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K-State's news services staff keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.

Landon Lecture Series, Adm. Michael Mullen, "Adm. Mullen's Landon Lecture to Be March 3," 1/31/10 Lawrence Journal World, 1/29/10 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan10/mullenresched12910.html

KSU Foundation, Alumni Association, "KSU Foundation and Alumni Center Staff Win Media Awards," 1/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

Music, "K-State Music Department to Offer Free Shows Throughout February," 1/31/10 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan10/febmusic12910.html

Recreational services, Steve Martini, "Peters Cathedral," 1/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

Political science, Dale Herspring, "Iran Continues to Vex the Obama Administration," 1/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

Kinesiology, Craig Harms, "Exercise Can Help Smokers Quit," 1/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

Alumna, Janelle Phillips, "Local Engineer Completes Leadership Program," 1/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

Former Provost Owen Koeppe, "Owen Koeppe, Former KSU Provost, Dead at 83," 1/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Frank Martin, alumnus, Bill Bahr, "Boys & Girls Club Adds Two to Board of Directors," 1/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

Alumna, Amber Hamilton, "Varney & Associates Announces Promotions," 1/31/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Technology Changing How We Work, Play, Shop," 1/31/10 Wichita Eagle

Alumna, Belinda Post, "Post Makes Most Of Dance Skills," 1/31/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Biochemistry, Owen Koeppe, "Owen Koeppe 1926-2010," 1/31/10 Columbia Daily Tribune

K-State Salina, Judy Collins, Alysia Starkey, "Web Site Focuses On Eisenhower Advisor," 1/30/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Winfield Native Co-Authors Historical Book On State Politics," 1/30/10 Winfield Daily Courier, 1/28/10 Wichita State News

Family studies and human services, Carol Young, "Upcoming credit card changes may help consumers," 1/29/10 Fort Riley Post

K-State, "Kansas Day Lectures Planned," 1/29/10 cjonline.com

K-State, "Letters to the Editor: KSU Partnership Makes a Difference in Afghanistan," 1/29/10 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Brownback Touts Eco Devo," 1/29/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Education Child Nutrition and Wellness, "Inside Out," 1/29/10 Emporia Gazette

Sociology, anthropology and social work, Michael Wesch, "Community College Students Present Their Research," 1/29/10 examiner.com

Research and extension, "Seeing Life Through A Farmer's Eyes: Pupil's Farm Knowledge Grows," 1/29/10 LJWorld.com

Research and extension, Nancy Carr, "Rick Babson's Mirror On Olathe: Chicken On Menu Offered Hint On Awards," 1/29/10 Olathe News

Research and extension, Nancy Carr, "Pat All Honored By Chamber As Citizen Of The Year," 1/29/10 Olathe News

K-State, "When Textbooks Go Digital, Everyone Shares The Savings," 1/29/10 Kansas City Star

Student, Chandra Devine, "Kansas High School Student Wins National Beef Industry Scholarship," 1/29/10 National Cattlemen's Foundation

Alumni, Nick Leckey, Jon McGraw, James Johnson, "Pocket Protector," 1/29/10 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Ryan Heathman, Brian Bookwalter, Luke Wempe, "Cold Can't Stop Wildcats' Fans," 1/29/10 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Brandon Hall, "Black Student Union President Works to Help Fellow Students With Collegiate Success," 1/29/10 Manhattan Mercury http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan10/bsuprez12810.html

K-State, "A Date to Remember," 1/29/10 Manhattan Mercury

International Grains Program, "Council Promotes U.S. Grains Around The World," 1/29/10 Wisconsin Ag Connection

Konza Prairie Biological Station, John Briggs, "Banning Prairie Burns Would Hurt Flint Hills," 1/28/10 Kansas City Star

Alumnus, Don Lambert, "Kansas Day Lectures Planned," 1/28/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Biology, Bruce Snyder, "Science Goes Underground At K-State," 1/28/10 Kansas City Star

Agronomy, Chuck Rice, "Funding For Climate Change Research," 1/28/10 Southwest Farm Press

K-State, "Strike Up The Band," 1/28/10 arkcity.net

Retired professor, Barry Flinchbaugh, "KCBT Appoints 2010 Public Directors," 1/28/10 GRAINNET

