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K-State's news services keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.

October 2010

Agronomy, Mary Knapp, "Fall Foilage Finally," 10/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

Kinesiology, Craig Harms, "Study Finds Sweat Response is Greater in Men," 10/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

Human nutrition, Mary Higgins, "Certain foods help prevent cancer," 10/31/10 Topeka Capital Journal

History, Derek Hoff, "Tea Party's Impact Studied On Eve Of Election," 10/31/10 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

K-State, "Critter Care: Have Plans, Funds Ready For Pets That Outlive You," 10/31/10 Lawrence Journal-World & News

Sociology anthropology and social work, Michael Wesch, Agronomy, Mary Beth Kirkham, "Two K-State Faculty Research, Teaching Award," 10/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

Arts and sciences, Joe Aistrup, "Election Presents Opportunity For Minor Parties," 10/30/10  Kansas City Star

Student, Perla S. Salazar, "Kansas State University," 10/30/10 Hutchinson News, Times of India

Chemistry, Stefan Bossmann, Anatomy and physiology, Deryl Troyer, "KSU Professors Researching Cancer," 10/30/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State, "Five Million Dollar Grant For KSU," 10/30/11 KSNT, Manhattan Mercury, Samaritan, Topeka Capital-Journal, Topics, WIBW

Alumnus, Thomas Adam Moffitt, "Spc. Thomas Moffitt Remembered As A Friend And Patriot," 10/30/10 Wichita Eagle

Electrical and computer engineer, Dr. Ruth Douglas Miller, "Students Air Out Renewable Energy," 10/30/10 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Arts and sciences, Joe Aistrup"Brownback Has Few Promises, Much Flexibility," 10/30/10 Kansas City Star

Political Science, Brianne Heidbreder, "Professor Studies The Female Variable In Generational Candidates," 10/29/10 Forbes.com

Physics, Amit Chakrabarti, "K-State Physicist to Present Research," 10/29/10 Manhattan Mercury

Clinical Sciences, Susan Nelson, "Aging Pets Need Special Care: Expert," 10/29/10 Bloomsberg Businessweek, Daily Med News, U.S. News & World Report

Agricultural economics, David Lambert, "Expect Higher Grocery Bills In 2011," 10/29/10 Wichita Eagle

Student, Keshia McAfee, "Student Conducts Antimicrobial Research," 10/29/10 High Plains Journal

Arts and sciencesJoseph A. Aistrup, "Insight Kansas Editorial: Long-Shots In Kansas," 10/29/10 Insight Kansas, Hutchinson News, Voice for Liberty in Wichita

 K-State, "Gifts To Fund Scholarships For Olathe Students," 10/29/10 Kansas City Star

K-State, "Wilson At Gridley," 10/29/10 Emporia Gazette

Animal sciences and industry, Joe Hancock, "Daily Ag News," 10/29/10 All Ag News

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Viral Outbreak Hits Hunt Club," 10/29/10 London Free Press

Arts and sciences, Joseph Aistrup, "In A Year Of Voter Discontent, Minor Parties Might Move Up In Kansas," 10/29/10  Kansas City Star

English, Tanya Gonzalez, "Professor Looks At Role Of Latino Families In 'Ugly Betty,' Other TV Sitcoms," 10/19/10 NALIP, KSBN

Athletics, "Duke Is The No. 1 Team In AP's Preseason Top 25 Poll," 10/29/10 USA Today

Athletics, Jill Shields, "Academics A Top Priority For KSU Athletes," 10/29/10 Dispatch On-line

Athletics, "Children Enjoy K-State Women's Basketball Clinic," 10/29/10 1st Infantry Division Post

Family studies and human services, Sonya Britt, Student, Chelsy Parsons, "Why Students Need To Know About Credit Before Graduating," 10/28/10 KTKAhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/creditscore102810.html

K-State, "Manhattan Sales Tax Up $100,000," 10/28/10 KTKA

Biology, Brett Sandercock, Samantha Wisely, "Researchers Investigate Causes Of Population Declines Of Prairie Chickens In Kansas," 10/28/10 National Wind Watch News, Kansas City InfoZine http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/chickens102710.html

