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K-State's news services keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.

November 2010

NBAF, "Kansas State Nuclear Worker Exposed To Excess Radiation," 11/30/10 The Badger Herald 

K-State, "November Falloff," 11/30/10 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Kaitlynn Pelger, Alex Muff, JuliAnne Chisholm, "Pelger Earns Two Honors From Big 12," 11/30/10 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Frank Martin, student, Jacob Pullen, "Pullen Sets Record As No.5 Cats Roll Past Hornets," 11/30/10 Manhattan Mercury

Alunmna, Gail Litfin, alumni, Joshua Kobuszewski, Jonathan Kobuszewski, and Doug Jernigan, "Women Outnumber Men In Veterinary Schools," 11/30/10 El Dorado Times

K-State, "Reactor Leak At Kansas State U. Prompts Citation From Nuclear Commission," 11/30/10 Chronicle of Higher Education

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Regent Unhappy With Bioscience Authority Over Funding Issue At K-State For NBAF," 11/30/10 Lawrence Journal World, KTKA

Mechanical and nuclear engineering, Jeff Geuther, "KSU Not Fined In Reactor Mishap," 11/30/10 Manhattan Mercury, Topeka Capital-Journal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/nrcwaive113010.html

Family studies and human services, Kelly Welch, "College Student Back In The Nest For The Holidays? K-State Family Studies Experts Offer Parents Coping Tips," 11/30/10 WTHR

K-State, "Manhattan Sales Tax Down In September," 11/30 KTKA, KSNT

Alumnus, Charles Q. Chandler, "Butler Community College Names 3 To Entrepreneur Hall Of Fame," 11/30/10 Wichita Business Journal

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Brownback Names Two To Staff," 11/30/10 Kansas Health Institute

Sociology, anthropology, & social work, Michael Wesch, "UCO To Host E-Learning Conference," 11/30/10 The Oklahoman

Future student, Doug Frye, "Reimbursement Cuts KO Clinic," 11/30/10 Salina Journal

K-State, "WISHH Meets With K-State Grain Program," 11/29/10 High Plains Journal

Landon Lecture, "Sebelius Expects Challenge To Health Care Law," 11/29/10 BusinessWeek, Kansas City Star, KTKA, WIBW, Wichita Eagle, 11/30/10  Hutchinson News, Salina Journal

Landon Lecture, "Sebelius Lectures At Kansas State," 11/29/10 Topeka Capital Journal, Kansas City Star

Agricultural economics, John Fox, "Uruguay Importance In The Global Beef Trade Scene," 11/29/10 Gateway South America

NBAF, "Kansas Can Handle National Bio- And Agro- Defense Facility Biodefense Lab In Manhattan," 11/29/10 Dodge CityDodge City Globe

NBAF, "USA - Complicating The Meat Trade," 11/29/10 Meat Trade News Daily

NBAF, "Moran: GOP Has Bigger Task Than Defeating President Obama," 11/29/10 Clay Center Dispatch

Biological and agricultural engineering, Wenquiao Yuan, "Biodiesel: Energy From Algae -- A Ray Of Hope For The Power Hungry World," 11/29/10 Go Green, Kansas City InfoZine, Save Earth

K-State, "Sebelius To Speak At K-State," 11/29/10 Topeka Capital-Journal, Kansas City Star, KAKE-TV, NTV, 11/25/10 Lawrence Journal-World, 11/24/10 KTKA, WIBW, Wichita Eagle

Alumni, Gail Litfin, Joshua Kobuszewski, Jonathan Kobuszewski, Veterinary Medicine, Ronnie Elmore, "New Vets Mostly Women," 11/29/10 Topeka Capital Journal, KSNT, Fox 4 KC, Washington Examiner, Manhattan Mercury, 11/30/10 Lawrence Journal-World, KTKA, WIBW, Wichita Eagle

Computing and information science, Daniel Andresen, "Will More Streaming Video Overwhelm Internet?" 11/29/10 Kansas City Star

Athletics, "The N.B.A.’S Lure Failed To Entice Some Top Players," 11/28/10 New York Times

