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2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients (Over $1000)


Boise: Emily Vaterlaus, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship

Hayden: Jasmine Stidham, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence

Kimberly: Jared Mumm, LMIC- R.T., Susie J., and Joe Lewellen Scholarship

Lewiston: Angela Anegon, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship


Arenzville: Emily Carls, Agricultural Enhancement Fund

Arlington Heights: Baylee Porter, Denison Scholarship

Assumption: Tamar Adcock, Honors Scholarship, LMIC-R.T., Susie J. and Joe Lewellen Scholarship

Belleville: Phillip Martinez, Memorial Scholarship

Bowen: Bailey McClelland, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Transfer Honors Scholarship

Buffalo: Lauren Henebry, Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund; Margaret Mosley, Denison Scholarship

Camp Point: Dustin Huber, Virginia N. Gibson Scholarship

Chicago: Krystal Anderson Morales, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Marissa Harth, Memorial Scholarship; Kajuan Moore, Denison Scholarship; Anthony White, Memorial Scholarship; Semaj Young, Memorial Scholarship; Jacob Zych, Division of Continuing Education Scholarhship for Distance Education

Chicago Ridge: Cecilia Pedroza, K-State Transfer Academic Award, Memorial Scholarship

Clayton: Kyle Brady, Heritage Award

Crystal Lake: Jill Degani, Honors Scholarship; Alaina Littlejohn, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Rose Wadman, Honors Scholarship

Dawson: Calla Reilly, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Denison Scholarship

Downers Grove: Christopher Reusz, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, W. E. Long Scholarship

East Peoria: Wesley Goforth, William and Melissa Harold Memorial Scholarship

Elgin: Gabriela Hernandez, Denison Scholarship; Caroline Sobeski, Agricultural Enhancement Fund

Evanston: Shakyra Everett, Roy L. and Sylvia L. Robinson Diversity Scholarship in Agriculture

Frankfort: Alyssa Lombardi, Honors Scholarship

Geneseo: Corinna Hodson, Foundation Scholarship, Eva Ford Scholarship

Geneva: Jessica Pennybacker, William Haak Scholarship Fund

Glenarm: Katelyn Eike, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, KSU Rodeo Club Endowed Scholarship

Glenwood Estates: Tanniqua-Kay Buchanan, Memorial Scholarship

Grayslake: Laura Schorn, Honors Scholarship

Hillview: Samantha Bolen, A.W. Michael and William Michael Scholarship

Hinsdale: William Schneider, William and Melissa Harold Memorial Scholarship' Brandon Woodle, Robert P. Ealy Scholarship

Indian Head Park: Sarah Carlson, George A. and Esther Filinger Memorial Scholarship, College of Education Alumni Scholarship

Lake Zurich: Amanda Todavchick, General Academic Scholarship Fund

Lombard: David Bean, K-State Cheerleading Scholarship

Mahomet: Sean Wonderlich, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, Engineering Scholarships

Malta: Emily Plapp, Food Science Institute, College of Agriculture Excellence Scholarship

McHenry: Amy Kruse, General Academic Scholarship Fund, Duane and Pauline Murphy Scholarship

Morton: Monica Disberger, H.W. Wilkison and Mary Wilkison Scholarship; James Larson, William Haak Scholarship Fund

Naperville: Aram Kokuzian, General Academic Scholarship Fund; Ryan Porter, William and Melissa Harold Memorial Scholarship

Nebo: Zachary Abney, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Honors Scholarship

New Berlin: Megan Weast, William Haak Scholarship Fund, Marching Pride Scholars

Normal: Shelby Magnuson, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship, Nina M. Browning Memorial Scholarship, Ross Carlson Human Ecology Scholarship

North Aurora: Mark Joerling, Global Education Initiative, Gates Capital Management Scholarship, Kendall Scholarship for Overseas Experience