Finance Director, Brad Neuenswander, "KSDE Names New Deputy Commissioner," 10/28/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Student, Jalanda Childs, "Childs Ready to be a Leader for the Wildcats," 10/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Project Purple Exceeding Goals," 10/28/10 KTKA

Alumna, Lisa Casey, "College of Arts and Sciences to Honor Alumni Today," 10/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Tea Time At Eisenhower Center," 10/28/10 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Student, Wally Judge, "Verdict is Still Out About Judge," 10/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

Music, Slawomir Dobrzanski, "K-State Percussion Ensemble Concert To Feature Young Musicians From Kansas City," 10/28/10 Kansas City InfoZine http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/percussion102710.html

K-State, "Study: 86% Of College Students Plan To Vote," 10/28/10 Hays Daily News, Hutchinson News, TMC Net

K-State, "Volume Foodservice Turns Out For Sysco KC Local Food Fair," 10/28/10 The Packer

Alumnus, Dennis Clemente, student, Nick Russell, Jacob Pullen, Will Spradling, Juevol Myles, Martavious Irving, Devon Peterson, Athletics, Frank Martin,"Column: Clemente A Point Now Taken," 10/28/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State, "Kansas Man Uses Turbines To Encourage Wind Systems," 10/28/10 Hutchinson News

Athletics, John Currie, Jill Shields, students, Jack Sachse, Jeron Mastrud, JuliAnne Chisholm, Ashley Sweat, "K-State No. 1 In Graduation Rate For Fourth Straight Year," 10/27/10 http://kstatesports.cstv.com/genrel/102710aaa.html

President Kirk Schulz, "25 College Presidents You Should Follow On Twitter," 10/27/10 Bachelor's Degree.org

K-State, "Expect Delays On K-18 For Three Weeks," 10/27/10 KTKA

K-State, "NCAA Study Reveals Graduation Rates Jump To All-Time High," 10/27/10 USA Today

Athletics, Frank Martin, student, Jacob Pullen, "K-State Holds Basketball Media Day," 10/27/10 WIBW, KSNT

Student, Kara Godsil, "K-State Salina Students 'Strut For Her Sake',"10/27/10 KSAL, Salina Journal

Alumnus, Mark Simoneau, "Chiefs Sign KSU Grad Mark Simoneau," 10/27/10 WIBW, Wichita Eagle

Student, Kristyn Georges, "Wind Makes Painting The 'Ville Difficult," 10/27/10 KTKA

K-State, "Kansas State Swine Day Nov. 18,"10/27/10 Pork magazine

Center for Engagement and Communication Development, David E. Procter, "Midterm Mud: Making A Mess Of Elections," 10/27/10 Politics Daily

K-State, "Capitol Federal Set For Hall Induction," 10/27/10 Kansas City Kansan

K-State, "Topeka Man Teaches Turbines," 10/27/10 Topeka Capital Journal, Hutchinson News, KSNT, KTKA, Lawrence Journal-World, Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Colorado Climate Scientists Aghast At Buck Views On Global Warming," 10/27/10 Colorado Independent

Student, Benson McGlone, Karsen Dolliver, Brennan Randle, Tyrone Williams, "An Upgrade for Aggieville Windows," 10/27/10 Manahattan Mercury

Preseident Kirk Schulz, "Schulz Family Hopes Donated Tree Blossoms into Christmas Tradition," 10/27/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Brownback's Ag Tenure Criticized," 10/26/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State Salina, "KSU Establishes UAS Pilot Degree Program," 10/26/10 Aviation Schools Online

K-State, "Operation Gelding Castration Clinics Set For KSU," 10/26/10 PrattTribune.com

Alumnus, Jon Darbyshire, "Jon Darbyshire, RSA Archer Executive And K-State Alum, To Deliver Distinguished Lecture," 10/26/10 TMC.Net http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/darbyshire102610.html

NBAF, "DHS Moving Live Foot And Mouth Pathogen To The Middle Of Cattle (& Tornado) Country," 10/26/10 Logistic Monster

