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2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients (Over $1,000)

Barber County

Kiowa: Brena Diel, Human Ecology Telefund Fund; Keeli Hostetler, Achievement Award, Richard M. and Eileen M. Strong Scholarship; Lacie Jacobs, Lee R. Blank Scholarship.

Medicine Lodge: Casey Pennock, Enloe Family Scholarship; Cassidy Stimpert, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Achievement Award; Brock Traffas, Foundation Scholarship – U.

Barton County

Albert: Dylan Wissman, Achievement Award and KSU Alumni Association Scholarships.

Claflin: Timothy Demel, Medallion Scholarship, Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Endsley Scholarship Fund; Jennifer Hitschmann, Activity Scholarship, Alumni Association Scholarships Carly Hoffman, W. E. Long Scholarship; Natalie Hoffman, Carolee Baertch Clowers Memorial Scholarship; Courtney Liebl, Max E. and Jean Hollinger Scholarship in Journalism and Mass Communications; William Radenberg, Foundation Scholarship; Wendy Parks Acker and Douglas Parks Scholarship and Warren and Mary Lynn Staley Engineering Excellence Scholarship; Sydney Rugan, Achievement Award, Jaconette L. Tietze Memorial Scholarship; Timothy Stueder, Achievement Award, Brining Family Scholarship, The Producers and Texas Livestock Marketing Association of Kansas City Student Scholarship and Enrichment Fund; Nolan Wirth, Engineering Scholarships.

Ellinwood: Jamie Christiansen, Agricultural Enhancement Fund and K-State Transfer Academic Award; Cody Clair, Transfer Achievement Award; Christopher Isern, David and Kay Fritchen Student Leadership Scholarship; Cody Isern, Achievement Award, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships and Victor C. and June L. Koelsch Scholarship Fund  Shawn Troyer, Agricultural Enhancement Fund and K-State Transfer Academic Award; Brett Whelan, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship  Wyatt Bayless, Medallion Scholarship.

Great Bend: Bonny Boultinghouse, Jimmy V. and Lucile A. Hoar Memorial Scholarship; Christopher Burley, Leadership Scholarship; Skyler Butler, Donald E. McDaneld Memorial Scholarship and Wilson Tripp Memorial Scholarship Anna Cooper, Helen C. Schutte Memorial Scholarship; Kelsey Couture, Transfer Achievement Award, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships; Madison Debes, Fred M. Parris Memorial Scholarship in Journalism; Madison Debes, Marjorie I. Setter Scholarship; Bryce Divis, Foundation Scholarship - U; Jacob Durrett, Activity Scholarship; KSU Alumni Association Scholarships and Nelson Antrim and Ethel Mattingly Crawford Memorial Scholarship  Anna Freund, Elementary Education Scholarship, Taylor Fry, Leadership Scholarship, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships and Barton County Scholarship; Morgan Gauby, Foundation Scholarship, Ida Nonamaker Carlson and W. W. Carlson Memorial Scholarship and Robin Hagans Maupin Business Scholarship; Rachael Gros, Foundation Scholarship; Memorial Scholarship, Erma Currin Scholarship and George A. Montgomery Memorial Scholarship; Lyle Gunn, Tummala's Master of Public Administration Fellowship; Hunter Harrison, Activity Scholarship, J. Gordon Auld and Raymond W. Olson Family Memorial Scholarship; Gregory Hildebrand, K-State Cheerleading Scholarship; Steven Johnson, Medallion Scholarship, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships and John B. and Anna Tedsen Zielger Scholarship; Katelyn Kaiser, Warren and Mary Lynn Staley Engineering Excellence Scholarship, Kenneth D. and Mary E. Hewson Engineering Scholarship; Ethan Koochel, Greg B. Miller Scholarship and Helen C. Schutte Memorial; Tyler Krizek, Transfer Leadership Scholarship and Rathbone Scholarship; Matthew Krug, Linda J. and Allen E. Homan Scholarship Fund; Sarah Liston, Leadership Scholarship, Lucile Rust Scholarship; Jacob Martin, Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship; Joshua Murphy, K-State Transfer Academic Award and KSU Alumni Association Scholarships; Allison Niederee, Soaring with Eagles Scholarship and Kansas Beta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi Scholarship; Jeffrey Pike, Transfer Achievement Award and Gayle Foster Alumni Club Scholarship; Arturo Sanchez, Memorial Scholarship andHervey A. Feldman Memorial Scholarship; Emily Seiwert, K-State Transfer Academic Award; Connor Sell, Arlin B. Ward Scholarship; Amanda Stansfield, College of Education Alumni Scholarship; Tanner Stephenson, Verla Nesbitt Joscelyn Scholarship; Kristin Stewart, Engineering Scholarships and George F. Hoferer Architectural Engineering Scholarship; Krisha Stoss, Kennedy and Coe, LLC Scholarships in Accounting and John H. Tietze Scholarship; David Tomlin, Transfer Achievement Award and Warren and Mary Lynn Staley Engineering Excellence Scholarship.