Oak Forest: Caitlyn Aguirre, Memorial Scholarship, C.S. Broeman Scholarship

Oregon: Hannah Christen, Mary Lucille and Walter Abmeyer Scholarship

Orland Park: Blake Cornell, Heritage Award

Oswego: Mackenzie Christian, Kinesiology Scholarship Fund; Joseph Kulick, General Academic Scholarship Fund, Caroline F. Peine Music Scholarship

Peoria: Lauren Fillipitch, Heritage Award

Rio: Mikhayla DeMott, Heritage Award, KSU Rodeo Club Endowed Scholarship, John and Darlene DeMott Agriculture Scholarship

Rockford: Rachael Crosby, Heritage Award; Sarah Crosby, Heritage Award; Piper Cushman, Purple and White Scholarship; Engineering Scholarships

Schaumburg: Colleen Geller, Honors Scholarship

Sheridan: Crystal Dau, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Denison Scholarship

Shiloh: Kiana Stewart, Denison Scholarship

St. Charles: John DeVault, William Haak Scholarship Fund

Sycamore: Alexandra Dominguez, Heritage Award

Taylorville: Matthew Hadden, Agricultural Enhancement Fund

Washington: Austin Nichols, Journalism Anniversary Fund

Waterloo: Hannah Quernheim, Leslie E. and Stella M. Ellithorpe Student Research Award in Human Ecology

Willowbrook: Carly Hinni, Honors Scholarship, College of Education Alumni Scholarship

Woodstock: Kyle Phalen, Honors Scholarship


Bloomington: Kyle Probst, Cain Land and Grain Value-Added Agricultural Fund

Brownsville: Kindsey Niehues, John H. Parker Scholarship

Francesville: Levi Messer, Student Opportunity Awards: K-State Proud, Memorial Scholarship

Frankfort: Kinzie Selke, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Student Aid Fund, Lee R. Blank Scholarship, The Kimberly Kurtz Memorial Scholarship

Franklin: Erin Bush, George E. Mickelson Scholarship

Indianapolis: Michael Hill, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship


Albia: Kristyn Garver, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, William and Melissa Harold Memorial Scholarship

Bedford: Celine Beggs, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Honors Scholarship

Bennett: Jamie Rohlf, Agricultural Enhancement Fund

Cedar Falls: Rebecca Oberrieder, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, Heritage Award

Clear Lake: Katherine Mossie, Ellen and Wayne Evans Human Ecology Scholarship

Coralville: Tanner Hedden, Heritage Award

Council Bluffs: Shawn Moore, Heritage Award

Crescent: Brandon Weihs, Milton and Emma Jean Rafferty Gamma Theta Upsilon Scholarship

Des Moines: De'Andre Calloway, Memorial Scholarship; Madison Holmes, William and Melissa Harold Memorial Scholarship; Brandon McBride, Memorial Scholarship;

Ely: Jessica Smith, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, Heritage Award

Fayette: Taylor Wadian, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship

Glenwood: Samantha Hustak, Honors Scholarship

Granger: Sara Smith, Purple and White Scholarship

Harlan: Breann Lehr, Purple and White Scholarship, Elsie Wall Vesco Scholarship

LeMars: Marie Taylor, Heritage Award

Newton: Alexander Osborn, Salina Scholarship-Housing, Salina Scholarship-Tuition

Northwood: Breanne Lombard, Denison Scholarship

Norwalk: Melanie Riordan, Honors Scholarship

Pocahontas: Sarah Stoulil, K-State Singers Scholarship, Purple and White Scholarship

Prole: Benjamin Elliott, William and Melissa Harold Memorial Scholarship

Randolph: William Damme-Longinaker, Purple and White Scholarship, James E. Pruden Jr. Memorial Scholarship; William Damme-Longinaker, Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund

Shelby: Anna Armstrong, Memorial Scholarshi, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship

Sioux City: Katherine Arndt, Purple and White Scholarship

Spirit Lake: Sam Cook, Hindi Scholarship, OIP Scholarship, Southern States Cooperative Feed Manufacturing Scholarship, Leroy and Gene Skoch Scholarship

West Des Moines: Alex Newman, Salina Scholarship-Flight, Salina Scholarship-Housing