Sociology anthropology and social work, Michael Wesch, "The Anthropology Of The Internet," 11/28/10 Culture Potion

Former Presdident, Duane Acker, "Kansas Authors Line The Shelves," 11/28/10 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State, "Saving Levi," 11/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

Communication studies, theater, and design, Neil Dunn, David Ollington, Julie Pentz, Joyce Yagerline, students, Elahe Bahadori, Hannah Coash, Kate Oswald, Bethany Parker, "Winter Dance, Cirque Dreams Cap K-State's Fall Season," 11/28/10 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/cirquedreams112410.html

Political science, Dale Herspring, "NATO Is An Alliance In Search Of A New Mission," 11/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Poinsettia: Traditional Christmas Plant," 11/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "College Notes: Kansas State University," 11/28/10 Hutchinson News

Agricultural Economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, "Nebraska Cattlemen's 2010 Conference To Be In Kearney," 11/28/10 Grand Island Independent

K-State, "Northeast Kansas Happenings," 11/27/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State, "In The Gardening Moment," 11/27/10 Philadelphia Inquirer

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Transplanting Plum Island To Kansas: Is The Country's Food Supply At Risk?" 11/26/10 The Examiner

K-State, "Researchers Advise Stories To Train Food Workers," 11/26/10 MSN, Canadian Business, Chicago Sun-Times, FNB News, KSNT, KTKA, Topeka Capital-Journal, UPI, WIBW, Wichita Eagle

K-State, "No Lab In Our Backyard," 11/26/10 Pittsburgh Morning Sun

K-State, " K-State To Host Sessions For Middle School Girls," 11/26/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Students To Share Responses To 'Material Evidence' Exhibit," 11/26/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "New Kansas.Com Database: 2010 Public Salaries," 11/26 Wichita Eagle

Agronomy, Vara Prasad, Agriculture, Gary Pierzynski, "K-State Agriculture Experts Try To Help Farmers In Africa Improve Harvest," 11/26/10 Manhattan Mercury

Hospitality management and dietetics, Pat Pesci, "Manners Expert Advises What Not To Do," 11/25/10 UPI

K-State, "Food Deserts: Closed Grocery Stores Leave A Void In Rural Areas," 11/25/10 Kansas City Star

Biology, Joseph Craine, geography, Kendra McLauchlan, "Soil Research Provides New Insight Into Global Warming Predictions," 11/25/10 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Darren Sproles, Randall Cummins, David Allen, Martin Gramatica, Darren Howard, Mark Simoneau, Jeff Kelly, Terence Newman, Chris Canty,"Sproles, Newman Named To All-Time Team," 11/24/10 KTKA, 11/26/10 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Bio Facility Needed," 11/24/10 Hutchinson News

History, Donald Mrozek, "Football Grows Into Tradition At Thanksgiving," 11/24/10 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/football111610.html

K-State, "Expert To Discuss Future Biofuel Needs," 11/24/10 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/jacobson112410.html

K-State, "Many Contributed To The Success Of The Lions Club's Pancake Feed," 11/24/10 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Jenna Bell, "Manhattan Woman Wins Big Trip," 11/24/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Douglas Powell, "Store Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Safely, And Quickly," 11/24/10 USA Today

K-State, "Kathleen Sebelius To Speak At K-State Monday," 11/24/10 KSAL

Student publications, Stephen Wolgast, "Guest Column: Journalists Needed," 11/24/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Students, Rhiannon Harris, Rebecca Pheasant, Matthew Wright, "K-State Students Among Those With Pfizer Externships," 11/24/10 Kansas Farmer

K-State, "A Sustainable Mission," 11/24/10 Salina Journal

Facility power plant and utilities, Casey Lauer, "New Fall Break To Save KSU Energy," 11/23/10 KTKA

President Kirk Schulz, Athletics, Bill Snyder, "Public Invited To Football Awards Ceremony," 11/23/10 991 ESPN

NBAF, "Development Council Gets Report On NBAF," 11/23/10 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

K-State, "Wildcats Help Inman Students Celebrate Reading Success," 11/23/10 McPherson Sentinel

