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Note to Kansas editors: Students are listed by county and hometown. If a student is receiving more than one degree, all degrees earned are listed with the student's name. If a Manhattan area address was given as a permanent address, the student will be listed in the permanent address county and also in the county for the high school on record. If a county or state is not listed, there were no graduates from that area.

Written by: Stephanie Jacques, 785-532-3452, sjacques@k-state.edu

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Successful spring: Nearly 3,000 students earn degrees from Kansas State University

MANHATTAN — Nearly 3,000 students completed degree requirements from Kansas State University this spring.

The graduates are from 98 Kansas counties, 48 states and 43 countries.

Degrees earned include nearly 2,150 bachelor's degrees, more than 550 master's degrees, more than 175 doctorates and more than 25 associate degrees.

Students earning degrees include:


Arlington: Samantha Etsell, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Issaquah: Brian Sancewich, Doctor of Philosophy in economics

Lacey: Krista Lynch, Master of Arts in economics

Moses Lake: Morgan Cade, Bachelor of Arts

Pullman: Contessa Heaton, Bachelor of Science in Dietetics

Roy: Tiffany Sawyer, Master of Science in adult, occupational and continuing education

West Virginia

Mineral Wells: Alicia Beeson, Master of Arts in English

Morgantown: Erika Mastalerz, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Baldwin: Aeysha Major, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Cedarburg: Phillip Neuman, Master of Science in counseling and student development

Harshaw: Lauren Karle, Master of Fine Arts

Madison: Jessica Laessig, Master of Science in food science

Mequon: Kyle Holtz, Master of Architecture

Plover: Abraham White, Master of Science in food science

Saukville: Opalmaree Albrecht, Master of Science in counseling and student development


Burns: Dianne Bath, Master of Science in academic advising

Cheyenne: Grant Gonzalez, Bachelor of Science

Gillette: Tara Stoneking, Master of Science in apparel and textiles merchandising

Riverton: Kevin Garrett, Doctor of Philosophy

Worland: Samantha Compton, Master of Architecture