Alumnus, Ray Dempsey, "BP Names Dempsey VP Government And Public Affairs," 10/26/10 Potomac Flacks

K-State, "A Turbine For Teaching," 10/26/10 Salina Journal

K-State, "KDHE Wraps Sunflower Hearings," 10/26/10 Topeka Capital Journal

President Kirk Schulz, "Tree Farm Picked For Honors," 10/26/10 Topeka Capital-Journal, Wichita Eagle, KTKA, WIBW, KSNT, Salina Journal, Hays Daily News, Fox 4 KC, NTVhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/treeplant102110.html

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Harvey Morgan Scott, $2 Million Grant To Help Improve Food Safety," 10/25/10 WIBW, Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/scottgrant102510.html

K-State, "Spanish Pomegranate Juice Has Been Chosen By Kansas State University For Worldwide Consumer Study," 10/25/10 Fresh Plaza

Political science, Joseph Aistrup, "Kobach Claims Illegal Immigrant Voting Is Rampant," 10/25/10 Washington Independent

Aviation, students, Brycen Scholz, Theron Craig Harper, Ian Lewis, Grant Swinehart, Joe Englert, Dash Tsao, Zach Powell, Mike Potts, Matthew Pennell, Gabe Lenz, Colton Daum, Ryan Enebo, "K-State Salina Flight Team Headed To National Competition," 10/25/10 KSAL, Salina Journal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/safecon102610.html

K-State, "Kansas St. Versus Texas Game To Air Nationally," 10/25/10 KSNT

K-State, Secretary Salazar Launches New North Central Climate Science Center," 10/25/10 AFWA Climate Change

Career and Employment Services, LaToya Farris, "Education Career Fair Provides Opportunity For Students And Regional School Districts To Connect," 10/25/10 Media Newswire http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/careerfair102510.html

K-State Salina, "Students To Collect Food For Needy," 10/25/10 Salina Journal

Student, Jason-Strachman-Miller, "New Editor Brings GI Approach To His Task," 10/25/10 Manhattan Mercury

NBAF, "Renner Right To Express Concern About Deadly Release Form NBAF," 10/25/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Former Manager Celebrates Milestone Birthday," 10/25/10 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Aaron Koelzer, "How I Got The Job: Aaron Koelzer, 29," 10/25/10 Kansas City Star

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, "Grail Engine Partners With K-State," 10/24/10 Salina Journal

National Bio and Agro Defense Facility, "Plum Island: A Terrorist Target?" 10/24/10 Desk of Brian

K-State Salina, "Taxing Issues," 10/24/10 Salina Journal

Interior architecture and product design, Katrina Lewis, students, Adam Davenport, Kurt Andre, "Interior Design Students take a Task for the Zoo," 10/24/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Education Pays," 10/24/10 Lawrence Journal World

K-State, "Wind Turbine To Be Installed Monday," 10/24/10 Salina Journal

Human nutrition, Sandra Procter, animal science and industry, Karen Blakeslee, "Tips for Parents: Tame the Holiday Sweet Tooth," 10/24/10 Manhattan Mercury

Agronomy, Gerard Kluitenberg, "K-State Professor Honored By Soil Society," 10/24/10 Kansas Farmer, Manhattan Mercury

Veterinary medicine, Ralph Richardson, "KSU College Of Veterinary Medicine Receives National Accreditation," 10/24/10 Kansas City InfoZine http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/vmaccreditation102210.html

Anatomy and physiology, Jishu Shi, "Kansas City-Area Animal Health Leaders Will Promote K-State In China," 10/23/10 Kansas City Business Journal

Athletics, Frank Martin, "Businesses Get Honors From Hispanic Chamber," 10/23/10 Kansas City Star

Athletics, Bill Snyder, "Gov. Candidates Talk 100 Days," 10/23/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State, "Cancer Series Continues," 10/23/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State Salina, "Trunk Or Treat Event At KSU Salina," 10/23/10 Salina Journal

Curriculum and instruction, Be Stoney, "Six New Members To Join Hall Of Fame," 10/23/10 El Paso Times

Athletics, "Jacob Pullen, Kansas State Ready To Take Control In Big 12," 10/22/10 USA Today

