

Information Technology Assistance Center, Shalin Hai-Jew, "That's Nothing But A Power Move," 7/31/11 Manhattan Mercury

Political science, Dale Herspring, "Medvedev Tries To Reform Russia's Police," 7/31/11 Manhattan Mercury

Graduate school, Cheryl Polson, "New KSU Graduate Education, Outreach Director Named," 7/31/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/polson72611.html

Biology, Susan Brown, "KSU Researcher Hopes Others Get The Munchies," 7/31/11 http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/browngenomes72811.html

Anthropology, sociology, and social work, Michael Wesch, "Why Storytelling Is Good Business," 7/31/11 The Mint/Wall Street Journal

President Kirk Schulz, "*So They Said," 7/31/11 Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Ensure Water Supply," 7/31/11 Wichita Eagle

Student financial assistance, Larry Moeder, "*Kansas Officials Brace For Fallout From Debt Limit Impasse," 7/30/11 CT Post, Kansas City Star, San Antonio Express-News, Topeka Capital-Journal, 7/31/11 Hutchinson News, Wichita Eagle

Computing and information science, Daniel Andresen, "Lowly Texts Are Sometimes Lost In A High-Tech Shuffle," 7/30/11 Kansas City Star

Agricultural economics, Art Barnaby, "Crop Insurance Brings The National Debate Down To Oregon Farmers," 7/30/11 The Oregonian

Athletics, John Currie, "Currie Comfortable Leading K-State Through Current Athletic Challenges," 7/30/11 Kansas City Star, 7/31/11 Wichita Eagle

Agricultural economics, Karissa Berks, "Value-Added Workshops Offered," 7/29/11 High Plains Journal

Research and extension, Kent Martin, "Parched Peril In Western Kansas," 7/29/11 Harvest Public Media

K-State, "What's Your Major? Probably Not One of These," 07/29/11 Chronicle of Higher Education

K-State, "Mediation Postponed In Pollution Case," 7/29/11 Manhattan Mercury, Salina Journal, 7/30/11 Hutchinson News, The Examiner

Agronomy, Mary Knapp, "Whew! Wednesday's 110 Was City's Hottest Day In 30 Years," 7/29/11 Manhattan Mercury

English, Tanya Gonzalez, "K-State Book Selection To Be Film," 7/29/11 Manhattan Mercury, 8/2/11 Kansas City InfoZine http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/katrina72911.html

Veterinary medicine, Mac Hafen, clinical sciences, Bonnie Rush, Susan Nelson, "Veterinary Medicine Students Experience Higher Depression Levels Than Peers," 7/28/11 HealthNewsDigest.com, Science Daily, News-Medical Net, Stone Hearth News, ScienceBlog.com, News-medical.net, DVM 360, Manhattan Mercury, 7/30/11 UPI, 8/2/11 Mental Healthy , 8/9/11 Pet Pal Spot http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/depression72811.html

Anthropology, sociology, & social work, Michael Wesch, "Higher Education And The New Media Reality," 7/28/11 Campus News Technology

Agricultural economics, Glynn Tonsor, "Study: Animal Welfare Labeling On Products," 7/28/11 Dairy Herd Management, 8/1/11 Drover's Cattle Network, 8/7/11 Grand Island Independent, 8/8/11 KMZU

Agricultural economics, Jay O'Neil, "Cheap Ocean Freight Rates Are Good News For Canadian Farmers," 7/28/11 Producer.com

 Extension, Troy Dumler, "Moisture And Money Absent As Drought Exacts Its Economic Toll: Figures Not Available, But Farmers And Ranchers Will Take A Hit," 7/29/11 Hutchinson News

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Republicans, Urban Areas Will Gain From Redistricting," 7/28/11 Topeka Capital Journal, 8/7/11 Salina Journal

K-State, "*Colleges Honored As Good Places To Work," 7/28/11 Kansas City Star

K-State, "Local Leaders Lobby To Keep Country In 2nd District," 7/28/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "*Algal Scientific Seeks Funds for Fertilizer-Eating Algae Project," 07/27/11 Bloomberg News

