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Note to editors: If a county or state is not listed, there were no honor students from that area. If a Manhattan area address was given as a permanent address, the student will be listed in the permanent address county and also in the county for the high school on record.
News release prepared by:
Stephanie Jacques, 785-532-3452, sjacques@k-state.edu

May 29, 2012

SEMESTER SUCCESS: University awards semester honors to more than 3,200 students

MANHATTAN -- The spring 2012 semester was an outstanding one for more than 3,200 Kansas State University students who earned semester honors for their academic performance.

Students with at least 12 graded hours, whose grade point average for the semester is 3.75 or above receive semester honors along with commendations from their deans and the honors recorded on their permanent academic records.

Students earning semester honors by county and hometown include:

Chase County

Cottonwood Falls: Jacob Bayer, Maci Wells

Elmdale: Nathanael Wold

Strong City: Kyle Hannigan


Chautauqua County

Cedar Vale: Macy Warburton

Elk City: Matt Beason


Cherokee County

Columbus: Bobbi Shanks


Cheyenne County

Bird City: Craig Busse

Saint Francis: Courtney Douthit, Brooklyn Hnizdil, Heather Hnizdil


Clark County

Ashland: Bethany Spare, Ransom Gardiner

Minneola: Tanner Yost


Clay County

Clay Center: Abby Bauer, Brock Bebermeyer, Whitney Bohnenblust, Allison Bosch, Andrew Hecker, Ian Lane, Scott Mall, Anthony Meals, Tyler Meek, Allison Penner, Eli Schooley, Kassidy Simmons, Darrin Yuhn

Clifton: Dylan Koch

Wakefield: Joshua Cox, Megan Thurlow, Misty Wren


Cloud County

Aurora: Levi Kindel

Clyde: Benjamin Detrixhe, Katie George, Sara Mcclanahan

Concordia: Nicholas Hughes, Alex Johnson, Katie Johnson, Gavin Koester, Richelle Luongo, Jake Morrissette, Amanda Strait, Jordan Tholstrup, Mary Woellhof

Miltonvale: Nicholas Brummet


Coffey County

Burlington: Korinn Card, Brande Iseman, Annelise Masters, James Poplin, Sven Salberg, Chelcie Sutherland

Lebo: Crystal Hinterweger, Taylor Milota

LeRoy: Lexi Peterson

New Strawn: Brandon Doebele

Waverly: Tamra Collins, Brandon Hoag, Keely Penna



Coldwater: Tara Ediger


Cowley County

Arkansas City: Clayton Biggerstaff, Abigail Crouse, William Duren, Erin Osterthun, Kathleen Phillips, Jacob Silliman, Kayla Sparks, Darick Stalnaker, Andrea Sweetwood

Oxford: Kacee Carson

Udall: Joshua Franklin

Winfield: Kelsey Baker, Rebekah Feaster, Quentin Hoover, Nathan Menne, Kevin Parsons, John Seitz, Aaron Wasko, Peter Weinert


Crawford County

Cherokee: Amanda McGuire

Girard: Nathan Geier, Andrew Thompson

Mulberry: Brock Burnick

Pittsburg: Windy Griffin, Lloyd Martin

Weir: Charles Kays