Athletics, "Hello, Hoop World. It's K-State," 1/28/10 Kansas City Star

K-State, "Report: College Endowments Suffer Huge Declines," 1/28/10 The Washington Post

Beach Museum of Art, Katherine Schlageck, "Art Museum to Host Valentine-Themed Workshops," 1/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

Architectural engineering, Jim Goddard, "Conferences to Focus on Sustainable Infrastructure," 1/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

Political science, Joseph Aistrup, "Expert Argues that Kansas is Defined by Clash of Political Views, Cultures," 1/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Joe Klug, Dylan Harris, "KSU Students, Faculty Members Earn Regional Awards," 1/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

Personal financial planning, student, Mary Cox, "Money Matters," 1/28/10 Manhattan Mercury

Kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, David Poole, Timothy Musch, student, Steven Copp, "KSU Study: Antioxidants May Impair Muscles," 1/27/10 Manhattan Mercury, Green News Roundup, The Daily Mail (UK), Consumer Affairs, HealthNewsDigest.com, Daily Radar Blogs, Science Centric (Bulgaria), News-Medical.net (Australia), MediLexicon.com (Mexico), NutraIngredients.com (European Union), Medical News Today (United Kingdom), Medcompare, Nutrition Horizon (Netherlands), Science A GoGo (Australia), eMaxHealth, Science Codex, Science Daily, RedOrbit, News Blaze, WebWire, Biospace.com, Bio-Medicine, Gant Daily (PA), Newswise, PhysOrg, All Headline News, RedTram, Sphere News, AOL News, Brightsurf, Prepared Foods, Labspaces.net, ClinicaSpace, 1/28/10 Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (Italy), Zee News (India), Alastair Jamieson (profile), Medindia Health News (India), El Dorado Times, The Inquisitr, telegraph.co.uk, manoramaonline.com, Mother Nature News, Tech Nudge, Impact Lab, Food and Health Skeptic, Longford News (Ireland), Siaset Daily (India), Ethiopian Review (Ethiopia), newswise.com, Telegraph.co.uk, Daily Star, Zee News, MedIndia, The Hindu, News Locale, Mother Nature Network, The Nation, BETTER Health Research, Ethiopian Review http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan10/antioxidant12610.html

Anatomy and physiology, Jishu Shi, "K-State Team Granted $500,000 For Bioscience Research," 1/27/10 Manhattan Mercury

Nonviolence education program, Susan Allen, "KSU To Celebrate Nonviolence Education," 1/27/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "ATA Bus Is An Overlooked Blessing For All Residents Of Manhattan," 1/27/10 Manhattan Mercury

Animal sciences and industry, Mike Tokach, "Cutting Edge of Change," 1/27/10 American Cattlemen

K-State, "Bioscience Authority Plans Investments In Human, Animal Health Research," 1/27/10 Topeka Capital Journal, KSAL News

Student, Ashley Guenther, "KSU Student Receives Molz Scholarship," 1/27/10 The Ottawa Herald

K-State, "Governor, Senator React to State of the Union," 1/27/10 WIBW TV, KSN News 3, 1/28/10 Topeka Capital-Journal, Kansas City Star, individual.com, Mother Nature Network

Student, David Westfall, "K-State Graduate Student to Attend National Poverty Summit In Washington, D.C.," 1/27/10 Individual.com, 1/31/10 Manhattan Mercuryhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan10/westone12710.html

Agriculture, Zelia Wiley, "Black Agriculture In the 21st Century Awards Celebration – North Carolina," 1/27/10 indybay.org

Clinical Sciences, Susan Nelson, "Dog Food Mislabeling 'Leading To Pet Healthcare Problems,'" 1/27/10 Animal Friends

K-State Olathe, "Olathe Chamber To Honor Business Leaders At Annual Meeting," 1/27/10 The Olathe News

KARL, "Finnup Foundation Provides Major Gift to KARL," 1/27/10 USAGnet

K-State, "University Notes: Kansas State Inducts Students Into Honor Society," 1/27/10 The Olathe News

K-State, "Robert Kessler: Franklin County's Penn State Cooperative Extension Office," 1/27/10 Public Opinion Chambersburg, PA

