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News tip prepared by: Beth Bohn, 785-532-1544, bbohn@k-state.edu

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012

News tip: Five ways to get straight to the heart on Valentine's Day

MANHATTAN -- Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away and Kansas State University experts are ready to help with tips for making the day perfect.

Ideas for Valentine's Day-related stories include:

* Whether dining out or dining in this Valentine's Day, Pat Pesci, director of the university's hospitality management program, has tips on creating a romantic experience and how to do the day on a budget. He can be reached at 785-532-2210 or patpesci@k-state.edu.

* Want to convey your feelings without using words? Richard Mattson, professor of horticulture, forestry and recreation resources, says flowers can say it all. For tips on selecting flowers and making them last, contact Mattson at 785-532-1420 or mattson@k-state.edu.

* Is it really love at first sight? Probably not, according to Gary Brase, associate professor of psychology, who can be reached at 785-532-0609 or gbrase@k-state.edu.

* Giving Valentine's sweets to your sweetie? Brian Lindshield, assistant professor of human nutrition, says some types of chocolate are healthier than others. Contact Lindshield at 785-532-7848, blindsh@k-state.edu.

* Seeking inspiration on how to woo that special Valentine? Daniel Hoyt, assistant professor of English, and Kimball Smith, associate professor of English, have suggestions from classic literature. Hoyt is available at danhoyt@k-state.edu; and Smith can be reached at 785-532-2151 or dksmith@k-state.edu.