Former professor, Ted Carey, human nutrition, Weiqun Wang, students, Souyoung Lim, Tsu-Yu Chen, "K-State Bakes Purple Pride Pie," 11/23/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Clinical sciences, Rachel Allbaugh, "Kansas Man Saves Wild Horse’s Life, Then His Eyesight," 11/23/10 Lawrence Journal-World, Fox 4 KC, NECN, 11/22 KSNT, KTKA, Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Recession Brings More Appeal To Humanitarian Jobs," 11/23/10 Kansas City Star

Human nutrition, Weiqun Wang, student, Soyoung Lim, "Purple Sweet Potatoes Offer More Than Color," 11/23/10 Hutchinson News, Health News Digest, Health Canal, ABC 7, Food for Thought, KAKE-TV, KSNT, KTKA, Lawrence Journal World, Manhattan Mercury, Wichita Eagle http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/purplepie112210.html

K-State, "Success Rates For Blood Transplants Set Record At KU Hospital," 11/22/10 Kansas City Kansan

Horticulture, forestry, & recreation, Ward Upham, "Don't Baby Sad-Looking Houseplants In Fall, Winter," 11/22/10 Salina Journal

Horticulture, forestry, & recreation, Ward Upham, "New Findings Suggest Hosta Virus Survives In Soil," 11/22/10 Salina Journal

K-State, "Editorial: University Fees," 11/22/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Extension, Lisa Friesen, "Count On Slow Cooker To Make Meal Easily," 11/22/10 Salina Journal

K-State, "Sprint Center Sells Out For College Basketball Experience Classic Games," 11/22/10 Kansas City Business Journal

Human nutrition, Mark Haub, "Twinkie Diet An 'Irresistible Counterpoint',"11/22/10 USA Today

Athletics, Tex Winter, "West, Thompson Highlight Hall Of Fame Induction," 11/22/10 MSNBC, 11/19/10 K-State Fans, Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "A Welcoming City Should Be Truly Inclusive," 11/22/10 Manhattan Mercury

Former professor, David Franz, "Column: Nbaf Report Gives Texans Ammo," 11/21/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Alumna, Katie Strain, "Recession Shatters Many Young Career Dreams," 11/21/10 Kansas City Star

Curriculum and instruction, Kay Ann Taylor, "No Fast Answer," 11/21/20 Hutchinson News

Athletics, Tex Winter, "Love For Basketball Is Tex Winter’s Window To The World," 11/21/10 Kansas City Star

Former professor, Anthony Jurich, Family studies and human services, Candyce Russell, Sandra Stith, Farrell Webb, "Anthony P. Jurich, Professor Who Helped Suicidal Teens, Dies At 63," 11/21/10 Chronicle of Higher Education

President, Kirk Schulz, "Hiring And Firing Bytes," 11/21/10 Chronicle of Higher Education

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Ks. Delegation Adds Fresh Faces," 11/21/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Veterinary Medicine, Marjory Artrzer, "Daily Brushing Your Dog's Teeth," 11/21/10  Hutchinson News http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/dentalcare111710.html

Student, Alyssa Bellinder, "Bellinder Wins Ncaa Elite 88 Award," 11/21/10 WIBW, 11/22/10 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, John Currie, Michael Smith, student, Alyssa Bellinder, "Bellinder Wins NCAA Elite 88 Award," 11/21/10 K-State Sports

Former Athletic Coach, Tex Winter, "Winter's Haven: Former K-State Coach At Home In College Basketball Hall," 11/21/10 Kansas City Star

K-State, "MU and KU Improve In Green Ratings," 11/21/10 Kansas City Star

K-State, "Volunteer Day Helps Dress Up Discovery Center Worksite," 11/21/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Denton, Texas," 11/21/10 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Deb Patterson, student, Branshea Brown, "Patterson Finding Out What Brown Can Do For Cats," 11/21/10 Manhattan Mercury

Department of housing & dining, Charles Werring, "'Visionary' K-State Housing Leader To Retire At End Of Next Year," 11/21/10 Manhattan, Mercury

