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Note to editor:   This list includes only the names of students who have received scholarships that total $1,000 or more. Kansas recipients are listed by county and hometown.
Website: http://www.k-state.edu/sfa
News release prepared by: Stephanie Jacques, 785-532-3452, sjacques@k-state.edu

Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012

Giving the gift of education: Students receive $19.2 million in scholarships from university donations

MANHATTAN -- More than 9,400 academic scholarships have been awarded to Kansas State University students for the 2012-2013 school year. Overall, students have earned more than $19.2 million in scholarships for the current academic year -- nearly $1 million more than the previous year.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation. Information on the university's student financial assistance is available at http://www.k-state.edu/sfa.

Students receiving scholarships totaling more than $1,000 include:


Altamont: LLakyn Baughman, Achievement Award, Lillie Martin Carleton Scholarship, K-State Alumni Association Scholarship, George W. and Gladys A. Marvel Scholarship, and Memorial Scholarship; Keith Geren, Eldon B. Johnson Scholarship, and Dan and Beth Bird Scholarship in Agricultural Economics; Kaitlin Harrison, Deborah Burkhard Gum Memorial Music Scholarship, Vallie Maupin Kirk and Rex Maupin Memorial Music Scholarship, and Putnam Scholarship; Shelby Reazin, Fay E. Miller Vice Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund, and Ken Boughton Judging Team Scholarship

Bartlett: Logan Britton, Paul DeWeese Memorial Scholarship Fund, Lawrence H. and Donna M. Erpelding Scholarship in Agriculture, Rod Turnbull Scholarship Fund, David L. and Constance S. Mackintosh Memorial Scholarship, and C.C. Eustace and W.D. Eustace Memorial Scholarship

Edna: Michael Banowetz, Leadership Scholarship; Kyla Smith, K-State Marching Band Scholarship, and Marching Pride Scholars

Mound Valley: Katie Rohling, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, and Mary Holton Seaton Scholarship

Parsons: Eric Comeaux, Transfer Achievement Award; Tyler Johnson, Janet Sprang Ayres and Jack Ayres Student Alumni Board Leadership Scholarship. Koch Impact Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship, Richard and Jane Thiessen Business Administration Scholarship; Morgan Richardson, H.E. Mathy Geology Endowment


Dighton: Taylor Barber, Warren and Mary Lynn Staley Engineering Excellence Scholarship; Sarah Mulville, Activity Scholarship, and Col. Ward K. Dodge Memorial Scholarship

Healy: Darrick York, Leadership Scholarship

Utica: Katelyn Hagans, Activity Scholarship, and First in Class Scholarship


Basehor: Brittne Brannan, K-State Transfer Academic Award; Anna Mark, Dean's Choice Scholarship, and Donald Lee Cordes Scholarship; Jade Mauzey, Fairchild Scholarship; Bradley Peterson, Putnam Scholarship; Caroline Patelli, Memorial Scholarship, and K-State Civic Leadership Scholarship Presented by Farm Bureau Financial Services and Kansas Farm Bureau; Kimberly Peterson, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, and Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence; Louis Rebeck, Putnam Scholarship; Alec Smith, Cessna Scholarship, Leadership Scholarship, Salina Housing Scholarship; Jenny Swabb, Engineering Scholarships Fund, and Loyal and Jill Huddleston Civil Engineering Scholarship

Fort Leavenworth: Raniah Crail, College of Education Alumni Scholarship, and Edwin Lee Holton Memorial Scholarship; Kaitlin Downing, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence, and Marjorie Adams Endowment for the Honors Program; Janay Johnson, Fairchild Scholarship, and Memorial Scholarship; Blake Parker, Fairchild Scholarship, and Memorial Scholarship; Hunter Anne Postier, Memorial Scholarship