Alumna, Belinda Post, "Post Named Chiefs Cheerleader," 1/27/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, "What Do You Need to Know About UAS?" 1/26/10 GA News

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "One Kansas Agency Profiting," 1/26/10 KTKA

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "In State Of The Union Address, President Obama Must Attempt To Reconnect With Nation," 1/26/10 Kansas City Star

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, Steve Henry, "Abilene Veterinarian Expresses Support For NBAF Site," 1/26/10 Reason Online Blog

Agricultural economics, Biswa Das, "Study Could Help City Grow, Improve," 1/26/10 Dispatch Online, 1/29/10 Individual.com

Agronomy, Kassim Al-Khatib, "Weed Control Challenge For Sorghum Producers," 1/26/10 Southwest Farm Press

K-State Salina, "KSU Salina Offering Course For Area Female Homeowners," 1/26/10 KSAL

K-State, "No More Bison? Try Tanks," 1/26/10 Mother Jones

Alumnus, Bob Langenkamp, "Schulte Continues City Hall Makeover With Langenkamp Appointment," 1/26/10 Kansas City Star, KSHB-TV

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, "Who Sits On Task Force And What Do They Do?" 1/26/10 Manhattan Mercury

Veterinary medicine, Chris Blevins, "K-State to Host International Equine Well-Being Symposium," 1/26/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Ways To 'Work It' Every Day," 1/26/10 WTTV-TV (IN)

Landon Lecture Series, Dennis C. Blair, "Blair's Landon," 1/25/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Capital Briefing: News From The Kansas State House," 1/25/10 Lawrence Journal World

Alumna, Arriane Alexander, "From K-State to the Nightclub Circuit," 1/25/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Obama Acknowledges Lessons of Katrina in Haiti Disaster," 1/25/10 Louisiana Weekly

Students, Kelly Griffith, James Newman, Phillip Podlasek, Darren Rottinghaus, "ASHRAE Recognizes Outstanding HVAC&R Industry Achievements," 1/25/10 ThomasNet News, energymanagementcanada.com

Agricultural economics, Tim Dalton, "K-State AG Economist Studying Economic Impacts of Drought-Tolerant Corn In Africa," 1/25/10 Cattle Network, 1/26/10 Grainnet

School of Leadership Studies, "January 25th, 2010," 1/25/10 KMAN

Former student, Mitchell Bleil, "Airmen Deploy to Guantanamo Bay In Advance of Helping Haiti," 1/25/10 KMBC, KCWE (MO), MSNBC

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Whither Abortion Politics In Kansas?" 1/25/10 HDNews.net

Family studies and human services, Briana Nelson Goff, "Syndrome Study: Researchers Hope To Help Down Syndrome Families," 1/25/10 Lubbock Online

Former President Milton Eisenhower, "Influential Eisenhower Boys Had Humble Roots," 1/25/10 Wichita Eagle

K-State Salina, "FAA Grants KSU Flight Certificate," 1/25/10 Wichita Eagle, Hutchinson News, KSN News 3, KC Star, KAKE / KUPK ABC 10 Wichita, Hays Daily News, Aviation Today, Topeka Capital-Journal http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan10/uavcert12210.html

Agriculture, P.V. Vara Prasad, Fred Cholick, "K-State Scientists Work To Improve Food Security In Mali And Ghana," 1/25/10 High Plains Midwest Ag Journal

K-State, "How Dick Carter Tries to Influence Policy at the Kansas Capitol Building," 1/24/10 Manhattan Mercury

Diversity and Dual Career Development, "MLK Had Bit of Kansas State University With Him When He Died," 1/24/10 LJWorld.com

K-State, "Google and China are involved in a Test of Wills," 1/24/10 Manhattan Mercury

Veterinary medicine, "KSU to Host Equine Symposium," 1/24/10 Manhattan Mercury

Center for Engagement and Development, David Procter, "Development Projects Awards Grants," 1/24/10 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Erik Gfeller, "Frontier Farm Credit Hires Two Financial Analysts," 1/24/10 Manhattan Mercury

Kappa Alpha Psi, students, Crischelle Borhani, Zach Swim, "Sending Help to Haiti," 1/22/10 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Patrick Goebel, "Star Lumber Names New Leading Executives," 1/24/10 Manhattan Mercury