Hoisington: Luke Becker, Transfer Achievement Award; Julie Bitter, Brining Family Scholarship, Julie Bitter, Tolman Family Scholarship, Brannon Donovan, Foundation Scholarship - U; Drew Reisner, K-State Transfer Academic Award and Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence.  

Pawnee Rock: Peter Smith, Hansen-Rice, Inc. Scholarship in Construction Science and Management , E & K Company Scholarship in Construction Science & Management, Alanson Foreman Family Engineering Scholarship and D. Craig and Dalene D. Nelson Construction Science Scholarship.

Bourbon County

Fort Scott: Alex Arnold, Division of Continuing Education Scholarhship for Distance Education; Jared Bahr, Transfer Achievement Award and Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship; Bayli Endicott, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match, Dallas and Edna Alsup Scholarship and Joseph T. and Ann L. Davis Memorial Scholarship; Joseph Fischer, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match; Colton Grillot, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match; Alexander Ly, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match, Hindi Scholarship, OIP Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship; Corey Midkiff, Engineering Scholarships and Phi Alpha Epsilon Scholarship; Megan Midkiff, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match; Trevor Swim, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Katelyn Vincent, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match, Wilbur B. Tendick Scholarship and Tomorrow's Teacher Scholarship; Joshua Woolsey, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match.

Uniontown: Reed Gleason, Transfer Achievement Award, K. L. and M. E. Stauffer Memorial Scholarship and Duane and Pauline Murphy Scholarship; Lauren Rockhold, Ellis Foundation Scholarship Match; Koltan Schaaf, Frank A. Hagans Memorial Scholarship; Brittany Tanner, Achievement Award and J.V. Baptist Family Scholarship.

Brown County

Everest: Justine Kimmi, Activity Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Mikaela Lehew, Activity Scholarship and First in Class Scholarship

Hiawatha: Valerie Binns, William and Joyce Cyphers Owen Scholarship Wendy Parks Acker and Douglas Parks Scholarship, Engineering Scholarships and Stephen C. Redding Scholarships I and II; Courtney Brennan, Memorial Scholarship and Martin Luther King Memorial Fund; Joshua Hinkle, William and Joyce Cyphers Owen Scholarship; Zachary Hrencher, Mary Lucille and Walter Abmeyer Scholarship  Branden Leupold, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Achievement Award and William and Joyce Cyphers Owen Scholarship; Gabriel Lierz, Josephine E. Brooks Scholarship and Ivalee McCord Long Scholarship; Shane Meenen, Dale A. Rodman Alpha Gamma Rho Agriculture Leadership and George R. Hanson Scholarship in Agriculture; Gabriel Noll, Theta Xi Scholarship; Erica Schmitz, Foundation Scholarship, John and Pearl E Bullock and Biological and Agricultural Engineering Excellence Scholarship; Samantha Shamburg, Foundation Scholarship – U and, McDonald's Restaurants/Kansas Regents Honors Academy Scholarship.

Horton: K'Dee Rork, CHS University Scholarship.

Lancaster: Emily Becker, Achievement Award.

Morrill: Jesse Snyder, Cargill Incorporated Horizon Milling Scholarship.

Powhattan: Johanna Brockhoff, Leadership Scholarship.

Robinson: Laura Sommers, Richard and Martha Wenger Education Scholarship.

Sabetha: Abby Meyer, Medallion Scholarship, Nathan D. Keck Memorial Scholarship, Grace Dickman King Memorial Scholarship and Lucille E. Reitz Scholarship in Gerontology; Cody Wilhelm, Foundation for Engineering at Kansas State University Fund and Engineering Scholarships; Keith Wysong, John Hoffman Johntz and Veenetia Birchfiel Johntz Scholarship.