Plant pathology, Bikram Gill, "US Budget Fight Threatens World Food Security," 7/27/11 Lincoln Tribune, Voice of America

Student, Gina Barton, biology, Dave Rintoul, "Use Of Mist Nets For Bird Capture Safe, Effective," 7/27/11 Phys.org http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/birdnets72611.html

Anthropology, sociology and social work, Michael Wesch, "Michael Wesch: New Learning Environments for New Media Environments," 7/27/11 Emerging Ed Tech, 7/28/11 educationbulletinboard

K-State, "Manhattan May Be Pivotal In Redistricting," 7/27/11 Lawrence Journal-World, San Antonio Express-News, 7/28/11 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State, "Kansas Rachets Census Count 14,000 Downward," 7/27/11 Kansas Reporter, Salina Journal

Sociology, anthropology and social work, Laszlo Kulcsar, "Community Leaders Have Mixed Reactions To ROZ Program," 7/27/11 Topeka Capital Journal

Entomology, Ludek Zurek, "Asian Tiger Mosquito Invades Missouri," 7/27/11 Kansas City Star

Clinical sciences, Bob Larson, "Open Range," 7/27/11 AgInfo.net

K-State, "We All Understand The Power Of Profit," 7/27/11 Star Exponent (Culpeper, Va.)

Huck Boyd Institute, "Leadership Academy Applications Being Taken," 7/27/11 Fort Scott Tribune

K-State, "The Sticking Power Of Soybeans," 7/26/11 Hoosier Ag Today

Center for Engagement and Community Development, David Procter, "*Depopulation Takes Economic Toll," 7/26/11 Topeka Capital Journal, 7/29/11 NECN

K-State, "Still No Justification For The Mortgage Interest Deduction," 7/26/11 The Motley Fool http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/buyhome72711.html

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "New System Will Display Restaurant Ratings," 7/26/11 Hawaii Tribune Herald

Human ecology, Gayle Doll, "Gerontology Major Becoming More Popular At K-State," 7/26/11 KSNT http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/secmajor72511.html

Agronomy, Mary Knapp, "About That Overdue Electric Bill …," 7/26/11 Salina Journal

Agronomy, Mary Knapp, "Seeking Refuge: Kansas Wildlife Is Feeling Effects Of Drought As Water In Rivers, Wetlands Grows Scarcer," 7/26/11 Hutchinson News

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "1 Year After Letter Grades New Yorkers Still Eat Out ," 7/25/11 U.S. Food Safety

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "With Plum Island 'Up In The Air,' Councilman Asks 'What's Up?'" 7/25/11 NorthForkPatch

Animal sciences and industry, Larry Hollis, "Blue-Green Algae Can Be Toxic To Animals, Humans," 7/25/11 Dairy Herd Management, Drover's Cattle Network, Dodge City Globe

K-State, "*ERAU Advancing The Science Behind Drones," 7/25/11 Daytona Beach News Journal

Human nutrition, Mark Haub, "The Globe and Mail," 7/25/11 The ‘McRunner’ diet: How much does nutrition matter?

Landon Lecture Series, "Former Sen. Alan Simpson To Give Lecture," 7/25/11 KTKA, Manhattan Mercury, NTV, Topeka Capital-Journal, Wichita Eagle, 7/26/11 Hutchinson News, KTKA http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/simpsonlandon72511.html

K-State, "Hearings Set Across State On Districts' Redrawing," 7/25/11 Kansas City Star, Wichita Eagle, 7/27/11 The Republic

K-State, "Salina's Influence At Risk," 7/25/11 Salina Journal

Agricultural economics, Glynn Tonsor, "Meat From Petri Dish To Plate: Credible Or Inedible?" 7/25/11 Kansas City Star, 7/27/11 Standard-Examiner, 7/30/11 The Tennesseean, 8/1/11 Pantagraph.com