Beach Museum of Art, Elizabeth Seaton, "Covacevich Exhibit To Open At KSU Museum," 1/23/10 Winfield Daily Courier http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan10/covacevich12210.html

Alumnus, Richard Myers, "Retired Joint Chief of Staff Chairman to Speak At Annual Chamber Banquet," 1/23/10 Garden City Telegram

Alumnus, Cliff Stone, "El Dorado Banker Known for Generosity," 1/23/10 Wichita Eagle

Athletics, Frank Martin, "Column: Contract Talk Rains On KSU Parade," 1/22/10 Topeka Capital-Journal, Trading Markets (CA), Quote.com (Lycos), Wichita Eagle

Athletics, "History Says Don't Worry About Currie," 1/22/10 Sports Radio 810 WHB

Diversity and dual career development, Myra Gordon, "Note Connects School to King at Time of Death," 1/22/10 Manhattan Mercury

Landon Lecture Series, Dennis C. Blair, President's office, Charles Reagan, "Director to Give Landon Lecture," 1/22/10 Manhattan Mercury, Hays Daily News, Hutchinson News, KBSD-TV, KBSH-TV, KBSL-TV, Kearney KHGI-NTV, KSCW-TV, KTKA-TV, KWCH-TV, Pittsburg KOAM (IN), Topeka Capital-Journal, Wichita Eagle

K-State Salina, "Salina Recertified for Unmanned Flights," 1/22/10 Manhattan Mercury

RecycleMania, Joe Myers, "K-State Participates in National Recycling Effort," 1/22/10 Manhattan Mercury, 1/25/10 Kansas City Star

Agronomy, Mary Knapp, "Why We Have Looked So Much Like London Lately," 1/22/10 Manhattan Mercury

Research, Jerry Jaax, "Kansas Site To Provide Crucial Animal, Plant Disease Research," 1/22/10 NBAFblog.com

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Campaign Finance Ruling Could Affect Kansas Races," 1/22/10 LJWorld.com

Greek Life, Jason Bosch, "Greeks Get New Evaluation Program," 1/22/10 The Bulletin

K-State Salina, "Traffic Down at Salina Airport," 1/22/10 Salina Journal

Grain science and industry, Mark Fowler, "Haiti Flour Mill Destroyed in Earthquake," 1/22/10 KNEB Ag News

General counsel, Lindsay Chapman, "KSU Hires New Assistant General Counsel," 1/21/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "K-State Mortar Board to Host Academic Decathlon," 1/21/10 Manhattan Mercury

Clinical sciences, Dan Thomson, "KSU to Host International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare," 1/21/10 Drovers, 1/22/10 isbcw.beefcattleinstitute.org, 1/26/10 InfoZine

Animal sciences and industry, Chris Reinhardt, "Safety Around Livestock is Imperative," 1/21/10 Cattle Network, 1/27/10 Salina Journal

K-State Salina, "FAA Authorizes Additional UAV Flights At Crisis City," 1/21/10 Aero-News.net

Recreation center, President Kirk Schulz, administration and finance, Bruce Shubert, "Regents OK Funds For Rec Center," 1/21/10 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Stacy Martin, John Currie, "Stacy Martin Named Assistant AD for Business," 1/20/10 Manhattan Mercury, KSHB-TV Kansas City

K-State, "Spicing Food Can Improve Your Health," 1/20/10 Your Health

Architecture, Gary Coates, Todd Gaddart, "Tech College, K-State Partner On House," 1/20/10 Emporia Gazette

Information technology, "Special Delivery," 1/20/10 North Carolina State University

College of Business Administration, students, Katrina Cotter, Nathan Kohake, Sarah Kuhlman, Carson Coffman, "K-State: Target Awards Four K-State College of Business Administration Students $1000 Scholarships For Case Competition Victory," 1/20/10 TradingMarkets.com, Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Ways to 'Work It' Every Day," 1/20/10 dailypress.com, Orlando Sentinel, MyFox San Diego KUSI (CA), Baltimore Sun, chicagotribune.com, KPLR-TV Channel 11 (MO), KFSM-TV CBS 5 Fort Smith (AR), KSTU-TV Fox 13 Now Salt Lake City (UT), KTVI-TV Fox 2 St. Louis (MO)

