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2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients (Over $1000)

Geary County

Fort Riley: Jaliyah Brown, Memorial Scholarship;Tomomi Gallagher, Memorial Scholarship; Maurine Allison O'Bannon Memorial Scholarship and Morrison Foundation Scholarship Aliyah Harris, Memorial Scholarship; Alexis Jimenez, Transfer Achievement Award; Matthew Lewis, Achievement Award and Allison Army ROTC Scholarship; Darlene Lopez, Memorial Scholarship; Cindy Nystrom, Memorial Scholarship; Karina Pinzon, Memorial Scholarship; Alexandre Schwanz, Memorial Scholarship.

Junction City: Matthew Olson, Garmin Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarships Theodore Aldridge, Transfer Achievement Award; Ronald Atkinson, Marching Pride Scholars; Brittani Ballard, Fairchild Scholarship; Jordan Bauman, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship, Marissa Biggs, Leadership Scholarship and College of Architecture, Planning and Design GLMV Architecture Wildcat Scholarship, Tonquila Braddock-Brown, Memorial Scholarship and Mr. and Mrs. William G. Freeman Memorial Scholarship, Hannah Byun, Putnam Scholarship, Lei Cao, Verlyn D. Richards Scholarship, Zachary Cooper, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships, Allison Coy, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship, Chandler Custer, Leadership Scholarship, Max M. Polk Leadership Scholarship and Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Bria Dansby, Mamie Alexander Boyd Memorial Journalism Scholarship and Andrea Glenn Journalism Scholarship, Taylor Dean, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship, Garrick Devin, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship, Yvonne Engelhardt, Achievement Award and Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship and Ethel P. and Francis E. Carpenter Scholarship; Flowers, Memorial Scholarship and Martin Luther King Memorial Fund; Angelique Foye, Memorial Scholarship; Human Ecology Telefund Fund and Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship, Keishly Franco, Memorial Scholarship; Keely Fultz, Achievement Award and Captain Robert James Elgaard Memorial Scholarship Fund Dallas Gaither, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship Courtney Goetsch, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship and Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Kyle Gowen, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence, Kristen Graham, Housing Leadership Award and Memorial Scholarship; Alexander Griffiths, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship; Ileen Gully, Memorial Scholarship; Cheryl Henderson, Transfer Achievement Award and Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship; Kevin Henderson, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship; Jennifer Hodge, Beverly A. and Morris M. Greenwood Education Scholarship; Alexis Horne, Memorial Scholarship; Edson Ibarra, Memorial Scholarship; Joaquin Jacquez, Memorial Scholarship, Koch Impact Scholarships, Rathbone Scholarship; Jamie Jones, Memorial Scholarship, Martha E. Brill Scholarship in Human Ecology and Gilbert A. and Martha Jane Lewis Ferguson Human Ecology Scholarship, Zachary Jones, Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Scholarship; Kelly Kell, Ellen and Wayne Evans Human Ecology Scholarship, McKenna Kelly, Garmin Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarships and Shayla Lowry, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Alec Madden, Putnam Scholarship; Rachel Malone, Activity Scholarship; : Lorrie Mayfield, K-State Transfer Academic Award and College of Education Alumni Scholarship; Dylan McKenzie, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship; Sarah McMillin-Beckman, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence; Nicole Montanez, Memorial Scholarship; Nicole Montanez, Rose T. Baker Hopper, Lillian C.W. Baker and May H. Baker Student Loan Fund; Jennifer Nguyen, Memorial Scholarship; Noel Nieto, Memorial Scholarship; JayLan Kyle Padilla, Memorial Scholarship, Mercy Regional Health Center Pre-Health Scholarship and Jane E. Roether Memorial Scholarship, Katelyn Parente, Transfer Achievement Award; Casey Pearson-Adams, Achievement Award and KSU Rodeo Club Endowed Scholarship; Alana Peoples, Memorial Scholarship, Santana Perez, K-State AVID Scholarship and Leadership Scholarship; Hanah Peterson, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship; Elizabeth Petite, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship and W.F. and Lucille Farrell Scholarship Fund, Jeffery Raastad, John Alfred Koburger Scholarship, John Rivera, Memorial Scholarship; Morgan Rumbaugh, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship, Edward Schenk, Memorial Scholarship; and Physics Scholarship, Dayton Schmalzried, Putnam Scholarship, Sean Smith, Leadership Scholarship; Jillian Stewart, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship and Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Hanna Sul, Memorial Scholarship and Palmquist Architecture and Design Scholarship, Jenae Tate, Memorial Scholarship, NACME Scholarships and Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship; Mya Thereau, Transfer Leadership Scholarship; Jasmine Tuitt, Agricultural Enhancement Fund , Memorial Scholarship and Cargill Project Impact Scholarships, Michelle Valdebenito, Memorial Scholarship; Thaddeus Walz, Memorial Scholarship; James Webb, Medallion Scholarship and James Webb, Bramlage Willcoxon Education Scholarship and Roger A. Diekmann S.T.E.M., or Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Scholarship, Ryan Wellems, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship, Geneva White, Memorial Scholarship, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships and Ethel P. and Francis E. Carpenter Scholarship, Shaquan White, Memorial Scholarship and Shaquan White, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Adonis Wooten-Herron, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships; Robee Ybanez, Memorial Scholarship and Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Milford: Spencer Bontrager, Industrial Engineering Excellence Fund, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship and Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship, Braden Gallentine, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship; Ora McIntosh, K-State Transfer Academic Award and Memorial Scholarship; Emilio Rivera, Leadership Scholarship; Mantej Singh, Memorial Scholarship and Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship.