Kinesiology, Craig Harms, "Fit People Have Fewer Colds," 11/21/10 Manhattan Mercury

NBAF, "Politics Should Not Be Allowed To Derail NBAF," 11/20/10 Pork

Athletics, Frank Martin, "How Frank (Martin) Won Over Kansas State," 11/20/10 Kansas City Star

K-State, "Humanities, Arts Grants Awarded," 11/20/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Clinical Sciences, Rachel Allbaugh, "Man's Love Saves Horse's Sight," 11/20/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Clinical sciences, Susan Nelson, "Moving Difficult For Pets, Too," 11/20/10 Topeka Capital Journal

President, Kirk Schulz, "KSU President Shares Iraq Experience," 11/19/10 KTKA

President, Kirk Schulz, "Western Kansas Trees Head To Manhattan, Topeka," 11/19/10 High Plains Journal

Anatomy and physiology, Dan Upson, "Through Tynley's Eyes," 11/19/10 High Plains Journal

Human nutrition, Mark Haub, "Man Loses 12-Kilos In Two Months On A Diet Of Junk Food," 11/19/10 Top News UK

K-State, "'The Family Of Dance'," 11/19/10 Wichita Eagle

Athletics, "KU Fans Have No Reason To Be Arrogant," 11/19/10 Kansas City Star

K-State, "Animal Feed Executives Meet At Bühler," 11/19/10 All About Feed

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Feds Plan Controversial Disease Research Facility In Kansas, Some Fear Outbreaks," 11/19/10 ABC News

Journalism and mass communication, Kimetris N. Baltrip, "Reynolds Center Picks 30 Fellows For Intensive Training In Business Journalism," 11/18/10 Business Journalism.org

K-State Salina, "Mission: Farming," 11/18/10 Salina Journal

Hotel and restaurant management program, Pat Pesci, "K-State's 'Mr. Manners' Provides Holiday Dining Tips," 11/18/10 News Blaze, 11/21/10 Kansas City InfoZinehttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/tablemanners111810.html

K-State, "Beach Museum To Have Holiday-Themed Workshop," 11/18/10 1st Infantry Division Post

Students, Blair Wilen, Ryan Kelly, "Student Regrets Sneaking Into Basketball Game," 11/18/10 KTKA

Civil engineering, Eugene R. Russell, "European Import Has Cars Spinning. Heads, Too." 11/18/10 New York Times, 11/25/10 Manhattan Mercury

English, Philip Nel, "'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows': Do The Films Stand On Their Own?" 11/18/10 Christian Science Monitor

K-State, "Kansas State An Attractive Option For New York Bowl Game," 11/18/10 Wichita Eagle, Kansas City Star

President Kirk Schulz, human ecology, Virginia Moxley, communications and marketing, Jeff Morris, military affairs, Art DeGroat, "Task Force 'Wildcats' Get Experience Of A Lifetime,"11/18/10 News Blaze

NBAF, "Panel Addresses Findings Of Report On Animal Health Lab," 11/18/10 Feedstuffs.com, Manhattan Mercury

Sociology, anthropology, and social work, Michael Wesch, "Catalyst – US Zeitgeist 2010," 11/18/10 Fine Health Directory

Family studies and human services, Briana Nelson Goff, "K-State Associate Dean Awarded For Mentoring," 11/18/10 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/brianaaward111810.html

K-State, "K-State Benefactor Beach Dies At 92," 11/18/10 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine pathobiology, Douglas Powell, "Will The Food Safety Bill Make Our Meals Safer?," 11/17/10 ABC News

NBAF, "NBAF Report Ignites Debate," 11/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

Horticulture, forestry, and recreation, Kimberly Williams, "Nearly 50 Poinsettia Varieties At K-State Sale," 11/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

NBAF, "Critique Is A Part Of The Process," 11/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, "Kansas College Leaders: Pay Issues Draining Universities Of High-Quality Staff," 11/17/10 Lawrence Journal World, KTKA

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "NBAF Report Ignites Debate," 11/17/20 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "KS Lawmakers Tout Earmark Ban," 11/17/10 Topeka Capital Journal