Agricultural economics, Jay O'Neil, "Foreign Sorghum Buyers to Visit Kansas," 1/20/10 Nebraska Rural Radio Association

K-State, "At 17, Haaga Knows How to Take a Stand For What He Believes," 1/20/10 Abilene Reflector Chronicle

President Kirk Schulz, "Possible Tuition Increases At ESU and K-State," 1/20/10 KTKA

K-State Salina, Judy Collins, Alysia Starkey, "K-State Tilford Project Looks at First Black Executive in The White House and The Civil Rights Act of 1957," 1/19/10 Individual.com

Alumnus, Brent Rohe, "38-Year-Old Clay Center Man Killed in Rollover," 1/19/10 The Dispatch On-Line

Grain science and industry, Dirk Maier, "K-State Centennial Lecture Series Set," 1/19/10 chhi.inc

Computing and information science, William Hsu, electrical and computer engineering, Caterina Scoglio, student, Roy Chowdhury, "K-State Engineers Fine Tune Computer Models to Predict, Prevent Spread of Foot-and-Mouth Disease; Depending on Situation, Vaccination or Culling Best Prevention," 1/19/10 Ag Lender-Doane (KS), Albany Business Review (NY), American Association for the Advancement of Science/EurekAlert, Atlanta Business Chronicle (GA), Austin Business Journal (TX), Baltimore Business Journal (MD), BioPortfolio.co.uk (United Kingdom), BioWorld Online, Birmingham Business Journal (AL), Boston Business Journal (MA), Breitbart.com, Buffalo Business First, Buffalo Business Journal, CattleNetwork, CBS Marketwatch, Charlotte Business Journal, Cincinnati Business Courier (OH), Columbus Business First (OH), Dairy Herd Management, Dallas Business Journal, Dayton Business Journal (OH), Denver Business Journal, Earthtimes.org, Eureka! Science News, Forbes.com, Fresh News, Houston Business Journal, Individual.com, Interest!Alert News, Jacksonville Business Journal (FL), Kansas City Business Journal, KESQ News Channel 3 (CA), KHRD-TV (TX), KLFY-TV 10 Lafayette (LA), KTRE (TX), Louisville Business First (KY), Manhattan Mercury, Memphis Business Journal, Milwaukee Business Journal (WI), Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal (MN), Nashville Business Journal, National Hispanic Corporate Council, New Mexico Business Weekly (NM), NewsGuide.us, News-Medical.net (Australia), Nurseweek, Orlando Business Journal, Pacific Business News (HI), Philadelphia Business Journal (PA), Phoenix Business Journal (AZ), PhysOrg, Pittsburgh Business Times, Portland Business Journal (OR), Puget Sound Business Journal (WA), RedOrbit, Sacramento Business Journal, San Antonio Business Journal (TX), San Francisco Business Times (CA), Science Codex, Science Daily, Scienceblog.com, Seattle Business Journal, Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal (CA), South Florida Business Journal (FL), St. Louis Business Journal (MO), StreetInsider.com, Sys-Con Australia, Sys-Con Belgium, Sys-Con Brasil, Sys-Con France, Sys-Con India, Sys-Con Italy, Sys-Con UK, Tampa Bay Business Journal, The Sun Herald (MS), Triad Business Journal (NC), Triangle Business Journal (NC), Washington Business Journal, Wichita Business Journal, Yahoo! News, 1/20/10 Innovations Report (Germany), Innovations-Report (NAT), Medcompare, 1/21/10 Super Computing Online http://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan10/fmdntwrk11910.html

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Honeymoon Fleeting for Obama As He Faces More Challenges in 2nd Year," 1/19/10 Kansas City Star, 1/18/10 Individual.com, iStock Analyst

Extension engineering, Brian Hanson, "Radon In the Home Poses Health Risk, Free Test Kits Offered to the Public," 1/19/10 Fort Scott Tribune