Lansing: George Baker, Foundation Scholarship; Sonjay Baker, Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Scholarship, Housing Leadership Award, Memorial Scholarship, Opportunity Scholarship, and Soaring with Eagles Scholarship; Stephanie Birdsall, Economics Scholarship; Cole Buffo, Baeten Farm Scholarship, and Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim 4-H Scholarship; Jacob Colver, Essie B. Schneider Memorial Scholarship, Wilma A. Brown Scholarship, and Viva Brenner Morrison Memorial Award; Noah Easterling, Leadership Scholarship; Michelle Foster, Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Scholarship, Roy C. and Virginia Langford Memorial Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship, and Jon David Wagner Scholarship; Ryan Hallinan, Leadership Scholarship; Austin Hansen, Memorial Scholarship; David Laurence, Putnam Scholarship; Heather Laurence, Dr. Willard C. and Oma Grace Schwartz-First Christian Church Scholarship, Art Scholarship, and Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence; Van Nine, Activity Scholarship; Caitlyn Sasnett, KSU Marching Band Scholarship, and Leadership Scholarship; Emilee Taylor, Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence, Doris Downing Miller and Monte M. Miller Scholarship in Arts and Science, and SGA Leadership Scholarship; Parker Wilhelm, Milton S. Eisenhower Jr. Scholarship in the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Leavenworth: Melinda Berry, Baeten Farm Scholarship, and K-State Transfer Academic Award; Colby Gwartney, Transfer Achievement Award; Corey Leintz, Achievement Award; Kaitlyn Long, Memorial Scholarship; David Madden, Achievement Award; Timothy Miller, Medallion Scholarship; James Niederlander, A.B. Cardwell Fund , and The Irvin R. Ricklefs Memorial Scholarship; Ashley O'Neil, American Society of Baking Scholarship; Nathan Salvatorelli, Dr. Charles E. Wilson Jr. Engineering Excellence; Erika Schiller, Anita K. Laurent Scholarship in Human Ecology; Maura Schmidling, Virgil L. Patterson Scholarship in Agriculture , and Agricultural Enhancement Fund; Steven Shade, Dr. Charles E. Wilson Jr. Engineering Excellence; Cody Theis, Activity Scholarship; Deeann-Rose Turpin, Memorial Scholarship, and NACME Scholarship; Jeanette Valdez, Hospitality Management Society Scholarship, Floyd W. Johnson Scholarship, and Memorial Scholarship; Jason Wahaus, Rathbone Scholarship Fund; Nakia Warfield, Memorial Scholarship

Linwood: Lacie Falk, Ernest N. Carter Women in Engineering Science Program Scholarship, Art Hiser Chemical Engineering Scholarship, and Frank L. Westerman, Jr., Scholarship; Benjamin Field, Transfer Achievement Award; Haley Field, College of Education Alumni Scholarship

Tonganoxie: Matthew Christensen, First in Class Scholarship, and Foundation Scholarship; Mitchell DeHoff, Elvon G. and Lydia E. Skeen Education Fund; Jacob Herrstrom, Nightingale Scholarship, and NECA-William H. Gilliam Memorial Scholarship; Elizabeth Krivjansky, Activity Scholarship, and First in Class Scholarship; Kelly Leonard, Nina M. Browning Memorial Scholarship; Katherine Slavin, K. I. Coldwell Memorial Scholarship, Ireland-Kahl Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship, and Mildred Van De Riet Memorial Scholarship; Sarah Swaim, Palmquist Architecture and Design Scholarship; Lindsey Truesdell, First in Class Scholarship, and Medallion Scholarship


Beverly: Wyatt Schroeder, Achievement Award; Rebecca Wieneke, Peine Scholarship Fund, Grace S. McCoy Scholarship, Eva B. Potter Memorial Scholarship in Home Economics, and Miller and Danielson Memorial Scholarship in Human Ecology; Shelby Wohler, Achievement Award, Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship, and Gladys Lichty Memorial Scholarship

Lincoln: Jamie Briscoe, Arthur Capper Cooperative Center; Kara Cavalli, Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship, and Mark A. Chapman Presidential Scholarship; Jessie Lyne, Achievement Award, A.W. Michael and William Michael Scholarship, and Loyal and Pauline Rathbun Scholarship; Nicholas Wineinger, Koch Nitrogen Company Agriculture Economics Scholarship, Hosea S. Harkness Agricultural Economics Scholarship, Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund, and Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship

Sylvan Grove: Lee Keller, Joseph and Elizabeth Barton-Dobenin International Exchange Scholarship, and Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship


Blue Mound: Nathaniel McGee, K-State Alumni Association Scholarship, and Arthur Capper Cooperative Center

Pleasanton: Marcus Lewis, Achievement Award, and J.O. Hamilton Physics Memorial Scholarship; Melanie Sowards, Jack and Betsy Lambert Scholarship, and Putnam Scholarship


Oakley: Patrick Ahrens, Dave Woolfolk Scholarship, and W.L. "Bill" Webber Memorial Scholarship; Merabeth Corbett, Grace M. Shugart Scholarship, M. Louisa Ziller Memorial Scholarship in Home Economics, and Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship; Will Clark, Purple and White Scholarship, and Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship; Levi Hefner, Foundation Scholarship, and Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship; Bailey Hemmert, Crosby Family Education Scholarship, K-State Alumni Association Scholarship, Transfer Achievement Award, Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship, K-State Alumni Association Scholarship, Leadership Scholarship, and George H. Smith Family Scholarship; Briana Jacobus, Paul DeWeese Memorial Scholarship Fund, Genny and Lowell Brandner Scholarship, and Tolman Family Scholarship; Caleb Jurey, Memorial Scholarship; Steven Kelly, Edwards English Scholars; Layne Ostmeyer, Warren and Mary Lynn Staley Engineering Excellence Scholarship, and Putnam Scholarship; Yashkumer Patel, Memorial Scholarship; Andrew Robben, First in Class Scholarship, and Foundation Scholarship; Brecka Waugh, K-State Alumni Association Scholarship, Gladys Lichty Memorial Scholarship, and Medallion Scholarship

Winona: Augustus Lamb, Activity Scholarship, Agricultural Enhancement Fund, First in Class Scholarship, and Dane G. Hansen Foundation Scholarship


Admire: Payton DeLong, Foundation Scholarship, and The Lewis G. Mickelson Scholarship

Allen: Amy Boline, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, and Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund; Melissa Coats, The Leonard E. Fuller Scholarship, and Putnam Scholarship; Moriah Miner, Activity Scholarship; Nathan Stinson, Dale A. Rodman Alpha Gamma Rho Agriculture Leadership Scholarship

Americus: PPaige Krueger, Medallion Scholarship; Katelyn Zornes, K-State Transfer Academic Award

Emporia: Joel Bland, William R. and Mila Kimel Engineering Scholarship; Gregory Canales, Charles A. Stryker Memorial Engineering Scholarship, and Bruce E. Roberts Scholarship; Haley DeLong, College of Agriculture Dean's Discretionary Funding Revenue Fund, and Medallion Scholarship; Ryan Dorsey, William Reno Memorial Scholarship, and Salina Housing Scholarship; Brandon Heavener, Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship; John Henry, Kenneth and Iralee Barnard Aviation Scholarship, and Mildred and Rolland Middlekauff Scholarship; Vicente Herrera, Memorial Scholarship, Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship, and Claude and Lucellustine Wilson Minority Engineering Scholarship; Sarah Kolmer, Len and Stella Harden Scholarship Fund, and Memorial Scholarship; Callie Lowry, Achievement Award; Arissa Moyer, Activity Scholarship; Nichole Naab, Edwin F. and Eunice F. Wambsganss Engineering Scholars; Aysia Paige, Engineering Scholarship Fund, and Putnam Scholarship; Jacob Riggs, Leadership Scholarship; Cassandra Slaymaker, Medallion Scholarship; Noelle Waters, K-State Transfer Academic Award; Megan Weatherred, M. Elisabeth and Edgar E. Coleman Orchestra Chair Award, and First in Class Scholarship

Hartford: Travis Hancock, Ko-Fang H. Ku Memorial Scholarship, and Orville D. and Lovey A. Hunt Electrical Engineering Scholarship; Andrew Wiederholt, Ralph and Dora Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Olpe: Aaron Brinkman, Activity Scholarship, and Baeten Farm Scholarship; Brooke Schmidt, Nina M. Browning Memorial Scholarship

Reading: Jenna Ferguson, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship