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APDesign architecture student from China wins student design competition

Friday, Feb. 13, 2015



MANHATTAN — Lanting Su, a fourth-year architecture student at Kansas State University, is receiving a $5,000 scholarship as the winner of a College of Architecture, Planning & Design, or APDesign, competition sponsored by Manko Window Systems in Manhattan.

Su, China, was the competition judges' top selection for her hypothetical project design of the Crossroads Brewery in Kansas City.

The design was an assignment in her fourth-year comprehensive studio class, requiring students to integrate conceptual and technical knowledge into one complete project for a presentation with drawings and renderings. Following a review, one student from each studio was selected to compete for the MANKO award, with each developing a narrative slide presentation to present to judges, who were all established practitioners in the field.

"Of all the exceptional projects they saw, the jury members felt that Lanting's was the best piece of complete architecture," said Nathan Howe, associate professor of architecture and Su's studio instructor. "From how she created a transparent ground floor which can open up as a front porch to the city, to the way a skylight is critically placed above the tanks to let light stream down the brewery components of the building, to the rusted metal screen where the brewery's use of wheat is embedded into a perforated pattern, each of these made for a beautiful holistic design. I am quite proud of the work in my studio and I think Lanting exemplifies what a talented group of students we have." 

"The Manko competition, now in its third year, has already become an institution at APDesign," said Tim de Noble, professor and dean of the college. "The students strive for excellence and in turn the jury leaves marveling at the depth, rigor and beauty of the works. Manko's commitment and generosity is helping us raise the bar." 

Images of the winning project can be found at http://apdesign.k-state.edu/arch/gallery

The competition jury included Bradley Edwards, founder, Bradley Edwards Architect; Reese Rowland, principal, Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects and fellow of the American Institute of Architects; and Tim Rosenbury, partner, Butler Rosenbury & Partners. 

Su will study in New York City during a spring semester internship at the design firm NBBJ and then complete her Master of Architecture in May 2016. 

The following fourth-year architecture students also were selected for the Manko competition: 

Jacob Kelly-Salo, Shawnee

From out of state: Jeffrey Czajkowski, Edwardsville, Illinois; Brendan Tucker, Fallon, Missouri; Matthew Baumann, Dallas, Texas; and Brooke Thompson, Seattle, Washington.


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Shawnee, Kansas; Edwardsville, Illinois; O'Fallon, Missouri; Dallas, Texas; and Seattle, Washington.

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Thomas Jackson 

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A fourth-year architecture student is receiving a $5,000 scholarship for winning a College of Architecture, Planning & Design competition.