White Cloud: Brynn Wright, Leadership Scholarship.

Butler County

Andover: Shana Baker, The Howard T. Hill Toastmaster Scholarship for Speech Communication  Rebecca Butts, Achievement Award and KSU Alumni Association Scholarships; Briana Carrillo, Transfer Achievement Award, W.L. and Alberta Doyle Memorial Scholarship; Justin Coen, Foundation Scholarship and Donald MacGregor Scholarship; Kelsie Cole, Transfer Achievement Award, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships, June D. Hull Sherrid Cancer Center Scholarship, Education Fund Taryn Daniels, Activity Scholarship and K. I. Coldwell Memorial Scholarship and Ruth Chittenden Cozine Memorial Scholarship; Monica Farfan, Agriculture Alumni Association Fund and Memorial Scholarship and Cargill Project Impact Scholarships. Nicholas Franssen, Elsie Wall Vesco Scholarship; Dylan George, Foundation Scholarshi and Marjorie and Ross Laybourn Scholarship; Corbin Goedert, von Waaden Investment Management Scholarship; Olivia Graham, Memorial Scholarship and Robert and Helen Zebold Scholarship; Alexander Grommet, Medallion Scholarship and Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund; Reagan Hart, Barbara Weigand Scholarship in Apparel Marketing; Martin Harvey, Scholarship-Housing; Julia Hilts, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship and Ernest N. Carter Women in Engineering Science Program Scholarship; Julia Hilts, Rathbone Scholarship; Tyson Hilyard, Capitol Federal Scholarship; Emma Honts, Fairchild Scholarship; Ryan Hoover, Medallion Scholarship; Meg Huelskamp, Foundation Scholarship – U; Meg Huelskamp, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships Emily Ingram, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships; Emily Ingram, Jimmy V. and Lucile A. Hoar Memorial Scholarship  Emily Ingram, Merrill and Dorothy Werts Scholarship; Hayden Kinney, Edmond R. Jr. and Janice D. Murray Engineering Scholarship; Paul Lewis, Baeten Farm Scholarship and Kansas Cooperative Dairy Products Association Scholarship; Sarah Lewis, Leadership Scholarship and Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Meredith Meier, Elvon G. and Lydia E. Skeen Education Fund; Marshall Miller, Bradley C. Heyka Memorial Scholarship in Finance;Taylor Murray, College of Education Alumni Scholarship; Dalton Owen, K-State Transfer Academic Award and Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship; Samantha Pedigo, College of Education Alumni Scholarship; Jeddidiah Russell, Memorial Scholarship and Peter Seitz Management Scholarship Amanda Stultz, OIP Scholarship and Virgil M. and Earl E. Thompson Scholarship Fund; Matthew Zuiss, Medallion Scholarship and Roscoe S. Coberly Memorial Scholarship, James T. Jackson Memorial, Ron and Joyce Lutz Scholarship.

Augusta: Alyssa Bisagno, Achievement Award and KSU Alumni Association Scholarships.Natalie Booth, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships and Pearl M. Kennedy Scholarship; American Feed Industry Association and Equipment Manufacturers Committee Scholarship; Olivia Cox, Achievement Award, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships; Quentin Cox, AGCO Engineering Scholarship and Engineering Scholarships; Claire Daniels, Achievement Award; Sara Felts, Marching Pride Scholars; Victoria Gilmore, Leadership Scholarship; Brett Hamilton, First in Class Scholarship; Calen Kearns, Scholarship-Housing and Pearl M. Kennedy Scholarship; Laubhan, KSU Alumni Association Scholarships Andrew Peterson, Cargill Incorporated Horizon Milling Scholarship; Montana Pfeifer, Foundation Scholarship – U and Ronald P. Cooper Scholarship; Adam Ronnebaum, Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship; Kara Schnake, Lewis J. and Ernest A. BrAun Education Scholarship; Ashley Schwemmer, Tony Barnes Leadership Scholarship in Landscape Architecture; Katie VanDever, Leadership Scholarship;

Benton: Kyle Hooker, KSU Rodeo Club Endowed Scholarship; Megan Reece, Achievement Award and KSU Alumni Association Scholarships.

Cassoday: Kurt Lockwood, Fred and Cathy Cholick International Agriculture Scholarship.

Douglass: Avery McNelly, Jimmy V. and Lucile A. Hoar Memorial Scholarship; Avery McNelly, Ethel P. and Francis E. Carpenter Scholarship; Jared Holthaus, Transfer Achievement Award.

