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Kansas City Meeting Planners International recognizes K-State Olathe

Tuesday, June 18, 2013



OLATHE -- Kansas State University Olathe is being recognized by Kansas City Meeting Planners International for its leadership and support of the Kansas City chapter and its 2013 programs, and for sponsoring the Restaurant and Catering Showcase, which was April 10 at the Olathe campus.

The first award, Social Event of the Year, recognizes the Catering and Restaurant Showcase for non-educational programming. The award was evaluated on creativity, presentation and impact on membership.

Renee Hultgren, events manager at K-State Olathe, received the Rising Star Award. This award recognizes a Kansas City Meeting Planners International member of less than three years who has contributed extraordinarily to the organization with his or her dedication, vision, enthusiasm, willingness to participate, volunteer efforts and commitment.

As a new member to the organization, Hultgren assisted with the its Strategic Alliance. When the need arose on the programs committee for the inaugural April Catering and Restaurant Showcase, she became the program lead.

Michelle Lizak, immediate past-president of the Kansas City Meeting Planners International, said, "Renee has been an amazing asset to the chapter by making the showcase a successful education and fundraising event. Her attention to detail and vision for the event was incredible."

Additionally, the Kansas City organization nominated K-State Olathe and the university's Division of Continuing Education for the Employer Recognition Award, which recognizes an organization that has generously contributed to the Kansas City Meeting Planners International by supporting its employee as an active member. The organization also nominated an education program, which was part of the showcase, for Education Program of the Year.

The April 10 showcase brought local caterers, event vendors and meeting and event planners together for the premier catering event in the Kansas City area. Vendors marketed their companies, learned current ideas and trends and developed business connections. The event also gave companies the opportunity to introduce themselves to event planners and other key decision-makers in the business industry.


Jacqueline Spears


K-State Olathe

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Kristi Northcutt

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Kansas State University Olathe has received two awards from the Kansas City Meeting Planners International.