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College of Business Administration celebrates Executive Mentor Program

Thursday, May 8, 2014



MANHATTAN — The Kansas State University College of Business Administration recently hosted its third annual Executive Mentor Appreciation Luncheon, which brought more than 325 students, executive mentors, faculty, staff and administrators together for recognition at the K-State Alumni Center.

"This event is a celebration of the successes students and mentors have found in their work together," said Emily Brueseke, director of the college's Executive Mentor Program. "It is our small way of saying 'thank you' to all of our executive mentors for their time, effort and commitment."

The Executive Mentor Program pairs undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Business Administration with professionals from a wide range of industries for mentoring purposes. Executive mentors provide one-on-one career advice, assist the student in soft skill development, and provide opportunities for networking with other professionals. Currently, 533 mentors are participating in the program.

As part of the luncheon, which was sponsored by Payless Shoesource, awards were given for the Executive Mentor and Executive Mentee of the Year.

The Executive Mentor of the Year award recognizes a mentor who demonstrates excellence in supporting and cultivating his or her student's professional goals and skills. This year's winner is Dave Warner, retired director of business development for Ryan Corp., Olathe. Warner is mentor to Sam Marshall, junior in management, Manhattan.

The Mentee of the Year award recognizes the student who models the expectations of the Executive Mentor Program — initiative, good communication and the drive to develop oneself professionally. This year's winner is Ayodeji "Deji" Ferreira, senior in accounting, Hutchinson.

"Deji's communication style and willingness to engage with me cannot be beat," said Adrian Mitchell, vice president of operations for SeaBear in Anacortes, Washington, and Ferreira's executive mentor. "He has made the Executive Mentor Program a rewarding and invigorating experience for me."

In addition to the Executive Mentor Program, students who participated in the College of Business Administration's Professional Advantage Program, which is a co-curricular program designed to teach students the skills necessary to be successful professionally, were also recognized.

To complete the program this academic year, students were required to earn eight Professional Advantage points through their participation in professional development seminars of their choosing. With generous sponsorship from GTM Sportswear, the program was able to provide garment bags for the top 25 point-earners, as well as flash drives for all students completing the minimum requirements.

Students finishing in the top 25 of the program include:

Kelsey Martin, senior in accounting and finance, Colwich; Jonathon Taylor, senior in marketing, Derby; Efren Frayre, sophomore in pre-business, Garden City; Bonny Boultinghouse, sophomore in pre-business, Great Bend.

From Greater Kansas City: Stephen Kucera, senior in accounting and music, Kansas City; Helen Dinkel, sophomore in marketing, Leawood; Kyle Becher, freshman in pre-business, Lenexa; Kimberly Vaughn, sophomore in pre-business, Merriam; Rachel Smith, senior in marketing, and Laura Falk, junior in marketing, both from Overland Park; and Matthew Peters, freshman in pre-business, Shawnee.

Jordan Stoecklein, junior in marketing, Hutchinson.

From Manhattan: Kathryn MacGregor, senior in marketing; Alexis Cook, senior in accounting; and Seth Bovee, junior in marketing.

Tyler Larson, senior in finance and marketing, St. Francis; Larissa Liggett, freshman in pre-business, Tescott; and Michael Records, junior in finance, Wichita.

From out of state:

Zachary Disberger, sophomore in finance, Arvada, Colorado; and Sydney Martinez, sophomore in pre-business, Peculiar, Missouri.

From out of country:

From China: Bingxiao Mei, junior in pre-business, Beijing; Yao Xue, senior in pre-business from Binzhou; Jijun Li, senior in marketing from Harbin; and Anning Li, sophomore in accounting, Xuzhou.

Lara Blomberg, junior in finance from Rietberg, Germany;Babatunde Alabi, freshman in pre-business, Ikeja, Nigeria; andMinh Mac, junior in finance from Hanoi, Vietnam.


Emily Brueseke


Executive Mentor Program

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Colwich, Derby, Garden City, Great Bend, Hutchinson, Kansas City, Leawood, Lenexa, Manhattan, Merriam, Olathe, Overland Park, Shawnee, St. Francis, Tescott and Wichita; Arvada, Colorado; and Peculiar, Missouri; Beijing, Binzhou, Harbin and Xuzhou, China; Rietberg, Germany; Ikeja, Nigeria; and Hanoi, Vietnam.


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Mentee of the Year award

Kansas State University accounting student Ayodeji "Deji" Ferreira, center, holds the Mentee of the Year award he received from the College of Business Administration's Executive Mentor Program. With Ferreira are students Heidi Hurtig and Marcus Bragg.

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Mentor of the Year award

Kansas State University management student Sam Marshall, left, with Dave Warner, his executive mentor and the winner of the Mentor of the Year award from the College of Business Administration's Executive Mentor Program.

Written by

Brent Fritzemeier

At a glance

The Executive Mentor Program, offered by Kansas State University's College of Business Administration, celebrated its successes at a recent luncheon.