Gove County

Grainfield: Dayna Shaw, Soaring with Eagles Scholarship; M. Lester and Ruby A. Cox Scholarship and T. Hobart and Marion Brown McVay Scholarship

Grinnell: Melody Dickman, Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry and Landon Stephens, David and Kay Fritchen Student Leadership Scholarship.

Park: Jesse Ochs, Leadership Scholarship; Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship and John R. and Polly Rhudy Curtis Scholarship; Lucas Ochs, Tointon Family Scholarship.

Quinter: Ryan Hillman, Dane Hansen Foundation Scholarship and Erwin and Vera Kuhlman K-State at Scholarship; Zachary Nemechek, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match; Brady Reed, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Logan Reed, Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship and Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship.

Graham County

Bogue: Clinton Johnson, K-State Transfer Academic Award, Frank and Nella Anneberg Scholarship and Clinton Johnson, Pied Piper Pet & Wildlife Inc. Agriculture Scholarship.

Hill City: Caleb Burton, Engineering Scholarships; McKenzie Cooper, Activity Scholarship; McKenzie Cooper, Phillip F. & Virginia B. Weaver Scholarship; Megan Gansel, Activity Scholarship; Marcus Goetz, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship, Eric VanLoenen, Dewey and Nelta Axtell Scholarship

Morland: Jordan Bell, Carl R. and Mary T. Ice K-State Alumni Association Scholarship and Nicole Keith, First in Class Scholarship.

Penokee: Justin Helberg, K-State Transfer Academic Award; Travis Helberg, Rose Straka Fowler and William M. Fowler Fund; Samantha Nickelson, Achievement Award and First in Class Scholarship and Ethel P. and Francis E. Carpenter Scholarship.

Grant County

Ulysses: Lucero Chacon, Memorial Scholarship, Kay Meggers-Siemens Corporation Management Scholarship; Koch Impact Scholarships and John Jacob Rhodes, Jr. and Elizabeth H. Rhodes Scholarship in Business; Gabriela Chavez, Memorial Scholarship; Anthony Delcorral, Memorial Scholarship and Theta Xi Scholarship; Morgan Metcalf, Memorial Scholarship; Edwin Porras, Memorial Scholarship and Glenn W and Percy Davis Scholarship German Sanchez, Foundation for Engineering at Kansas State University Fund; Rachel Zimmerman, Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship and Tommy L. and Ann Denise Smith Scholarship.

Gray County

Cimarron: Abigail Bartel, Transfer Achievement Award and Jake R. Ubel Agronomy Scholarship; Ruth Bartel, Foundation Scholarship – U and Todd A. Kintigh Memorial Scholarship, Ted Boersma, Achievement Award and First in Class Scholarship; Joseph Dasenbrock, Undergraduate Scholarship; Stewart Fairbank, Activity Scholarship; Kaitlin Flores, Memorial Scholarship; Sharon Garcia, Memorial Scholarship and College of Education Alumni Scholarship; Tyler Siek, Agricultural Enhancement Fund and K-State Transfer Academic Award.

Ingalls: Savannah Dwyre, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence; Savannah Dwyre, Megan Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Scholarship in Modern Languages; Rachel Kreie, Transfer Honors Scholarship; Abby Thompson, KSU Marching Band Scholarship; Michael Wehkamp, Activity Scholarship and KSU Alumni Association Scholarships; Montezuma: Brett Bullinger, Foundation Scholarship - U; Brett Bullinger, Howard Wilkins Memorial Scholarship and Weston Koehn, Engineering Scholarships; Weston Koehn, Brungardt Honomichl & Company, PA Civil Engineering Scholarship; Marisa Love, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence and Max E. and Jean Hollinger Scholarship in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Greeley County

Tribune: Stephen Houston, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence and Leo E. Hudiburg Scholarship; Isaiah Stone, Memorial Scholarship; Ruddy Yanez, Memorial Scholarship and Grace S. McCoy Scholarship.

Greenwood County

Eureka: Mathew Alford, Leadership Scholarship and Engineering Scholarships; Nolan Allison, Agricultural Enhancement Fund; Achievement Award; Tami D. Borck Memorial Scholarship and Gayle Foster Alumni Club Scholarship; Benjamin Harrell, Leadership Scholarship; Ashley Herb, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships, Gayle Foster Alumni Club Scholarship, KSU Marching Band Scholarship, Ashley Herb, Marching Pride Scholars; Kodi Martin, Leadership Scholarship; Haley Pitko, Achievement Award, Dr. Kenneth D. Mosely Kinesiology Scholarship and Carol Sitz-Pelser Memorial Scholarship in Human Ecology

Fall River: Peter Betzen, Fairchild Scholarship;

Madison: Edgar Alvarez, Memorial Scholarship; Madison Eaton, Achievement Award, Memorial Scholarship, Lynn Braden and Martha Braden Scholarship Fund, Gayle Foster Alumni Club Scholarship and Ethel P. and Francis E. Carpenter Scholarship; Henry Ott, John M. Cranor, Jr. Memorial Scholarship and William S. May Scholarship for Agricultural Financ, Mark Ott, Dow - KSU Alumni Engineering Scholarship; Tina Ratcliff, Kendall Scholarship for Overseas Experience and Herbel College of Business Scholarship

Virgil: Braxton Butler, First in Class Scholarship, Lynn Braden and Martha Braden Scholarship Fund and Merrill and Dorothy Werts Scholarship.