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Source: Kathy Brockway, 785-826-2695, kjbrock@k-state.edu
News tip/hometown connection: Centerville, Garden City, Paola, Salina and Wichita, Kan.; Lanett, Ala.; Aurora, Colo.; Washington, D.C.; and Waipahu, Hawaii.
Photo available: http://www.k-state.edu/media/images/apr12/sifeteam.jpg
Photo cutline: K-State Salina's Students in Free Enterprise team is headed to 2012 SIFE USA National Exhibition after being named a champion at the regional competition. Team members are, front row from left: Daison Batangan, Mar'Quis Hubert, Lien Tran, Tyler Lewis and Karlee York; back row, from left: Greg Fotovich, Lee Scherman, Oscar Rodriguez, Bryan Valliere, Will Jones and Trista Gorrell.
News release prepared by: Natalie Blair, 785-82-2642, nblair@k-state.edu

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Advancing to the top: Students in Free Enterprise chapter on Salina campus lands spot at nationals

SALINA -- Kansas State University Salina's Students In Free Enterprise team is headed to the 2012 SIFE USA National Exhibition after being named a champion at the regional competition in Dallas, April 12-13.

The regional competition consisted of 40 teams split into seven leagues. Two teams from each league advanced to the national competition, to be May 22-24 in Kansas City, Mo. K-State Salina ranked first in its league.

The team gave a 24-minute presentation and was judged on how effectively events throughout the year empowered people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living, considering relevant economic, social and environmental factors.

In addition to the presentation, the team created an annual report summarizing the year's accomplishments.

Team members and their responsibilities included:

Trista Gorrell, senior in technology management, Centerville, presenter; Oscar Rodriguez, junior in technology management and engineering technology, Garden City, presenter; Lee Scherman, senior in engineering technology, Paola, media team.

From Salina: Greg Fotovich, junior in professional pilot, helped the team prepare; Lien Tran, freshman in technology management, presenter; and Karlee York, junior in technology management, media team.

Bryan Valliere, senior in professional pilot, Wichita, presenter.

From out of state:

Will Jones, senior in technology management, Lanett, Ala., media team; Tyler Lewis, sophomore in airport management, Aurora, Colo., presenter; Mar'Quis Hubert, freshman in professional pilot, Washington, D.C., presenter; Daison Batangan, freshman in professional pilot, Waipahu, Hawaii, presenter.

Students in Free Enterprise at K-State Salina is advised by Kathy Brockway, associate professor of marketing; Danielle Brown, career adviser; and Heather Wagoner, interim director of marketing and event coordinator.