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Engineering senior from Solomon receives Tau Beta Pi fellowship

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


MANHATTAN — Ryan Whelchel, senior in architectural engineering, Solomon, has been awarded a graduate fellowship from the national Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society. He will receive a cash stipend of $10,000 to pursue a graduate degree in civil engineering, with an emphasis on structural engineering, in 2015-2016 at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Tau Beta Pi fellowships are awarded on the basis of high scholarship, campus leadership and service, and promise of future contributions to the engineering profession.

Whelchel will receive his Bachelor of Science degree in architectural engineering in May. He will graduate summa cum laude and has been selected by the associate and assistant deans of the College of Engineering to represent the class of 2015 as its student speaker at commencement ceremonies.

He has served as president of the university's Tau Beta Pi student chapter, and was active in several other student organizations, including the Kansas State University Marching Band.

"This award could not be more deserved," said Larry Satzler, assistant of dean student services in the College of Engineering and chief adviser to K-State’s Tau Beta Pi student chapter. "Ryan is an outstanding scholar and student leader — a young man whom I believe will uphold the high ideals of Tau Beta Pi as he uses this fellowship to pursue his graduate studies."

Tau Beta Pi is the world's largest engineering society and provides more financial assistance to engineering students than any other engineering society in the world. Membership represents the highest honor to be obtained by an engineering student, and is awarded on the basis of high scholarship and exemplary character.


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Ryan Whechel

Ryan Whelchel, senior in architectural engineering at Kansas State University, is the recipient of a graduate fellowship from Tau Beta Pi, an engineering honor society.

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Mary Rankin

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A Kansas State University student has received a graduate fellowship from Tau Beta Pi, an engineering honor society.