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2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients (Over $1000)

South Carolina

Florence: Joel Christiansen, Garmin Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarships

Sumter: Joshua Bonilla, Department of Philosophy Scholarships; Caroline Orndorff, Heritage Award

South Dakota

Dell Rapids: Samantha Stykel, Calvin and Mary Louise Drake Student Enrichment Fund, Honors Scholarship, A.W. Michael and William Michael Scholarship

Howard: Emily German, Honors Scholarship

Jefferson: Shirley Robinson, Heritage Award

Mitchell: Caitlin Beaty, Heritage Award

Sioux Falls: Madison McKeown, Max E. and Jean Hollinger Scholarship in Journalism and Mass Communications; Alexis Turner, Honors Scholarship, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship

Yankton: Tyler Bryan, Honors Scholarship; Alyssa Butler, Department of Landscape Architecture Endowed Scholarship