Student, Kabeer Jasuja, chemical engeneering, Vikas Berry, "Professor's Research On Graphene Shares Connection With Nobel Laureates," 10/22/10 Nanowerk Newshttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/graphene102110.html

Athletics, "Cats Sell Out Season Tickets," 10/22/10 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State"AGC Recognizes Student Chapters," 10/22/10 Site Prep

K-State, "A Call For Bigger Crowds," 10/22/10 Emporia Gazette

NBAF, "A Great Partnership: The NBAF And K-State," 10/22/10 NBAF Blog

K-State, "Brownback Sounds Off On State Issues," 10/22/10 Dodge City Daily Globe

Licensing, Tami Breymeyer, "Copycat Logos Are Pitting High Schools And Colleges In A Trademark Turf War," 10/22/10 Washington Post

Anthropology, Michael Finnegan, "Bones In NW Iowa Are Old With No Forensic Value," 10/22/10 Chicago Tribune, Sioux City Journal, WCCO, 10/25/10 KGAN, KTIV, Radio Iowa

Athletics, "USA Today/ESPN Top 25 Coaches Poll," 10/22/10 USA Today, Kansas City Star, Topeka Capital Journal, Wichita Eagle

Student, Jay Zwirblis, "Reserve Drill Sergeant Unit Has Fort Riley Connections," 10/22/10 1st Infantry Division Post

K-State, "Animal Welfare Expert With Autism To Speak At KSU," 10/22/10 KSNT, KTKA, NECN, WIBW, Wichita Eagle, 10/25/10 Hutchinson News

Animal sciences and industry, Joel DeRouchey, "DeRouchey Honored By South Dakota State University," 10/22/10 Pork magazine

Alumna, Gina Boos, Students, Lauren Boos, Joseph Boos, "In Good Times And Bad," 10/22/10 Salina Journal

Athletics, "K-State's Success Depends On The Right Mixture Of Team Chemistry," 10/22/10 Kansas City Star

Athletics, "K-State Basketball Players, Fort Riley Families Share Meal," 10/22/10 1st Infantry Division Post

Athletics, "Letter: Where Were KU Fans?" 10/22/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Student, Josh Cherry, "Cherry More Than a Kicker This Season," 10/22/10 Manhattan Mercury

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, "KSU-Salina Unmanned Program Takes Off," 10/21/10 Clay Center Dispatch

Athletics, "Kansas State, Kansas In Top 10 Of Preseason Coaches Basketball Poll," 10/21/10 Wichita Eagle

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Council Gets Update On Development Director Search," 10/21/10 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Senior Vice Provost Ruth Dyer, National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Leaders Of Universities Gather In Lawrence To Make Case For Financing Higher Education," 10/21/10 KTKA, Lawrence Journal World

President Kirk Schulz, National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "KSU President: Election Results Should Have No Effect On National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility," 10/21/10 KTKA, Lawrence Journal World, 10/26/10 Kansas Agland

K-State, "CSU To Get Climate Center," 10/21/10 Denver Business Journal, KBZK, SF Examiner

K-State, "Researchers Claim Web 2.0 Is A Massive Leap Forward In Human Evolution," 10/21/10 EzineMark

Political science, Krishna K Tummala, "India's Imperial Ghosts Stir Up Trouble, "10/21/10 Asia Times

K-State, "K-State to offer plenty of high notes," 10/21/10 Manhattan Mercury

Biology, Michael Herman, "Kansas State University Embraces New Field Of Science," 10/21/10 KTKA

Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy, Donna Schenck-Hamlin, "Civic Discourse, Without The Shouting, Focuses On Economic Issues," 10/21/10 Kansas City Star

Students, Yvonne Varnado, Nick Steffan, Luke Broberg, "Driving Test," 10/21/10 Salina Journal

K-State, "Trail Flower Beds A Boon For Kansas Gardeners," 10/20/10 Osawatomie Graphic

Animal sciences and industry, Ken Odde, "Fund-Raising Initiative For Stanley E. Stout Livestock Center," 10/20/10 Drovers