K-State Salina, "KSU Professors Launch site on Civil Rights Leader," 1/19/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Health Overhaul Laves Gap for Disabled Workers," 1/18/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Kansas Regents Considering Banning Tobacco Sales On Campuses," 1/18/10 LJWorld.com, KSAL News, 1/19/10 Hays Daily News, Hutchinson News, KAKE/KUPK, Kansas City Star, KBSD-TV, KBSH-TV, KBSL-TV, KCTV-TV, Kearney KHGI-NTV, KFOR-TV (OK), KMBC-TV (MO), KSALLink.com, KSCW-TV, KSHB-TV, KTKA-TV 49 ABC News, KWCH-TV, Manhattan Mercury, Newark Star-Ledger/NJ.com, Pittsburg KOAM (IN), Stamford Advocate (CT), Topeka Capital Journal, WDAF-TV, Wichita Eagle, 1/20/10 KSNT, 1/21/10 KTKA

Former President Jon Wefald, "Pay Shifts for Kansas, Missouri Education Leaders," 1/18/10 Kansas City Business Journal, Albany Business Review, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Austin Business Journal, Baltimore Business Journal, Birmingham Business Journal, Boston Business Journal, Buffalo Business First, Charlotte Business Journal, Cincinnati Business Courier, Columbus Business First, Dallas Business Journal, Dayton Business Journal, Denver Business Journal, Houston Business Journal, Jacksonville Business Journal, Los Angeles Bizjournal, Memphis Business Journal, Milwaukee Business Journal, Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal, MSN Money Central, Nashville Business Journal, New Mexico Business Weekly, Orlando Business Jouranl, Pacific Business News, Philadelphia Business Journal, Phoenex Business Journal, Pittsburgh Business Times, Puget Sound Business Journal, Sacramento Business Journal, San Antonio Business Journal, San Francisco Business Times, Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, South Florida Business Journal, St Louis Business Journal, Tampa Bay Business Journal, Triad Business Journal, Triangle Business Journal, Washington Business Journal, Wichita Business Journal

K-State, "A Day In the Saddle As A Cowgirl," 1/18/10 Salina Journal

K-State, "Ten Creatures Named for Entertainers," 1/18/10 Paste Magazine

K-State, students, Ross Connor, Alexis Kiel and Austin Walter, "500 Turn out for Day of Service," 1/18/10 Manhattan Mercury

Agricultural economics, Dan O'Brien, "Record Corn Crop Weighs On Prices," 1/18/10 Dodge City Daily Globe

K-State, "Change Intelligence Gathering in Afghanistan," 1/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

Administration and finance, Bruce Shubert, "It's Too Early to Understand Proposed Budget's Impact on KSU," 1/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

Alumni, Cole Brokenicky, Janie Anthony, "A New Lease on Love," 1/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

Kinesiology, Craig Harms, "You Can Lose by Dieting, but only Regular Exercise Improves Internal Health," 1/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

Agriculture, "Career Fair Jan. 27," 1/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

Art, Elliot Pujol, "KSU Professor Receives Governor's Arts Award," 1/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

Veterinary medicine, "Top 5 Summer Cat Health Concerns," 1/17/10 WSYM-TV (MI), 1/25/10 WHBF-TV (IL), 1/28/10 WFFF (VT)

Veterinary medicine, "Exercise With Your Dog To Prevent Obesity," 1/17/10 WFFF Fox 44 (VT), KTNV-TV (NV), WSYM-TV (MI), Pittsburg KOAM (IN)

Veterinary medicine, "How Dog Germs Spread," 1/17/10 WSYM-TV (MI), Pittsburg KOAM (IN), 1/25/10 WHBF-TV (IL), 1/27/10 KMPH Fox 26, 1/28/10 WFFF (VT)

K-State Salina, "Searching for a Degree Program? Look Here First," 1/17/10 Salina Journal

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Few Back Governor's Sales Tax Proposal," 1/16/10 Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Kids, Creativity and the National Radon Poster Contest," 1/15/10 Ethiopian Review

K-State, "Why Not Follow City Sign Code?" 1/15/10 Manhattan Mercury

Konza Prairie Biological Station, John Briggs, "Konza Prairie, Pillsbury Crossing, Finalists In 'Eight Wonders Of Kansas Geography' Competition," 1/15/10 Manhattan Mercury, 1/16/10 Kansas City InfoZine

Vice Provost Ruth Dyer, "Ruth Dyer Name Senior Vice Provost Vice Provost At K-State," 1/15/10 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Karl Remarais, "Haitian Trying To Find Family," 1/15/10 Manhattan Mercury