Alumnus, Eric Stonestreet, "Old-Fashioned Decency Leads To Modern Success For Eric Stonestreet," 7/24/11 Montreal Gazette

K-State, "Science Park Full Of Possibilities," 7/24/11 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State, "A Paleo Diet Advice On Consuming Eggs," 7/23/11 Paleo Village

Agricultural economics, Dan O'Brien, "Massive Heat Wave Could Cause Corn Prices To Pop," 7/23/11 GPB News, NPR

Management, Diane Swanson, "Your Guide to Money Etiquette," 7/22/11 Real Simple magazine

K-State, "Nuclear Energy Industry Continues On," 7/22/11 Innovate Online http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/nukeminor71311.html

K-State, "R.O.I.," 7/22/11 New York Times

Plant pathology, Bill Bockus, "Wheat Virus Can Affect The Choice Of Seed," 7/22/11 Manhattan Mercury

Beach Museum of Art, Kathrine Schlageck, "Curating A Taste In Art," 7/22/11 Manhattan Mercury

Political science, Dale Herspring, "Europe Faces Growing Financial, Social Challenges," 7/22/11 Manhattan Mercury

Kinesiology, David Poole, Tim Musch, "Rats Might Be Key To Breakthroughs In Heart Disease," 7/22/11 Manhattan Mercury, Medical News, 7/25/11 Kansas City InfoZine, 7/28/11 Kansas City Star, 7/30/11 Wichita Eagle http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/rattreadmill72111.html

K-State, "*Some Students Had Homework Over The Summer: Reading," 7/22/11 The Wichita Eagle

Agricultural economics, Bill Golden, "Brownback Seeks Aquifer Conservation Reform," 7/21/11 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State, "Fund Honors Nationally-Known Professor, Architect," 7/21/11 Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

Agronomy, Mary Knapp, "Drought Digs In," 7/21/11 Hutchinson News

Entomology, Holly Davis, "Pest Management Needed As Summer Heat Brings Out Bugs," 7/21/11 Baldwin City Signal

Former President Jon Wefald, "*Hemenway Fully Retired From KU, No Longer On Payroll," 7/21/11 Lawrence Journal World

K-State, "Croc-Like Reptile Cruising Derby Pond," 7/20/11 Topeka Capital-Journal, 7/21/11 KTKA, Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Flooding Could Lead To Anthrax Poisoning," 7/20/11 KC Fox 4 News

K-State, "Details Of WSU Research," 7/20/11 KWCH

Student, Mitchell Kidd, Jardine, Tonya Wessel, "K-State Student Attends International Resident Advisor Event In New Orleans," 7/20/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/starscollege72011.html

Athletics, John Currie, Chad Weiberg, "K-State Fans Push Ahearn Fund To New Heights," 7/20/11 Manhattan Mercury, WIBW

K-State Salina, "Day 2: AAR Pleased With Job Applicants," 7/20/11 Salina Journal

Salina publications, Michael Oetken, "'Cat App-Titude," 7/20/11 Salina Journal

Students, Kabeer Jasuja, Nihar Mohanty, "2 K-State Doctoral Students Among Top 20 Grad Students," 7/19/11 India West, 7/20/11 Graphene Times, Pravasi Heraldhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jun11/gsas62111.html

K-State, "*Don’t Cut Pell Grants, College Leaders Urge Congress," 7/19/11 Kansas City Star

President Kirk Schulz, athletics, Scott Garrett, "Kansas State Standardizes Brand," 7/19/11 Kansas City Star, Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Kemper Arena’s Future Is Up In The Air," 7/19/11 Kansas City Star

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, sociology, anthropology, and social work, Michael Wesch, "Social Media As A Teaching Tool: 9 Cool Examples," 7/19/11 Schools.com

Athletics, "Free Play: Unmasking And Ending The Exploitation Of NCAA Student Athletes," 7/19/11 Student Pulse

K-State, "15 Fascinating College Courses For The Ultimate Potter Scholar," 7/19/11 Best Colleges Online

