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College of Business Administration puts undergraduate research on display

Wednesday, May 14, 2014



MANHATTAN — The Kansas State University College of Business Administration recently hosted its Undergraduate Research Symposium, highlighting 15 research proposals and two completed projects.

The symposium represents the culmination of a semesterlong effort by the students. Those who presented proposals will go on to complete their research over the course of their time as undergraduates.

Seven of the presenters are members of the university's Honors Program, while the other eight students are involved in the Developing Scholars Program.

Students presenting their research included:

Robert Schroeder, senior in marketing, Colby, "Creativity in Decision Making"; Katherine Wood, senior in accounting and finance, Derby, presented her completed project "Introductory Accounting and Tests of Its Effectiveness: A Practice Set for Use with the Cognitive Apprenticeship Approach to Teaching."

From Greater Kansas City: Phillip Hill, junior in marketing, Kansas City, "A Longitudinal Study of Electronic and Mobile Technology Device and Internet Usage"; Shane Nickel, senior in accounting, presented the completed project "The Relationship Between Material Weaknesses, and Non-effective Company Policies on Financial Statement Fraud," Olathe; and McNeil Dolliver, senior in management, Prairie Village, "Discovering the Impact of the University Honors Program on K-State Students."

Abbey Agnew, sophomore in business, Haysville, "Aspects of Cross-Cultural Relationships of Buyer/Suppliers and Sales Managers/Sales Persons"; Shaquan White, freshman in business, Junction City, "International Financial Reporting Standards vs. U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles"; Denise Durham, sophomore in business, "A Longitudinal Study of University Student Dissertation Abstract Writing Competency," and Sterling Muse, freshman in business, "Social Media Role on College Choice for Multicultural Students," both from Manhattan.

Kaitlyn Burton, senior in accounting, Topeka, "Examining the Effect of the Sarbanes Oxley Act on Increasing Confidence in the Market"; and Cipriana Sapien, freshman in business, Wichita, "The Effects of Green Initiatives on Initial Public Offerings."

From out of state:

Ramone Armstrong, freshman in business, Kansas City, Missouri, "Spatial Distance and Construal Levels of Consumers' Decision Process"; and Dominic Deleon, sophomore in business, Waco, Texas, "Exploring the Pervasiveness of Different Types of Cyberloafing in the Workplace."

From out of country:

Jian Yu, junior in accounting, Guangzhou, China, "Tax Compliance Between Socialist and Capitalist Countries: China and the United States"; and Minh Mac, junior in finance, Hanoi, Vietnam, "Major Players in Green Investing Before and After Their IPOs."


Joe Ugrin


College of Business Administration

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Colby, Derby,Haysville, Junction City, Kansas City, Manhattan, Olathe, Prairie Village, Topeka and Wichita; Waco, Texas; Guangzhou, China; and Hanoi, Vietnam.


Download the following photo.

Presenting a research proposal

Kansas State University marketing student Phillip Hill, right, presents his research proposal "A Longitudinal Study of Electronic and Mobile Technology Device and Internet Usage" to Anand Desai, College of Business Administration associate dean for academic administration.

Written by

Brent Fritzemeier

At a glance

Seventeen students from the College of Business Administration presented completed projects or works in progress at the college's recent Undergraduate Research Symposium.