Student, Jacob Pullen, "A Three-Way Jump Ball For KC Hoops Supremacy," 10/20/10 Kansas City Star

Research, Jerry Jaax, "America Faces Growing Biological Threat, Researcher Tells Hudsonalpha Conference," 10/20/10 Huntsville Times

K-State, "High School Athletics Logos Can Look Familiar," 10/20/10 Pantagraph.com/USA Today http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/eeplogo101810.html

K-State, "Foodies Turn To Science For Tastier Dishes," 10/20/10 Delaware News Journal

Family studies and human services, Bronwyn Fees, LuAnn Hoover, hHuman ecology, Virginia Moxley, "Early Childhood Teachers From China To Visit KSU, Flint Hills," 10/20/10 Ethiopian Review http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/feeschina102010.html

4-H International exchange, Mary Kay Munson, "4-H Hall Of Famer Munson Formerly Of Champaign," 10/20/10 Journal Gazette & Times-Courier/USA Today

K-State, "Editorial: Rough Flight," 10/20/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State, "When Is The Last Time The Weather Scared You?," 10/19/10 Wichita Eagle

Clinical sciences, Susan Nelson, "Vet Offers Tips For Aging Animals," 10/19/10 WIBW, 10/20/10 NPR, Consumer Affairs http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/feeschina102010.html

K-State, "Area Marching Bands To Compete At K-State," 10/19/10 Kansas City Star

K-State, "Architect From Mexico To Visit KSU, Give Lecture," 10/19/10 WIBW

K-State, "Testing/Schmesting Part IV: Test Optional Colleges," 10/19/10 Technology News and Tips

Students, Tamica Lige, Kristina Bigelow, "Developing Scholars Present Research," 10/19/10 WIBW

Students, Benjamin Wileman, Ruby Mosher, Craig Pauley, Austin Domek, "K-State Veterinary Medicine Students Win Honors," 10/19/10 Kansas Farmer

K-State, "KSU Sponsors Lecture-Recital By Quartet," 10/19/10 WIBW http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/ethel101910.html

K-State, "Former Miege Forward Reed Hopes To Transfer To K-State," 10/19/10 Kansas City Star, Examiner, 10/18/10 Wichita Eagle

Computer and information science, Simon Ou, "Salina In Spotlight For Emergency Response Fee," 10/19/10 KSN

Clinical sciences, Susan Nelson, "Experts Offer Tips to Care for Older People," 10/19/10 Manhattan Mercury

Family studies and human services, Anthony P. Jurich, "K-State Prof Drowns While on Vacation," 10/19/10 Manhattan Mercury, WIBW, 10/20/10 KTKA

K-State, "13 Everyday Ways To Avoid Cancer," 10/18/10 Prevention/MSNBC

Animal science and indurstry, James Marsden, "Virtual Petfood Forum: Innovation Is Four Days Away!," 10/18/10 Pet Industry News

Sociology, anthropology and social work, Michael Wesch, "Michael Wesch Video - Looks At Learning In A Whole New Way," 10/18/10 E-Learning to E-Teaching

Energy and environmental progress, Casey Lauer, "Students Invited To Design New Logo For K-State," 10/18/10 KTKA http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/eeplogo101810.html

K-State, "West Meadows Cleanup Begins This Week," 10/18/10 City of Springfield

K-State, "Advancing Infrared Emission From Nitride LEDs," 10/18/10 Semiconductor Today

Student, Jacob Pullen, Rodney McGruder, Nick Russell, Wally Judge, Martavious Irving, "Campus Corner: A Few Minutes With ... Jacob Pullen," 10/18/10 Kansas City Star

Public safety, Steven Galitzer, "K-State Talks About Cleaning Up Landfill," 10/18/10 KTKA, Manhattan Mercury

NBAF, "Jesse 'The Body' Ventura Body Slams Kansas' National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility," 10/18/10 The Pitch, 10/18/10 FWIX, Topix, My Space, Wearepc.com

Student, Bradley Murray, "Donations Rise Gradually," 10/18/10 KSNT

K-State, "Great Plains Joint Training Center Will Host Change Of Authority, Promotion Oct. 17," 10/18/10 Salina Journal

