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Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol features 10 students from Kansas State University

Monday, Feb. 10, 2014



MANHATTAN -- Ten undergraduate researchers from Kansas State University will get the chance to present their work at the inaugural Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol, Wednesday, Feb. 12, on the first-floor rotunda of the State Capitol in Topeka.

The event is to showcase the research being conducted by students at the state's four-year institutions. Around 80 undergraduate students will take part.

"The purpose of Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol is to make evident the many unique opportunities for undergraduates in Kansas to participate in cutting-edge research and discovery," said Anita Cortez, director of Kansas State University's office of undergraduate research. "Further, this event will illustrate the important role that higher education plays in developing educated and prepared citizens for the workforce and for the economic growth of our state."

Kansas State University students selected to participate in Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol include:

Jessica Wheeler, junior in biochemistry and history, Ellis, who will present "Chetolah: One place, many faces, Ellis County, Kansas." Her faculty mentor is M.J. Morgan, assistant professor of history.

Hector Martinez, junior in architecture, Garden City, who will present "Exploring a New Architectural Application for Rubble Gabion Construction." His faculty mentor is Michael Gibson, assistant professor of architecture.

Mark Mathis, sophomore in civil engineering, Hays, who will present "Reservoir water routing analysis." His faculty mentor is David Steward, professor of civil engineering.

Joshua Ames, senior in microbiology, Lenexa, who will present "Expression of innate immunity in Frankliniella occidentalis during Tomato spotted wilt virus infection." His faculty mentor is Dorith Rotenberg, research associate professor of plant pathology.

August Fitch, junior in chemistry and philosophy, Manhattan, who will present "Consequences for the epistemology of computer simulation from an analysis of computer simulations as heuristic methods." His faculty mentor is Scott Tanona, associate professor of philosophy.

Jeffrey Murray, senior in physics, Manhattan, who will present "Visual cueing and feedback influencing undergraduate students' reasoning resources on conceptual physics problems." His faculty mentor is N. Sanjay Rebello, professor of physics.

Emma Brace, senior in biological systems engineering, Topeka, who will present "Bioseparations research of plant-derived biotherapeutics in Kansas: Extraction of recombinant human serum from transgenic rice." Her faculty mentor is Lisa Wilken, assistant professor of biological and agricultural engineering.

Christine Spartz, senior in chemistry, Ellington, Conn., who will present "Changing the bioavailability of a known cancer drug." Her faculty mentor is Christer Aakeroy, professor of chemistry.

Daniel Dissmore, sophomore in music education and history, West Point, N.Y., who will present "Miles Davis: Kind of blue." His faculty mentor is Wayne Goins, professor of jazz.

Fernando Roman, senior in mathematics, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, who will present "Backward shift realization of discrete analytic functions." His faculty mentor is Dan Volok, associate professor of mathematics.


Anita Cortez

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Ellis, Garden City, Hays, Lenexa, Manhattan and Topeka, Kan.; Ellington, Conn.; and West Point, N.Y.

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Beth Bohn

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The inaugural Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol, Feb. 12 at the State Capitol in Topeka, will include 10 undergraduate researchers from Kansas State University.