English, Phillip Nel, Karin Westman, "Joy Cardin Show," 11/17/10 Wisconsin Public Radio

Management, Chwen Sheu, "Relationship, Not A Contract, Is What Makes Outsourcing Successful," 11/17/10 Supply Chain Brain

K-State, "Regents Make It Easier For Universities To Refinance Bonds," 11/17/10 Kansas Reporter

K-State, "Santa To Visit Salina's Airport," 11/17/10 Salina Journal

K-State, "K-State's Library Closed For A Few Hours Because Of Fire Alarm," 11/17/10 KTKA

Students, Ryan Kelly, Blair Wilen, "Two KSU Students Caught Sneaking Into Game," 11/17/10 KTKA

Student, Kalyan Chakraborty, "An Inaugural Skyscraper For The Indian City Of Kolkata," 11/17/10 Evolo

K-State Salina, "Notary Classes Scheduled," 11/17/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Student, Jacob Pullen, "Pullen, Morris Up For Naismith," 11/17/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Kan., DHS Ready For Biodefense Lab To Progress," 11/17/10 Wall Street Journal, 11/18/10 News Plurk

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Editorial: Building NBAF," 11/17/10 Topeka Capital Journal

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Premature Panic," 11/17/10 Lawrence Journal World

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "The Star’s Editorial | Keep Biodefense Lab In Kansas, But Make It Safe," 11/17/10  Kansas City Star

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "KC Star Editorial - Kansas Can Handle Lab, " 11/17/10 Wichita Eagle

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Hospital Responds To Criticism That It Lacks Expertise To Handle Disease Outbreak At Proposed Biolab," 11/17/10 NBC Action News KC, Kansas City Business Journal

English, Philip Nel, "Harry Potter's Library," 11/17/10 The Independent

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Remember The Bio Agro Defense Facility?" 11/17/10 Louisville Courier

Art, Dan Hunt, "Chapman Tagged For Honor," 11/16/10 Hays Daily News, 11/18/10 Salina Journal

K-State ROTC, "Wabashin’ Baghdad: Wildcats Serve In Iraq With Fort Riley Aviation Brigade," 11/16/10 DVIDS, 11/24/10 1st Infantry Division Post

President Kirk Schulz, "KU Chancellor’s Salary Comparable To National Average," 11/16/10 Lawrence Journal World

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Studies Warn About Proposed Lab In Kansas; Shouldn’t We Listen?" 11/16/10 Olathe News/Kansas City Star

President Kirk Schulz, communications and marketing, Jeff Morris, "KSU 2," 11/16/10 U.S. Army

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, " Mercy Officials Say They Will Work To Meet Lab Standards," 11/16/10 Manhattan Mercury

Management, Chwen Sheu, "K-State Professor Evaluates Global Businesses," 11/16/10 Manhattan Mercury

Vice president for research, Ron Trewyn, National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Lab Still Has Strong Support In Congress," 11/16/10 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Supporters Don’t Want Report To Derail Biodefense Lab At K-State," 11/16/10  Kansas City Star, 11/18/10 Drovers, 11/20/10 Pork Magazine

K-State, "Biolab At Risk Of Cattle Disease Outbreak, Scientists Warn," 11/16/10 Chronicle of Higher Education Blog, Daily Me, Drovers, Kansas City Star

K-State, "Regents Curious On Effect Of Newly Elected Legislators," 11/15/10 Pittsburg Morning Sun

K-State, "Higher Ed Costs On Rise," 11/15/10 Hutchinson News

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Report Questions Safety Of Planned Biodefense Lab,"11/15/10 ArkCity.net, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Famer-Stockman, Feedstuffs, Houston Chronicle, KMAN, KSNT, KTKA, KWCH, Latest Business Report.com, MSNBC, Nation, Nature, New York Times, Newser, Phys.org, Science News, The Real Timer, Topeka Capital Journal, Washington Post, WIBW, WTOP

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "KS Congressional Delegation Comments On NBAF Study Report," 11/15/10 Political News, WIBW