President Kirk Schulz, "KSU Foundation Receives Record Contributions," 7/18/11 Greenfield Reporter, Fort Scott Tribune, Kansas City Star, KMAN, KTKA, KTMJ, Lawrence Journal-World, Topeka Capital Journal, WDAF, WIBW, Wichita Eagle, 7/20/11 Abilene Reflector Chronicle, El Dorado Times http://www.found.ksu.edu/wp/?p=1025

K-State, "New Poll Finds Many Clinics In Flagging Health," 7/18/11 VIN News Service

Human nutrition, Mark Haub, "The Great Debate: Calorie Source Or Calorie Balance?" 7/18/11 Health Digest

K-State, "National Restaurant Looks To Build In Salina,"7/18/11 Salina Journal

History, Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, "KSU Students Look To Improve Campus Recycling," 7/18/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/recycle71511.html

K-State, "Kansas Wheat Breaks Ground On Kansas Wheat Innovation Center," 7/18/11 High Plains Journal

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Raw Milk Problems Won’t Go Away," 7/18/11 Drover's Cattle Network

Sociology, anthropology, and social work, Laszlo Kulcsar, "Tax Incentives To Draw People To Rural Kansas Are Questioned," 7/18/11 Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Kansas City Star, Wichita Eagle

K-State, "What Isn't Made In Kansas?" 7/17/11 Kansas.com, Wichita Eagle

K-State, "What Keeps The Earth Cooking?" 7/17/11 Berkeley Lab News

Information Technology Assistance Center, Shalin Hai-Jew, "For Wife, Liberty And..." 7/17/11 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Another Step Toward NBAF," 7/17/11 Manhattan Mercury

Political science, Dale Herspring, "Obama Makes Political Calculation In Afghanistan," 7/17/11 Manhattan Mercury

Animal sciences and industry, James Marsden, "Food Companies Act to Protect Consumers From E. Coli Illness," 7/15/11 Manhattan Mercury, New York Times, 7/18/11 Arkansas Life Sciences, Canadian Business, De Soto Explorer, Greenfield Daily Reporter, Kansas City InfoZine, Kansas City Star, KCTV 5, KMAN, KMUW, KSNT, KTKA, Lawrence Journal World, Oregon Live, Shawnee Dispatch, Topeka Capital Journal, WIBW, Wichita Eagle, Wyandotte Daily News

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Brownback Forms Steering Committee For National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility," 7/15/11 Kansas City Business Journal, 7/19/11 Topix, 7/20/11 Daily Herd Management, Kansas Farmer, Shawnee Dispatch, 7/21/11 Kansas City infoZine, 7/27/11 High Plains Journal

Clinical sciences, Kate KuKanich, "Protecting Pets -- And People -- From Salmonella Infections," 07/15/11 ABC Action News, 7/20/11 Sydney Morning Herald, 7/26/11 The Detroit News

English, Karin Westman, Philip Nel, "Harry Potter Scholars Discuss Final Film," 7/15/11 KSNT

Sociology, anthropology, and social work, Michael Wesch, "Michael Wesch, The Professor Who Explains YouTube To Itself," 7/15/11 Daily Dot

Animal sciences and industry, Terry Houser, "BIG, BAM Boost Beef Demand," 7/15/11 CattleNetwork.com, Drover's Cattle Network

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Food Illness May Be Linked To Fish Fry," 07/15/11 www.delmarvanow.com

K-State, "Kaw Valley Rodeo Returns To Fair Events," 7/15/11 1st Infantry Division Post

Athletics, John Currie, "Commentary: KSU 13, Kansas 1 — really," 7/15/11 Lawrence Journal World

Geography, Marcelus Caldas, "Link Found Between Increased Crops And Deforestation In Amazon, But Issue Not So Cut And Dry," 7/14/11 Manhattan Mercury, Science Daily, 7/20/11 Biofuels Digest, Biofuels News, Discovery News http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/brazildeforestation71411.html