Arts and sciences, Joe Aistrup, "Immigration Heats Up Race For Kansas Secretary Of State," 10/18/10  Kansas City Star

President Kirk Schulz, "Annual Meeting Update," 10/18/10 Coalition of Urban Serving Universities

Alumnus, Doug Grossenbacher, "How I Got The Job: Doug Grossenbacher, 46," 10/18/10 Kansas City Star

Human nutrition, Mary Higgins, "Diet Important During Treatment," 10/17/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Student, Denver Barr, "Driver Killed in Friday Crash was KSU Student," 10/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Reunited Art Installation Gets New Life," 10/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

Family studies and human services, Walter Schumm, "Study: Gay Parents More Likely to Have Gay Kids," 10/17/10 AOL News, Crabby Go Lightly, Diogenes, Neiman's Blog, Swash Zone

Family studies and human services, Charles Smith, "When Mt. Toddler Erupts," 10/17/10 San Jose Mercury News

K-State, "Topeka Watches Manhattan Fly," 10/17/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Political science , Joe Aistrup, "How Sweet It Is," 10/17/10 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State, "Biosurveillance Requires Effort From All," 10/17/10 Pork magazine

Biology, Michael Herman, "Ecological Genomics Symposium Coming To Kansas City," 10/17/10 Kansas Farmer

K-State, "River Once More?" 10/17/10 Salina Journal

K-State, "College Notes: Kansas State University," 10/17/10  Hutchinson News http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/deltasigs101510.html

Alumnus, Randall Norton, "Group Chooses Veterinarian Of The Year," 10/16/10 Hutchinson News

K-State, "Gorillas Far And Wide Come Home," 10/16/10 Pittsburg Morning Sun

Alumnus, Joseph P. Galichia, "Crediting His Roots," 10/16/10 Pittsburg Morning Sun

K-State, "Westboro Baptist Church And The Ten-Mile Proposition," 10/16/10 Canada Free Press, Right Truth

K-State, "Area High School Bands Headed To Central States Marching Festival," 10/16/10 1150 KSAL, 10/17/10  Hutchinson News

K-State, "Midwest Democracy Project Gets A $100,000 Grant," 10/16/10 Kansas City Star

Biology, Susan Brown, plant pathology, Frank White, "K-State Professors Receive Graduate Faculty Awards," 10/16/10 High Plains Journal

K-State, "Kan. Man Determined To Raise Funds For Blind Horse," 10/16/10 Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Woman Sentenced For Stealing From Philips," 10/16/10 Salina Journal

Athletics, "Football Debacle May Put Focus On KU Leadership Issues," 10/16/10 Lawrence Journal World

Center For Engagement and Communication Development, David Procter, "Wednesday Forum Will Focus On Economic Security," 10/16/10 Kansas City Star

Athletics, "Kansas State Opens Practice," 10/15/10 Sports Illustrated, Kansas City Star, MSNBC, 10/16/10 Topeka Capital Journal, 10/17/10 Salina Journal

K-State, "Hearings Set On KSU Site ," 10/15/10 Topeka Capital Journal, Kansas City InfoZine, KMAN, KTKA, Topix.com

Athletics, "K-State Announces Plans For Basketball Training Facility," 10/15/10 WIBW, Brownsville Herald, Kansas City Star, Salina Journal, Wichita Eagle, 10/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Chico State Students Win National General Contractors Award," 10/15/10 Sacramento Business Journal

K-State, "UNL Soil Team Places Fourth," 10/15/10 North Platte Bulletin

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "New Hospital Planned For Fort Riley In 2014," 10/15/10 NECN

English, Tanya Gonzalez, "Professor Looks at Latino Fmailies on TV," 10/15/10 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/latinomasculinity101510.html

Student, Bradley Murray, "Services Set For Bradley Murray," 10/15/10 KTKA

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Chiquita Unveils Salad Wash; Some Are Skeptical," 10/15/10 Wall Street Journal

