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2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients (Over $1000)

Hamilton County

Kendall: Caitlyn Horton, Foundation Scholarship Kendall: Caitlyn Horton, John and Dorothy Perrier Scholarship.

Harper County

Anthony: Jeffrey Cather, Arthur Capper Cooperative Center, Risk Management, Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund and Eugene J. Laughlin Scholarship; Kori Harbin, Achievement Award and Harry H. Halbower, Jr. Memorial Scholarships.

Harper: William Brannon, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match and Foundation Scholarship; Christy Depenbusch, Lois G. and Jerome L. Chandler Scholarship in Human Ecology, Tanner Wood, Activity Scholarship and Boyer Educational Trust Scholarship;

Harper: Tanner Wood, Roy A. and Jean S. Shields Scholarships and Ethel P. and Francis E. Carpenter Scholarship.

Hazelton: Morgan Koblitz, Activity Scholarship and Gerald and Barbara Sprong Endowed Scholarship.

Harvey County

Burrton: Britton Brownrigg, Leadership Scholarship; Blake Foraker, Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship; Blake Foraker, Merrill and Dorothy Werts Scholarship; Jacob Nightingale, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship; Katie Nightingale, Gregory S. Hurd Memorial Scholarship Fund and Palmquist Architecture and Design Scholarship.

Halstead: Jason Grossardt, Foundation Scholarship - U; Opportunity Scholarship; Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Bonnett Scholarship and Claude M. Rhoades Memorial Scholarship; Brendan Gundy, Foundation Scholarship; Austin Marshall, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship; Austin Marshall, Achievement Award; Falon Runnebaum, Achievement Award; Alex Thibault, Achievement Award; Nickolas Thibault, von Waaden Investment Management Scholarship.

Hesston: Alexandra Deegan, Fairchild Scholarship; Alexandra Deegan, William and Melissa Harold Memorial Scholarship;: Andrew Gilmore, NECA-William H. Gilliam Memorial Scholarship and Rich and Hannah Kerschen Construction Science Scholarship, Andrew Gilmore, I. E. Thorson Scholarship, Goertzen, Charlotte W. Scott Scholarship Fund, Clinton Janzen, Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim 4-H Scholarship and Duane and Pauline Murphy Scholarship, Engineering Scholarships and Claude M. Rhoades Memorial Scholarship, Peter Jensen, Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship, Rachelle McGehee, College of Education Alumni Scholarship, Benjamin Meier, Olive Reed Schafer and Robert T. Schafer Human Ecology Scholarship, Aubrey Nickell, Helen C. Schutte Memorial Scholarship and L. Jeanne Stephenson Beck Scholarship in Human Ecology, Crystal Rehmert, Human Ecology Telefund Fund and Anna Maude Smith Fund for Students in Home Economics, Joseph Rodgers, Dr. Mary A. Erlanger Graduate Student Scholarship in Journalism and Mass Communication; Emily Schadler, College of Education Alumni Scholarship and Helen G. Saum Memorial Scholarship and Adam Van Bergeijk, Putnam Scholarship.

Moundridge: Scott Miller, Fairchild Scholarship and Sabrina Reynolds, Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry.

Newton: Meredith Burkhart, First in Class Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship, Meredith Burkhart, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Nolan Casimir, Leadership Scholarship; Chad Cook, Leadership Scholarship; Matthew Darrow, Achievement Award; Lily Dollarhide, First in Class Scholarship; Foundation Scholarship; Business Administration Dean's Scholarship, Grant Fruechting, Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship, Nathan Gouvion, Virgil R. Moen Memorial Scholarship, Benjamin Hamill, A&S Undergrad Research Scholarship and Arthur B. Sperry Memorial Scholarship Fund, Abigail Holler, Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship, Jacob Karst, Foundation Scholarship – U and Elmer D. McCollum Scholarship; Coleman Kingsley, Ethel P. and Francis E. Carpenter Scholarship; Ericka Manring, Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry, Alex Meier, Putnam Scholarship and Future Chemists Scholarship; Luis Miguel, Memorial Scholarship and Transfer Achievement Award; Yadira Porras, Memorial Scholarship, Engineering Scholarships, Everett J. and Marilyn J. Cupps Civil Engineering Scholarship and Vicki Scharnhorst Civil Engineering Scholarship, Hannah Reber, K-State Transfer Academic Award; Hana Robinson, Memorial Scholarship; Yeni Romero, Memorial Scholarship; Braidyn Rucker, Pishny Family Scholarship; Kendall Schmidt, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match; Kendall Schmidt, Merle R. Siegele Memorial Scholarship; Connor Stucky, Fairchild Scholarship, John M. Cranor, Jr. Memorial Scholarship and Tim Lim Undergraduate Scholarship in Agriculture; John Stucky, Claude M. Rhoades Memorial Scholarship; Alex Trumble, Achievement Award; Joshua Wuthnow, Foundation Scholarship – U.

Peabody: Joshua Klarmann, A&S Undergrad Research Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship, Elvon G. and Lydia E. Skeen Education Fund ,Tomorrow's Teacher Scholarship and Nancy Glover Craig Education Scholarship.

Sedgwick: Dalyn Anderson, Foundation Scholarship – U and Charles M. Loyd Memorial Scholarship; Stephanie Bailey, Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship; Lindsey Bender, K-State Transfer Academic Award; Brooke Grattan, Leadership Scholarship; Nicholas Johnson, Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship; Elli Kingsley, Transfer Achievement Award; Kirsten Sooter, Grace Dickman King Memorial Scholarship; Drake Standefer, Charles M. Loyd Memorial Scholarship, Alexander Zerbe, Virgil R. Moen Memorial Scholarship.

Valley Center: Mattithyah Tillotson, ACS - Hach Land Grant University Scholarship

Walton: Shonda Unruh, American AgCredit Scholarship and Koch Nitrogen Company Agriculture Economics Scholarship and Kevin J. Donnelly Agriculture Leadership Scholarship.

Whitewater: Taylor Guhr, Fairchild Scholarship and Jellison Benevolent Society Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Haskell County

Satanta: Kathryn Clawson, Activity Scholarship and Jules H. Robert Memorial Scholarship; Kendal Clawson, Risk Management; Finance Advisory Board Scholarship, Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund and Dennis and Sally von Waaden Business Scholarship; Kurtis Clawson, George and Hila Parsons Scholarship; Leadership Scholarship; Eli Stalker, John and Dorothy Perrier Scholarship and Joel and Jim Ungles Endowed Scholarship For Animal Science.

Sublette: Eric Bustillos, Memorial Scholarship and Kevin and Jean Ann Thayer Leadership Scholarship; Danny Gonzalez, NACME Scholarships; Joseph Lower, Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship; Anna Messerly, Robin Hagans Maupin Business Scholarship.

Hodgeman County

Jetmore: Josephine Hayes, Max M. Polk Leadership Scholarship, Kelsey Lampe, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships; Kyle Nuss, Student Governing Association Leadership Award, I. E. Thorson Fellowship and Tointon Family Scholarship; Jordan Ochs, Achievement Award, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships; Gayle Foster Alumni Club Scholarship and W. E. Long Scholarship; Austin Pfannenstiel, Activity Scholarship; KSU Alumni Association Scholarships and Earl H. Regnier Memorial Scholarship.