Student, Alan Barraza, public safety, Steve Galitzer, "Plenty Of Mercury To Spill, But No One To Clean Up," 7/14/11 Manhattan Mercury

Family studies and human services, Charles Smith, "Good Parent-Child Relationship Can Counter Violence In Video Games, KSU Expert Says," 7/14/11 Manhattan Mercury, 7/17/11 Daily India, Kansas City InfoZine, VG Chartz, 7/20/11 Gamer Pops http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/videogames71411.html

Finance, Eric Higgins, "*Genworth Provided Funds To Academic Study On Conforming Loan Limits," 7/14/11 Housing Wire

English, Karin Westman, "Show Notes,"7/14/11 CJME Morning News

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, "Gov. To Pick NBAF Advisory Panel," 7/13/11 KOAM TV, 7/14/11 Daily Journal, Topeka Capital-Journal

President Kirk Schulz, "President Of Kansas State University Tours ILS Farms And Ward Feed Yard," 7/13/11 ILS Beef

President Kirk Schulz, "K-State Recognizes Merrill, Others," 7/13/11 Baking Business

National Bio- And Agro-Defense Facility, "Brownback To Appoint NBAF Panel," 7/13/11 Manhattan Mercury, 7/14/11 Lawrence 6 News, Lawrence Journal World, Shawnee Dispatch

Continuing Education, Ellen Stauffer, "KSU To Offer New Nuclear Engineering Minor," 7/13/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "MPL Introduces New Locomotive Fueling System," 7/13/11 Rail Resource

K-State, "California Professors Are Jumping Ship," 7/13/11 ABC 30 (Fresno, Calif.)

Sociology, anthropology, & social work, Michael Wesch, "DIVERSE Conference At DCU," 7/13/11 Dublin City University

K-State at Salina, "*Kansas State University Unmanned Aircraft Systems Programme," 7/13/11 UAS Vision

K-State, "No K-State Students Show Signs Of Mercury Sickness," 7/13/11 WIBW, Hutchinson News

Athletics, Stacy Martin, "K-State’s Martin Named President Of CABMA," 7/13/11 WIBW

Engineering technology, Troy Harding, Thomas Mertz, "There's An App for Summer Fun," 7/13/11 Salina Journal

Agronomy, Kraig Roozeboom, "Hot, Hot, Hot: Some Relief To Come To Northeast As Parts Of U.S. Remain Near, At Triple-Digit Temperatures," 7/12/11 ABC News, ABC News Radio

K-State, "Equine Herpesvirus Calms Down Across Nation," 7/12/11 The Examiner

Agricultural economics, Sean Fox, "5 Questions: Higher Food Costs," 7/12/11 Shawnee Dispatch, 7/13/11 Baldwin City Signal, 7/14/11 Baldwin City Signal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jun11/foodprices62711.html

K-State, "Topeka Student Tapped For Research Project," 7/12/11 Topeka Capital Journal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/upwardbound71211.html

Agricultural economics, Allen Featherstone, Dan O'Brien, Glynn Tonsor, 
"K-State Risk And Profit Conference Set For Aug. 18-19 In Manhattan," 7/12/11 McPherson Sentinel

English, Philip Nel, "Feel The Power Of Potter," 7/12/11 Kansas City Star

Upward Bound, Pharamond Guice, physics, Chris Sorensen, "MHS Student Spending Summer Researching Chemistry At K-State," 7/12/11 Manhattan Mercuryhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/upwardbound71211.html

Student life, Heather Reed, Gayle Spencer, "Major House Cleaning: Students Show No Sign Of Poisoning," 7/12/11 Kansas City Star, Manhattan Mercury, Wichita Eagle

Mechanical and nuclear engineering, Dale Schinstock, "Algorithm Allows Sensors To Geo-Localize," 7/12/11 UAS Vision

