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Note to editor:   This list includes only the names of students who have received scholarships that total $1,000 or more. Kansas recipients are listed by county and hometown.
Website: http://www.k-state.edu/sfa
News release prepared by: Stephanie Jacques, 785-532-3452, sjacques@k-state.edu

Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012

Giving the gift of education: Students receive $19.2 million in scholarships from university donations

MANHATTAN -- More than 9,400 academic scholarships have been awarded to Kansas State University students for the 2012-2013 school year. Overall, students have earned more than $19.2 million in scholarships for the current academic year -- nearly $1 million more than the previous year.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation. Information on the university's student financial assistance is available at http://www.k-state.edu/sfa.

Students receiving scholarships totaling more than $1,000 include:


Adams: Allan Richardson, George and Maggie Yeh Avionics Scholarship

Amherst: Christopher Gugel, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship

Beatrice: Craighton Carey, Achievement Award; Mason Carey, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, and the John W. and Hazel M. Jenner Scholarship; Ross Jensby, Activity Scholarship

Bellevue: Alexis Kiel, Jack Durgan Interior Architecture Scholarship and Palmquist Architecture and Design Scholarship; Diamond McNeill, Koch Impact Scholarship and the Memorial Scholarship

Bladen: Kylie Kinley, Housing Leadership Award

Columbus: Samantha Brandt, Activity Scholarship

Comstock: Robert Roth, Salina Housing Scholarship

Danbury: Alyssa Rippe, Willis G. Griffing Scholarship, Col. Delbert Townsend Scholarship and the Lee R. Blank Scholarship

Deshler: Cassandra Mohrmann, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, Thomas and Pearl Dean Scholarship, and Activity Scholarship

Diller: Julie Kalivoda, Agricultural Enhancement Fund

Dix: Colton Daum, Dean's Choice Scholarship and General Academic Scholarship

Dodge: Jared Bourek, June D. Hull Sherrid Cancer Center Scholarship and Education Fund, and College of Agriculture Dean's Discretionary Funding Revenue Fund

Elkhorn: Elizabeth Faltin, General Academic Scholarship Fund; Hannah Gordon, Fairchild Scholarship

Eustis: Michelle Jack, Howard Creason Grain Science Scholarship and Arlin B. Ward Scholarship

Fremont: Courtney Cook, Activity Scholarship, Agricultural Enhancement Fund and the LMIC-R.T., Susie J. and Joe Lewellen Scholarship

Giltner: Sean Findley, College of Agriculture Dean's Discretionary Funding Revenue Fund

Grand Island: Abigail Adams, Transfer Achievement Award; Taylor Johnson, Timothy J. and Veronica S. Regan Scholarship in Business Administration; Kelly Soto, Heritage Award, and H. Duane and Bonnie Saunders Scholarship

Gretna: James Rittenberger, Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship and the Activity Scholarship

Hastings: Kourtney Boehler, Neva E. Babcock Scholarship and Fairchild Scholarship

Hickman: Kale Mueller, George A. and Esther A. Filinger Scholarship, and the Heritage Award

Humboldt: Sydney Henderson, Ruth McClanahan Dotson (Class of 1940) and John Dotson (Class of 1939) Scholarship, and Agriculture Alumni Association Fund

Lavista: Ian Goding, Fairchild Scholarship and George W. Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund; Michaela Synowiecki, Foundation Scholarship; Chandler Whaley, Activity Scholarship

Lincoln: Abbie Albrecht, Anna L. Steckelberg Memorial Scholarship in Dietetics and Nutrition, and the Heritage Award; Shelby Anderson, General Academic Scholarship; Brian Blankenau, Francis Wendell Beichley Scholarship; Sophia Dongilli, Kansas State University Blue Key Chapter Scholarship, and the General Academic Scholarship; Hannah Hovis, General Academic Scholarship; James Parks, Transfer Leadership Scholarship; Madison Rosenthal, Honors Scholarship, and Edwin G. Brychta and Lillian J. Brychta Scholarship; Melanie Thomas, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence

Minden: Parker Ayres, Michael Terry Memorial Scholarship, and Heritage Award

Mitchell: Michelle Keener, K-State Transfer Academic Award

Monroe: Breanna Korus, McVay Scholarship and Transfer Achievement Award

Nickerson: Leah Harmon, K-State Music Advisory Council Scholarship, Velma Morris Hagans Music Scholarship and General Academic Scholarship

Oakland: Ross Beckner, Agricultural Enhancement Fund; Charley Cull, Miscellaneous Scholarship

