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Source: Blair Fahrny Roedel, bfahrny@k-state.edu
Hometown connection: Manhattan
Website: http://www.k-state.edu/seakm/SEAKM/HOME.html
News release prepared by: Tyler Sharp, 785-532-2535, tmsharp@k-state.edu

Friday, Feb. 10, 2012

Constructing for a cause: Engineering student organizations building trump tower replica made of canned food

MANHATTAN -- Two engineering student organizations at Kansas State University are joining together for a nationwide event aimed at feeding the hungry.

The student chapters of the Structural Engineers Association of Kansas and Missouri and the Associated General Contractors are collaborating for Canstruction, a community service charity that helps promote the design community and raise food for hunger relief efforts. Their goal is to collect canned goods to construct a scaled replica of the Trump Tower in Chicago at the All-University Open House, April 20-21. At the conclusion of open house, all of the canned goods will be donated to the Flint Hills Breadbasket.

Blair Fahrny Roedel, senior in architectural engineering, Manhattan, and president of the K-State chapter of the Structural Engineers Association of Kansas and Missouri, says the Flint Hills Breadbasket was chosen because of a desire to keep the two organization's resources local.

"Helping the area around Manhattan is important to our organization and the Breadbasket is always looking for donations," she said.

Both organizations are accepting monetary donations to purchase the required amount of cans and actual canned goods as well. Companies or individuals making monetary or canned goods donations or providing discounts will have their name displayed adjacent to the replica at open house. Donations can be made in the College of Engineering dean's office and on the day of the event. Cans provided during open house also will be added to the replica.

Roedel said the project goal is to be able to construct a 20-foot tall scale replica with a 5-foot-wide base.

"It will be a very slender structure, making for an interesting challenge in construction," she said.

Fore more information on Canstruction, visit the charity's website at http://canstruction.org.

The student chapter of the Structural Engineers Association of Kansas and Missouri serves to introduce, education and expand the art and science of structural engineering to students.

The student chapter of Associated General Contractors is a student-run, student-supported organization that provides a link between the construction industry and education. The organization helps to promote better industry for professionals who build America.