K-State Salina, "Business Could Bring Jobs To Salina," 7/12/11 Salina Journal

K-State Salina Applied Aviation Resource Center, Josh Brungardt, "*New Aviation Degrees At K-State," 7/11/11 AV Web, Salina Journal, 7/12/11 Aviation News

Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research, "Spaghetti Dinner Benefits Cancer Research," 7/11/11 KMAN http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/pinkrodeo70511.html

K-State, "West Central Internship Program Offers Real World Experience," 7/11/11 KCIM (West Carroll, Iowa)

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Bioscience Businesses In Area Offer Great Promise, Carry Great Risk," 7/11/11 Kansas City Star

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Will Those Genetically Modified Soy Beans Make You Sick?" 7/11/11 Macleans Canada

K-State, "Is A Bookless Library Still A Library?" 7/11/11 Time magazine, 7/12/11 Moral Library, 7/19/11 Care2.com

Chemistry, Christopher Culbertson, student, Karsten Evans, "KSU Student Looks To Tackle Cancer," 7/11/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/evans71111.html

Student life, Heather Reed, "*Students Relocated After Mercury Spill At Home Reported," 7/11/11 KAKE-TV, Kansas City Star, KTKA, Hutchinson News, Manhattan Mercury, WIBW

Information Technology Assistance Center, Shalin Hai-Jew, "Get The Troops Home!" 7/11/11 Manhattan Mercury

Hospitality management and dietetics, Chihyung Ok, "*On The Spot: One Very Expensive Hotel Phone Bill," 7/10/11 Chicago Tribune, Las Angeles Times

Student, Mark Reynolds, "Jazzfest Brings Out Crowd To City Park," 7/10/11 Manhattan Mercury

Former coach, Vince Gibson, "Friends, Family Help Former K-State Coach Celebrate His Life," 7/10/11 Manhattan Mercury

Jardine, "KSU's Apartment Complex Features Modern, Eco-Friendly Restaruant And Coffee Shop," 7/10/11 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Alan Tillman, "Local KSU Engineering Student Receives Nationwide Scholarship," 7/10/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/tillman70511.html

Graduate school, Carol Shanklin, "K-State Undergrads Focus On Research During Summer," 7/10/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/summerresearch70611.html

Political science, Dale Herspring, "Gates Rebuilt Legacy Of Trust With Military," 7/10/11 Manhattan Mercury

Political science, Joseph Aistrup, "Joseph A. Aistrup: Aquifer A Tough Issue," 7/9/11 Winfield Courier/op-ed, 7/10/11 Wichita Eagle/op-ed, 7/11/11 Hutchinson News, 7/12/11 Pittsburg Morning Sun

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Brownback Announces 3 New Regents," 7/8/11 Topeka Capital-Journal, 7/12/11 Lawrence Journal-World

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Despite Food Scare, New Business Sprouts," 7/8/11 Ag Journal

K-State, "Great Plains Radio History Symposium: 14 October, Kansas State University – Manhattan, Kansas State University," 7/8/11 Shot News

History, James Sherow, "WSU Economic Conference Set For Oct. 6," 7/8/11 Wichita Eagle

President Kirk Schulz, continuing education, Sue Maes, mechanical and nuclear engineering, Mo Hosni, "K-State, Navy Sign Deal On Nuclear Engineering," 7/8/11 Manhattan Mercury, Topeka Capital-Journal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/navy70811.html

Center for Engagement and Community Development, David Procter, "Small Towns Try To Save Vital Grocery Stores," 7/7/11 USA Today

Agricultural economics, Sean Fox, "Commentary: Cloning Coming Of Age?"7/7/11 Drover's Cattle Network http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jun11/cloning62111.html

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Douglas Powell, "E.Coli Source Traced," 7/7/11 Atlantic Farm Focus

Student, Jessie Dowell, "Recognition From Forbes Magazine Excites Manhattan Community," 7/7/11 KMAN, KTKA, 7/10/11 Manhattan Mercury editorial, 7/12/11 Pantagraph