Omaha: Breanna Boecker, Memorial Scholarship; Matt Brown, Lusardi Construction Company Scholarship, E and K Company Scholarship in Construction Science and Management, Gib and Brenda Compton Construction Science Scholarship, and Mark Keenan Family Architectural Engineering and Construction Science Scholarship; David Burchfield, Housing Leadership Award; Caroline Cetola, General Academic Scholarship; Katlyn Delano, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, James E. Pruden, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, and Foundation Scholarship; Robert Dorman, Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship; Lucia Finocchiaro, Activity Scholarship; Nathan Griep, H. Duane and Bonnie Saunders Scholarship; Trenton Hagenau, Honors Scholarship; Christine Johnson, Ronald P. Cooper Scholarship; Nathan Kellogg, Medallion Scholarship; Taylor Kelly, Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship; Cameron Morgan, Memorial Scholarship; Christina Novak, Gladys Lichty Memorial Scholarship; Heidi Schaaf, Salina Housing Scholarship; Khemraji Sukhram, Memorial Scholarship; Olivia Taphorn, Medallion Scholarship; Kara Tischer, Wichita Area Big Wheels, and the Achievement Award; Charles Viers, Activity Scholarship; Paul Waters, Marching Pride Scholars, and the Achievement Award; Emily White, General Academic Scholarship; Ryan Zapotocny, David Tim Havley Department of Biochemistry Discretionary Fund, and the General Academic Scholarship Fund

Ord: Amanda Duvall, Veterinary Medicine General Fund, and the Miscellaneous Scholarship

Papillion: Nicholas Braun-Jankovich, Activity Scholarship; Mary Larsen, Putnam Scholarship; Alexus Williams, Memorial Scholarship

Plattsmouth: David Jensen, Leslie W. Beckman and Edna L. Beckman Memorial Scholarship, Allison Army ROTC Scholarship, and K-State Transfer Academic Award

Raymond: Jessica McKeown, General Academic Scholarship Fund

Red Cloud: Emma Bohrer, First in Class Scholarship

Roca: Brandon Baxa, Medallion Scholarship

Scotia: Ryan Massman, Memorial Scholarship

Superior: Susannah Headrick, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, and Heritage Award

Trumbull: Katlyn Pfeiffer, Transfer Achievement Award and Marie Muxlow Scholarship

Wilber: Kristie Moore, Marian W. "Dolly" Hardman Endowment

Wilcox: Kylie Sturgis, Memorial Scholarship

York: Taylor Papstein-Novak, Gladys Lichty Memorial Scholarship


Winnemucca: Angela Vesco, Frank A. Hagans Memorial Scholarship

New Hampshire

Newport: Cara Dennis, SGA Leadership Scholarship

New Jersey

Bridgeton: Emily Castellini, Putnam Scholarship

Galloway: Lauren Deissler, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, and Activity Scholarship

Haworth: Rachel Eisen-McGinn, Transfer Leadership Scholarship

Lambertville: Parker Jensen, Frederick W. Fahrnekopf Memorial Scholarship, and the Foundation Scholarship

Middletown: Paige Passafaro, Heritage Award

Mountainside: Scotland Preston, Second Century Scholarship

New Mexico

Albuquerque: Cesserie Ballou, Thelma Wolfersperger Holliday Scholarship, and the Foundation Scholarship; Jovan Brady, Memorial Scholarship; Kynsey Creel, Denison Scholarship; Dmitri Granberg, Medallion Scholarship

Aztec: Elizabeth Poe, Fairchild Scholarship

Farmington: Damion Lovato, John W. and Hazel M. Jenner Scholarship

Los Alamos: Rebecca Martineau, William and Mary E. Heaton Memorial Student Aid Fund

Rio Rancho: Sara Alves, Kansas State University Blue Key Chapter Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship, Soaring with Eagles Scholarship, Ernest L. and Lou R. Adams Scholarship Fund in Agriculture, Second Century Scholarship, and the LMIC-R.T., Susie J. and Joe Lewellen Scholarship

Ruidoso Downs: Vivian Wilson-Kind, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, and the Transfer Heritage Scholarship

New York

Buffalo: Alexandra Dawes, Neva E. Babcock Scholarship, and Ralf E. Hockens and Alice M. Hockens Memorial Fund

Moravia: Joseph Weeks, Salina Tuition Scholarship

New York: Natasha Kelly, Ice Family Student Emergency Fund

Rochester: Frank Martello, Ice Family Student Emergency Fund

Schenectady: Karyn Raney, Maurine Allison O'Bannon Memorial Scholarship

Sleepy Hollow: Jennifer McLean, Marian W. "Dolly" Hardman Endowment

West Point: Clayton Vermeesch, Russell E. Serles Scholarship

North Carolina

Canton: Cayleigh Griffith, Robert F. Hagans Business Scholarship

Liberty: Caitlin Lowe, Housing Leadership Award

Locust: Brandy Cleveland, Arthur S. and Leora J. Peck Scholarship, Kansas City Steak Company Expendable Scholarship and the Achievement Award

Lumberton: Sydney Brannon, Heritage Award

North Dakota

Hettinger: Jennifer Johnson, Friends of Mathematics Fund, and Salina Tuition Scholarship

Lisbon: Andrea Olson, Kansas State University Parents Telefund Scholarship

Verona: Kelly Schaefer, Kansas Veterinary Medical Association Fund