Research, Ron Trewyn, "National Research Council Says Evaluation Of Risks For Biodefense Facility In Manhattan Was Incomplete," 11/15/10 Kansas City InfoZine, Laboratory Equipment, Lawrence Journal-World, Wichita Eagle

English, Philip Nel, "'Harry Potter' Generation Says Movies, Books Will Endure," 11/15/10 Austin-American Statesman

Alumna, Patricia A. Kendall, "Aplu News," 11/15/10 APLU

K-State, "Johnson County Sales Tax Funds Flow For New Research And Education Facilities For KU," 11/15/10  Lawrence Journal-World

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Panel Finds Unaddressed Issues By DHS," 11/15/10 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "K-State Officials Dispute Report's Findings," 11/15/10 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Ariel Anib, "K-State Student Researches Human Trafficking," 11/15/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Cortez Helping Students Capitalize On Strengths," 11/15/10 Dos Mundos

K-State, "News Classes On The Brink," 11/14/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Former professor, Polly Schoning, " Having Conquered Academia, Professor Takes On 2,175-Mile Appalachian Trail," 11/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

English, Philip Nel, "Closing The Book On Harry Potter," 11/14/10 Buffalo News

Athletics, Tex Winter, "Tex Winter To Be Honored At Halftime Of Virginia Tech Game," 11/14/10 WIBW

Alumni, Edie Jorns, Jim, Jorns, "Children's Christian Concern Society," 11/14/10 KSNT

Kinesiology, Craig Harms, " College Seniors More Sedentary Than Freshmen," 11/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Shultz, human ecology, Virginia Moxley, communications and marketing, Jeff Morris, military affairs, Art DeGroat, "K-State Witnesses Iraqi Progress At Mittica Training Center In Nasiriya," 11/14/10 Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System, War on Terror News

K-State, " New Members Elected To KSU Foundation Board Of Trustees," 11/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

English, Philip Nel, Karin Westman, "Harry Potter Lives In KSU Classes," 11/14/10 Topeka Capital-Journal, Kansas City InfoZine, 11/12/10 Manhattan Mercuryhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/harrypotter111210.html

K-State, "Topeka, Kansas USA: 'Top Ten City Of The Next Decade'," 11/13/10 CNBC Business Magazine

Human nutrition, Mark Haub, "Professor's Weight Loss Secret: Junk Food," 11/13/10 NPR, Articles Reloaded, Calorie Lab, CMR, Diet and Health News, Diet Secrets 4 Life, Fit Tip Daily, Health News 18, Huffington Post, Integrated Fitness Pittsburgh, King 5 Seattle, Louisville Courier, New York Daily News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Athletics, Kristin Waller, "Adopt-a-Family Is A Great Way To Spread Christmas Spirit," 11/12/10 Manhattan Mercury

Provost April Mason, communications and marketing, Jeff Morris, "Visit Alumni Center For A Preview Of This Year's RSVP Festival Of Trees," 11/12/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "In America's Breadbasket, Good Food Is Hard To Find," 11/12/10 Reuters

Music, Jana Fallin, Alumnus, James Coffman, Provost April Mason, "Coffman Commons Formally Dedicated," 11/12/10 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Transportation Projects In Nine States Receive Top National Awards," 11/12/10 AASHTO News

K-State, "National Experts Profile Serial Rapist Suspect Of Attacks In Lawrence, Manhattan," 11/12/10 Lawrence Journal-World

Former president of Kansas State chamber of commerce, Ross Beach, "Prominent Lawrence Businessman Ross Beach Dies," 11/12/10 Lawrence Journal World, Hays Daily News, KWCH

K-State, "Annual Christmas Tree Auction Is Nov. 20," 11/12/10 Hays Daily News

K-State, "Online Education Disrupting Traditional Academic Models," 11/12/10 BBC

K-State, "K-State, Post Partner For Financial Survey," 11/12/10 1st Infantry Division Post

Human nutrition, Mark Haub, "Is That Right? Snack-Filled Diet Yields 27-Lb. Weight Loss," 11/12/10 Washington Post

