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Kansas State University's College of Business Administration ranked in the Top 50 of public undergraduate business schools by Bloomberg Businessweek

Monday, April 25, 2016


Bloomberg BusinessWeek Best Undergraduate Business Schools 2016. Graphic courtesy of Bloomberg Businessweek. | Download this photo.


MANHATTAN — The Kansas State University College of Business Administration was ranked as the 39th best undergraduate business school in the United States among public universities in Bloomberg Businessweek's recent "2016 Best Undergraduate Business Schools." 

The college was ranked 82nd overall, when private universities are included, which represents a 41-spot increase from the last Bloomberg Businessweek rankings. 

Of particular note is the college's standing in the employer survey portion of the rankings. In the survey, employers were asked to list 10 business schools from which they recruit, and then to rank those schools based on the quality of the students from those schools. A school's final ranking was determined both by how the school was ranked by employers and by how many employers ranked a particular school. Kansas State University ranked 58th overall and 28th among public universities in the employer survey. 

"The significant increase in our overall ranking and our outstanding placement in the employer survey is a testament to the emphasis that the college has placed on developing experiential learning opportunities and career development programs for all of our students," said Kevin Gwinner, Edgerley family dean of the College of Business Administration. "As we move into our innovative new building for the fall 2016 semester, we can expand those opportunities and programs for our students, which will allow us to continue to move upward in business school rankings." 

The college is home to more than 2,600 undergraduate students who can choose from a total of six majors and two minors. In the past five years, the college has placed a strong emphasis on career development programs — which include the Professional Advantage, Executive Mentor and the newly created Career Coach programs — that are designed to engage business students early on in their academic careers to provide the necessary tools and expertise to select the right career path and develop essential skills to succeed in the workplace. 

"Professional development is key to success for business graduates, and we are taking this to a new level with personalized guidance from career coaches," said Kurt Roberts, executive director of the Career Coach program. "Our biggest priority in the College of Business Administration at Kansas State University is for our students to have successful, fulfilling careers. These programs assure that every student can succeed in finding an amazing career that is right for them." 

The new 155,000-square-foot home of the college will welcome students in the fall. The new building will feature unique experiential learning spaces for the college's entrepreneurship, investment management, management information systems, and professional selling programs. All of the college's courses will be offered in the new building and it will house numerous student study spaces, executive offices for recruiters and a new coffee shop, creating a welcoming and collaborative environment for Kansas State University students, faculty, alumni and friends.

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Kansas State University's College of Business Administration ranks among the top 50 public undergraduate business schools according to Bloomberg Businessweek.