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Note to editors: Students are listed by county and hometown. If a student is receiving more than one degree, all degrees to be earned are listed with the student's name. If a Manhattan area address was given as a permanent address, the student will be listed in the permanent address county and also in the county for the high school of record. If a county or state is not listed, there were no graduates from that area.
List prepared by: Stephanie Jacques, 785-532-3452, sjacques@k-state.edu

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Graduates: Approximately 2,825 Students Earn Degrees

MANHATTAN -- Approximately 2,825 students completed degree requirements from Kansas State University this spring.

The graduates are from 95 Kansas counties, 44 states and 47 countries.

Degrees earned include nearly 2,180 bachelor's, nearly 600 master's, nearly 80 doctorates and more than 20 associate degrees.

Students earning degrees include:


Lakin: Braden Kyle Barnhardt, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture; Caitlin Amber Olson, Bachelor of Arts and Secondary Major in Gerontology; Alicia Marie Shankle, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Amanda Colleen Shankle, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Nathan Flint Simshauser, Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Technology; Ross Aaron Geubelle, Master of Business Administration


Cunningham: Bryan Marc Adelhardt, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture; Cassandra Jane Adelhardt, Bachelor of Science in Education; Alison Jo Sterneker, Bachelor of Science in Education

Kingman: Timothy John Schrag, Bachelor of Science

Nashville: Nicholas John Depenbusch, Bachelor of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Norwich: Matthew Benjamin Turvey, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Greensburg:Jarrett Bert Schaef, Bachelor of Arts

Haviland: Tracy Norene Murphy, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture