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Distance students use summer scholarships, courses to progress toward graduation

Friday, June 26, 2015


MANHATTAN — Kansas State University Global Campus has awarded $15,000 in scholarships to degree-seeking distance students enrolled in the summer 2015 term.

Stefanie Griffin, senior in nutrition and health from Wichita, Kansas, and mother of two, received the Human Nutrition Scholarship for Distance Education Students. She balances her busy family schedule while completing a bachelor's degree online. It is common for students like Griffin to enroll in summer courses to stay on track in their program and to better balance their academic workload throughout the year. Griffin is taking three credit hours over the summer, and will only need to take nine hours in the fall to graduate in December.

"I live a very active lifestyle that includes my two amazing children, as well as my husband's work schedule and my own daily duties," Griffin said. She knew a classroom setting was not an option for her schedule, which led her to a distance education program.

Many colleges at Kansas State University offer courses online during the summer, and K-State Global Campus helps make scholarships available to students wanting to accelerate their academic career and progress toward graduation.

"I plan to start my own business. I want to prepare healthy meals for families or individuals who feel that they are too busy to prepare them themselves," Griffin said.

Distance students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree offered through K-State Global Campus can apply for scholarships for upcoming semesters. View available scholarships at http://global.k-state.edu/students/services/scholarships or find out how to give back to K-State Global Campus to support distance student scholarships at http://www.found.ksu.edu/global-campus.

Along with Griffin, the following students are recipients of summer 2015 scholarships:

Jenna Gannon, master's student in academic advising, Andover, K-State Global Campus Scholarship; Cathy Ketchum, senior in general business, Blue Rapids, Business Scholarship; Alex Anderson, junior in technology management, Manhattan, Technology and Aviation Scholarship; Denise Koehn, junior in general business, McPherson, Business Scholarship; Wesley Green, senior in food science and industry, Paola, Agriculture Scholarship; and Christopher Dean, master's in operations research, Wichita, Engineering Scholarship.

From out of state:

Caroline Clausen, senior in food science and industry, Anaheim, California, K-State Global Campus Scholarship; Cornell Sneed, master's student in academic advising, Miami, Florida, Education Scholarship; Beth Elkin, master's student in academic advising, Corrales, New Mexico, Education Scholarship; Danielle Decker, junior in general human ecology, Summerville, South Carolina, K-State Global Campus Scholarship; Patrice Lyon, master's student in food science, Pullman, Washington, Agriculture Scholarship.



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Andover, Blue Rapids, Manhattan, McPherson, Paola and Wichita, Kansas; Anaheim, California; Miami, Florida; Corrales, New Mexico; Summerville, South Carolina; and Pullman, Washington.

Written by

Moritz Cleve

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Scholarships awarded by Kansas State University Global Campus for the summer term are helping distance education students accelerate their academic career and progress toward graduation.