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Note to editor: If a county or state is not listed, there were no honor students from that area. If a Manhattan area address was given as a permanent address, the student will be listed in the permanent address county and also in the county for the high school on record.
News release prepared by: Stephanie Jacques, 785-532-3452, sjacques@k-state.edu

Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013

Academic achievers: More than 3,300 students earn semester honors

MANHATTAN -- The fall 2012 semester was an outstanding one for more than 3,300 Kansas State University students who earned semester honors for their academic performance.

Students with at least 12 graded hours whose grade point average for the semester is 3.75 or above receive semester honors. They also earn commendations from their deans and the honors are recorded on their permanent academic records.

Students earning semester honors from Kansas State University by county and hometown include:


Geary County

Fort Riley: Victoria Adams, Alexis Jimenez, Samantha Rios

Junction City: Elena Andrus, Mica Becker, Robert Brooks, Hannah Byun, Shaston Challans, Allison Coy, Chandler Custer, Bria Dansby, Raymond Degan, Joshua Ericson, Justin Erk, Shane Fairchild, Neva Fisher, Sabrina Flowers, Angelique Foye, Kyle Gowen, Kristen Graham, Courtney Hallenbeck, Jamie Jones, Jennifer Kane, Kelly Kell, McKenna Kelly, Tina Kun, Travis Lilly, Herrietta Linton, Daniel Madsen, Patricia Mansker, Tyra Marteen, Shaina Maslonka, Ora McIntosh, Molly McKinnon, Nicole McLaughlin, Sarah McMillin-Beckman, Von Mitchell, James Moore, Ian Otting, Jade Parker, Elizabeth Petite, Heide Rippert, Edward Schenk, Cynthia Singer, Jillian Stewart, Hanna Sul, Alan Tajchman, Jasmine Welch

Milford: Mantej Singh


Gove County

Park: Jesse Ochs, Lucas Ochs, Kayla Zerr

Quinter: Zachary Nemechek


Graham County

Bogue: Clinton Johnson

Hill City: Morgan Cade, Christopher Miller, Holly Miller

Penokee: Justin Helberg, Travis Helberg


Grant County

Ulysses: Lucero Chacon, Gabriela Chavez, Kaylee Shilling


Gray County

Cimarron: Abigail Bartel, Ruth Bartel

Copeland: Heather Gibson

Ensign: Rebecca Goff

Ingalls: Rachel Kreie, Kayla Wehkamp

Montezuma: Brett Bullinger, Audrey Holderness


Greeley County

Tribune: Mackenzie Brown, Ruddy Yanez


Greenwood County

Eureka: Kodi Martin, Haley Pitko

Fall River: Peter Betzen

Hamilton: Theresia McCollum

Madison: Henry Ott, Mark Ott