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Note to editors: Students are listed by county and hometown. If a student is receiving more than one degree, all degrees to be earned are listed with the student's name. If a Manhattan area address was given as a permanent address, the student will be listed in the permanent address county and also in the county for the high school of record. If a county or state is not listed, there were no graduates from that area.

Written by: Stephanie Jacques, 785-532-3452, sjacques@k-state.edu

Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013

Sweet success: Students earn degrees, honors over summer

MANHATTAN -- Nearly 630 students completed degree requirements from Kansas State University this summer. The graduates hail from 61 Kansas counties, 41 states and 31 countries. Of the university's newest graduates 18 also earned graduation honors for their outstanding academic work.

Degrees earned include more than 340 bachelor's, more than 250 master's, 42 doctorates and three associate degrees. Some students earned multiple degrees.

For outstanding academic, two students graduated summa cum laude, the university's top graduation honor; eight students graduated magna cum laude; and eight graduated cum laude. Summa cum laude graduates earned a 3.95 or higher cumulative academic average at Kansas State University. Students qualify for magna cum laude with an average of 3.85 to 3.949, and students with averages of 3.75 to 3.849 graduate cum laude.

Summer 2013 graduates had the option of participating in the university's 2013 spring or fall commencement ceremonies.

Students earning degrees and students earning graduation honors include:


Caldwell: Eric Johnson, Master of Science

Twin Falls: Christine Bradshaw, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture


Antioch: Rachael Hamilton, Bachelor of Science in Dietetics

Bartlett: Michael Whitley, Master of Science

Carpentersville: Sabaah Jauhar-Rizvi, Master of Arts

Carthage: Amanda Carlile, Master of Science

Chicago: Matthew Colclasure, Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Technology; Christopher Daniels, Master of Science; Gerardo Esquivel, Bachelor of Science; Tonijo Loudermilk, Master of Science

Columbia: Angela Mayer, Master of Landscape Architecture

Crystal Lake: Judd Thompson, Master of Science

Glen Ellyn: Matthew Herrington, Master of Science

Hillsboro: Kenton Noonan, Bachelor of Science

Marengo: Elizabeth Boyer, Master of Science

Minier: Austin Pendell, Master of Science

Skokie: Aaron Johnson, Master of Landscape Architecture

Springfield: Joseph Standard, Master of Science

Urbana: Jacob Kuebler, Master of Science


Elkhart: David Floyd, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Huntington: Janessa Updike, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Kendallville: Lakan Shippy, Master of Science


Ankeny: Christopher Bursiek, Master of Agribusiness

Boone: Jeffrey DeVries, Master of Science

Burlington: Daniel Wadyka, Master of Science

Cedar Rapids: Kim Pierson, Master of Science

Des Moines: Margaret Paris, Bachelor of Science in Dietetics

Marion: Sara Cory-Wattnem, Bachelor of Science in Dietetics

Slater: Sarah Brekke, Master of Science