K-State, "Kansas Universities Earn National Rankings," 7/7/11 WIBW

Southwest Research Center, "Heat In Western Kansas Bushes Utility Bills Higher," 7/7/11 Greenfield Reporter/via The Associated Press, Hutchinson News, KNSS, KTKA, Topeka Captial-Journal

Physics, Amit Chakrabarti, "Chakrabarti Named Physics Head," 7/7/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/chakrabarti70711.html

Student, Megan Lawrence, veterinary medicine, Kate KuKanich, "KSU Vet Student Named A Morris Scholar," 7/7/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/morrisawd70711.html

Agronomy, Jianming Yu, Xianran Li, Chengsong Zhu, Zhongwei Lin, adjunct professor, Guihua Bai, statistics, Wiexing Song, "Charles Darwin, A Fruit Fly And A Platypus: Similarities In Genomes Across Multiple Species," 7/6/11 Eureka! Science News, Health News Digest, Nano Patents and Innovations, PhysOrg, 7/14/11 Kansas Farmer  http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/genomemapping70611.html

Biology, Susan Brown, "Entomological Society Of America Names 2011 Fellows," 7/6/11 Phys.org, 7/8/11 WIA Report

Students, Olivia Moore, Brittany Richardson, Kaila Toombs, "Five KCK Students Work On Research This Summer At K-State," 7/6/11 Wyandotte Daily News http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/summerresearch70611.html

Management, Thomas A. Wright, "Getting To The Heart Of Employee Well-Being," 7/6/11 Positive Psychology News Daily

Beef Cattle Institute, "LMA President Challenges Members And Staff To Build On Positive Momentum," 7/6/11 Drover's Cattle Network

K-State, "KU To Confer Honorary Degrees For First Time In University’s History," 7/6/11 Lawrence Journal World

K-State, "Manhattan Tops Forbes’ List For Business, Careers," 7/6/11 KTKA, 7/7/11 Manhattan Mercury, 7/11/11 The News Gazette

Geography, Richard Marston, "Record Snowfall Behind Flooding On Plains," 7/6/11 e! Science News, Manhattan Mercury, Real Science, UPI, 7/20/11 "Hear It Now" on Prairie Public Radio (N.D.) http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/flooding70611.html

Student life, Pat Bosco, "Milwaukee Couple Donates $280,000 To K-State," 7/6/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/orth70611.html

Alumnus, Darren Sproles, "A True Role Model: Sproles Gives Back," 7/6/11 Johnson County Sun

Family studies and human services, Terrie McCants, Briana Nelson Goff, "Mediation Minor Takes Off At KSU," 7/5/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/conflict70511.html

K-State, "Top Quality Spanish Pomegranate Juices," 7/4/11 Fresh Plaza

Athletics, John Currie, "Kansas State Needs John Currie To Stay Put," 7/4/11 Manhattan Mercury

History, Louise Breen, "KSU Professor: Liberty Is An Evolving Process," 7/4/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/fourthfounding70111.html

Chemical engineering, John Schlup, "KSU To Offer Class Dealing With Sustainability," 7/4/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jul11/intersession70111.html

Horticulture, Cathie Lavis, "What Can Your Lawn Do for You?" 7/3/11 Hampshire Review

Political science, Dale Herspring, "War Powers Act Dispute Over Libya," 7/3/11 Manhattan Mercury

Student, David Villanueva, chemistry, Stefan Bossman, "KSU Senior Explores Method For Cancer Treatment, Detection," 7/3/11 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jun11/cancer63011.html

Information Technology Assistance Center, Shalin Hai-Jew, "We're Holding Controllers In Life's Game," 7/3/11 Manhattan Mercury

Biosecurity Research Institute, Julie Johnson, plant pathology, Harold Trick, animal sciences and industry, Randall Phebus, "Panel Reviews Research For Safety," 7/3/11 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Summertime Jazz: Seventh Annual Little Apple Jazz Fest To Feature Seven Bands Playing On Two Stages," 7/3/11 Manhattan Mercury

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