K-State, "KU, K-State Compete To Save," 11/12/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Human nutrition, Mark Haub, "Diets: What Works For You?" 11/12/10 Chicago Tribune

K-State, "A Government Research Lab Will Study Deadliest Animal Diseases At K-State, Raising Safety Concerns," 11/11/10 NBC Action News, Kansas City

Research compliance, Jerry Jaax, Research programs, Nancy Jaax, "Veterinarians From The "Hot Zone" Will Speak At Texas A&M Tuesday," 11/11/10 Texas A&M News and Information Services

Former professor, Bernd Foerster, "Author, Architecture Professor Bernd Foerster Dies," 11/11/10 Albany Times Union

K-State, "University Of Kansas Student Helped Kansas Businesses Improve Sustainability," 11/11/10 Dodge City Daily Globe

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Produce Inspectors in Arizona Being Pulled from Mexico," CBS National Radio, New York.

K-State, "KSU Students Help Grow Green Biz," 11/11/10 Topeka Capital JournalKTKA, KOAM-TV, KMAN, KSNT

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Report Pending On Biodefense Lab's Safety," 11/11/10 Kansas City Star, Capital Press, KSAL, KSNT, KTKA, Lawrence Journal World, NTV, Topix, WIBW, Wichita Eagle

K-State, "K-State To Remove Landfill," 11/11/10 Topeka Capital-Journal, KSNT, Wichita Eagle, Victoria Advocate, Science 3point0, WIBW, KTKA, Hutchison News, Lawrence Journal-World

Student, Braden Wilson, "Wilson Makes Transition To Two-Way Player," 11/11/10 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Matt Henry, "Veterans Day Events Around The Olathe Area," 11/11/10 Kansas City Star, Salina Journal

K-State, "KSU Memorial Design Revealed After Eight Years Of Planning," 11/10/10 KTKA

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Could Controversial Restaurant Inspection System Return?" 11/10/10 KDKA News Radio

K-State, "Universities Propose Housing, Food Service Rate Increase," 11/10/10 Lawrence Journal World, NTV, Wichita Eagle, 11/12/10 Hutchinson News, Kansas City Star,

Accounting, Dan Deines, "New ALCPA Book Reveals The Inside Track To Accounting Careers," 11/10/10 Business and Economy

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Don't Eat Poop (Or At Least Cook It First)," 11/10/10 Clay Center Dispatch

K-State, "Contest Challenges Student Cereal Scientists," 11/11/10 American Agriculturalist, Wisconsin Agriculturalist

Former student, Meghan Will, "Man Bound Over In Murder/DUI," 11/10/10 Salina Journal, Topeka Capital-Journal

Student, Taylor James, "NAFB Scholarship Winners," 11/11/10 Ag Wired

Alumna, Lynn Jenkins, "8 CPAs In The New House Of US Reps, One Of 50 Is An Accountant, 2 Big Four Alumni, " 11/10/10 Big 4

K-State, "Grandin Offers Food For Mind," 11/10/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Student, Matt Henry, "Northwest Grad To Lead Salute," 11/10/10 Kansas City Star/Olathe News

Student, Kassie Curran, "Restaurant Association Awards Scholarships," 11/10/10 Kansas City Star

Sustainability, Ben Champion, energy and environmental programs, Casey Lauer, industrial extension, Bruce Snead, "Energy Competition To Pit K-State, Manhattan Against KU, Lawrence," 11/10/10 Kansas City Infozine, 11/11/10 Climate and Energy, KMAN, Wichita Eagle http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/energy110910.html

K-State, "Kansas State Chemical Landfill Plan Examined," 11/10/10 KMAN, 11/11/10 El Dorado Times, KSNT, Lawrence Journal World, Science 3point0, Victoria Advocate, Wichita Eagle

President Kirk Schulz, "Kansas State President Chats Online From Iraq," 11/9/10 Kansas City Star

President Kirk Schulz, Provost April Mason, "KSU President In Iraq; Trying To Better Education Experience For Soldiers," 11/9/10 Deskbar, Hutchinson News, KTKA, Lawrence Journal World, Topeka Capital-Journal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/nov10/iraq110810.html

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