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Source: Art DeGroat, 785-532-0369, degroata@k-state.edu
News release prepared by: Greg Tammen, 785-532-4486, gtammen@k-state.edu

Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013

University director named board member of military animal therapy organization

MANHATTAN -- Art DeGroat, director of military affairs at Kansas State University and a retired Army lieutenant colonel, has been appointed as a member of the National Advisory Board of the All Glory Project.

The project is a national nonprofit organization that promotes equine- and animal-assisted therapy for wounded veterans and their families.

"I am honored to serve with this powerful organization that promotes the healing of our military veterans from combat trauma," DeGroat said. "As an Army officer myself, I discovered the genuine, deep personal and therapeutic value of forming a relationship with a horse after my combat experience."

DeGroat was selected to serve on the project's nine-member National Advisory Board because of his friendship with Elizabeth Shatner, organization founder and wife of actor William Shatner; his work and expertise in university-based military affairs; and his role in Kansas State University's warrior riding and living therapy and research project -- a collaboration with the Wounded Warriors Project at Fort Riley.

As part of the board, DeGroat will help the All Glory Project promote and educate others about animal-assisted therapies for those directly affected by military service.

Similarly, DeGroat said the appointment helps promote the animal- and military-related research at the university.

"My affiliation with this board also allows me to nationally elevate the posture of the innovate research and outreach work that faculty and staff in our Kansas State animal sciences and industry department's horse unit are performing," he said.

DeGroat began his appointment on the board at the start of the new year.