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Kansas State University's Phi Kappa Phi chapter celebrates 100 years, initiates newest members

Monday, Dec. 7, 2015 

MANHATTAN — Kansas State University's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation's oldest and most prestigious all-discipline honor society, has initiated new members for fall 2015.

Membership to Phi Kappa Phi is by invitation only to the top 10 percent of seniors and graduate students, and 7.5 percent of juniors. Faculty, professional staff and alumni who have achieved scholarly distinction also qualify.

The initiation ceremony was part of the Kansas State University chapter's celebration of 100 years of the love of learning. Timothy L. Hulsey, associate provost for honors and scholars programs at the University of Tennessee and national president of Phi Kappa Phi, gave the keynote address at the event.

The following students are newest members of the university's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi:

Joshua Logan Warner, senior in life sciences, Belleville; Danielle Christine Holladay, master's student in agricultural education and communication, Belvue; Joshua Roy Mitchell, senior in agronomy, Coffeyville; Taelor Logan Mendenhall, senior in aeronautical technology, Concordia; Kyle J. Blakeslee, junior in agricultural technology management, Ellinwood.

From Greater Kansas City: Erek Dannenberg, junior in biology, and Aleta May Friedeman, junior in family and consumer sciences education, both from Olathe; and Addison Rae Dickens, junior in anthropology, Jennifer Hale, junior in life sciences, and Kaitlin Nicole Stanley, senior in political sciences, all from Overland Park.

Claire Elizabeth Bruna, junior in life sciences, Hanover; Lindsey Dreiling, master's student in counseling and student development, Holton; Marie Ella Myers, master's student in counseling and student development, Hoyt; Anna Christine Setter, junior in food science and technology, Humboldt; Amanda Phillips, master's student in personal financial planning, Iola; Emily Grace Mesker, master's student in civil engineering, Junction City; Cassandra D. Jones, master's student in public health, Lawrence.

From Manhattan: Claire S. Bascom, senior in fine arts; John S. Buckley, master's student in counseling and student development; Reba Gail Donovan, senior in animal sciences and industry; Amanda Jo Fairbanks, doctoral student in counseling and student development; Bettina Maria Jancke, doctoral student in entomology; Miranda Nicole Johnston, master's student in family studies and human services; Alecia Latoya Miller, master's student in business administration; Julia Ashlyn Satzler, junior in dietetics; Kelly Serna, senior in psychology; Nichole Robin Unger, master's student in music; Kevin Scott West, master's student in personal financial planning; and Becatien Henrijoel Yao, master's student in agricultural economics.

Marie Therese Keith, second-year veterinary medicine student, Maple Hill; Joshua Andrew Bohnenblust, master's student in business administration, McPherson; Garrett Noel Stewart, senior in mechanical engineering, Minneola; Stephanie Renee Plaschka, senior in family studies and human services, Moran; Lily Rose Dollarhide, junior in marketing, Newton; Joshua Jay Rennaker, master's student in geology, Pratt; John Adam Herrman, master's student in mechanical engineering, and Trevor Dean Witt, junior in aeronautical technology, both from Salina.

Catherine Coughlin, master's student in curriculum and instruction, St. George.

From Topeka: Kari A. Bigham, master's student in biological and agricultural engineering; Paula Swartzman-Waters, master's student in educational leadership; and Sydney Lynn Webb, senior in psychology.

Alycia Nelson, master's student in business administration, Troy; Brenna Kathleen Dooley, master's student in educational leadership, Valley Falls; Jay Alexander Disberger, senior in architectural engineering, Wamego; Eric Scott Jensen, junior in architecture, Wichita; and Caitlynn Marie McVey, senior in horticulture, Winfield.

From out of state:

Dawn Lee Holtmann, master's student in family studies and human services, Phoenix, Arizona.

Marion Guianiny Valenzuela, senior in dietetics, Los Gatos, California; Katelyn Castro, senior in dietetics, San Diego, California; Nicolas Alexander Rainford, senior in aeronautical technology, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Heather Lanesta Moe, master's student in operations research, Panama City Beach, Florida; Richard Boye, senior in dietetics, Dahlonega, Georgia; Katherine Suzanne Mielitz, doctoral student in personal financial planning, Grovetown, Georgia; Christina Lynne Schmidt, master's student in adult, occupational and continuing education, Lewiston, Idaho; Sarah L. Snyder, master's student in academic advising, Port Deposit, Maryland; Elizabeth Ann Reicher, master's student in curriculum and instruction, Raymore, Missouri; Jeremy Raymond Migneco, junior in architecture, St. Louis, Missouri; Jami Rachel Becker, second-year veterinary medicine student, Flemington, New Jersey; Margaret Anne Sumruld, master's student in academic advising, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Elizabeth Ann Cranford, master's student in academic advising, Mebane, North Carolina; Nicholas J. Pates, doctoral student in economics, Fargo, North Dakota.

From Pennsylvania: John O'Leary, master's student in engineering management, Aliquippa; Timothy Lawrence Beichner, second-year veterinary medicine student, Pittsburgh; and Sheri Lynn Gordon, master's student in food science, Swarthmore.

Erin Marie Wilson, master's student in landscape architecture, Marion, South Dakota.

From Texas: Donald W. Perfect, senior in social sciences, Colleyville; Katie Ann McClosky, master's student in counseling and student development, Houston; Nanette Zahler, senior in dietetics, Round Rock; and Rebecca Leigh Rowe, master's student in English, Wills Point.

Lauren Lewis Abell, master's student in psychology, Alexandria, Virginia; and Eric Arthur Putnam, master's in agribusiness, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From out of country:

From China: Youwei Yang, senior in agricultural economics, Lanzhou; Weiyuan Xu, senior in electrical engineering, Shanghai; and Chenshuang Lu, doctoral student in statistics, Tianjin.

Nneoma Nkechinyere Asinugo, junior in architecture, Abuja, Nigeria; Andres Jose Reyes Gaige, doctoral student in plant pathology, Lima, Peru; and Jiyoung Kim, master's student in human nutrition, and So Lee Park, third-year veterinary medicine student, both from Seoul, South Korea.


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Joelle Pitts