Animal sciences and industry, Karen Blakeslee, "Halloween Candy Has Limited Shelf Life," 10/15/10 U.S. News & World Reports, 10/16/10 Health, Fitness, Wellness News, 11/1/10 Daily Record

K-State, "$250K Gift Honors K-State Alumni," 10/15/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State, "U/W Farmers To Benefit From $250,000 Food Security Research Project," 10/15/10 Ghana Web, Ghana Business News

K-State, "Net Metering Law In Play," 10/15/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Students, Kara Godsil, Madison Miles, Kelsey Adams and LaChrista Brightbill, "A Spirited Rivalry," 10/15/10 Salina Journal

Student, Jacob Pullen, "Pullen Named Preseason Big 12 Player Of The Year," 10/14/10 WIBW, 10/15/10 Wichita Eagle, 10/16/10 Tulsa World

K-State, "K-State Research Team Investigates Mutated Gene's Role In Breast Cancer," 10/14/10 Better Healthy Living

K-State, "Creating T-Shirts Popular For K-State Rivalry Football Game," 10/14/10 KTKA

Student, Bradley Murray, "Police: No Sign Of Crime In KSU Student's Death," 10/14/10 Wichita Eagle, 10/15/10 Huffington Post, KSNT, KTKA, Lawrence Journal World, NTV, Topeka Capital Journal, WIBW

K-State, "Scholar To Speak On Perceptions Of Science Issues," 10/14/10 Hays Daily News, Climate and Energy Project

Community relations, Jackie Hartman, "Sebelius To Lecture At K-State," 10/14/10 Topeka Capital Journal, Wichita Eagle, Lawrence Journal-World 10/15/10 KOAM-TVhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/sebeliuslandon101310.html

Clinical science, David Anderson, "Annual Mid-America Alpaca Show Is Back," 10/14/10 Kansas City Star

K-State, "Ku-Ksu Game Expected To Mean Heavy Traffic," 10/14/10 KSNT, WIBW, Wichita Eagle, KTKA

Biosecurity Research Institute, "Huntsville Biodefense Conference This Month Focuses On Security, New Business," 10/13/10 Huntsville Times

Student, Bradley Murray, "Kansas State Student Who Was Found Beaten In Ditch Dies After Being Removed From Life Support," 10/13/10 Fox 4 KC, Kansas City Star, KAKE-TV, Wichita Eagle, KTKA, Hays Daily News

NBAF, "NBAF Land Transfer Awaits Review," 10/13/10 Topeka Capital Journal,KTKA, Fox 4 KC, WIBW, Lawrence Journal-World

K-State, "The South Dakota Biotechnology Association Hosts Its 5th Annual Summit And Annual Meeting Oct. 26," 10/13/10 Market Watch, MFR Tech

K-State, "Sunflower Showdown To Increase Kansas Highway Traffic," 10/13/10 KAKE

K-State, "America's Animal Health Corridor," 10/13/10 Area Development Online

Student, Noor Alshamlan, "International Student News From The Middle (Of The U.S.)," 10/13/10 Study Life USA

K-State, "Letters To The Editor On Incentives, Initiatives, Free Speech, Life Chain, Marathon, KSU Fans," 10/13/10 Wichita Eagle

Alumnus, Jacque Feist, "Driven By Students," 10/13/10 Augusta Gazette

K-State, "K-State Advances Field Of Ecological Genomics With Research, Symposium," 10/12/10 NPR, R&D Magazine, Science Blog http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/oct10/genomics101210.html

Research Foundation, Marcia Molina, students, Jennifer Hanson, Rachel Manspeaker, Yi Zhang, graduate school, Carol Shanklin, "Three K-State Doctoral Students Earn Fellowships For National, High-Profile Research," 10/12/10 Exploring Scholarships

Computing and information science, Simon Ou, "Butler Community College To Hold Cyber Security Event," 10/12/10 Wichita Business Journal

K-State, "Senior Driving? A Recent Study Of Driving Habits From Kansas State," 10/12/10 Look For Edu.com

NBAF, "DHS Readies For Groundbreaking Of Premier Veterinary Laboratory" 10/12/10 Illinois Farm Bureau/FarmWeekNow.com

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