Administration and finance, Bruce Shubert, President Kirk Schulz, "No Horsing Around," 1/15/10 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Ashley Smit, "Welfare Courses Have Tough Time Breaking Into Curriculum," 1/15/10 AVMA

Agriculture, Fred Cholick, "ISU Ag Official Tours Agricultural Colleges In War-Torn Iraq," 1/14/10 Wallaces Farmer

Kinesiology, Melissa Bopp, "K-State Finds That Healthier Pastors Lead to More Health Programming at Churches, Where Wellness Messages Can Reach as Much as 60 Percent of Americans," 1/14/10 StreetInsider.com, Earth Times, Yahoo! Finance, eMediaWorld, Yahoo! Finance Canada, PR-inside.com (Austria), MarketWire (Canada), News Blaze, Individual.com, interestalert.com, biz.yahoo.com, 1/15/10 PR-USA.net, 1/17/10 Manhattan Mercury

Human Nutrition, Mark Haub, "Resistant Starch Improves GI of Foods -- More Support," 1/14/10 Bakeryandsnacks.com, European Union

K-State Salina, "What's Your Problem?" 1/14/10 Salina Journal

Martin Luther King Jr. Observance Week, "Honor Dr. King's Legacy this Weekend," 1/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

Agri-Industry Career Fair, "University Career Services to Hold Agri-Industry Job Fair Jan. 27," 1/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Eric Barton, "A Father, A Son and a Fieldhouse of Dreams," 1/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State Student Union, Bernard Pitts, "Re-signed," 1/13/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "American Farm Bureau Opposes Climate Change Legislation," 1/13/10 Care2.com

K-State, "Floragenex Launches Biota Sciences to Provide SNP Services for Animal Studies," 1/13/10 genomeweb.com

Agricultural education, student, James Gilpin, "Kansas Wheat: State Winter Wheat Plantings Down 8% from 2009," 1/13/10 GrainNet

Alumna, Victoria Luhrs, "K-State Alumna Victoria Luhrs Named National Mortar Board Fellowship Recipient," 1/13/10 pressreleases.kcstar.com

K-State Student Union, "KSU to Host Ag Career Fair," 1/13/10 Topeka Capital-Journal, TradingCharts (NAT), Individual.com

K-State, "Caring for Fido After You're Gone," 1/13/10 Forbes.com, 1/14/10 Investopedia.com

Advanced Manufacturing Institute, "Great Lakes WIND Network Announces Center of Excellence," 1/13/10 IndustryWeek.com, WIBW TV, TMCnet.com, Corporate IT Update (UK), Wichita Eagle, Manhattan Mercury

Powercat Financial Counseling, Jodi Kaus, "Financial Service Opens At KSU," 1/13/10 Topeka Capital-Journal, 1/15/10 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle, 1/27/10 1350 KMAN

Provost, April Mason, President Kirk Schulz, "K-State President Wants To Bring New Degree Programs To Salina," 1/13/10 Salina Journal

Libraries, Lori Goetsch, "ACRL And ALA Call For Increased Public Access To Federally Funded Research," 1/13/10 Resource Shelf

NBAF, "K-State, Manhattan Working Hard And Fast To Get Site Ready For Construction Of Biolab," 1/13/10 LJWorld.com, Iowa Farmer Today, 1/11/10 Fox 4 Kansas City, Hays Daily News, 1/12/10 Mitchell County Community Development, 1/23/10 ConstructionEquipmentGuide.com

ROTC Wildcat Battalion, "Oberlin Woman Killed In Crash To Be Honored At K-State," 1/12/10 Salina Journal, Topeka Capital-Journal, 1/15/10 Hays Daily News, 1/21/10 KTKAhttp://www.k-state.edu/media/newsreleases/jan10/memorial11210.html

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "OK, Where's Chuck?" 1/12/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Business Owners Find Proposal Taxing," 1/12/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Electrical and computer engineering, Noel Schulz, "Noel Schulz to Head Affiliate Program," 1/12/10 Manhattan Mercury

Administration and finance, Budget, "KSU Faces 8% Cut," 1/12/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "You Can't See, Smell Or Taste It, But It's The Second Leading Cause Of Lung Cancer," 1/12/10 healthychild.org

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