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K-State Salina to host Kansas Science Olympiad regional competition

Monday, Jan. 12, 2015



MANHATTAN Kansas State University Salina will help bring science to life on Wednesday, Jan. 14, when it hosts the Kansas Science Olympiad regional competition for area junior high and high school students. For almost 20 years K-State Salina has welcomed the nationally recognized competition to its campus, acting as one of five regional locations in Kansas.

Science Olympiad consists of 46 events focusing on biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, technology and inquiry. Events range from supporting weight on a bridge constructed with the lightest materials possible to launching rockets made from empty plastic bottles. About one-third of the 46 categories are different from the previous year. The competition begins at 8 a.m. for the high school level and 9 a.m. for junior high participants.

One of the events, called Wright Stuff, challenges students to design and build their own rubber band-powered airplanes that will be judged on how long they can fly. Don Von Bergen, director of the Salina regional Science Olympiad and head of the arts, sciences and business department at K-State Salina, says this event seems to be a favorite among the spectators and represents a growing industry in which the university has expertise.

"I've seen students construct planes that can stay in the air for close to three minutes, and those watching are completely fascinated by the mechanics," Von Bergen said. "This category connects engineering with aviation, specifically unmanned aircraft, and because K-State Salina offers these programs, students will be able to learn more just by being on our campus."

Von Bergen also is a former high school Science Olympiad coach and says this type of competition is essential to a student's growth both educationally and personally.

"Science Olympiad helps students develop and apply their creative and critical thinking skills. It also exposes them to new ideas and encourages their competitive spirit," Von Bergen said. "And it puts the fun in science."

An awards presentation will follow the conclusion of the competition. First-, second- and third-place individuals will receive a medal, while first-, second- and third-place teams will get a trophy. Winners in each event are eligible for the state competition in April.

Many of the events are open to the public and attendance is encouraged. Parking is available in the lots south of the College Center. For any questions about the events or to volunteer, contact Von Bergen at 785-826-2696 or dvb@k-state.edu.


Don Von Bergen


K-State Salina

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Julee Cobb

At a glance

Kansas State University Salina is again host to a regional Kansas Science Olympiad competition for area junior high and high school students. This year's event will be Wednesday, Jan. 14. The public is welcome to attend.