El Dorado: Anna Andrews, Vance L. Burch Scholarship; Tyler Banion, R. E. 'Gene' and Mary Beth Bonnell Scholarship  Kutter Bookout, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Taylor Briscoe, Medallion Scholarship; Taylor Briscoe, Elvon G. and Lydia E. Skeen Education Fund; Kristen Burton, College of Education Alumni Scholarship; Taylor Frank, Agricultural Enhancement Fund and Transfer Honors Scholarship; Andrea Harkins, Pearl M. Kennedy Scholarship, Parker Henley, Transfer Honors Scholarship and F. W. Bell Memorial Livestock Judging Award and Goppert Foundation Scholarship in Agriculture and Clinton K. Tomson Livestock Judging Team Scholarship. Claire Jensen, Business Advisory Council Jon and Ruth Ann Wefald Scholarship, Spencer Jensen, Payless ShoeSource General Scholarship; Collin Just, Activity Scholarship; Whitney Luck, Medallion Scholarship; Dale Nuckolls, K-State Transfer Academic Award; Daphne Park, Medallion Scholarship; Joshua Peiffer, Richter Family Beyond the Campus Scholarship; Katlyn Utech, Transfer Leadership Scholarship; Christopher White, Putnam Scholarship.

Elbing: Caleb Hoover, Ronald & MaryAnn Johnson Accounting Scholarship and Adelaide H. Stegman Scholarship. : Paul Janzen, Agricultural Enhancement Fund.

Rosalia: Angela Merwin, Foundation Scholarship and Sarah Merwin, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence, Sara Myers Frizell Memorial Scholarship and Max E. and Jean Hollinger Scholarship in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Rose Hill: Rachel Bohm, Foundation Scholarship - U; Virgil M. and Earl E. Thompson Scholarship Fund; Patricia Cole, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Paige Downing, Nina M. Browning Memorial Scholarship; William Duren, Memorial Scholarship; William Duren, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships, Engineering Scholarships, George J. and Alice D. Fiedler Electrical & Computer Engineering Memorial Scholarship; Zachary Freeman, Virgil R. Moen Memorial Scholarship; Caleb Gravesen, Transfer Achievement Award and George E. Mickelson Scholarship; Ashley Green, Mick and Nancy McAuliffe Civil Engineering Scholarship; Jill Linot, Transfer Achievement Award; Hailey McClellan, Achievement Award; Kelsey Nelson, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Mackenzie Showalter, Agricultural Enhancement Fund  Michael Whinery, Phillips 66 SHIELD Scholarship; Michael Whinery, Richard L. Clarke Scholarship.

Towanda: Jessica Fay, Foundation Scholarship; Benjamin Harstine, Mark A. Presidential Scholarship; Benjamin Harstine, Nina M. Browning Memorial Scholarship; Scott Lamunyon, First in Class Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship, KSU Alumni Association and Soaring with Eagles Scholarship.

Whitewater: Clark Busenitz, Foundation Scholarship and Ray L. and Grace Currin Smith Scholarship; Josiah Carey, Henry J. Putnam Memorial Scholarship and J. O. Hamilton Engineering Memorial Scholarship  Cole Claassen, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Activity Scholarship and Pat and Jim Hagan Art Scholarship. Grant Claassen, Leadership Scholarship and Baeten Farm Scholarship; Samantha Claassen, Soaring with Eagles Scholarship, Kansas State University Chapter, Blue Key Scholarships, Neva E. Babcock Scholarship and Holly C. and E. Beth Fryer Human Nutrition Scholarship; Arlan Newby, Transfer Achievement Award and Ernest L. and Lou R. Adams Scholarship Fund in Agriculture; Caleb Tanner, Achievement Award; Kari Thiessen, Helen E. Bishop Memorial Scholarship and Nina M. Browning Memorial Scholarship; Joshua Toevs, A&S Undergrad Research Scholarship; Adam Willems, Marching Pride Scholars; Alyssa Dotson, Foundation Scholarship and James E. McFee Scholarship and June D. Hull Sherrid Cancer Center Scholarship and Education Fund; Riley Wheeler, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Lauren Whiteside, Foundation Scholarship and Elvon G. and Lydia E. Skeen Education Fund, Lauren Whiteside, Jon Wefald Scholarship.